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Toronto Denies Involvement In Paying For Corey Haim's Funeral

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They moved fast on this one!!

After reporting this morning that Toronto was covering the costs of Corey Haim's funeral, we received this statement from the city officials:

Media reports concerning funeral costs for Mr. Haim continue to reference the City of Toronto.

As a result of these ongoing reports, the City of Toronto wishes to ensure the facts are properly available.

The City of Toronto has never received an application for assistance with the funeral costs for Mr. Haim.

While the City would normally not confirm or deny the existence of an application for assistance with funeral benefits as this is a matter covered by Privacy regulations; given the number of reports the City has chosen to confirm the facts in this matter.

Media seeking to confirm the original reports of the City's involvement in the costs of Mr. Haim's funeral continue to be asked to speak with the originating source for the report.

While the City of Toronto is not involved in Mr. Haim's funeral, the City of Toronto, like most municipalities, assists deceased Toronto residents that do not have adequate resources within their estate to pay for a basic funeral and burial. An evaluation of the Estate is conducted before any assistance is provided. The program is administered by the City's Toronto Employment and Social Services Division and details about this program are available at: www.toronto.ca/socialservices/funeral.htm

There you have it!!

We hope Startifacts.com sticks to their promise if Toronto has no involvement in helping pay the costs!!

[Image via WENN.]

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26 comments to “Toronto Denies Involvement In Paying For Corey Haim's Funeral”

  1. 1

    You'd think the Queen of All Media would check 'her' facts before posting that story this morning which was B.S…

  2. 2

    As a resident of Toronto, I was shocked to hear reports that the City of Toronto was picking up the tab for this "celebrity drug addict has-been's" funeral. I'm glad to hear that it is not true. If it had of been true, there would have been major outcry from tax-paying residents of the city. Celebrities are entitled to no special treatment and the fact that he couldn't save two nickels is his problem, not the taxpayers.

  3. 3

    Good! Why should tax payers pay for a funeral of some pill junkie that OD'd?!

  4. 4


  5. 5

    why the hell would Toronto pay, it's not like Corey made Canadian history, yeah he is famous of being a drug addict…cool. His dealers should pay for the funeral he has spent enough money on drugs over the years.

  6. 6

    Jeez, you think you could Google the news before cutting and pasting.
    The Funeral Home is helping to defray the costs of the funeral.

    This whole thing is a non-news item.

    Move on to the next train wreck!

  7. 7

    It's spending people's tax money. How is this a "privacy issue"

    Does this mean that Toronto is blowing fat wads of taxpayer's cash and not telling people how it is spent?

  8. 8

    start using a better photo than this Chaz Bono one.

  9. 9

    As a tax paying resident of Toronto, I would support the city to pay for the funeral if Corey still lived in Toronto. Fact he has not lived in years. Neither has his ill mother. Flying the deceased home is a LUXURY. One that few can afford, if the family chooses to spend what they have on returning him to Canada they should budget responsibly for ALL COSTS. I'm glad to see the city will NOT be paying for this. Sad, sad thing to have happened. But Mr. Haim was around a certain group which i felt he had gain a great understanding of and he would have wanted to pay his own way.

  10. 10

    I think the privacy issue is regarding specifically commenting on an individual person. It's not private knowledge that the city helps alleviate costs for people who don't have the money or accomodations for a burial. The city is obligated to document these costs, but they aren't obligated to share with the public, the names and families who have applied for this assistance.

  11. 11

    Re: momofan – enough the poor guy spent his entire fortune on drugs! NEVER invested , NEVER got clean , I AGREE with everyone WHY should and WHY WOULD Tax Payers EVER PAY FOR HIS FUNERAL!!??

  12. 12

    That's the saddest thing..when you don't have the money for your own funeral

  13. 13

    so the first report that you printed was all wrong….did I get that right?

  14. 14

    People don't need funerals. Bodies are just calcium and carbon, let them degrade and be consumed by insects and bacteria, that's nature's way….spend money on good causes.

  15. 15

    and really, why the hell should they pay? Haim hasn't been a "star" in 20 years and was nothing more than a washed-up junkie. it's a sad story, but his death merits no special treatment.

  16. 16

    Re: contrarianchick – I agree about the carbon & calcium thing, but really where the hell do you suggest putting a rotting corpse?? Funerals are useful for burying people, and for giving the opportunity for family & friends a certain amount of closure. Put them in a pine box, bury them or burn them, but please do not leave out a rotting corpse out of the ground.
    PS. Pheww, Miller would not have been able to get out of this one had the city footed the bill.

  17. 17

    I know a lot of people are like "omg don't pay for his funeral he's an addict" but seriously drug addicts are people too, no one starts off doing drugs saying "I hope I get addicted, this ruins my life, destroys all my relationships and finances and I hope I die".
    Maybe I am biased, I have a family member who is an addict and who has been a constant embarrassment through out my life, but I know she is a good person deep down, it wasn't her choice to destroy her life.
    I am happy I live in Canada a country where the government will help families pay for funerals if they are not able to (does the U.S. do the same thing? not being rude, an honest question).

  18. 18

    News flash to everyone b*ing "omg why should our tax dollars pay for this drug addict has been's funeral?"
    The city of Toronto pays for funerals for people on social services EVERYDAY! This is not an exceptional case. Of course, the city is not paying in this case after all but had they, it wouldnt be cause he's a celebrity who's family is poor. It would be because he is a citizen who is poor. Social services pays for a basic funeral..nothing fancy
    I wonder if people are complaing because he is a former drug addict or because he is a celeb? If Mike Myers became poor and died, would you all complain that the city footed the bill???

  19. 19

    this druggie didn't even live in Toronto. he lived and died in L.A.

  20. 20

    Re: fdgurl – yes…i would still complain.

  21. 21

    THIS IS A REALLY BAD PICTURE OF HIM. He lookes seriously HIGH!
    Next time pic a different pic!

  22. 22

    One thing I LOVE about Toronto and Canada in general is that we are NOT celeb obsessed. Sure some pretentious loser clubs like Ultra and Amber and TYC (The Yorkville Club) are pathetically celeb-obsessed but most Canadians and ESPECIALLY the government are NOT. We realize that most celebs are just regular douchey people who encountered DUMB LUCK….the ones that didn't fuck their way to the top that is :D

  23. 23

    Re: fdgurl – You are right on. Basic funeral. I think Corey Haim did live in Toronto the last years of his life actually. He was visiting his mom in LA. So it would make as much sense to have his funeral in T.O as in LA. I also think it will be a basic funeral which is why Corey Feldman isn't going. Not worth Feldman's time. Whatever. Maybe I'm wrong. Part of me feels bad for these life losers. But only a small part.

  24. @v@ says – reply to this


    It was reported today on CTV that Startifacts has sent his mom a nice cheque in advance already.

  25. 25

    I find it a shame the way some ppl. think…A lot of actors helped put Toronto and Canada "on the map" so to speak. This guy along with a few others were taken advantage/molested/whatever when they were young child stars. That stuff DOES have it's effects on ppl. in the way of drugs etc. and some can never seem to shake it.

    I thnk it would have been a nice gesture for Toronto to offer "help" if needed here. It's not like T.O hasn't wasted money on things that are a lot less important…The higher ups are paid way too much money. When lottery officials are fired over misues of funds etc…..we can't afford to put a bit towards a funeral??

  26. 26

    yeah, a bunch of people already confirmed this on your last stupid post. quit wasting php!