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Jessica Simpson Defends Gabourey Sidibe Against Howard Stern's Criticism!!

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Watch out, Howard Stern!! Sexual napalm is coming for you next!!

Jessica Simpson is lashing out against Howard Stern's harsh critcism of Precious star Gabourey Sidibe's weight, and it KILLS us to admit this…but we agree with her!!

Simpson said:

"I'm actually surprised somebody had the cojones to say that. I just think that's really disrespectful. It's unfortunate because she walked the red carpet at the Oscars and she owned it. She was beautiful. There was no denying that she did not think she was the most beautiful person on that red carpet. She was just owning that moment for herself. She had such confidence and I absolutely 100 percent think she could get anything in the world that she wants."

Surprisingly well-spoken, Simpleton!!

We're taking your side on this one.

It would be one thing to express concern for someone's weight from a health standpoint, but we think Howard was not cool when talking about the Oscar nominee!!

And of course, as we all know, she's already proven his claim that she will not find anymore work WRONG!

We think Gabby's a breath of fresh air!!

[Image via WENN.]

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123 comments to “Jessica Simpson Defends Gabourey Sidibe Against Howard Stern's Criticism!!”

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  1. 1

    He didn't really critisize her, he was critisizing Hollywood, saying that in Hollywood heavy women aren't given jobs. just look at all the annorexics on parade at the Oscars and try to say that he is wrong.

  2. 2

    We have to admit..she does need to lose some weigh for heath reasons if anything..I mean come on!

  3. 3

    The Obamas continue to do works of great good.
    Mrs. Obama continues the battle of fat with her daughters and has no comment about Ms. Sidibe.

  4. 4

    WOW… for once I agree with both of you…

  5. 5

    "There is no denying she did not think she was the most beauiful woman on the red carpet?" How does Simpleton know that? I don't think her comments were worded correctly, but then again, she thinks Gab's not the prettiest and many think Simpleton is not the brightest.

  6. 6

    If you listened to his comments he did state that there needs to be concern from a health standpoint. I agree with Howard on this one.

  7. 7

    since when has this fat chick got all the defenses and sympathy from others? no offense but i don't know much about her, does she have a turbulent heartbreaking childhood or something?

  8. 8

    Everyone likes to take his comments out of context. But of course a girl with some weight issues has to speak up.

  9. 9

    Gabby is awesome and I have to say I agree with Spindoc.

  10. 10

    Come on, the girl is a bad role model so stop encouraging her. If she doesn't lose weight, she'll be dead before she's 35; someone please explain how that is a good thing.

    And I'm sorry, but she is not by any stretch of the imagination 'beautiful'. People are blatantly saying it becuse they feel sorry for her, it's so patronising I want to vomit. If Simpson thinks being morbidly obese makes you 'the most beautiful person on the red carpet', then maybe SHE should put on 30 stone. I'd be more than happy to see that waste of oxygen die of a heartattack.

  11. 11

    no way - howard is dead right - she is UNHEALTHY - she could die if she does not get medical help

  12. 12


  13. 13

    SHE'S the one to talk. Her main task in life is to try and stay somewhat good looking and she failed at that. How about we all just ignore what an enormous orca whale this Gaboray is and let her kill herself. "Oh, you're beautiful no matter what…" FUCK OFF! She is enormous, and she's killing herself, to not comment on that would be a disservice.

  14. 14

    although i do agree with howard that her weight is dangerous, you can tell he did not mean to be nice about it. he said, "god she's fat. she took up what, two chairs?" if he meant to take a health standpoint, he did not do it well.
    it's sad because she's probably one of the few actors/actresses out there who are so likeable in interviews but yet so many people focus on her weight. it's really her issue and if she's comfortable with it, who are we to judge?

  15. 15

    It kind of annoys me how people always feel the need to defend fatter people. Jessica Simpson, just like mostly everyone in the freaking world, has to know that, although Gabourney is pretty, she is way overweight. There're no comments that can change that, no matter which celebrity tries.

  16. 16

    Re: Malfinnien – I agree. Instead of encouraging obesity, why don't people say it's not nice to look at, even if you wear a pretty dress and have nice makeup? Instead of enabling Gabourney, people need to help her.

  17. 17

    Howard Stern is an ignorant pig and his main audience are 13 yr old boys and that is what his mentality is

  18. 18

    I so agree with her. That howard stern dude ain't shit anyway

  19. 19

    Food addiction is just as bad as the other ones.

  20. 20

    Howard Stern is an invented old shock-jock who will say anything to continue to get attention.
    Gabourey Sidibe is so far beyond Howard, as a real person. Go Gabby.

  21. 21

    Someone else wrote that….Simpleton isn't that intelligent! Maybe she TOLD someone what she wanted to say! She's defending herself because SHE IS FAT! Howard Stern is just the ugliest person that ever walked the planet! Inside AND out!

  22. 22

    Az much az I like Gabby, Jessica is the biggest lyin ass ho.

  23. 23

    You're such a hypocrite Perez! You make fun of celebrities for being fat all the time, including Jessica Simpson! It's just politically incorrect to make fun of a black person for being fat. That's why everyone is kissing her ass. If they criticized her, they'd be called racist. You think a white actress of her size could break into this business with such fanfare? Please. It's like people are working overtime not to criticize her because it's the politically correct thing to do. I'm not a Stern fan, but bravo to him for having the balls to speak the truth!

  24. 24

    Blah! Howard Stern says anything he want just get ratings! LOL even trashing Oscar nominees. That's what its all about… R-A-T-I-N-G-S

  25. 25

    she's only doing other projects now because she's stil al novelty. a year from now, if she's lucky, she'll be on Celebrity Fit Club. howard may have been mean (though hilarious!) about it, but he only said what no one else has the balls to say.

  26. Boo says – reply to this


    Howard is a douche. Has he ever looked in a mirror? Just because he can get stupid, beautiful women to undress on his show doesn't mean he has got it going on. He's a hateful person.

  27. 27

    Re: ladynTO – -
    Howard is a crass boor at the best of times. However, he is not ignorant. Like him or not, agree with his opinions or not, it is wrong to say that he anything but an intelligent and well-informed man.
    I don't think too many 13 yr old boys are out there buying satellite radio packages - he's the only radio celebrity who had the fan base to go to satellite. Howard has many, many adult listeners who may not share his provocative personality but certainly share his opinions on most matters.

  28. vlm says – reply to this


    let's be real here.she looks beautiful? come on. she looks like she's going to explode. her heart is probably screaming for a goddam break

  29. 29


    Howard was stating the obvious. Has Jennifer Hudson found work? Hollywood has a problem with weight. Unfortunately she may work for a little while but soon will leave the center stage.

  30. 30

    OK, I can't stand it anymore. Why is it that when thin celebrities gain 5 pounds, they are ridiculed for being fat but when a star like Gabourey comes along she is "curvy" and "womanly. Get real! She is obese and unhealthy! Why are we congratulating her for that? She is a prime candidate for heart disease and diabetes! In a country where obesity runs rampant, her size should not be glorified!!!

  31. 31

    Aww love Gabby, she's so awesome!

  32. 32

    I think she's REALLY fat. Fat, fat, fat, fat, fat! Ugly and FAT!!!

  33. 33

    Gimme a break fuckwad - you are the first to criticize someone's weight. Maybe not this girl but Simpson, Lily Allen, Kristen Stewart, the list could go on forever. You simply have no ethics when it comes to this blog. Maybe you could actually get a date if you weren't so phony, instead of living with your Mom for the rest of your life.

  34. 34

    howard stern is an idiot. plain and simple. so what if she is obese. that is her buisness not any of you here have the right to judge her. you dont have a clue what her background is how she got all this weight. and howard stern needs to be hung up by his big ugly nose and smacked around for being such a dumb ass. ack i would rather go to the dentist then listen to his show. such a waste of skin and air. seriously he is always so judgemental about people and look at him. he is hideous. im sick now just talking about him. gross.

  35. 35

    buhahahahahahahaha !!!!!!!!!!! So let me get this stratight the man did not run from the goverment or the FCC but he should me afraid of "Chicken of the Sea " Simpson…

  36. 36

    I don't know. Yes the girl is obese. No question about it, and probably after a while she will have a hard time finding work, BUT and that is the thing here. She is definitely a representative of the US as a whole. I mean if you watch Dr. Oz on a daily basis you see many women in the same boat. Sure not Hollywood women, but certainly women, and men, and many African American women too. I thought Howard Stern was speaking the truth, but he could have said it with a lot more tact and it would have gone a lot farther in my mind. It was just rude, crude, and I guess what you can expect from a shock jock. As far as Jessica, well she has gained some weight too, and I guess she wants to feel that it is ok. It is hard to stay super slim. Most people have to work at it. As I recall looking at Howard's butt once he wasn't exactly too toned, so he shouldn't really be all that much of an advocate of one's body image. His butt reminded me of a jello bowel left out in the sun for a while.

  37. 37

    she could get any role she wants as long as its a huge wall of black fat black girl from the ghetto

  38. 38

    Re: a!!!SEMICOLON!!!lsdkfj
    Howard is on Satellite radio. there are NO ratings dumb ass

  39. 39

    Howard Stern doesn't give a rats ass about this girl health. He used her weight combined with her new celebrity as a venue to make fun of and spew his disgusting and hateful venom towards fat people. Ya, we know he's a "shock jock", kind of like Prez. We got that. But he crossed WAY over the line with his hateful and cruel comments about this innocent girl who has done absolutely nothing to deserve those cruel words. Pick on the asshole celebrities, Stern. Not some new chick who is just starting out to get work in a field she will obviously be challenged in to begin with. Asshole.

  40. 40

    She is FAT/but she appears to have a good sens of humor and a brain —————Howard has a face made for Radio is VERY SMART with a SENSE of HUMOR and SIMPLETON is FAT-STUPID-HER LOOKS WON"T HOLD UP OVER TIME & SHE CAN'T HOLD A MAN TO SAVER HER LIFE & HAS NO SENSE OF HUMOR *****hmmm in the F-MARRY-KILL she dies every time !!

  41. 41

    She may be a "breath of fresh air" but she is grossly overweight and if she does nothing about it she will die! Maybe Jessica should address that.
    Re: a!!!SEMICOLON!!!lsdkfj – Satellite radio has no ratings.

  42. 42

    I LOVE her. When Mario Lopez told her she looked great at the start of an interview she flipped her hair and replied "genetics".

  43. 43

    howard was just speaking the truth.

  44. 44

    so it is ok for u to negatively comment on how thin actresses are but not ok for stern to comment on how fat one is? two sides of the same coin! Both can be unhealthy…however there is NO WAY that kind of weight is safe, and there are safe ways to get thin…this site is getting retarded!

  45. 45

    You criticize celebs weight ALL the time, even if they aren't even fat.

  46. 46

    I agree with most that yes Perez is a hypocrite. Gabourey Sidibe has already been in two more movies … so Howard wasn't exactly right. Is she going to be in the league of Ms. Streep - doubt it and a lot of actresses aren't either. To be frank, her weight will hurt her chances in some movies, but not all.

  47. 47

    Howard Stern is a worthy piece of shit!

  48. 48

    Re: a!!!SEMICOLON!!!lsdkfj – there are no ratings for satellite radio.

  49. 49

    Re: Ms. A. Beaverhousen

    okay how ever you are. youre wrong. about her getting specail treatment because she BLACK thats 100% b.s. an its actually the oppsite; its very hard for blacks to break into the showbiz world, from modeling to actting and ….ect except singging. this girl is very unhealthy but her fanfare is nothing do with her being "BLACK". like for example think of "kristie alley" she is scrutinized for the weight and yet still very liked and famous. and GUESS WHAT SHE " WHITE!!!!!!".

  50. 50

    Ha…Howard is 100% right. This fatass needs to lose some weight.
    Oh, she got a new role….as what…the orca in free willy part 4?

  51. 51

    she has a great attitude about herself, but she is grossly overweight and there will be limited roles for her in her current body. there are actresses out there starving right now because they have to conform to the hollywood body image and most of them probably still can't even get work. gabby is coming off an oscar nomination, but her momentum is not going to last.

  52. 52

    Howard was simply stating the obvious - girl needs to drop some weight if she wants success in Hollywood. She is as bad a role model to young girls as the anorexics. She is clearly battling self esteem issues with food. Just the opposite spectrum. She's got the cash now to get a trainer and drop some weight, if she did it that would be the real role model! You can do it Gabs, drop some of those LBS!

  53. 53

    lol Jessica Simpson thinks that because she got called fat once, she needs to stand up for everyone? Please. Don't encourage this girl…she is GROSSLY obese. She couldn't fit in a theater seat!! I bet she hasn't seen her feet in YEARS. Howard was right. Both Jessica and Perez are just bleeding hearts. The girl is a beached whale!

  54. 54

    "She was beautiful" HAHAHHHHHA

  55. 55

    I have never been a fan of Jessica Simpson, but how in the world is she fat?? Is she like a size 4 or 6? If she's fat then I'm an obese, walking heart-attack size 10 girl.
    People have been so brainwashed that now anything bigger than a size 00 Hollywood star is fat. Pleasssssse! I don't think my weight is perfect but looking like a bag of bones isn't sexy. Those people are walking sticks and most of them look disgusting.

  56. 56

    Re: TORTEZ – How do you know she has a food addiction?

  57. 57

    Go Gabby I hope you prove everyone wrong. Kid just lose the weight and get healthy and you will do just fine! Kudsos to Jessica for stepping up! You too Mario. It's fair to say we all agree she needs to lose weight for health REASONS it's just the way Howard and Robin said it. But, it did not take away her moment to shine. That may encourage her even more to get better health wise. God knows she has the talent. Good luck baby girl! xoxo!

  58. 58

    I heard Howard's comments, he said she is fat but stating the obvious. He said he actually feels bad for her because he compared her to the rest of the actresses in Hollywood and questioned what kind of role she would be able to land next.
    Don't tell me Jessica would feel "beautiful" or would be happy if she looked like Gaboray.

  59. 59

    Jessica Simpson is such a media whore, like she gives shit about Gabby. This is another fabricated attempt for her to promote herself and her silly reality show. I hope Howard Stern rips her a new one, hope he gets more guys that have screwed her to come on his show. Howard told the truth, don't care if she's got a couple of gigs lined up, she's just the flavor of the month for White America. What happens when the hoopla dies down, what roles will be offered to her then? Playing Aunt Ella's and Uncle Curtis's fat friend on House of Payne? Face it, the roles of "big" African-American women are locked in already by Queen Latifah, Sherri Shepherd, Niecy Nash and Monique. And these women have made it a point to lose weight as well. And Perez, you're so two-faced…you spend half your time picking women apart, and this girl regardless of how "likable" she is, she is obese. People need to stop sugar-coating the obvious, she's freaking huge and should lose weight before it kills her.

  60. 60

    Do your thing Gabby and dont let pricks like Howard ( I have a HUGE blower ) Stern even shake a bit of your confidence. Its remarks like that, that fuck girls up and have them hangin their head in a toilet throwing up the 3 pcs of lettuce they are for a week.. PISS OFF

  61. 61


    It's not funny, at all.

    I love you Jess. Keep your head up!

  62. 62

    I am so sick of people getting Howard WRONG!!!! He was pointing out how hypocritical Hollywood is, shmoozing this poor girl when we all know her career will be very short if she does not make a change and comply with Hollywood standards. Perez you yourself make fun of people when they gain weight and make comments like, they look so much better when actors are thin. Howard is not the villian, he is pointing out what this girl is facing in Hollywood.

  63. 63


  64. 64

    Re: KardFan – I am sorry but how is ripping apart his children relevant?? His children had no choice who their Dad is or what he does for a living or even what he says. So why would degrading them be just !!! If you want to comment on him then go ahead but leave his children out of it or you are worse then what you are accusing him of doing.

  65. 65

    Howards stick is getting old. I wonder if all his daughters are scarecrows like him? He could use a few pounds. His adams apple looks like it's going to poke through his skin.

  66. 66

    hey its howard stern! so what? jessica is trying to promote her show "all about beauty" well yeah self confidence is key and great! but gabby seemed kind of annoying in the way that she 'worked it girl'….but whatever works i guess…

  67. 67

    Amy Winehouse has been crucified for her addictions & no one said oh shes beautiful with the cracky face and body. So why do we do this with obese people you're big you're beautiful. We are not talking about a few vanity pounds. We are talking about an obese person. She has an addition. Yum Yums. & again Howard Stern calls its like he sees it, and thats even goes about himself. I mean come on!!!! People were calling Jessica a fat ass! & she is no no no no no no no no no NO NO NO NO NOWHERE NEAR AS BIG AS THIS OTHER GIRL!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!! NOWHERE NEAR IT!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!! GET IT TOGETHER & GET EFFIN REAL AMERICA.

  68. 68

    Gabourey is not beautiful. Period. For people like Jessica and Oprah to say things like that only promotes unhealthy behavior. They are being irresponsible and dishonest. Gabourey may be an incredibly nice and talented person, but her supporters should get her medical and psychological support, not reinforce her weight acceptance.

  69. 69

    Howards right. I think we all agree right? I mean we all would not say it like him, but she needs to get healthy or else she WILL die young.

  70. 70

    LOL! Okay, I had to create a nickname JUST so I could comment on this…Most of you people are RIDICULOUS! First of all..she's obese cuz of an eating addiction? Could it be possible that she has a medical condition..like THYROID problems, is taking medication where weight gain is a side effect, etc..how can you just assume that because someone is overweight THEY CHOOSE TO BE THAT WAY because they don't like to excercise and cuz they like food? Who are you people even! The girl got NOMINATED for an oscar because she fit the part, they picked her because they needed an overweight girl for the role..don't hate on her cuz she did a great job. Jessica Simpson is standing up for her because she knows how cruel the media can be about weight, this HAS TO STOP NOW! If she's a bad role model for being big, then tell nicole richie to go suck a lemon for being an unhealthy anorexic MOTHER of two children. FOOLS!

  71. 71

    Although he may not have been criticizing her, was it necessary for him to say that to her? (and coming from fugly Howard Stern?!!) Looks aren't everything!

  72. 72

    LOL! Okay, I had to create a nickname JUST so I could comment on this…Most of you people are RIDICULOUS! First of all..she's obese cuz of an eating addiction? Could it be possible that she has a medical condition..like THYROID problems, is taking medication where weight gain is a side effect, etc..how can you just assume that because someone is overweight THEY CHOOSE TO BE THAT WAY because they don't like to excercise and cuz they like food? Who are you people even! The girl got NOMINATED for an oscar because she fit the part, they picked her because they needed an overweight girl for the role..don't hate on her cuz she did a great job. Jessica Simpson is standing up for her because she knows how cruel the media can be about weight, this HAS TO STOP NOW! If she's a bad role model for being big, then tell nicole richie to go suck a lemon for being an unhealthy anorexic MOTHER of two children. unreal..

  73. 73

    LOL! Okay, I had to create a nickname JUST so I could comment on this…Most of you people are RIDICULOUS! First of all..she's obese cuz of an eating addiction? Could it be possible that she has a medical condition..like THYROID problems, is taking medication where weight gain is a side effect, etc..how can you just assume that because someone is overweight THEY CHOOSE TO BE THAT WAY because they don't like to excercise and cuz they like food? Who are you people even! The girl got NOMINATED for an oscar because she fit the part, they picked her because they needed an overweight girl for the role..don't hate on her cuz she did a great job. Jessica Simpson is standing up for her because she knows how cruel the media can be about weight, this HAS TO STOP NOW! If she's a bad role model for being big, then tell nicole richie to go suk a lemon for being an unhealthy anorexic MOTHER of two children.

  74. 74

    why is it that people can criticize skinny people and no one says anything but when someone points out a fat person and criticizes them everyone goes crazy. absolutely ridiculous. he is completely right, she is going to fade away due to poor career moves and will end up doing terrible tyler perry comedies.

  75. 75

    Re: supersongbird – what about all those walking skeleton "models" who stick their fingers in their mouth to stay thin, or Lindsey Lohan who is a druggie doesn't he realize that they also can die too. why crititize an obese girl to get a few laughs. I think that is not the way to help out a girl who eventually is going to hear all these harsh comments and practically force her to become bulemic.
    The truth is he could careless about her F him……

  76. 76

    Howard Stern is right. Sorry but her roles will be limited - IF he lives long enough. I saw "Precious" - It was all right - but I did not find her acting to be ALL THAT. It was average at best. She is way over hyped and that is because Winfrey is connected to the movie.

  77. 77

    "deep thoughts" from that dunderhead jessica simpson.

    i don't think angeline jolie is going to lose any parts to sidibe.

  78. 78

    "She was beautiful." Right. Maybe if you were staring at her from a distance in the desert you might get that idea. Her arms are bigger than my waist. Let's not give the impression to kids that being absurdly obese is okay. The only thing her body is capable of is carrying a couple buckets of chicken home from KFC. You're a fucking idiot.

  79. 79

    Re: Malfinnien – yeah, isnt it weird how all these people are calling this chick beautiful. if were talking outer beauty then i wouldnt call this girl beautiful or even nice looking at all. i think everyone feels that way but they get all politically correct and feel they need to call her beautiful. i mean, if all these folks want to be nice then they should say that she seems like a nice person, but lets not go overboard and call her beautiful.

  80. 80

    So is Jessica the spokeswoman for Fat people now? JS does not give a rat's butt about Gabbey, she just wants some publicity for her new lame reality show, that will hopefully get canceled.

  81. 81

    I feel like people are so patronizing toward Gabby- they're like "Oh you're so beautiful!" "I'm proud of you!" "You can get anything you want!" like an adult encouraging a child. And I'm sick of fat people being hailed in the society. It's not like they can't be healthy if they choose to- they think they are actually fucking role models and should be hailed for sporting around 60 pounds of fat. Being bones and skins is one thing, but how is this any better? America isn't unhealthy enough as it is? We aren't doing the people a favor by inspiring them to love the wrong things.

  82. 82

    "We think Gabby's a breath of fresh air!!"

    …more like a breath of fresh doughnuts and taco meat.

  83. 83


  84. 84

    Perez. This girl is not fat. She is severely obese. She has an obvious eating disorder. While Howard made some not very nice jokes, what he was trying to say is that Hollywood is trying to look nice by giving this girl false hope. She may not live long if she stays that weight. Because Precious got a lot of publicity, they will find a few parts for her. But she will never be a huge star. Not at that size. The parts just don't exist. THis girl needs help. She did not look beautiful at the oscars. She looked very sick, like any anorexic girl you make fun of and tell to "eat" something (just as cruel as Howard).

  85. 85

    I saw Precious last night and I thought it was amazing, and I think she is so beautiful

  86. 86

    Howard Stern was just telling it like it is. I am sure Sidibe is a lovely person with a great heart, but, Hollywood is in the pretty people business like it or not. How many parts in reality will Sidibe win? Come on people, let's be honest here. The truth sucks, but, truth is truth. I hope Howard Stern is wrong and Sidibe bucks the odds here. I will cross my fingers but I won't hold my breath!

  87. 87

    Yeah she is overweight. Yeah its a great health risk. I am very sure that she knows these facts.

    But attacking her personally is a big NO NO

    I saw her on Chelsea Lately and she nailed it !!! She is such a young confident woman … Good luck to you Gabby !!!

  88. 88

    so let me get this straight…you critisize Misha Barton calling her "mushy" and talking about how fucking bloated she is, and that she will never get any work- and then when she does, you mock her, but here is an actual person who will be dead in ten years or less from a heart attack- and looks like a goddamned stretch-marked whale, and Howard Stern is an asshole for saying it?
    Holy fuck Perez…do you hear the fucking shit that comes out of your polluted keyboard everyday you bastard.

  89. 89

    Perezzie, just because you were fat too doen't mean you should betray Stern on this one. The woman is OBESE!!! It's unhealthy! Stern is right—get over it—and Jessica Simpson should go grab a banana split and shut the fuck up! Go cram you kisser with the only kind of banana you can get ho-bag!

  90. 90

    No denying the weight issue is serious, but this is just one more way Howard gets publicity…at the expense of another 'real' person. Honestly, I'd rather see her than HIS bony butt!

  91. 91

    why does jealous baby-man howard think it's OK to even discuss this girl's weight. picking on her over weight is just too easy and none of his damn business. he's such a horrible person.

  92. 92

    Pig Face, unless I'm seriously mistaken, you've made a career out of mocking people's looks, weight, intelligence, romantic choices, social faux pas. Now you have the balls to suggest Howie has gone too far? You're a hypocrite.

  93. 93

    Gabby is morbidly obese. Her body image can be just as damaging as one of those "anorexic" sticks walking the red carpet. She is sending just as bad a message…she is very unhealthy and is heading towards a lifetime of illness and disease if she doesn't take care of herself and lose some weight. There are PLENTY of actresses that have found the happy medium and are healthy and happy. For Gabby's sake, I hope she finds the strength to get herself into a healthy condition, and that does NOT mean she needs to be a size 4 either!!!!

  94. 94

    It's sad and disturbing that the people who are saying she is beautiful or looks great are doing it for self-serving reasons. They are trying to look magnanimous and unbiased. A true friend would tell Gabourey that she needs to lose weight to be healthy, which is the key to attractiveness. Gabourey does herself no favors staying at that weight, and those that encourage her, do a tremendous disservice to her. Surely none of these 'friends' would want to swap places with her or look like her. If she can't see through this, it is all the more sad.

  95. 95

    What about Gabourey's health? Being that big is NOT healthy for the body, the heart, and otherwise. I can't understand why this issue is being ignored. Heart disease is the number 1 killer of women, and here we are patronizing how big she is. It's not about looks, it's about BEING HEALTHY and setting an example for the rest of obese America!!

  96. 96

    Re: lawdawg5 – That was his point exactly! Hollywood scripts are not written for the benefit of overweight women very often. Like it or not, movie goes find fat guys funny but not fat chicks. Hate on me all you want, but that is not my opinion, just a statement of how it is. Howard didn't say anything cruel about Gabby, but his comments were realistic.

  97. 97

    If anyone eats a sensible healthy diet and combines it with exercise they will lose weight - period. Genetics or not, thyroid problems or not. This country is facing a healthcare emergency and a large part of it is because of the cost of caring for overweight people who develop diabetes and other health problems because of their weight. I watched Precious last night and there is no doubt that Ms Sidibe was awesome in that role - but she is morbidly obese and will die if she doesn't address her weight issue. Not a very beautiful thought.

  98. 98

    I think its great to be proud of being curvy and what not, but saying obesity is beautiful is not right. That chick isn't healthy!! Jessica is healthy. Gabourney is very obese and saying that shes owning it isn't helping.

  99. 99

    Good for you Jess. I am proud you are from Richardson. You have done well for yourself with your companies and I wish you all the best. And when Gab is ready to lose the weight, she will. People being critical of her are not trying to help her even if they say they are.

  100. 100

    Re: leylam – When Kirstie Alley started out she was skinny. Her weight has fluctuated since after her breakthrough.

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