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Shrek Is Back!

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Watch the trailer (above) for the highly anticipated Shrek Forever After in 3D!

We think the kiddies are gonna love it, but it's doubtful that the fourth time's a charm.


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16 comments to “Shrek Is Back!”

  1. 1

    will watch it but 2 was the best.

  2. 2

    movie night with your kids!

  3. 3

    oh hell yeah XD those other ogers look HOT lmao..
    looks good enough, i'll go watch it :P
    whyyyyyy does everything have to be in the damn 3D now though?!?! its not even THAT cool.. and its Shrek, not a damn Avatar.. no need for that at all..

  4. 4

    2 was the best! It had all my favorite childhood cartoon/book characters in it!!

  5. 5

    shrek was 8/10 shrek2 was 9/10 shrek3 was 6/10, maybe this one can pick it back up and end on a high

  6. 6

    i will most def see this!

  7. 7

    aww that looks so cute ^_^

  8. 8

    The first song played is No Hablo Ingles by Bowling For Soup

  9. 9

    It is like a ripped off Shrek version of the Little Mermaid, I am sure he will get his kiss and all will go back to normal. I will watch it :)

  10. 10

    now there is a seperation at birth , perez … teeheehee

  11. 11

    aah…..omg, nice nice nice, cant wait to see it! fiona looks HOT, omg and other OGRES???? WOW. I guess…….Shrek, married with 3 kids was not interesting enough huh…..does he learn his lesson and learn to appreciate his family…uh huh

    disneys sadly predictable

  12. 12

    Aw it's the last one :(
    well i'll definately see this one

  13. 13

    Can't wait to see this!!

  14. 14

    It looks cute ;)

  15. 15

    oh yeah!!!!!! this may even be greater then then #2

  16. 16

    I'm not sure about this. I'm probably wait until it comes to OnDemand.