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Man Arrested For Making Terrorist Threats Against Elton John On YouTube!!

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WARNING: The above video is EXTREMELY disturbing and hateful. We couldn't even make it through the entire thing.

The man who posted THIS disgusting video rallying for Elton John's death has been arrested for making terrorist threats!!

Neal Horsley of Georgia apparently read the diva's interview in Parade where John alleges that Jesus Christ was a gay man.

Horsley then clearly lost his shiz and decided to post this celebration of hateful psychopaths everywhere on Youtube where he rambles on about the bible and carries around a sign that says "Elton John Must Die."

The Atlanta Police Department booked him on Wednesday, and although it has not be confirmed, the crazy's son, Nathan Horsley, believes the arrest is connected to his threats against the musician in the clip.

Horsley is being held on $40,000 bond.

Good!! That crazy needs to be PUT AWAY.

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538 comments to “Man Arrested For Making Terrorist Threats Against Elton John On YouTube!!”

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  1. 401

    Re: Aussieone – Sure does! Now you have me all hot and bothered. :)
    Wish I was surfing too. Never did but willing to learn. Just catching up on posts LOL at all of yours as usual. Waiting for a response to 396 so check back.

  2. 402

    Re: jcollopy
    While my gut felling is I don't believe you I'll take your word for it as anyone using that for any type of gain in an argument would be a vile person.
    So taking your word for it I'll say that's awful it shouldn't happen to anyone EVER including you. I don't know while your sharing it ? Do you need to talk about it ? Its probably something you should talk about with friends NOT people/a person that you have dumped your misplaced anger and rage on.
    If you need help and support have you contacted rainn.org ??? Rape abuse insest national network, Americas largest support network.
    While that may explain your spitefulness and anger it does not excuse it!
    Ill wait around for your reply if you do need to talk!

  3. 403

    Re: supersongbird
    Surfing is great fun kinda like the fun of a big big water slide but you have some control over it and its never the same ride. Its riding nature…
    Sky diving is cool like that to but its over so quick…
    Ok I cant put it off any longer off for some fun then back to reality.
    have a good one till later :)
    If jcollopy does reply and need to talk point him/her to that rainn.org

  4. 404

    Re: Aussieone

    You are a very hurtful person. The reason I brought it up is because I think it is extremely rude to use that for humor in an argument. I really hope that you learn when a line has been crossed.

  5. 405

    Re: jcollopy – So I guess debating to you means bickering? Exchanging digs the way we did last night? Attacking Sammi? When will you debate me on the issue? 396? Any response at all? Not being nasty and childish. And I'm sober now so..? Anything?

  6. 406

    Re: jcollopy – If you can't wrap your head around that then how about this. I was being ridiculous with bunnies and pumpkins and gay Santa. But to prove a point. If I came to your home protesting the existence of this and had a sign saying you should die for thinking something different than me would you not want me locked up for it? I say you absolutely would call the cops and say there is a NUT outside you home protesting something you said. If not there is something wrong with you. This is the same extremism that murders doctors for performing LEGAL abortions. Doing their jobs.
    Has to be taken seriously by law enforcement. $40,000 bond. They take it seriously. Christian extremism same as Muslim extremism- no difference.

  7. 407

    Re: supersongbird

    I'm only going to comment on one part because I don't believe the rest of it is worth it.

    Was he straight, gay, bisexual, celibate? How can you know for sure what he was?

    - Jesus was the only person without sin, that's how I know what he was. And the answer, by the way, was straight and celibate. Because homosexuality is a despicable sin.

    1 Corinthians 6:9-10 – “Do you not know that the wicked will not inherit the kingdom of God? Do not be deceived: Neither the sexually immoral nor idolaters nor adulterers nor male prostitutes nor homosexual offenders nor thieves nor the greedy nor drunkards nor slanderers nor swindlers will inherit the kingdom of God.”

    Leviticus 18:22 – “Do not lie with a man as one lies with a woman; that is detestable.”

  8. 408

    Re: jcollopyRe: fugaziheals
    Thoughts on my comments? Either of you? Hello?

  9. 409

    Re: supersongbird – You sound like an uneducated whore. What else is there to say to you?

    Aussiedude, I'm glad you found the need to justify who you are. It proves you are full of insecurities. Get a life.

    My original post was never allowed to be posted on this site. Perez believes in censorship.

    I would love for you to see what I had to say about the topic. You assuming I'm a God fearing Christian is an assumption on your part. Let me know how i can get you my original post before you go spewing your hatred towards me.

  10. 410

    Re: supersongbird – To flatter you, I will respond. When have i voiced my opinion on Jesus or God? Why are you assuming i believe in religion at all? Don't put me in a category of any of this when you know nothing about me. As I've said before. This site would not post my original post. So, yeah.

  11. ml456 says – reply to this


    Re: supersongbird – "Yes bible was not meant to be taken literally but there are a lot of people who do! That is when the trouble starts agreed?"
    Definitely agree with u on that one!

  12. 412

    Re: fugaziheals – Still on the attack so-fuck off. I am more educated than you could ever hope to be. You'd be very surprised at that one my friend.
    If you are going to call me names like a juvenile prick to avoid the topic at hand I have no time for you.
    Some debating skills asshole.

  13. 413

    Re: jcollopy – Ok but Jesus lived on earth as a man before that was written right? I'm not saying he was gay I'm saying nobody can know for sure.
    Jesus lived as a man in Roman times when homosexuality was just accepted as the norm. Homosexuality did not become an issue until later on in Christianity long after he was crucified yes? I don't understand why you think Jesus would have excluded gays who may have lived in his society. The humanitarian that Jesus was and everything he stood for back then I don't think gay was on his radar. Do you?

  14. 414

    Re: ml456 – Help me out here? What religion are you?

  15. 415

    Can't sit here waiting for posts. Check back in an hour or so.

  16. ml456 says – reply to this


    Re: supersongbird – jewish

  17. 417

    Re: ml456 – Cool! Sorry day off today and I'm busy taking care of my animals and cleaning house etc. I always like your opinion and perspective. You don't need to debate these people to express your views. Post to me and Aussie because I like to see what you have to say!

  18. 418

    Re: supersongbird – GOOD AFTERNOON EVERYONE! LOL ! CJ and I found each other on MS last night! WOOHOO LOL!

  19. 419

    Re: jcollopy – And I do apologize for giving you "the bird".
    It was uncalled for and immature.

  20. 420

    Re: jcollopy – HAHA Hardly Cj has found my MS ! I am hardly anything you say bb! Sorry try again! and as for being 31 I CANT WAIT! My sexual peak baby! HAHA!

  21. 421

    Re: SammiDe – HI!
    I will BBL because I'm busy with "stuff" .
    Aussie went SURFING can you believe?

  22. 422

    Re: Aussieone – LMAO! I love that reply and thanks both for sticking up for me , I was in a dead sleep all morning, LOL!

  23. 423

    Re: supersongbird – LOL. I would love for you to debate with me. This site has refused to post what I have to say. You give me away to contact you else where and I'll let you see it. You are such a mean person. You don't sound very calm or in control. Anger is the most primitive emotion because it takes no logical thinking. Evolve more. Then speak to me. I'm finished with your little brain.

  24. 424

    Re: supersongbird – LOL. You sound so pathetic. You can't wait for people to respond to your post? Ha. What a life you have.

  25. 425

    Re: fugaziheals – Yeah RIGHT!
    Posts deleted my ass. None of mine are deleted. Maybe because your frustration makes you so angry that your posts are considered threatening. Right now you are like a fucking annoying little gnat. So unless you have something to add to our discussion-buzz off. Actually don't bother responding because this is the last time I'll respond to you. Have the last word jackass. I've got better things to do and nice people to talk to INCLUDING jcollopy.
    Enjoy the rest of your miserable day.

  26. 426

    Re: SammiDe – So anyway… BBL!

  27. 427

    Re: supersongbird

    "If I came to your home protesting the existence of this and had a sign saying you should die for thinking something different than me would you not want me locked up for it? "

    He didn't say that he should die! That's where you all are misunderstanding. HE MUST DIE LIKE EVERYONE ELSE. Or, to put it more simply - one day, Elton will die. He must die. There is no avoiding it. It wasn't a threat, it was a wake-up call.

  28. 428

    Re: supersongbird

    RE: 408, I don't stick around on this thing all day. This is actually the first post I've ever written on. The only reason I keep coming back is to make sure that you can at least wrap your head around the other side of the debate.

  29. 429

    Re: supersongbird – You are the one that sounds miserable. Go feed your pets or do your house cleaning like a good women. My post was not deleted. It was never posted.

  30. 430

    Re: supersongbird

    RE: 413,

    Actually, you are wrong. Homosexuality was always an issue. There are bits and pieces of evidence of this in the Old Testament. If you'd like me to dig them out, let me know.

    Jesus didn't exclude anyone from his love! Ever! He spent plenty of time hanging around sinners. But it had always been clear that homosexuals will not inherit the Kingdom.

  31. 431

    Re: fugaziheals

    3 points fugaziheals, 0 points everyone else.

  32. 432

    Re: jcollopy – Well regardless of the meaning behind it I would take it as a threat. I have the feeling you would too. So many violent events occur in the name of religion and that is why the man was arrested.
    I know we will never agree on these issues. I am willing to try and understand your point of view if you will try and understand mine.

  33. 433

    Re: fugaziheals – You confuse me because you seem like you are a nice person underneath all of that spewing anger… which is quite perplexing.

  34. 434

    Re: SammiDe – LOL well atleast your not a 14 yearold gay man or an ugly 31 year old!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!! :) ~

  35. 435

    Re: jcollopy – Homosexuality was not an issue during the life of Jesus-as a man who walked the earth.
    Look we'll never agree and like you I have other things to do today. I know I acted like a jackass and maybe you too a little :) I read all posts back. It's all good.
    Gay people are a member of our society and what I can't wrap my head around is that Jesus Christ the great humanitarian would discriminate and exclude them for who they are.

  36. 436


  37. 437

    Re: #Cejers – LOL right, Although I wouldn't have minded being born a gay male, and 14 is a GREAT AGE, I had so much fun at 14! LMAO!

  38. 438

    Re: SammiDe – So, I'm angry? LOL! Somebody else is fuming!
    I try and be nice because I read my posts back and know I was out of line on some of them. This is going nowhere so… an ancient debate isn't going to be solved here. And these people will be bigots no matter what I say. Energy directed elsewhere-much healthier.
    Gotta go TTYL.

  39. 439

    Re: supersongbird – I know I realized that! All they are out is for insults! I got some errands to do soon too! Sooooo, I will be back in a bit! :) Take care doing whatever your doing, and fuck them, who has time for ignorance, really! And god forbid you check Perez from your BLACKBERRY HA , then you have no life! Puhleazze , they are the ones who have no life worrying about our lives so much!

  40. 440

    Re: SammiDe – I'm here.
    I had to bail because I realized the HATE I was dealing with and that disturbed me. Really. Fucking scary shit man just freaked me out! LOL!!
    What page you on?

  41. 441

    Re: supersongbird – None yet ! LOL I just got back on ! I am heading to the first page! I posted on Adri's bod too! LOL!

  42. 442

    Re: jcollopy – 431
    3 points? For what? Name calling and a harassing nasty tone? I tried to extend an olive branch to you. We will never agree on the religion thing. That is not my issue with you. My issue with you is that you will always be an ignorant narrow minded HATER. A busy-body all wrapped up in what gay people are doing, WTFUWT?
    I have degrees in Philosophy and Psych and am fascinated by the views of others. I was going to ask you what else you took literally from that book. I can conclude all on my own, not much. You hate gay people. I don't judge you do.
    You take that olive branch and shove it up your ass HATER!
    You need wake up and realize that this is 2010 and it is no longer just a straight white man's world.

  43. 443

    Songbird what post are you on now?? LOL I am home now!

  44. 444

    Re: SammiDe – I'm here reading last night's nonsense. OMG

  45. 445

    Re: SammiDe – Sammi-A Woman's perspective. Keep my current avatar or switch it up? BB season's coming!

  46. 446

    Who still here ?

  47. 447

    Re: Aussieone – I'm here. Need a hug. ppl suck :(

  48. 448

    Re: Aussieone – I am!!!

  49. 449

    Re: #Cejers – hi

  50. 450

    Re: Aussieone – Well I was here half an hour ago. YAWN!

  51. 451

    Re: jcollopy
    The bible filled with nonfactual and absurd information it makes no mention of the sexual identity or sexual attractions of jesus… So you can not know what sexuality he is.
    I'm sure homosexuals and non their friends find you a a very hurtful person also. I too find you extremely rude or do you not see or take responsibility for your actions? I asked did a priest molest you ? The answer to that is NO.
    So many words in the bible's original text have no know meaning as the words died out. Words like “arsenokoitai” which was once thought to mean temple prostitutes then later thought to mean masturbation. At the time of Martin Luther, the latter meaning was in universal use. But by the 20th century, masturbation had become a more generally accepted behaviour, whereas many Christians were concentrating on homosexuality as a despised activity. New Biblical translations abandoned references to masturbators and switched the attack to homosexuals. The last religious writing in English that interpreted 1 Corinthians 6:9 as referring to masturbation is believed to be the [Roman] Catholic Encyclopedia of 1967.
    Your book changes to suit the hate of the day.
    You know so little of what you have dedicated your life to sad!

  52. 452

    Re: supersongbird – LOL Keep it , I was actually thinking of changing mine again! But he took forever to show this one I am scared too!

    and I AM BACK ! :)

  53. 453

    Re: supersongbird
    People do suck persons don't LOL

  54. 454

    Re: SammiDe – Audrey Hepburn? WTF do I know? LOL!

  55. 455

    Re: #CejersRe: SammiDeRe: ml456

  56. 456

    Add 22 to my name here and find me on y o u t u b e !! then you can find my other sites!! ;)

  57. 457

    Re: supersongbird – Yessss it is Audrey ! I adore her! xoxo

  58. 458

    Re: SammiDe – I'll find you there tomorrow. I'll be working LOL
    I have similar name too!
    This is a snoozefest!

  59. 459

    Re: Aussieone – Hey to you too! How was surfing!? Wish I could have gone , lol ! I had the glory of doing errands today! LOL!

  60. 460

    Re: SammiDe – I'm drinking wine now because these haters got to me. Not because of what they say to me. Fuck them. Sucks ppl like that walk the earth. Makes me cry really!
    Me=shitty activist!

  61. 461

    Re: supersongbird – Yes it is and so hard to find everyone all day! LOL and reloading reloading just to find and update ! LOL This is why I LOVE FB! LOL!

  62. 462

    Re: AussieoneRe: supersongbirdRe: SammiDe – HI!!! WHASSUP Ya'll!!! :) I am back, went to Carabbas for dinner! YUM!!

  63. 463

    Re: Aussieone – Want to talk but.. I'm dying here!

  64. 464

    Re: Aussieone – Saw a post from Lulu!
    Maybe you are still here? I won't be for long!

  65. 465

    Re: #Cejers – See this? You went out for a whole dinner and all my posts aren't up!

  66. 466

    Re: supersongbird – me too , I am dying tonight (of exhaustion) , I'm gonna go now ! I'll be back tomorrow if not late tonight! Im gonna try to get to bed early ! HA - notice I said try! SEND ME MESSAGE ON THAT SITE SO I CAN FIND YOU ALL! :) SEE YOU ALL TOMORROW!! Nighty night ;(

  67. 467

    Re: supersongbird – thats so weird!! where are they at babe, did they the ghosts take them down before they even went up?

  68. 468

    Re: Aussieone – I found Lulu!! YAY!!

  69. 469

    Re: SammiDe – Me too! I'll find you elsewhere tomorrow!

  70. 470

    Re: fugaziheals
    The mole thing clearly got to you didn't it perhaps next time you'll be wiser and take down your posse pic before you attack people.
    You clearly have not mastered the English language or the written word Justify means apologize: defend, clear away, or make excuses for by reasoning.
    I need not make any excuse for something I love!
    Where does such hate come from religious and/or cultural repression ?
    Funny that you call songbird (who you know nothing about) a whore and say nothing to me when I tell you I have and enjoy sex with strangers.. I guess you say whore I say happy!
    I think you need to start living your life and judging others less because you just come of bitter and NASTY.. (slang meaning and legit)
    Did you have a nose job because you hate yourself or to make yourself happy ? Have you asked yourself that question ?
    I join songbird in saying: Posts deleted my ass. Your fingers can clearly type as they have done here.. There is nothing stopping you from retyping your message.. I however doubt anyone cares what you have to say….
    I find it hard to care about the opinion and rants of someone like you, as you have has shown yourself to be an absolute BITCH!

  71. 471

    Re: Aussieone – Are you there? Fading fast!

  72. 472

    Re: Aussieone – Whats up Aussie!? :) What is your name?? I am Ceje!

  73. 473

    Re: #Cejers
    You made me hungry!

  74. 474

    Re: supersongbird
    That's good re lulu :)
    Re: SammiDe

  75. 475

    Re: Aussieone – Well TTYT
    I will be DREAMING of you! Love your mind. :)

  76. 476

    Re: Aussieone – Hehehe well Carabbas was excellent! What are you gonna eat babe?

  77. 477

    Re: supersongbird
    Im not going to sleep im stuck here for two hours! Are you sleeping ?

  78. 478

    Re: #Cejers
    I was going to have mexican and margaritas but now you made me want Italian.. But I'm so hungry now I might duck out and just get a footlong from subway lol
    food so hungry!

  79. 479

    Re: Aussieone – OK so an hour later what kind of footlong did you get from Subway??

  80. 480

    Re: #Cejers
    Ha after waiting and refreshing I couldn't wait no more and went and got a vegie burger footlong covered in mayo I just washed my hands came back and hit refresh and finally a reply!

  81. 481

    Re: Aussieone – Yeah that took you for ever so now that ive gotten connected with sammi, ethan i want to connect with you off here!

  82. 482

    Re: #Cejers
    I don't have mys-pace of fb or friend-ster I've never really been into socail networking….. Songbird got me into the conversations lol
    Its still such a nice day here I want to be lying on the beach…. I hope someone has cleaned my house when i get home.. I came in late I'm going to try and go home earlier too lol
    So what social sites are you on ?

  83. 483

    Re: #Cejers
    hey did you see SpeaksHerMind reply to you (149) on on Bar Asked To Dump Leo.
    I dont know what you guys are fighting about im going to look now!

  84. 484

    Re: Aussieone – Regarding post 149, no I wasnt aware of it. I'd given up on a response BUT THANK YOU! Give it a minute but you will love my reply to her!

  85. 485

    Re: Aussieone – LOL And This is my, significant other Chris' avatar. Didn't realize he hadn't logged off :) I will be back on my name after he is done surfing :)

  86. 486

    Back on mine now! :) ~

  87. 487

    Re: #Cejers – Hi! :)

  88. 488

    Re: SammiDe – HI!
    Ugh, after this no more posts here. This is what happens when PWI.
    Was hoping this page would be down this morning. LOL 'cuz I love that you are a 14 year old gay boy LMAO! And I'm an "uneducated whore." Too funny!
    I'm certainly not uneducated. LOL!
    Well I'm working. Look you up later!

  89. 489

    Re: Aussieone – Hi! Middle of the night there? Yes?

  90. 490

    Re: supersongbird – You are clearly very educated and definitely not a whore… and we all know Sammi is a gorgeous 29 year old! How have you been doing babe?

  91. 491

    Re: #Cejers – Who says I'm not a whore? LOL!


  92. 492

    Re: supersongbird
    No just had a blackout from all the storms crazy weather I got dressed by candle light and come to work and no power here till now.
    Re: #Cejers
    Sammi is a bit of a cutie I had a peak lol

  93. 493

    Re: supersongbirdRe: #CejersRe: SammiDe

  94. 494

    Re: supersongbird – 379
    nah, no worries. couple jabs here and there… i had to get off here for awhile…it was making me crazy. i mean, really, nobody's gonna know who wins this "argument" until we die! and here's a curve ball…maybe we're ALL wrong!

    i was raised catholic then practiced nothing for about 10 yrs…about 5 years ago my hubby & i started attending a non-denominational christian church. the core beliefs of our church body basically says that we should act as Jesus did while he was on earth…loving & caring for the marginalized in today's society. so, can i quote scripture on demand? no…i'm too busy living it which is more important (imho).

    anyhow, this philosophy of "religion" suited me way better than the more ritualistic catholic church. and btw, i wouldn't consider my current belief system as a "religion" but more of a "faith".

    i'm sure this will get picked apart by some but i don't have more time to flesh it out…gotta make dinner (i've been praying it would make itself for HOURS!) lol :)

  95. 495

    Re: Aussieone – OK!

  96. 496

    Re: A&Cmomma – Cool! Thanks for responding. TTYS

  97. 497

    Re: supersongbird
    I'm cool with doing it on the page we are on if you want just you seemed upset by certain fuckers earlier!
    Up to you not fused either way?

  98. 498

    Re: Aussieone – No this is ok. :)

  99. 499

    Re: supersongbird
    That kissmy ass guy is just too fucken stupid!

  100. 500

    Re: supersongbird
    So you got storms to hey ? Our a tropical it stormed all night and now its a sunny 35 degrees Celsius What that 95 Farenhight

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