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Charlie Sheen Ready To Cop A Plea?!

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It's about time!

Charlie Sheen's arraignment is on Monday and with his show and marriage on the line, he is ready to cop a plea in his felony case.

But it's the prosecutors that don't want to accept it - at least not for now! They feel that they have enough physical evidence to convict.

Supposedly, Charlie would plead no contest to a misdemeanor as long as he didn't have to do jail time. He is hoping for probation and anger management classes.

His biggest advocate is his wife and the victim, Brooke, who has no intention of testifying against him.

Starting Tuesday, Charlie will be found on the set of Two and a Half Men with his sober coach.

Look how much help that coach was on Christmas Day! Ha!

[Image via WENN.]

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10 comments to “Charlie Sheen Ready To Cop A Plea?!”

  1. 1

    What is with the hat! Did he not put his toupee on today?

  2. 2

    What is the appeal????? I think hes an ugly mofo. And his acting sucks! Jon Cryer and the fat kid carry his show. TEAM DENISE! HA

  3. 3

    You go, Charlie!!!! As a struggling alcoholic, I have sympathy for you, UNLIKE, Perez and his snotty comment about your sober coach.

  4. 4

    just another Corey Haim in the making…

  5. 5

    just another Corey Haim in the making,,,

  6. 6

    he looks fucked up in that pic!!!

  7. 7

    why oh why did i ever think this man was good looking? oh Men At Work and Major League…you have deceived me!

  8. 8

    They need to lock his ass in jail where a big black man named Bubba can teach his wife abusing ass what it feels like to get hit

  9. 9

    only two butt fucks a night

  10. 10

    You can't help the stupid, if you're dumb enough to be with this guy after everything, how is the law supposed to help???