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Man Arrested For Making Terrorist Threats Against Elton John On YouTube!!

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WARNING: The above video is EXTREMELY disturbing and hateful. We couldn't even make it through the entire thing.

The man who posted THIS disgusting video rallying for Elton John's death has been arrested for making terrorist threats!!

Neal Horsley of Georgia apparently read the diva's interview in Parade where John alleges that Jesus Christ was a gay man.

Horsley then clearly lost his shiz and decided to post this celebration of hateful psychopaths everywhere on Youtube where he rambles on about the bible and carries around a sign that says "Elton John Must Die."

The Atlanta Police Department booked him on Wednesday, and although it has not be confirmed, the crazy's son, Nathan Horsley, believes the arrest is connected to his threats against the musician in the clip.

Horsley is being held on $40,000 bond.

Good!! That crazy needs to be PUT AWAY.

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538 comments to “Man Arrested For Making Terrorist Threats Against Elton John On YouTube!!”

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  1. 501

    Re: ml456 – I can't stand orthodox Jews in this country and in Israel they are the Jewish version of the Taliban. Thank God 85% of american Jews voted for Obama. What is an orthodox cultist doing on Perez? Isn't this way too racy for the Jewish Taliban?

  2. 502

    Re: ml456 – I don't like that orthodox Jews are very anti-gay,very anti-choice and very republican and rightwing. That's my beef with them,you might be very nice. Oh and I'm always defending gays and Jews on this site. EVen though I have orthodox Jews in my family,i find them not ok politicaly.

  3. 503

    Re: knowitall
    Hey how things ? We missed you skill on :This Kid Is Amazing! :)

  4. 504

    Re: Aussieone – LOL so you think you told me right? I guess in your grammar book and Writers for Students book, it did not tell you that * this * in be*twe*en * all your * sentences* is not correct. You really are cute. I have to keep coming here to see this. Thanks for the entertainment. I am using this all for something. I'll show you when it's finished. * I *hope*you*live* long * here.

  5. 505

    Re: Aussieone – WOW! This argument happened days ago.
    I had pretty much forgotten all about it it! This person is still angry over an internet argument? Wasting time posting this to you? Has nothing else to do?
    Seems to need psychiatric help! A good therapist to talk to about this problem.
    Anger management much?
    We were right with our first impression of this person. Consumed with hatred and anger. Just WOW!

  6. 506

    Re: Aussieone – I know isn't he , Welcome back know it all! How is it going??

  7. 507

    Re: SammiDe – HEY! Can you believe #504? What is wrong with this person!? Who gets THAT pissed off over a Perez Hilton arguement? I was called a whore etc… and you and I were laughing about it the next day. Let it GO.WTF!!
    Did you see Aussie's pics? Smokin' HOT huh?? I didn't get your picture yet, did you get mine?

  8. 508


  9. 509

    Re: fugaziheals
    OMG This * is an asterisk or a star. You are a Psychopath.
    The aussieone must be a lawyer no ? The asterisk represents a jump to a different thought, paralegals like me fill in the document and then send back the draft for approval. When you attacked the aussieone he made a joke of it and you. When you attacked his friends he made you a new asshole. There is something wrong in your mind. fittansikte jidder kronjon baconpugga

  10. 510

    Re: SammiDeRe: AussieoneRe: #Cejers
    HI! What you guys don't check in anymore? :)
    Sammi-I can't catch up to you LOL! I post a reply to you and you are gone! I have no interest or desire to express my views on Jessica Simpson. LOL!!
    I never saw your picture. WTF? :)
    Check back later.

  11. 511

    Re: supersongbird
    I'm here I was sleeping.

  12. 512

    Re: fugaziheals
    You wrote: "LOL so you think you told me right?"
    Clearly you MUST!
    You: "I guess in your grammar book and Writers for Students book…"
    You sound crazy!
    You: "You really are cute."
    Thanks! I think somewhere deep down in you there is a nice person trying to escape.. I think you should let it! THEN AGAIN MAYBE NOT!
    You: "I have to keep coming here to see this."
    Your a bit of text on a blog that I have NO INTEREST IN.
    You: "Thanks for the entertainment."
    You are most welcome anytime… your nastiness was some what interesting and the laughs LOUD.
    You: "I am using this all for something. I'll show you when it's finished."
    Again I have no interest in you…. Show your something to your friends LOL
    You: "I *hope*you*live* long * here."
    You make yourself look more FOOLISH and CRAZED then I would care or be bothered to prove…. do me a one favor (before you once again vanish from my thoughts) when these words go in your eyes and out your ass.. say my name LOL
    You are really not worth the two minutes I spent on this!

  13. 513

    Re: supersongbird – 510
    I was searching for you yesterday 315 This Kid Is Amazing!

  14. 514

    Re: Aussieone – Hi. I'm here. Working. :)

  15. 515

    Re: supersongbird
    Ive been crashed out since getting home!
    so whats going on ?

  16. 516

    Re: Aussieone – Good you needed the sleep right?
    I am all pumped up! Google my weather. :)
    Went out to worship my God yesterday. Can hear nothing but birds and the brook-until a plane flies over and ruins my meditation. No leaves on the trees just pure sunshine! Cabin fever was getting to me!
    Then went out for green beers for St Paddy's day. Only TWO LOL! unlike you.
    What's up with you?

  17. 517

    Re: supersongbird
    besides thinking Thank Fuck It Friday ? LOL In a bit I'm going back to sleep then later driving my mate to the airport and see what the day brings!
    I emailed you like three times I think ?
    The bush sounds good!
    K I'm going back to sleep lol

  18. 518

    Re: Aussieone – Well, sweet dreams.
    I'm going right back out there today. Going to finish up here then off I go!
    I will email you later tonight! xo

  19. 519

    Re: supersongbird
    That reply took for ever to post…Waiting waiting LOL
    I hope you have fun!

  20. 520

    Re: supersongbird
    OK Ill check my email later tonight ;)

  21. 521

    Re: Aussieone

  22. 522

    Re: Aussieone – What time? I just sent you an email! Here it's 8:30 pm

  23. 523

    Re: Aussieone – DAMMIT! Looks like I just missed you. Having some "issues" right now. Don't fucking ask…!
    I'll check back here tomorrow? Get my email?

  24. 524

    Re: Aussieone – Good morning sunshine! :)

  25. 525

    Re: supersongbird
    morning babe

  26. 526

    Re: Aussieone – HI. I'm still working. How are you today?

  27. 527

    Re: supersongbird
    good paying bills and then going for a quick surf and then going to the arts and craft market with friends Ive got to by a new hammock because someone broke the other one last weekend. Tonight I'm seeing a friends band play.. You ?

  28. 528

    Re: Aussieone – Sounds like fun! No woods today. I was out there so long now allergies (sneeze) OD on Claritin! LOL! I really need the beach but still too cold.
    Not sure of plans as of yet.
    See you guys had fun on Obama page last night. I did look for you but too late!

  29. 529

    Re: supersongbird
    I enjoyed talking to sammide.
    The psycho freak not so much.

  30. 530

    Re: Aussieone – OMG! These posts take forever!! I'm going to hang myself! LOL!!
    Just send me an email! I'll check later on. I'm going home in a few I have decided. :)
    Have lots of fun tonight and check back tomorrow?

    Love ya!

  31. 531

    Re: supersongbird
    k talk tomorrow night probably! :)

  32. 532

    Re: supersongbird
    Later babe :)

  33. 533

    Re: Aussieone – Good morning! It's about 10 AM here now-another beautiful day! :)
    So what, this loon is stalking you now LOL!
    I have shopping and other errands then a bunch of stuff to do around the house. So I'll check back in awhile. Or send me an email? Maybe talk a bit later?
    Have my fingers crossed that the healthcare thing goes through!
    TTYL xo

  34. 534

    Re: Aussieone – Hey baby..
    Checked back ’round 9 PM. Still sleeping? Rough night? :)
    I'll be online maybe another hour or so.
    Just realized how mundane our conversation is-read it back. Everything I tell you has already happened and what you tell me hasn't happened yet.
    Time to spice things up-yes? :)

  35. 535

    Re: supersongbird
    No not sleeping just been out all weekend lots of fun :)
    Um yeah its the time difference we are a day ahead so you tell me what you did and I telling you what I'm doing with the new day!
    Spice things up ?
    My bed calls sweet dreams babe!

  36. 536

    Re: Aussieone – Good morning! Glad you had fun and sweet dreams!!
    Weekends are so great right? Just over too quick. I pretty much behaved myself. :) Had a lot to do. LMAO! I went and bought stuff for Easter baskets for my nieces and got some Easter bunny decorations haha!! Can't wait for that!
    Yes, spice it up! I think a little "dirty talk" is hot! Sorry, I've always been an insufferable flirt lol! (Roll my eyes) Guess I'll have to send you some beach shots this summer. ;)

  37. 537

    Re: Aussieone – Looks like the health care bill is going through. Hopefully by the time you read this it will have. Significance is more symbolic than anything but at least something is better than nothing. I really love Obama but…SIGH!!
    As soon as you are AWAKE :) check out what the teabaggers have been up to. OMG ignorant, angry people spitting at members of congress and throwing around the N WORD!!! How can people be so stupid and paranoid? Too dumb and dopey to realize they have been repeatedly lied to! More racist undertone too.
    I have to think what someone like you thinks sitting and watching this. It is really humiliating you know? It is just totally contrary to everything I have ever learned about patriotism. SIGH! LOL
    Anyway maybe a good "debate" tomorrow? Don't know how much time I'll have but will check in when I get to work.
    Love ya! TTYT?

  38. 538

    Re: supersongbird
    Sorry Ive been such a stranger my friend and some of his band have decided to stay here for a week so I have a full house…
    Ill be around today to see if you post!

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