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It's Here! Lady GaGa & Beyonce in Telephone

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An opus!

Epic. Inspired.

Lady GaGa is untouchable. And with her new mini-movie music video for Telephone - featuring Beyonce - she proves she's a living legend.

Bold. Brilliant. Boundary-pushing. Ballsy. Bitchin'!

CLICK HERE to watch and re-watch the masterpiece!!!!!

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760 comments to “It's Here! Lady GaGa & Beyonce in Telephone

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  1. 701

    Best Fricken video ever!!!!! Love it!!!!!!!!

  2. 702

    Huh. I think I would have to agree with LishaB

  3. 703

    WTF? LG is fearless! lol

  4. morri says – reply to this


    its cool and crazy but the over the top amount of product placment kinda cheapenes the whole thing…. or maybe they were being ironic

  5. 705

    GReat,awesome, love it.

  6. 706

    Re: RandomNYgirl – Hardly, GaGa fans heard this song ages ago, the video isn't taking away anything from the song for us, definately not hiding any "lack of talent" it's adding something new, making the song better. Who cares if its a shit video, it's GAGA

  7. 707

    loved it!!! amazeballs

  8. 708

    hmmm wonder how many creative directors it took to make her a living legend.
    this video is nothing special just looks like a mix of a load of her old ones. her songs all sound the same. her clothes look ridiculous not shocking and cool.they've stolen a couple of Jacko dance moves and for a woman who doenst want to sexualise herself she seems quite happy to take all her clothes off. its not music its just noises with techno shit over it. Shes a dick surely her time is over now.

  9. 709

    lady gaga's sister is in the vid too !!!

  10. 710

    WOW. I find it quite amazing how people going on about this video like it's the holy grail or something. There is nothing great about it. It basically shows two too overrated chicks who need to retire. Plus the video was too transgender, gay, and corny…but it did have a Tarantino feel to it. I give it two sucks on a scale of three sucks.

  11. 711

    The song, video and duet of the two is so mixed matched. weird and lame.

  12. 712

    "I told you she didn't have a dick" "Too bad" LMFAO! this video made me laugh and it fucking mesmerised me..one of the most amazing things I've ever seen in my entire life! Keep 'em coming Gaga

  13. 713

    Since MTV hardly plays music videos anymore, it's up to artists to market their own videos to the masses, and Lady G. is doing a good job getting hers out there and getting people talking. It's been quite a while since people such a big deal over a video. Some of you keep saying her 15 minutes are up (obviously you don't understand what Warhol meant when he came up with that concept), but you're only fooling yourself, because each time she's written off as over, she comes out with something different that again has you all talking. Madonna wannabe, my ass….Madonna wishes she could have been this fierce!

  14. 714

    I wish their will be more. It was really good. Love going GaGa

  15. DavHa says – reply to this


    Hot mess

  16. 716

    Lady gaga….wish I could be in her head for a day!

    EPIC EPIC EPIC EPIC!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!

    ps. Is it just me or does Beyonce look a little like Katy Perry in this video?

  17. 717

    it would be good if it was actually compatible w the song and i dont know what her random obssesion w piping girls like yea. she even admits to never having falling in love w a girl so shes just confusing people w no real feelings LAME the video is extremely well done and super creative but it is way too confusing too many things going on at once. still LOVE GAGA THOUGH lmao

  18. 718

    i watched it. Lady Gagas music is shit. Sounds awful.
    Why is Beyonce lowering herself. This pains me. Beyonce is THE FULL PACKAGE and she has to involve herself with this ugly white untalented thing, who has hundreds of gay men ejaculate on her everyday.

    Proof the illuminati exists. Trying to inspire women to be hard and ugly and confrontational. Real power is strong and silent

  19. 719

    Re: HonestyPlease – You're not the only one to say that she's copying Madonna, and I definately agree, but I think that people are overlooking the fact that one of the first celebrity's to gain popularity through ridiculous outfits was Cher. I guess in a way, Madonna & Cher were pioneers in the way of gaining attention through their antics and outfits. But, I think we should remember that clothes, makeovers, publicity stunts, and big budget videos make an excellent entertainer… though rarely an excellent *musician*. Lady Gage, Cher, Madonna… they're all amazing *entertainers* but as far as real musical talent or substance, well, in my opinion, they're severly lacking. Then again, my favorite female musician is Janis Joplin, so pop isn't really my thing :)

  20. 720

    I think the video would have been way better without the product promotion. It over all gave it a cheesy kind of feel. Other than that, the video was creative and the dancing was excellent. I enjoyed Honey B and Gaga's quick MJ move. This was somewhat of a thrill and the industry haven't had a real one in a long time. I do encourage Gaga to find her own identity and stop taking pages from Madonna book. I know things will always be recycled, but I'd like her to stand on her own 2 feet and not stick to the formula. Madonna was gutsy when it was a gamble to be during her time. Gaga is just following in her footsteps without any of it making sense.

  21. 721

    WOW! Pretty wild! But I gotta commend Gaga for her bizarre concepts, costume, hair and makeup. Very unique and just wild! She really doesn't give a fuck what anyone thinks of her! That, I think is cool as hell!

  22. 722

    what a waste of 9 minutes.

  23. 723


  24. 724

    Re: OpenYourEyesandMind – #697 EXACTLY HOW I FEEL! I wish people would lay off her, and that she would allow us to show her how to widen her mind :) !

    O' and I wanted to say ┌∩┐(◣_◢)┌∩┐ all the haters!! Seriously if you don't like it, PASS it by! WE ALL HAVE OUR OWN OPINIONS ALL TASTE! WHAT FUCKIN GIVES YOU PEOPLE THE RIGHT TO DOWN OTHERS WHO LIKE HER! SERIOUSLY STFU PEOPLE! GAWD!!!!!!!!!!!

  25. caitd says – reply to this


    Re: OpenYourEyesandMind – You're fucking crazy. Go hide in your Jesus bunker and wait for the second coming.

  26. 726

    beyonce is soo hot! love her!

  27. 727

    Re: caitd – I am not crazy, u need to educate yourself little girl. Jesus is not coming back dumb fuck hes passed on. I dont blv in religion, I just know the satanic symbols UR THE CRAZY ONE FOR NOT SEEING IT. U been brainwashed u stupid fucking pop culture slut!

  28. 728

    Re: caitd – I did not say anything about Jesus u little kid. Please wake up. One day u will know I am right. The music industry is run my satanism. Don't blv me? Look its up ITS EVERYWHERe and most ppl know it. FUCK little bitch calling me names u wanna see crazy? LOOK AT THIS FUCKING VIDEO HAHA!

  29. 729

    Re: OpenYourEyesandMind – You are truly creepy.

  30. 730

    She looks like Winoooo

  31. 731

    Disappointed. Bad Romance was so much better. The song isn't all that great and Beyonce does not bring much to it, vocally or visually. But no. By all means, continue to kiss ass.

  32. 732

    Re: Moogle80 – I am not creepy this video is creepy. Visit this site vigilant citizen . com to see wht I mean, plz Im a real good hearted person and I care about ppl. I know what I am talking about and u cant deny the music industry is run my satanist. If u doubt me u are doubting tu pac, mj and others who exposed illuminati. Beyonce and gaga are in it. I am not creepy just heartbroken!

  33. 733

    love it! love her!

  34. 734

    omg the two most fierce women on the planet in one hot ass video loved it AWSOME!!! LOVE LADY GAGA, shes lyk the female Micheal jackson when it comes to music and music videos. She ROCKS!!!!

  35. 735

    my morning shits are more impressive

  36. 736

    First I must say I adore GAGA. I loved loved Bad Romance because it was focused and had a lot more style. This video I watched a couple of times had issues with it. It was too long, as if they were trying to put anything and everything into it. The styling wasn't styling but a bit of throwing every fashion outfit they could on her without fashion details as they had in other videos. Beyonce was really out of place here with the dancing and her own scene in a motel room…why??? This video could have been great with just the prison segment,I loved that part but when you add on the other movie rip offs..I mean influences it was down hill. What was up with the fabric they had on at the end..awful. I must finish by saying I adore her.. but this was not a great video

  37. Imy says – reply to this


    I ADORE IT! B, not so much but Gaga is gorgeous!

  38. 738

    amazing no other words to describe it i was completely blown away

  39. 739

    Gaga is a fucken babe hands down.

  40. 740

    this is beyond effed up for so many reasons…what a horrible video. it's complete garbage, it's trashy, offensive, and great for dumbing down today's youth yet at the same time glamourizing murder and encouraging criminal activity. anyone that says this is "epic" or "art" you need to get a grip on reality. mainstream media is not art, never has been and never will be, this video is complete and utter crap

  41. 741

    Re: rebeccastar – I'd call it sheer ignornace.

  42. 742

    This video is FANTASTIC.
    I really love lady gaga and now I can say she's a genius.

  43. 743

    I watched it again, and think I've changed my mind. It is pretty fun.

  44. 744


  45. 745


  46. 746

    They are sooooo hard… it is nice to watch. Other than the whole poison the place thing… kinda jim jones style. They must like JIM JONES THE BABY KILLER and what he did… SICK PEOPLE OUT THERE.

  47. 747

    too much product placement

  48. 748

    Re: DanielDax – You really think that? Hmmm…Well the vast majority of people think that Madonna put Jonas Akerlund on the map. Sure he did videos in the 80's and did "Smack my Bitch Up", but Madonna put him on the map. "Ray Of Light" was one of the greatest videos of all time. Just look at "American Life" uncensored and you will see so many similarities with "Telephone"…Jonas and Madonna are such good friends and if he were to pick who he would rather collaborate with if his life depended on it, he would choose Madonna.

  49. 749

    Her videos sucks like a pile of shit is a toilet bowl. What's with the taping of her balls? All of her music videos irks me.

  50. 750


  51. 751

    Any video that flashes the brand of a product (or in this case, SEVERAL product brands) are just selling out and are not making music for art's sake. This is when I start losing respect for musicians… she's already crossed the line for me a long time ago. She isn't fuckin Madonna and she isn't Marilyn Manson, I am not going to buy into this fraud's shit.

  52. 752

    Re: goodtasteishardtofind
    Correction: You mean the vast majority of Madonna fans think she put him on the map–the very same ones who think she came with every idea and concept known to man. I appreciate your input, but I stand my mine.

  53. Paty says – reply to this


    Can´t stop watching it.

  54. 754

    Perhaps the awful dialogue & stiff acting between the two was intentional. The video was meant to be campy. I wasn't even paying attention to the product placements until people brought them up. If getting financial backers to help finance your video in exchange for just a few seconds of product placement that isn't hurting anybody helps get your video out, I say go for it. There's no such thing as "selling out" in the music biz–that's why they call it a business. Anyone in it who says they don't care about the money is full of shit.

  55. 755

    ffs people it's a music video not a movie! who gives a shit about their acting skills; neither lady gaga or beyonce profess to be amazing actresses, that's why they are fucking singers!! gaga

  56. 756

    Love it! "See I told you she didn't have a dick." HA! Amazing!

  57. 757

    i loved lady gaga the minute she appeared on the music scene..and thou i'm a rcoknroll person i have to admitt poker face was genious…it was the best pop song of the year and her futuristic style was unique and awsome….paparazi was also great then there was bad romance which was good both the song and the video……but this! i'm sorry but i can't understand people who say it's great….i mean i don't get it are you saying it's great beacause you like gaga and therefore evryhting she does is great? bt that's just dumb…..the video sux big time its unoriginal has no structure no point and looks cheap …and my god dose this song suck…..it's the worst song she's ever done….

  58. caitd says – reply to this


    Re: OpenYourEyesandMind
    Whoa, freak, did someone steal your tin foil hat?

    Satanism is a religion so if you don't believe in anything religious, then why are you so concerned?

    The music industry is run by Satanists? Please, I'd really love to see some legit sources for that outlandish claim.

    Thanks for the giggle, moron.
    Tip for next time you attempt to insult me: PPL who RITE lIK DIS dONT BE takin SERIUSLY.

    Better luck next time, creeper.

  59. 759

    video is good but she's not a living legend!so overrated.2 months and this would be forgotten believe me.a low budget video like britney's sometimes is even more iconic than than this

  60. 760

    Brilliant, boundary pushing, Epic MY FUCKING ASS Perez!!!
    Im so sick of GAGA biting from everyone and saying its "Inspired By", its totally fucking biting from these Artists!
    Grace,Bowie,Madonna (obviously!), DepecheMode, Queen.
    Once members of her MickeyMouse Club aka "THE HAUS" leave her ass, she will quickly realize she absolutely CANNOT stand on her own two feet like the living legends shes ripping off from.
    Her lyrics are lame, shallow and her beats are cheap but catchy.
    She has 6 number ones, but the songs are lame as hell and its only because little immature kids are eating her shit up. Rihanna even has a handful of Number 1's, goes to show you how fucked up the Pop music scene really is because Rihanna sounds like a goat in heat.
    Theres no substance to Gagas music. Analyse this as much as you want for the sake of ART but its all been DONE BEFORE!

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