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K-Pop Amazingness!!!

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We love this!!!!!

Check out this promotional video for the LG Phone Lollipop 2, featuring K-Pop boy band Big Bang!!

You'll NEVER guess who pops up - in a HIGHlarious and creative way - at the 1:17 minute mark!!

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Perezcious Pics: January 8 - 14, 2017

153 comments to “K-Pop Amazingness!!!”

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  1. 101

    sucks for americans. you act like this in america, you're gay. if you act like this in korea, you're still just as amazing.

  2. 102

    Re: TOPsVIP – ahhh ok lol someone had told me that they both lived in the states for a bit… anyways… wow, then they have mad english skills lol

  3. 103

    okay. first of all. Big Bang is not Gay,
    and If you hate them why keep listening to lollipop? this video is so cool and this is not one of their singles. try listening to their songs for us to know who's gay here. XD
    Listening to kpop is freakin good. trust me. just try listening to it! ^^
    Taeyang : your so freakin HOT ^^

  4. 104

    1)If you say these boys have no talent (You listened to one song. These guys have talent and they deliver one heck of a live performance. Haters generally just don't like their music style but there is no denying that they have talent. They have other songs without the autotune so check those out before basing your opinion of them on this one performance.)
    2) If you say: They must be gay with how they dress (First of all, this is an ad about COLORS which is why I'm guessing they are dressed in a variety of COLORS. And obviously they're from a different culture, so they dress differently. Artists have different selling points and for Big Bang the strange dress style is one of them!)

  5. 105

    Ohhhhhh I just LOVE Big Bang!

  6. 106

    Re: CandyGirl89 – Reinbeau didn't say anything about them having to train for talent. People can be born with talent, so does that mean they shouldn't train to refine them?

  7. 107

    waaaaah! finally! chuffing love big bang! perez, you should post some other kpop stuff, like 2pm, dbsk, super junior, normal big bang stuff - to show its not all cheesy acid pop - *jsyk people, this and the other vid of 2ne1 were songs made for phone commercials - so theyre gonna be all bright and cute to match the phone theyre trying to sell.

  8. 108

    nice beats!!

  9. 109

    They suck!!! WTF?!!

  10. 110

    Re: lolita_dlores – NO he shouldn't!!!! We already have enough horrible music.. we don't need anymore!!!

  11. 111


  12. 112


  13. 113

    Re: blueboy – fuckn racist

  14. 114

    you haters are full of shit. so fuckin myopic. can you even see 2 inches in front of your face? if you ever lived abroad, you'd realize that AMERICA is the one that is behind with regard to fashion. these guys are fashion forward. the stuff i see people wear in rome, seoul, tokyo, etc doesn't show up here for years. americans are too fuckin' fat to wear anything that looks good. these guys are sporting a retro-funky day-glo inspired ensemble. it takes a fashionista to dress like these guys. in fact louis vuitton has commended the lead singers since of style and has made him his image-man in asia…

    you guys are so caught up in your little view of what guys should wear, what pop should sound like, and what constitutes good fashion that you don't realize that there is a world outside your north american/western reality.

    go fuck yourselves you fancy fucks.

  15. 115

    Big Bang and Perez? wtffffff haha.

  16. 116

    I love youngbae

  17. 117

    OMG, It's Big Bang. :D DDD

  18. 118

    UM no offence i know this is for a commmercial but J POP is better or idk but like Korean entertainment has bunch of bands that sound the same

  19. 119

    lol trends always start in asia and then eventually make it's way to the states.
    they've been wearing colorful clothes like this forever now..
    check out "new boyz" they def dress as colorful as them!
    remember when EMO hair was the thing?
    ya, that was what koreans were doing in the 90s!
    check out HOT, or SHINHWA..
    they def have the long bangs with the short hair in the back.
    myspace? or friendster? any online networking site?
    korea's cyworld came first.
    even the "myspace picture"..
    koreans had that and would say, "that's so haduri."
    it was the "haduri pose."
    there are more but i'm in a hurry hehe.
    i love bigbang!

  20. 120

    I love that you're sharing music from other countries here. It allows other people to open their eyes to a wider range of music internationally. ^^
    I love Big Bang, i hope you keep promoting them. Their new album comes out in summer.

  21. 121

    Love Big Bang especially the song Number 1 K-pop and J-Pop is awesome Brown Eyed Girls video for Abrakadabra is hot! Lee Jung Hyun ,2ne1, and Ayumi Hamasaki is my favorite J-pop artist

  22. 122


  23. 123

    Eh no..at the 1:17, that's not a Perez Hilton doll, that's a Hillary Clinton doll attached to a chain.

  24. 124

    I love BigBang. They are the most famous HIPHOP boyband in Asia, I understand why the rest don't like it.

  25. 125

    i love big bang

  26. 126

    hey look i don't get why you guys are hating on this but you should just piss off cuz they're a thousand times better than you and you know it! you guys probably never even listened to any other kpop songs or maybe you have? either ways if you never did, don't judge is so harshly. its absolutely amazing! i'm pretty sure if big bang's fan club saw all these hate comments they will be very frustrated. :D

  27. 127

    i lovee big bang :3

  28. 128

    thank you Perez!!! thank you!!!! I love Big Bang

  29. 129

    this MV is made for a mobile phone ad. the concept is bubbly and fun! i like the MV! it's colorful!

    go big bang! :)

  30. 130

    ne one who is bashing this, all i have to say is that you obviously don't broaden your love for music… of course different countries type of popular music will be different… I love this lollipop song as much as the last one! More Kpop please

  31. 131

    fuck all u haters!!!! i love dem boiiizzz!!!!! oh yeaa u hatersss these amazing boiizz didnt do shit to u! so shut ur fuckin mouth and stop talkin shit!!! oh yeaaaa perezz luv ya!!!!! expecially LizardKinG and chellinaaree and wtfwtf1234 and tnieblas!!! so go fuck urself!!!

  32. 132

    Re: WrongAnswer – He wishes.

  33. 133

    Umm….Can anyone help me?
    How do you put more than one of your favorite stars on your page?
    I don't get what the control button is.
    Thanks in advance =]

  34. 134

    i love big bangg(: taeyang is such a good dancer

  35. 135

    Oh yeah, Prez, hop on board the k-pop traaain! Big Bang is in a class for itself, and Tae Yang is a haaaawtie ^^. I love this colorful video!

  36. 136

    theyre obviously only dressed like that for the music video, and its actually common for ppl in korean to dress that brightly. it may seem weird to americans but common to koreans, so stop acting so narrow-minded and ignorant.

  37. 137

    Wow Perez when they're holding up that doll IT ISN'T YOU!!!! THATS FREAKINN HILARY CLINTON!! Gosh get your facts straight

  38. 138

    I love this video! Seriously though, why the hell are people so stupid and negative on here? If you simply don't like kpop or Perez, just get the fuck out of here. Seriously, you people are so lame, ignorant and narrow minded. Big Bang Rules!

  39. 139

    good work perez :) more k-pop please! americans should be taking a lesson from asia here- doing something silly and fun without having to fear homophobic and hateful comments! this band is selling albums like crazy and making millions while having a great time! JEALOUS???

  40. 140

    big bang is amazing. Don't make them gay, Perez.

  41. 141


  42. 142

    BIG BANG! BIG BANG! They aren't gay, they are taking a concept about candy and going with it. Real men aren't decided by what they wear or how they act. It is decided by who they are. G-DRAGON, TOP, TAE YANG, DAE SUNG AND SEUNGRI FOREVER!

  43. 143


  44. 144

    i love bigbang! for those who hate this, you have no idea how famous bigbang in asia! keep posting k-pop!

  45. 145

    Re: CandyGirl89
    Um, no. They had natural talent, which is why the agency picked them; because they saw a lot of potential in them. They trained to improve their talents and get tips from others already in the business. It's not some American Idol shit.
    I didn't say it was some sort of childhood sob-story. I simply said that they had worked hard, training in various things to prepare them. : /

  46. 146

    Yeah, in S. Korea…Artists live in a dorm style environment. People are chosen from agency and train like mad for a chance to break out into the music or dance scene. Some can be in agencies for a decade and never be picked. They also have no dating rules, live under harsh contracts and live in dorms owned by the agency. Then there's promoting. So say for a example. Big Bang's new album's title release is Lollipop 2. They will perform it constantly for weeks on live music shows like Inkigayo and Music Bank until a Goodbye Stage occurs, then they get ready for a new comeback song.

  47. 147

    Big Bang did alot in the last few months. G-D had a solo concert in December. The Big Bang Big Show concert at the end of Jan in Korea and the Electric Love concert in Japan, then did promos for the LG Cyon Lollipop 2. Plus Dae Sung's car accident, G-Dragons charges concerning his solo concert…TOP's first solo album is in the works…OH! And Tae Yang is opening for Brian McKnight and both will be doing a duet…AND G-Dragon and Flo Rider are doing a collab together. Backstreet Boys also commented with praise to Big Bang. Their just that amazing.

  48. 148

    Ooo.Big Bang!
    One of my fav. K-Pop artists!

    More K-Pop please!

  49. 149

    Re: mayenislab – i agree with you!!! these guys are really great musicians!!!!!

  50. 150

    How are they "gay". I sure hope your using the old-fashioned way of saying happy. So what if they wear bright clothes, wear eyeliner, etc.? Haven`t seen any desprate "emo" Americans wear it too? I have. BTW, colorful clothing is a very popular style in the k-pop buisness.

  51. 151

    I applaud you Perez! :) Yay for Big Bang love

  52. Alexa says – reply to this


    Okay so Big Bang is trying to be too poppy and I don't like this song, but the lead singer TAEYANG is an incredibly talented singer and dancer. You should check out his single, "WEDDING DRESS." I didn't like Kpop until I found him!

  53. 153

    I love Big Bang :D so if your hating…why are you even watching thing?! and stop calling it gay, to come ppl (like me) its awesome!

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