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It's Here! Lady GaGa & Beyonce in Telephone

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An opus!

Epic. Inspired.

Lady GaGa is untouchable. And with her new mini-movie music video for Telephone - featuring Beyonce - she proves she's a living legend.

Bold. Brilliant. Boundary-pushing. Ballsy. Bitchin'!

CLICK HERE to watch and re-watch the masterpiece!!!!!

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760 comments to “It's Here! Lady GaGa & Beyonce in Telephone

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  1. 301

    Re: Ladydada – good point, seems the ONLY things I criticize about her is shit with beyonce. Hated video phone the song and vid, I like this song and the video isnt the worst ever but its not the best either.

  2. 302




    LOVE THEM!!!!

  3. 303

    I really wanted to love this video, bad romance is still no. 1 in my opinion.

  4. 304

    Worst video ever. Nothing epic about this shit other than it's epic gayness.

  5. 305


  6. 306

    really did the scene at the start really need to be there? Really? Or was it just another excuse for Gaga to get naked? The video was alright, I guess. Though she tried WAY to hard.

  7. 307

    I don't like it. She needs to buy some clothes, that's for sure. She was kinda unique and even sometimes elegant, but now she just tries too much. Her music is great though. I don't understand why is she always touching herself and acting like she is horny…

  8. 308

    Love it x

  9. 309

    What a load of shit - pointless, themeless bilge. Beyonce jumping on the gaga bandwagon because she desperately wants to be cool and gaga gone gaga with her own ego. Rubbish! Gaga yo sho is UGLY!

  10. 310

    why the poor doggie???

    she must be a murderer inside, she always kills in her videos

    it was long and probably super expensive, but other than that, I don't see it as boundary - pushing, bold or brillant.

    and the song isn't as good as her other singles I think…

  11. 311

    this video blew chunks! i don't get what all the fuzz is about.. lady gaga still looks like a tranny, beyonce once again prove she's a singer ( a very good one at that!) and not an actress.. jonas akerlund direction is better suited for madonna and the 9 minute videobetter suited for the great MJ. is girls kissing and some violence still enough for creating a hype?? been there done that..

  12. 312

    Re: sneaker101 – she has 2 cd's and has had a 2 tours.

  13. 313

    Stupid song & stupid vid. This is what you call music?

  14. 314

    Re: thekeith – im pretty sure her fans aren't just 'scene-sters' who 'base their entire personality on their sexuality' mister judgemental. Look a little deeper. For an 'adult' you'd think you'd be a little smarter, everything ever made is based on something else, or has some similarity to something already done, fact.

  15. 315

    I think Lady Gaga is a complete joke, but a serious one at the same time. She's talented, of course, but the vapid nature of her music seems to be at odds with some kind of depth she has as a person. She's capable of a lot more, but focuses on the aesthetics a little too much for my taste.

    At least she writes her own f****ing music!
    Pop culture needs GaGa right now.

  16. 316

    I love it. lovelovelovelovelove it, like everything else she does!

  17. 317

    I loveeeeeedddd Gaga in it!! But, if they cut boring Beyonce scenes, it would be BRILLIANT!!!!

  18. 318

    And the masterpiece is to be continued!
    Told you she doesn't have a dick!

  19. 319


  20. 320

    Talented? Yes. Living Legend? I think she needs more than two years on the national scene to live up to that status. Give her 20 years and get back to me. Her and Beyonce get my cob all riled up.

  21. 321

    haha the guy from semi precious weapons is one of the people she kills lmao. I also love how at the beginning the girl is like see I told you she didn't have a dick

  22. 322

    Yuck!! Bad Romance was way better. This is just stupid and doesn't go with the song.

  23. 323

    GaGa and Beyonce have amazing chemistry KABOOM!
    Good to see singers today can dance and ACTUALLY sing!

  24. 324

    It sucked horribly. Sorry gaga :(

  25. 325

    LOL it's not a masterpiece, it looks desperate and they CAN'T act. Gaga is just hype.

  26. 326

    Oh Lady Gaga you are absolutely amazing, I love you, no one can tough you, my favorite super star by far!

  27. 327

    3rd time watching and I LOOOOOOOOOOOOOVE IT!!!!!!!!!!
    LMAO at people not getting the VERY obvious in your face product placement - HELLO CAN YOU SAY POP ART!!!? Amazing!!!!! The ONLY bad thing about it was Beyonce's 'acting' holy shiiiiiiiiii lmao

  28. 328

    Re: @ries872 – Did you hear Gaga talk about this on E News? Go watch it, you'll understand the video.

  29. 329

    why is Gaga looking like Amy Winehouse in this? and oh yeah - Beyonce doesn't ever have to worry about writing an Oscar acceptance speech! unfortunately, it was less a video and more advertisement for all the blatant product placements! I give it a B-. overhyped, overproduced drivel does not equal "art".

  30. 330

    Re: beija-flor – If MJ and Madonna did it why can't Gaga can touch herself? And don't give me "she can only touch herself when she's on their level" lmaaaaao, it's just hot!!! Sexual confidence and control is powerful. Sex drugs and rock n roll, I love that spirit.

  31. Emesa says – reply to this


    OK I admit it, I liked it. and Bey poisoning her loser boyfriend was pretty funny :D

  32. 332

    couldn't the song just speak for itself?

  33. 333

    OMFG I couldn't take my eyes off the screen. What a feast!!! Loved it, loved it, loved it. Tyrese could've had a bigger part - he's so sexy. Congrats Gaga - all the best in your amazing future. xoxo But - you're getting too skinny. You work so hard, but maybe increase your calorie intake a little bit everyday. Thought you were sexier when you first made your big splash - you had a little more meat on your bones then. But - mad love to ya!!

  34. 334

    Love Gaga, love the song, absolutely DESPISE the video. There's pushing the envelope and then there's just nasty, this is just nasty.

  35. 335

    you know everyone keeps saying she's topping herself?
    hopefully one day when people say that they'll mean it in a literal sense.

  36. 336

    No matter how much I dislike GaGa and Beyonce, I have to say that this is a really really great video! I liked Paparazzi a little bit more though. Still, amazing!

  37. 337

    Hated Beyonce's parts but LOVED the video, it was hilarious and everything it was meant to be: A satircal somewhat creepy parody of the Paparazzi video, a look at fame and how today's youth are so easily influenced and brainwashed and controlled by technology, fun and entertaining. I could watch it again and again. Personally I hated the Paparazzi video.

  38. 338

    That was weird…

  39. 339

    Re: LadyGagaQueenOfMusic
    if she's done stuff no one has ever done before you clearly don't know anything about the history of women in music

  40. 340

    Love these two together!!!
    Beyonce pulled it out the box, she is sexy as heckkk.

  41. 341

    Re: jasminenz – But then it would be another dance video, just like every other dance video.

  42. 342

    I really like the idea of the video.. but she jsut looks so much lie Amy Whinehouse and the song is reminding me of Gwen Stefani (What you're waiting) so so so much.. that it somehow… is just a copy of everything!

  43. 343

    For all those people that say shes ripped off Tarantino, to me youre showing your lack of education on the issue and shouldn't toss your opinions about without knowing what you're talking about. HARDLY ANY of Tarantinos films have been original, theyre rip offs of Japanese Films. People just dont realise this and think hes a fucking genius. Im sure Tarantino will understand how artists can provide inspiration for other artists, so stop bitching.

    Also, it really gets on my nerves when I see people taking the trouble to read a blog, then click to see the comments, then log on to make a comment themselves saying "who cares" or "this is shit because im like sooo different and I dont follow the masses!!" HAHAHAH HELLOOOOOO!!! 1) Why are you even going on Perez Hiltons blog? Don't you have some obscure folk music to read or some bookcrossing to do??

    I wasnt too enamoured with Gaga at first but shes grown on me, I do quite like her mannerisms and how she moves, I also like how shes not quite so "polished". All the female pop stars lately have seemed to have devoured the book of "how to be a sexy sickly femme bot pop star" and its boring.
    Anyway. I liked the video.

  44. 344

    wicked. best video ever!

  45. Emesa says – reply to this


    I think you have to look at this video in the context of music videos and pop culture in general. Think of all the hip hop videos and Rock videos that use women as passive decoration, and portray them as powerless objects.
    This video IS subversive whether you like it or not. Name one other video that has such a female driven plot and portrays the women as amoral or even immoral. Most female centered videos (and films) show women being good or hurt by a man or sad or lonely or kooky and sweet.

  46. 346

    loooooove it! it shocked me at first but i think the best part was describing it to my husband bc it actually sounds more awesome. "…then she hops in the p*ssy wagon from kill bill with beyonce…" LOVE IT!

  47. 347

    KILL BILL and that Susan Sarandon/Gina Davis flick rolled up in brilliance, with a message of violent female behaviour devoid of compassion, where the characters become american heroes or superheroes in the end. Kinda irresponsible social message, briliantly delivered.

  48. 348

    Re: Angiekins – I agree!

  49. 349

    She is just trash. 'Nuff said.

  50. 350

    love it! :) )

  51. 351

    The songs amazing but I don't like the video at all.

  52. 352

    It really wasn't worth the pre-hype, but I must say, it is somewhat clever. The thing about Lady Gaga is, she knows who her fans are and who her haters are, and she delivers to both each time.
    The parts with Beyonce were sometimes unbearable to watch, but is good to see Ms. Texas/Gospel/R&B gal step out of her box.
    To the people whom are saying she's ripping off people…maybe she is, but who else is doing what she's doing right now? If you're satisfied with watching the same boring crap that's been delivered to you for the last 10 years, more power to you. I'm actually quite glad she's mimicking past artists. If it takes Lady GaGa to bring up people like Bowie, Queen, Grace Jones, or Dale Bozzio in conversation, and hopefully get people to check there old stuff out, I'm all for it.

  53. 353

    I just loved Beyonce's part. You've been a bad girl. a very bery bad girl gaga LOL

  54. 354

    are they showing this on tv? yeah, yet another reason to add to my list of why i've decided not to raise kids in this shitty world. morals down the drain.. it's not even a good song either.

    the women's rights movement has officially gone to shit!

  55. 355

    This is an EPIC MASTERPIECE!. oh my gaga!!
    Best video from her yet.. holy shit this was amazing!!

  56. 356

    Love It!!!!!!

  57. mayi says – reply to this


    I love the song but I'm not sure I understand the link with the whole jail, bad girl and half naked stuff. Nonsense.

  58. navik says – reply to this


    it's soooo boring !! almost fall asleep in the middle!

  59. 359

    The song is epic, shame about the weird video

  60. 360

    Loved it!! It was really difftent for Beyonce

  61. 361

    I like Gaga, but what the fuck did that have to do with the lyrics in the song? NOTHING AT ALL !

  62. 362

    Re: LishaB – and ur a hater

  63. 363

    Re: shaashiie

    Oh get a fucking grip. The womens rights movement has got fuck all to do with how many clothes women wear. Pseudofeminists!!!!!

  64. 364

    Pretty good, but Bad Romance and Paparazzi were better.

  65. 365

    I wish Lady Gaga obssesed fans would get over her. Im not saying she is not talented by any means, I do like her music…but this video is not completely original and groundbreaking like you guys are bugging over. She admits… and it clearly has Tarantino written all over it! Take your head out of her ballsack losers!!!

  66. 366

    I love it! GaGa is breaking boundaries and walls…..we needed her in the industry to shake it up a little from the same old same old. I loved seeing Beyonce as a bitch on wheels. Do your thang GaGa! I'll be watching you sexy bitch!

  67. 367

    That was AWESOME

  68. 368

    She's a freak! Love it!!!

  69. 369


  70. 370

    That was ridiculous
    Her other videos are soooooo much better!

  71. 371

    Dude you really need to stop sucking her ass. She doesn't care about you!

  72. 372

    i opened an account on this shit just so i can say this THIS IS MAJOR SHIIIIITEEEEEEE!!!!!!!!!!!!!that dumb idiot that thinks is an artist is just a PRETENSIOUS POSER!!!!!calling her work art hahhahahahahaaaaaaaaaaa listen to that crap she sings and tell me where is the art in it and 4 the outfits if i had her money i ll have a better style than her all she is basically doing is ripping off looks from runways THATS ALL THERE IS TO THIS LATEST SHIT TO HIT!!!!!

  73. 373

    Pffffffff I seriously don't understand what the fuss is all about. I don't get the whole Lady Gaga thing. Her singing voice and choice of songs is pretty run-of-the-mill. Whatever….

  74. 374

    Hahaha @ commentors berating each other… I love how people bring up statements like "clearly you're not educated" in a comment section for a pop video on Perez. HILARIOUS!!!! You guys are clearly so educated, having intelligence contests on this post!!!!! Go to college and have some meaningful debates, don't waste your time on this crap pool!

    Anyway. The video was way too long and too drawn out. Seeing women naked isn't new, shocking, or epic. It's BORING. And cheap,because we know she's doing it for shock value. And I can't believe it took over 1:30 to get some music going. She may have gotten her idea from Tarantino, but she didn't stray very far from his work… I do like the song, minus Beyonce and video, but, sorry, Gaga, you're no Madonna.

  75. 375

    It Blows. The Archies were better

  76. 376

    she's always about killing a guy,but the worst is that it has no connection with the song's story.i thought it would be like a club or something like that.

  77. 377

    Ummm, ok I love this song like I can dance to it for days. But what the hell was that?? I mean some parts were ok I guess but honestly this video kind of killed the song for me.

  78. 378

    put the youtube/vevo version up! it will help the play count go up! I wanna see it at 1 million by today

  79. 379

    Love it!~
    F*cking Amazeballs!
    Gaga is a visionary and the reach of her creation is endless

  80. sj15 says – reply to this


    loooove it, epic gaga!! all the product placement was a bit much tho!!

  81. 381

    I saw this video twice to give it a fair chance and I'm sorry but epic?!? Highly unlikely! I like GaGa's music and all but her other video's are much better than this one… Nice try but no Ace!

  82. 382

    Drag Queen Fail.

  83. 383

    Lady GaGa and Madonna should just rule the world.

  84. 384


    No one and I mean NO ONE can match Queen Janets video.

    Its obvious how gaga copied Queen Janet!

  85. 385

    Junk. GagMe is pure trash. Hey Parasite … if you're such good friends with her, why are you always so late posting her shit? And I do mean SHIT.

  86. 386

    I had no idea what I was watching, and that's one of the reasons why I love Gaga. And thumb's up to Beyonce for doing so out of the box for her and succeeding. And "To be continued"–?!? There'll be even MORE–?!?

  87. 387

    LOVE IT!!!!! So creative and so GaGa! I LOVE her artwork! BEST video in a while!

  88. 388

    i hate when music videos dont have anything to do with the words of the song. its too bizzarre, no thanks

  89. 389

    Re: tick_tock_tick_tock – Yeah, you would know about shock value, being a Madonna fan. That's what she's done he ENTIRE career.

  90. 390

    oh NOOOOO i created a profile,which i never do,but i had to say this,couldnt hold it anymore, just so i can comment on this MAJOR PIECE OF PRETENSIOUS CRAP that dumb shit of a sheman thinks shes edgy artistic and creative and funniest of all an artist!!!!!HAHHAHHAHAHAAAAAAAA WHAT A JOKE!!!!!her music is euro trash the lyrics also and all together just a poser for an artist!!NOW about her outfits they re just outfits that she copies from runways thats all that is to this talentless idiot AOTHER PEST IN THE WORLD OF ”MUSIC”the sooner she fades away the better for the world!!!!!PLEASE DIE SOMEWHERE R JUST DISAPPEAR LADY SHITSHIT!!!

  91. 391

    Lady GaGa is AWEsome! Whoever disagrees is obviously jealous or is too close minded to appreciate great entertainment. If you cant handle her nudity then dont watch!

    I love Lady GaGa!

  92. 392

    Anyways, As soon as i saw this last night on E, I thought to myself, wow something looks awfully familiar about that first jail dance scene.. OH thats right! she looks exactly like MADONNA!
    LadyGAGAQUEENOFMUSIC is so fucking crazy and weird. weirdo! psycho!

  93. 393

    this video was very awkward to watch, but i guess i liked it,and i cant wait to see the continued part!!

  94. 394

    Geeezzzzzz I Love It :D ! Love It Love It Loveeeeeee It :D :D Beyonce's Gorgeous And Gagas Fab!

  95. 395

    Lady Gaga's looks are so fantastic in this video, and Beyonce has NEVER EVER looked as good. Every detail is perfect - the prison yard fight is scary, the dance in the jail cell hall isn't just sexy, but originally sexy, the making sandwiches scene is hysterical, etc. etc. Gaga creates her own world, is focused like a laser, took Beyonce for a wonderful, wonderful ride. This and Bad Romance are the "Thrillers" of our day.

  96. 396

    Gutsy!! Innovative. Like this song much more than videophone.

  97. 397

    In love

  98. 398


  99. 399

    So creative.
    Other artists need to take a lesson from her!
    Music videos should stop being girls dancing around exposing themselves.. and be more like this!!

  100. 400

    Okay…so I like the video, gaga is still a skank and I saw her peen. Oh, and she did copy alot from Tarintino.

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