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Obama Chooses Charities To Receive Nobel Peace Prize Money

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As you know, President Barack Obama received the Nobel Peace Prize and he is donating the $1.4 million prize to 10 different charities.

"These organizations do extraordinary work in the United States and abroad helping students, veterans and countless others in need," Obama says. "I'm proud to support their work."

The 10 charities and their donation amounts include:

$250,000 to Fisher House
$200,000 to Clinton-Bush Haiti Fund
$200,000 to College Summit
$125,000 to The Posse Foundation
$125,000 to The United Negro College Fund
$125,000 to The Hispanic Scholarship Fund
$125,000 to the Appalachian Leadership and Education Foundation
$125,000 to the American Indian College Fund
$100,000 to AfriCare
$100,000 to the Central Asia Institute

What do U think of his choices?

[Image via AP Images.]

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228 comments to “Obama Chooses Charities To Receive Nobel Peace Prize Money”

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  1. 1

    he's doing the right thing! i really love obama.
    and he chose great charities aswell.

  2. 6one9 says – reply to this


    AS IF ““` "we" would EVER get a “` say. Get real now.

  3. 3

    MY MAN!!! Go Obama!!!!

  4. 4

    Where is the charity for the military men and women and or their families???

  5. 5

    Since he was selected before he became president. and they chose to wait till after his inaguration to make the anoucment. It is no body's business. but very generous of him to to spread it around to his favorite charities

  6. 6

    I think Obama is doing a good job. I voted for him in November.

    I have ALWAYS stood up for him in arguments when people say he is "only out to help the minorities."

    But, to be honest, I am discouraged and disappointed with his choice of charities.

    I don't have much else to say. I found it very racist.

  7. 7

    i was a semi-finalist to the posse foundation scholarship so i say "way to go, president obama!"

  8. 8

    No charity for the white people???

  9. 9

    ALL of that money should be donated to help support the men and women fighting in the armed forces. The men and women who are risking their lives for our country, only to come home to debt, medical bills, emotional distress and God knows what else.

    He is the president of AMERICA. His first concern should be AMERICA.

    I am a democrat and a supporter of President Obama - but he really dropped the ball on this one.

  10. 10

    OH please does everything in America have to be about the military?

  11. 11

    muy… raciales, ¿no?

  12. 12

    It could be a publicity stunt to up his popularity, but it was pretty cool that he donated all the money. I still have lots of faith in Obama but then again, I'm a pretty loyal person. We'll see after his 4 years are up.

    What do you guys think?

  13. 13

    good that he gave the money away, but everything is to minority groups, it seems. It's getting to the point that minorities aren't so *minority* anymore..

  14. 14

    great messiah!!!
    how i worship thee!!!!!!

  15. 15

    What a joke! How about just giving ALL the money to 1 "Afri…." programs instead of splitting it up? Should have known that he wouldn't be showing any love to Caucasian peeps!

  16. 16

    Wow, almost all the charities support minorities. What about military personnel and their families? Children? Cancer, Autism, etc patients? Hm.

  17. 17

    v. generous although he could hardly hit up Vegas for a weekend bender with it

  18. 18

    Good for him!!! Unfortuantely there are going to be those people who feel he should have given it to their charity. There is just no pleasing everyone! People need to get over it! He didn't have to donate anything. Great move President Obama!

  19. 19

    ummm why is there almost no charities for the united states? obama sucks, why hasnt any southern radical white man shot him yet? come on mississippi, alabama, south carolina, do something constructive

  20. 20

    Military MOM–
    Fisher House:
    "Supporting America's military in their time of need, we provide "a home away from home" that enables family members to be close to a loved one at the most stressful time — during hospitalization for an illness, disease or injury."

  21. 21

    Re: military mom – It's the Fisher House. If you click on the link to the article, it gives more details on what each of the charities do.

  22. 22

    Re: military mom – I know right? Guess the people that are fight for this country that he is SLOWLY KILLING do not count! 2012 can not get here soon enough!

  23. 23

    Re: military mom – the charity that received the most money Fisher House provides free or low cost lodging to veterans and military families receiving treatment at military medical centers…

  24. 24

    Ummm….I think the highest amount WAS given to military families Fisher House …look it up

  25. 25

    The only thing I notice is if You research those programs, they are some of the ones that helped get Obama elected. Yet no help to the Military, nor Whites. The sad thing is, all that money will be wasted on future drop outs, and degenerates that hate us as a country.

  26. 26


    Fisher House…his number one choice, provides free or low cost lodging to veterans and military families receiving treatment at military medical centers.

  27. 27

    Fisher House is the military one. It's an organization which houses and assists needy veterans.

  28. 28

    Love Obama!!!!!
    BUTTT wtf do the damn indians need anymore money for?
    If the states is anything like Canada, Indians recieve 30 thousand dollars the day the turn 18. If thats not enough to pay for school rather then drink thier sad pathetic lives away what else do we owe them?
    there are many other deserving charties that failed to make the list above certain ones..
    The humae Society for example could really use the help of political supporters.

  29. 29

    What, no ACORN? …and fifty bucks goes to a carton of Marbs and a cool new Zippo from Hot Topic.

  30. 30

    For those who are saying he didn't do anything for military: Fisher House does benefit military families. They provide housing for families with a soldier or family member in a military hospital.

  31. 31

    good choices
    yay obama!

  32. 32

    Yet again, the white folk get screwed ;-)

    Oops, my bad. There's "Leadership and Education" money for the hill people (like the ones from Deliverance.) Yes, I suppose that does count.

  33. 33

    Re: GossipGoblin702 – Wonderfully put! :)

  34. 34

    Re: andriiiiia – youre extremely rude and disgusting

  35. 35

    Look up Fisher House people. Man, are you all that thick? And @Andriiiiia, do you realized that making a threat against the president is very, very serious? Listen to what you are saying…inciting someone to shoot the president? Maybe I will head over to www.fbi.gov and report your post. You are sick.

  36. 36

    Idiots!!! Instead of assuming he didn't donate to the military, why don't you check it out first. FISHER HOUSE: "Fisher House is a home-away-from-home for the families of seriously ill or injured patients receiving treatment at Wilford Hall Medical Center, a major Air Force medical facility." Is that not military enough for ya???

    Appalachian Leadership and Education Foundation: Come on now…you don't think that's WHITE PEOPLE?? Who the hell else do you think lives in Appalachia???

    So sick of dumb people who don't know what they are talking about. Not to mention that it was HIS money as a private citizen…so he coulda done what he wanted to with it.

  37. 37

    What is all this talk about no donations to white folks…Do you know what the Fisher House is? College Summit? Appalachian Leadership? I guess one should not expect Perez's readers to have a high intellect, but come on. I guess all of you are the intelligent white folks…hum…

  38. 38

    Re: truthseeker94 – Wonderfully put? Do you mean totally inaccurate and ignorant?

  39. 39

    Re: military mom – Why don't you do your research before you open your mouth. The Fisher House is for Military families! You must be one of those people are just waiting to pounce on this man. Know your facts next time militarymom.

  40. 40

    I can't believe the nerve of this guy! Giving money to different charities that reflect the diversity in this country. What a douchebag! Everyone knows America's only REAL citizens are the white ones. Why would he give money to the fisher house when families can't even afford their toys! Oh…that's a military charity? Amazing what can be found out with 5 seconds of research. Why don't you all try actually looking for facts instead of regurgitating ignorant ideologies. Convictions are greater enemies to truth than lies.

  41. 41

    Re: 6one9 – I know right! HA-HA Perez is loopy! LMAO!

  42. 42

    Re: military mom – The Fisher House Foundation is for military families–he gave the largest amount to them.

  43. 43

    Re: lorio25 – Thank you and very well put!

  44. 44


  45. 45


  46. 46

    Re: VanessaY – You probably don't know this, but about 90% of the foundations in America use the majority of their funding to help white people…it's only been within the last 30 years or so that you've even HEARD of some of the foundations that are set up to help People of color. By the way–the Appalachian Leadership and Education Foundation is helping a 100% ALL WHITE population…the College Summit Foundation helps All kids to go to college…so I'm trying to figure out what your gripe is really all about.

  47. 47

    Isn't Fisher House supposed to help military and their families? That's where his help is for the military.

  48. 48

    Re: military mom – Fisher House

  49. 49

    Re: weezymac – Thank you for clearing that up for people. =)

  50. 50

    Re: Chely.Loves.Perez – (Whats So Funny 'Bout) Peace, Love & Understanding

  51. 51


  52. elo says – reply to this


    And for the White People who voted him in on promises of ending the war and more jobs, nothing.

  53. 53

    That's why we have one of the most STYLISH President in our lifetime.

  54. 54

    I love how people are so fucking stupid they jump to conclusions without checking out the facts.
    What about the military!!
    Do your fucking research. He gave the most money to the Fisher house.
    You people must think he's surrounding himself with stupid PR people.

  55. 55

    Re: Chely.Loves.Perez – keep your racist uneducated comments about Indians to yourself - FUCKING BIATCH - do you know any indians - you are a piece of shit for saying those things!!!! and you do not Rep Canada at ALL !!!!!

  56. 56

    I never said he didn't donate to the military men/women and their families. I am NOT an idiot, I know what the Fisher House is.

    I stated that much more of that money should be going to that particular charity.
    As Americans, our veterans should be our #1 concern.

  57. 57

    Agreed. But now THAT would be racist, right?

  58. 58

    dam obama blacks hispanics and asian only? and why are there these minority college funds how about we get rid of them and start one fund for people with good grades that can't afford college don't qualify for a pell grant and cant receive a student loan now that would cover all truely needy students

  59. 59

    Take That, Tea Party Losers.

  60. 60

    Re: IRONMAN – Fool. White people have not historically been institutionally discriminated against. Do you understand American history. As for white TV…just see NBC, CBS, ABC…I think you will find some white folks on those stations.

    Now, why don't you go back to lifting weights? I think it is safe to say you do not read….

  61. 61

    Barack Obama doesn't care about white people.

  62. 62

    I don't think he likes white people :/

  63. 63

    Re: Chely.Loves.Perez – You said: "what else do we owe them" and I say: "I don't know, how do you repay a people after you have stolen their land, their livelihood, and their dignity?"

  64. 64

    Re: ocreamsicle – What? Are billions of taxpayer dollars is not enough for the military? WTF?

  65. 65

    FYI - google Fisher House
    They support Military and Military families receiving medical treatment!

  66. 66

    I am still pissed that they gave him this award. Typically it is about accomplishment not intent. If he were a better man he would have declined it.

  67. 67

    Oh! You POOR white people clamoring for charity! You are SUCH freaking racists and such douchebags for telling him how he should spend this money. Y'all are all about "freedom" until someone tries to exercise it. What have YOU done for anyone, ever? Thought so…

  68. 68

    why's everyone saying he didnt contribute anything to whitey?
    what do you think the Appalachian Leadership and Education Foundation is? A non profit to help educate them hillbillys y'all

  69. 69

    Re: midwestmacaws – Yeah - how about you get on that. Douche.

  70. 70

    I swear, some people in the US get dumber and dumber by the minute. For all you ass-hats who are complaining about Obama not giving money to white people….ummmm, hello, $125,000 to the Appalachian Leadership and Education Foundation is ALL FOR WHITE PEOPLE! What is WRONG with some of you! I'm so glad I'm Canadian!

  71. 71

    Finally Obama gives to charities.He has never been a big contributor. And that money should be given to those injured in the Military and their families.

  72. 72

    $250,000 is not that much money people. And he did not deserve a Nobel Peace prize. When it was voted on he had only been (the worst president ever) for a few days.

  73. kikik says – reply to this


    No shout out to the jews, obama??

  74. 74

    Re: gratler

    Do I REALLY need to clarify, again?

    Any American who believes that our Veterans shouldn't be our #1 priority obviously has never been in, known someone, or been affected by the consequenses of fighting for our country…. These consequences go on LONG after the fighting is over.

    They are giving up the most ultimate gift- their lives. Physically and/or emotionally.

  75. 75

    Re: bgbreakdown – well said… im white, and i couldn't agree more. people are SO ignorant on what minority groups go through on a daily basis, not to mention the women in these minority groups.

  76. 76

    Education is the key to a sustainable future. Good choices Obama.

  77. 77

    Re: gratler – No, I mean "Wonderfully put", I am glad we cleared that up! Douche!

  78. 78

    I'm glad he donated. But WTF is everyones problems saying he doesn't like white ppl, didn't donate to white ppl, etc?? WHO THE FUCK CARES?!??!?!?! The man helps the less fortunate! MInorities are typically less fortunate than whites. You damn ppl annoy the shit outta me.

  79. 79

    Re: military mom – Calm down its the Fisher house! LOL! He'd be a damn fool if he forgot them! They are the most important people in this country hands down!

  80. 80

    Re: truthseeker94 – One thing is clear (and I think we can all agree), you are ignorant, painfully uneducated, and a racist. And "douche?" Really? How old are you? Good night and thank you.

  81. 81

    i'm glad he did it, but i wish it wasnt so racial. what about something like doctors without borders? anyway, its his money and giving it away is great of him, we shouldnt be so judgemental.

  82. 82

    he did exactly the right thing. give it to EDUCATION. amazing. this is why I voted for him! finally a validation!

  83. 83

    Lots of minorities represented - but nothing for the Gay community of course - a community fighting for basic civil rights all those other groups enjoy. Typical of Obama.

  84. 84

    What he's doing is a great thing but I'm sorry, when did this whole country become about supporting minorities?

  85. 85

    I love how white people are being called ignorant for saying there are no white charities. People respond about hillbillies of the Appalachian Mountains. Well you uneducated asses did not read that it is Appalachia not Appalacian. Appalachia is a term used to describe a region in the eastern United States that stretches from western New York state to northern Alabama, Mississippi, and Georgia. Knowing that I live on the east coast, I know damn well that white people are not the only people who inhabit states From NY to Alabama. There is also not one mention on the site that the scholarship is for poor white hillbillies.

  86. 86

    Um to those of you asking where the "white money" is that would be the Appalachian Leadership and Education Fund which assists families from rural Appalachian area starting in New York and continuing through the Southern States, the majority of the families are white farmers or land holders who have fallen on rough times. Im not even American and I know this. Learn about your own country before you make stupid comments

  87. 87

    Re: military mom – Look into the Fisher House!It is a wonderful charity for wounded Vets

  88. 88

    Re: military mom – Fisher House? DUH

  89. 89

    Re: gratler – LOL! Uneducated? I could barley read that over "all these people" agreeing with you! I am proud you let go of hugging that tree long enough to reply to me! Other than that, you are still a douche!
    Is it not a major plight of the liberals to defend discrimination? Well then, why is it wrong when a conservative fights for the same thing? That my friend is called a double standard!

  90. 90

    why are they all minority charities?

  91. 91

    sounds like he donated to keep to every race to keep them shut…… lol. what about AUTISM REASEARCH?!?!?!?!?!?! 1 in 150 children are autistic. those numbers are worse than cancer or diabetes. HELP OUR BABIES!!!

  92. 92

    ALL the money should have been given to those that fought for us and came home with disabilties……..ALL OF IT!

  93. 93

    Re: Middernachtlopper

    Si, y que tiene eso de malo?

  94. 94

    WHAT CAN I SAY ??????

  95. 95

    Re: VanessaY – Go eat a bucket of fly shit bitch being WHITE in AMERICA is all WHITE people need you have the upper hand in the economy. You SELFISH, SLEEZY SON OF A BITCH!!!!!!!!

  96. 96

    Re: Diorella – ¡Racista y mal! ¡Esto es lo que tratamos con!

  97. 97

    Re: Irishlady99 – For the most part of it yea it does you ungreatful FUCK!!!!!!

  98. 98

    Wow..there's so much hate and vitriol in so many of these posts…hey. let's just remember we are all Americans..

  99. 99

    Re: jenjen4 – Monorities have been reciving the end of the stick for thousand of years. 4 years hopefully 8 will not hurt " The Whites " that fill left out" being white in US of A you still have that advantage you still can hail a taxi, hardly ever get pulled over or harassed by the police or rejections when quilified for ivy league school so KNOCK IT OFF!!!!!

  100. 100

    [re=4832837]Re: truthseeker94[/re Oh boo whoo Bitches you mafuckers been getting special treament for years. You mafuckers is ungreatful I feel sorry God will punish the ungreatfuls . with white history whites has done so much dirt you would think yall should be greatful for the out comes of victory instead you selfish and ungreatful.

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