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Obama Chooses Charities To Receive Nobel Peace Prize Money

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As you know, President Barack Obama received the Nobel Peace Prize and he is donating the $1.4 million prize to 10 different charities.

"These organizations do extraordinary work in the United States and abroad helping students, veterans and countless others in need," Obama says. "I'm proud to support their work."

The 10 charities and their donation amounts include:

$250,000 to Fisher House
$200,000 to Clinton-Bush Haiti Fund
$200,000 to College Summit
$125,000 to The Posse Foundation
$125,000 to The United Negro College Fund
$125,000 to The Hispanic Scholarship Fund
$125,000 to the Appalachian Leadership and Education Foundation
$125,000 to the American Indian College Fund
$100,000 to AfriCare
$100,000 to the Central Asia Institute

What do U think of his choices?

[Image via AP Images.]

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228 comments to “Obama Chooses Charities To Receive Nobel Peace Prize Money”

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  1. 201

    Re: Stacibee – When were whites ever not allowed or discouraged from going to college? Ummmmm? Never?
    Ever stop to think the United Negro College fund may have helped the President out when he needed it?
    Google College Summit…

  2. 202

    Re: islandgal6 – Just because the charities he chose aren't labeled "for white people" doesn't mean no white people will benefit from it.
    Just at first glance the list of charities looks diverse and thoughtful to me. You can easily look into what they actually are before you make a comment like that you know.
    Who's the racist? The President is no racist. Must be you.

  3. l524s says – reply to this


    the central asia institute sounds like a really great charity,especially for all of those young girls. my question is that there is a united negro college fund, a hispanic college fund and a american indian college fund. what are your options if you are a white person who is not able to afford college. financial aid is also for everyone so your not really guaranteed to recieve that. this isn't directed at the president, reading his choices just made me think.

  4. 204

    People! Since you are already online look into each of the charities to see what they are all about before you post about this! Stop being vapid just for a minute and google something if you don't know what it is.
    Many of you are coming off as racist and ignorant because you only choose to see "United Negro College Fund" up there!
    Obama was very thoughtful and made excellent choices to give to these DIVERSE charities.

  5. 205

    People people please. Just relax all of you. Everyone complaining about this group should get some, that group should get some. Don't worry all. This is Obama we're talking about. He doesn't blow his nose without getting a public opinion poll first. He made sure his people chose a list that would encompass every ethnic group so he could pander to the widest margin. Come on, you should all know that by now.

  6. 206

    Re: sheraty – You are dopey too! Check into things before you speak. If you are in college now STAY THERE!

  7. 207

    As a white female, I could not be happier with Obama's decision of charities. The fact is, he is DONATING all of the money he won so nobody has a say as to what he does with it. He could have kept it. I'd still be proud of him even if he donated it all to the dolphins. Basically he is an unselfish man, so stop all your crying. And by the way, Obama is partially white so you people really need to stop complaining about how he only supports minorities because he's black. How about you spend your energy donating your time or money to charity instead waiting for someone else like the president to do it?

  8. 208

    The Fisher House™ program is a unique private-public partnership that supports America's military in their time of need. The program recognizes the special sacrifices of our men and women in uniform and the hardships of military service by meeting a humanitarian need beyond that normally provided by the Departments of Defense and Veterans Affairs.

  9. 209

    Duh, the Fisher houses are the houses for the military VETS, do your research. They are located on military bases, example Walter Reed Medical Center in DC.

  10. 210

    It's nice to see a diff type of charity to get the monies. This is totally diff avenue of distribution. America is made up of different cultures right? So there are different type of Charities. Be happy that NO BANKS got that money.

  11. 211

    i kinda wish he had donated to the ASPCA, or some type of animal rights or an environmental group

  12. 212

    I think it friggin sucks! Especially when I am now unemployed, can't get a loan modification, and can't get any help because I guess i was stupid and went to college to do all the right things!

  13. 213

    Re: blackbird163 – He can't but I would have. :)

  14. 214

    Re: ocreamsicle – RIGHT

  15. 215

    Re: Chely.Loves.Perez – You are an ignorant, racist moron. What a stereotype from someone who can't even spell. I guess he should've given money toward a white scholarship since you seem to be half-illiterate! LMAO. I'm so happy that the AICF was a charity he chose; he seems to be trying to make some amends for how the government has treated my people, not only through this but other actions he has taken. Go Obama! And I support our troops, but not everything has to be about the military. A lot of people need help, and he gave aid to them through the Fisher House anyway.

  16. 216

    Re: Breanne078 – You think there's no other women or veterans that aren't white? You make no sense. There's money for practically everyone through these charities anyways, including white people, women, and military members. And newsflash~not all women are white! SO he did not forget about women.

  17. 217

    Re: AKM081 – American Indians aren't minorities. We are indigenous people. Don't forget that!

  18. 218

    Re: Chayeah – You're a moron. There's money for charities supporting white people. You are talking nonsense. It's not racist to give money to everybody. You're racist for complaining about him supporting some charities that benefit people different than you. Oh, boohoo, I can't get money from the Negro College Fund, I'll find it elsewhere. But it doesn't bother me that someone else will get that money to help themselves!

  19. 219

    I agree the military funds are very important, but if the country helped those serving the way they should we wouldnt need the foundations in the first place.
    It definitely is to the point in this country that thoe who were once minorities get the most help. and as time goes by it doesnt seem like they are the minorities anymore.
    Is there a caucasion COLLEGE FUND? Uh seriously, think about it. Something is defintely off here. We are not to discriminate which I totally agree shouldnt happen, but thats exactly whats happening to white students now days. If you are of color it seems there's way more outlets for money.
    ANYONE AGREE or AM I THE ONLY ONE THAT THINKS THINGS ARE GOING BACKWARDS? It shouldnt matter what race you are to get help with college.

  20. 220

    Re: VanessaY – Oh good thanks Im not alone.

  21. 221

    Re: ShaFeelinMii – ur a dumbass…. COMPLETELY UNGRATEFUL for any progress, it isnt that way now. Do you have any white friends or do you hold everyone accountable for previous generations? PIG

  22. 222

    I'm thrilled they are all secular orgs.

  23. 223

    College Summit (High-achieving low-income students often lack many of the resources and information available to their more affluent classmates when applying to college, such as test prep courses, college visits, and application guidance. College Summit equips schools so that all students can be supported through this application and transition process), The Posse Foundation (The Posse Scholarship is neither a minority nor a need-based scholarship and is open to students of all backgrounds), and the Appalachian Leadership and Education Foundation (supports and enables young men and women from Appalachia to pursue higher education though scholarship and leadership curriculum.). These programs were given more or the same amount as The United Negro College Fund, The Hispanic Scholarship Fund, and The American Indian College Fund. He gave to all races, stop being ignorant!

  24. 224

    Re: riariaria – i totally agree!!! people like you are disgusting!!! ur whats wrong with our country!!

  25. 225

    I think it is absolutely RIDICULOUS that people are saying his decision is racist. The prize money was HIS money to do with as he pleases. Not money he owed to the country. He wanted to donate HIS personal money to education. If he wanted to donate all of his Nobel earnings to the one legged kangaroo fund, he can. And for the morons who are gripping about a military donation, you might just want to google Fisher House so you can understand what it is. Don't speak unless you know what your saying, or else you'll wind up looking foolish

  26. 226

    Wow! Obama actually donated something, don't get used to it people. Besides he won't be in office much longer anyhow.

  27. 227

    all of those charities are for the americas and africas
    when asia comes close after africa in terms of deprivation of nutrition, education etc

  28. 228

    GREAT !!!!!!!!!!!!!!!

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