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It's Here! Lady GaGa & Beyonce in Telephone

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An opus!

Epic. Inspired.

Lady GaGa is untouchable. And with her new mini-movie music video for Telephone - featuring Beyonce - she proves she's a living legend.

Bold. Brilliant. Boundary-pushing. Ballsy. Bitchin'!

CLICK HERE to watch and re-watch the masterpiece!!!!!

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760 comments to “It's Here! Lady GaGa & Beyonce in Telephone

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  1. 501

    Re: poorlittlerichiegirl – self-indulgent? ok simon cowell. lol. whatever.

  2. 502

    That was trash. I'm sorry to her fans - I think the music is great but her appearance, personality, behavior and now videos are complete tasteless and classless trash. I only watched it for about 2 minutes and could not even make it to Beyonce's intro because I was so tired of looking at Gaga.

  3. 503

    The song is fun, but the video makes no sense when played with the song. The video is creative, but makes no sense. What do the lyrics and the video have in common? Nothing. And the ending was a rip off of "Thelma and Louise" (clutching hands etc). And she kinda looked like Amy Winehouse with the hair and eye make up, which isnt bad, but isnt she supposed to be unique? I dunno, i dont the like the song and the video together. Beyonce was good though.

  4. 504

    Happy I watched this because now I know what my 9 year old students watch. So sad that they admire and want to be like this,trashy, lame pathetic "art" piece that promotes selling out (hence product placement ALL OVER), stealing ideas (noting original), whoring out your body, smoking, littering…the list goes on. Horrible role model, which she is, horrible "artist" (cough, cough), so many people can do pop music and her inspiration Andy Warhol, Quinton Tarintino, "old movies" are OLD news! Real artists know what I'm talking about. I cannot waittttt until I stop hearing about her!!!

  5. 505

    Re: chicacaliente – imitation is the sincerest form of flattery. i personally believe that MJ would have loved this. i'm glad someone is doing this with videos b/c MJ was a genious. nobody will ever come close but at least his influence lives on through artists like gaga. two thumbs up!

  6. 506

    I love the lesbian-ness to it! Very sexy! And when beyonce says "youve beena bad girl gaga" BEST thing EVER!!!!!!!

  7. 507

    This is terrible. I like the song, but the film really dumb.

  8. 508

    Re: AvaLuna826 – HAHAHAHHAHAHAHAHHA! michael jackson would of loved this?
    im sure he would of liked that she's being inspired by him…. but ..i wouldnt say alllll that

  9. 509

    Must say she sold out a lot, how many brands was she selling in ths dumb as shit video?

  10. 510

    You've been a very bad girl gaga…but i love it ;)

  11. 511

    how is the concept of murder edgy or cool? just because it's too hot chick? I like the song, not the concept.

  12. 512

    Mediocre.Nothing special.

  13. 513

    the beginning was too long. but its dope, I like the poison part!!!

  14. 514

    I think this is the most epic song ever, but I like the Bad Romance video much better.

  15. 515

    I'm not a Lady Gaga fan but when she released Bad Romance, I gave her credit for the video and for the song as well - both expressed some sort of modern art but this song and this video express nothing more but sex, smoking, jail, whores and murderers - all of these are supposed to be cool? When Lindsay Lohan or any other celebrity is photographed smoking or wearing something revealing, you bash her like hell (i'm no Lohan fan, not by far) but when Gaga is most of the times half naked, you praise her. Talk about being a hypocrite! She said in an interview that she's no sexual object or some artist crawling in the mudd and expressing sexuality (or smth like that) yet we see her naked and dressed like a prostitute ALL THE TIME! I really thought she's geniune and artistic but she's nothing more than an attention whore like yourself! And, Beyonce disappointed me with this collaboration..

  16. 516

    Sorry but Gaga is already repeating herself within the space of a couple of years. Why the repeated themes of murder and death with every video? I was not impressed by this video as I was with Bad Romance or Paparazzi. She owes a lot to Madonna because her videos and her style reference Madonna's work including her signature video director. The style/looks are just meh! Average song too.

  17. 517

    I enjoyed the video a lot. Loved the little quip of "I knew she didn't have a dick" XD

    I'm just waiting for some PETA nut to over react because the dog died. *rolls eyes*

  18. 518

    knew she was gonna make out with that leather clad butch

  19. 519

    wow! amazing!

  20. 520

    stop commenting on this ppl ur adding fuel 2 the perez fire

  21. 521

    Raunchy. Insane. FANTASTIC!

  22. 522

    Re: RoboGaga – shut the fuck up we all know enertainers are rich you fucking follower, stupid dumb ass you cant write a better reason for why shes good than that . jump off a bridge trend whore

  23. 523

    Hey I agree with you 100% I put in my comment that I see Mj inspired all over this but Gaga pulls it off well!!! Good for her and I love MJ he is the best!! Way to go Gaga!!!

  24. 524

    Video sucks. Maddona/Stefani wannabe. Product placement out the ass. Outclassed by Beyonce. Blah. Perez u suck, stop worshipping her.

    LadyGagaQueenOfMusic- please seek professional help. She is shit and will be done once people wise up to the fact that she just does absurd shit for the shock factor and tries way way too hard.

  25. 525

    The song is amazing. She is the new madonna. But, Video makes no sense at all. has no connection to the actual title or song…

  26. 526

    Stupid Stupid video! How is this original? She just bit green mile, kill bill, and requium for a dream…movies that were actually original. So she gets to copy them and say shes original and unique? Sorry…thats what we call "biting"…and in some cases even stealing intellectual creativity.

  27. 527

    i think it's god awful, and I'm a gaga fan

  28. 528

    GAGA is just a legend!!! All you people who say bad things about her just dont understand her, and that is why she is so amazing - she shows she dont give a sh*t what you say about her!! So why even bother wasting your time to slate her!!!
    All she cares about is her fans and she know that they will do anything for her and feel exactly the same as what she does!!
    No one can EVER take GAGA's fans away!!! LOVE YOU GAGA!!!! PAWS UP!!!

  29. 529

    The video to Bad Romance was better.

  30. 530

    I was indifferent to lady gaga - but now i'm not. She is a fraud!

    She just ripped off Quentin Tarantino, and Tarantino ripps off other director's. This is NOT original, I officially cannot stand lady gaga - damn imposter!!!

    Nothing worse than STEALING others work and wanting to pass it off as your own!!

  31. 531

    Whether you love it or hate it. Theres no doubting GAGA does what she intended to do, get people talking about her and making people take notice. This post has over 500 comments, not many people can warrant that reaction.

  32. 532

    That was fun to watch! :)

  33. 533

    I have to say visually gaga is awesome and fucked up and it works but musically its fail. I love the beats for telephone but the lyrics kill the song for me. too simple, i feel lady needs to have lunch with nina hagen and depeche mode. maybe get some better ideas for music writing. Beyonce, why do u act if you arent going to commit, you look foolish and its painful to watch, stop it. sing or shut up please.

  34. Heh says – reply to this


    Has anyone noticed that Gaga kills someone in every video? it would be better if they poison her in the next one

  35. 535

    Love her! So glad this industry finally has someone who is new and fresh and is willing to test some boundaries!

  36. 536

    FUCKING CLASSIC. FUCKING GENIOUS. "I told you she didn't have a dick." HA! LOVED LOVED LOVED IT!!!!!!

  37. 537

    I appreciate the video for the simple fact that she accomplished exactly what she wanted: she's got everyone talking about it. 500+ and counting comments of people loving it, hating it, anaylzying her, intellectualizing her, discrediting her, etc.
    All this nonsense about she can't be called a legend or icon yet: look what she's accomplished so far. You can guarantee a slew of GaGa copycats will be signed soon to every competing record label. Compare her all you want to Madonna, but things were different when Madonna started. People are more ADD now when it comes to entertainment, and they're not buying music in mass like they once did. There's so much information out there, so may ways to discover new artists, so many options to obtain music (legally and illegally), and that's why you have to hit people over the head to make them recognize and remember you; otherwise they move on to the next big thing.
    And Madonna made her career with attention-getting antics…why is it such a bad thing when GaGa does it?

  38. 538

    I smell Video of the Year this shit is sick bananas and im loving every minute of it its the year of GaGa and im brought!!!!

  39. slip says – reply to this


    Ok So I watched this 2 times to give CACA the benefit of the doubt. I cannot for the life of my figure out what makes this Epic. To be honest its not very good at all.

  40. 540


  41. 541

    She is nothing more than a poor man's Madonna. Yep, that's right bitches…I said it and it's the fucking truth! This video was a plane wreck…STRAIGHT UP! Oh, and way to go on putting ideas into crazy people's heads of poisoning people in a diner you stupid fucking irresponsible bitch! Can't stand this sellout! Beyonce' looked hot as shit as always. GaGa, however, and I don't care if she doesn't have a dick, still looks like a tranny waiting on the platform for the tranny train to take her to Tranny Town in Transylvania.

  42. 542


  43. 543


  44. 544

    I am a huge GAGA from day one. The video was alright. It wasn’t her greatest video and it wasn’t her worst video. I felt that the video didn’t live up to all the hype that surrounded, the number of weeks that we all had to wait for it. Now the fashion was amazing like always. Go GAGA! Epic not! Alright YES!

    Quintin Perez

  45. 545

    luv it!!!:D

  46. 546

    its was OK,it could have been better !

  47. 547

    poor beyonce.i feel bad she even had to be in this.

  48. 548

    The whole video was such a rip-off and the "originality" of Gaga is actually really boring. And really, this video from the girl who was quoted in this site "The last thing a young woman needs is another picture of a sexy pop star writhing in sand, covered in grease, touching herself". What was the video about then?

    The most surprising thing she could wear tomorrow is clothes.

  49. VGirl says – reply to this


    Stupid! I just saw it because of beyonce….I'm sad she was a part of this. And I HATE when people do that. The lesbian scene at the beginning….ugh!…I hate when people use those scenes when has nothing to do with anything 9in this case the song and res rest of the video….is just for the controversy….in that she can take note from Christina aguilra who represented the gay community in the beautiful video in a respectful way

  50. 550

    oh and i forgot to say, i love Gwen but it's not cool to look like a hocker version of her.

  51. 551

    I just love that Beyonce did this video. Makes her a bit more human. You go Honey Bee. Cool video:)

  52. 552

    that was different! but a good different!:)

  53. 553

    Re: Britney Spears is a Joke – i bet ur ugly and u stupid bitch lady gaga has nothing on britney

  54. 554

    Re: GoodBoyNC
    It's not. She just doesn't do as well as Madonna and she doesn't have the charisma of her either.

  55. 555


  56. tasha says – reply to this


    I thought the video was actually pretty stupid.

  57. 557

    I wish I wasn't so bored at work, but yes…I visit this site, and time and time again I bare witness to the sad state of american culture. Has no one commented on the director? No? Jonas is the only reason this is epic. Fuck the song…reach people.

  58. 558


  59. 559

    Re: Silver Slimer
    Perez Hilton, a fucking homo? Noooooo…are you're kidding me? I thought his ass was totally straight. Yeah, his ass is straight alright. Straight up in the air waiting for a big weenie to pound it. LOL!

  60. 560

    WTF, it makes no fucking sense

  61. 561

    I lasted 5 minutes. I decided to give her the benefit of the doubt and checked it out. Confirmed… She is a total Skank and a mess.
    Maybe if she lost the stupid clothes, hair & make up and relied on her music. Then maybe people would not have such a hate on for her.
    Thats as nice as I get.

  62. 562

    Awefull as usual. Ugly girl, mediocre music. I forced myself to keep watching until beyonce finally came into the video and when it didn't get any better I turned it off. I can't wait until this flash in the pan is gone

  63. 563

    It wouldn't have been so bad if it weren't for the dialogue. It was terrible, and neither Beyonce nor GaGa can act. But people are already quoting the lines said in the video as their FB statuses.

  64. 564

    Re: LadyGagaQueenOfMusic – You say you’re going insane? Your already way past that. You are certifiable. Take your meds sweetie.

  65. 565

    I did like the video, but what sold it was that Billie Piper was in it! That was very unexpected and wonderful.

  66. 566

    Ladygaga is a genius. She is way ahead of her time. Anyone who was "bored" or didn't understand this - you are not the audience she was trying to reach. This was amazing and epic and so much better than any of her other videos.

  67. 567

    Stupid! Too much crap going on , bad costumes. GA GA OVERDOSE she is losing her mystic.

  68. 568

    I'm sorry Gaga, but the video sucked.
    And Beyonce being in it just made it worse.

  69. 569

    I'm a very objective person, who's seldom biased, and I' telling you - this is utter bullshit. I was watching a whole lot of nothing, and any person with an ounce of intelligence can see that. Wether or not you enjoyed it, that's another thing, but there was really no story, a lot of commercials, extremely bad acting (cringe worthy), horrible choreagraphy and horrible editing. I can not BELIEVE that any intelligent person would find this remotely "brilliant", "creative", "innovative" or "talented". The only thing that is flaunted here, is money, not talent or creativity. This video is a copy of a lot of things and people, so please… spare me. I give them an A for trying, and a F for the result. They're both very talented individuals, but this is… I don't know. I'm at a loss for words. That's how bad this is. Horrendous.

  70. 570

    Stupid, disgusting, un-original…it's a cheap prostitute, lesbo Kill Bill. Im so tired of that whore.

  71. 571

    Probably the worst video I have ever seen. I have no idea how she cen make a dumer video but I'm sure the next one will be even worse. I just don't understand what people see in this person. Her "art" is crap.

  72. 572


  73. 573

    Its strange but it works. Have to say though, I'm not crazy about the song but perhaps it'll grow on me.

  74. 574

    Madonna did that kind of "art" at first, didn't she?

  75. 575

    love the song, I dont get the video, sorry.

  76. 576

    Re: wagger – I like Gaga, but Christina is a MUCH better singer!!

  77. 577

    This is the best video in Gaga history. She surpassed the Bad Romance and Paparazzi videos, and I didn't think that was going to be possible. Who knew Beyonce had that in her? This was fun, and kudos for the nods to Tarantino, Thelma and Louise, and American History X *winks… AWESOME!!!!!!!

  78. 578

    Complete and utter twaddle

  79. 579

    'i told you she didnt have a dick' and 'youve been a very bad girl' are my personal highlights lol

  80. 580

    boy, that really made a lot of sense

  81. 581

    What a joke. If she was going to beat my ass, I would roll on the floor laughing.

  82. 582

    I enjoyed the video. I thought Lady Gaga was finally starting to show some promise and potential. The talented Beyonce was a great addition and I enjoyed their chemistry. What's frustrating is that Gaga is too hastily considered to be a lengend. REALLY?… with 1 and a half albums? This is the most I've ever seen any artist copy a living legend (Madonna) and get away with it. Where,TF is Gaga(in Gaga)! Is she even inside her own skin. Gaga stop borrowing and get creative, start doing your own new shyt!

  83. 583

    how the fuck can so many of you like this bullshit? it was complete crap.

  84. 584

    This is the most disgusting video I have ever seen. And it's such a load of crap. Disgusting. Dumb. Shit.

  85. 585

    Is it just me or isn't that guy, the leadsinger from Semi Precious Weapons, in the background during that diner scene?

    anyways i absolutely LOVE the vid! and I LOVE me some Lady GaGa!! can't wait to see her concert in may!

  86. 586

    too long

  87. 587

    loved it but did NOT go with the song!

  88. 588

    Re: jrnpp – Right on! Oh, and let me put some nice honey on the haters' sandwiches!

    Seriously: a litmus test. If you don't appreciate this vid you are of low intelligence and possessing of the poorest possible taste. Gaga rules, haters drool.

  89. 589

    She's just a younger Madonna. Not original. Just more trashy………..if that's even possible.

  90. 590

    i found this video
    lady gaga should be nothing but ashamed of herself for feeling like in order
    to express talent you must dance in a thong, masturbate, kiss a girl and have a girl touch your vagina. how can this women even be called a role model? when all she is showing to girls around the world in order to be successful act like a SLUT? lady gaga should re consider what music really is and what is means to be famous. lady gaga is nothing but a disgrace and i am disgusted to have ever called myself a fan.

  91. 591

    doesn't get any gayer and retarded than that.

  92. 592

    she is crazy and the video is disgusting.eek!

  93. 593

    loved it, minus the shameless advertisements from tmobile and plentyoffish which was disappointing.

  94. 594

    If you seriously liked this shit, you not only don't have any class, you don't have any taste in music! Sorry, not only did the video suck the song did too!

  95. 595

    I don't think it's inspiring or epic at all! Dancing around practically naked is hardly something new. Neither is glamorizing prison.

  96. ONIT says – reply to this


    Gaga is so great! She may do stuff Madonna and Kylie Minogue do for more than 20 years but Gaga does it like she's on dope. Love it!!!!!! That's how it's done. Push the boundaries others didn't push further.

  97. 597

    omg! I LOVED IT. best video out in forever. now I know how people felt when they saw Michael Jackson's videos.

  98. 598

    I think the video's use of product placement and the death of all the people in the video represented the American public's poisoning from the mainstream media, advertisements, etc.

    But that's just me.

    And I like that its hilarious and parodies everything from kill bill, Thelma & Louise and itself while continuing the Paparazzi storyline in a ridiculous, kitchy purely gaga way.

  99. 599

    Does anyone else see how perverse and sick this video is. What's she going to do next. Show her gaping asshole to the camera? Beyonce is just jumping on the pop badwagon.. It's crazy how I see this more as another entertainment industry move cashing in on young kid's vulnerabilities, while they just think it's "cool"

  100. 600

    i love it

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