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All Eyes On Tiger!

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That's a pretty big prediction!

The head of CBS News and Sports Sean McManus seems to believe that Tiger Woods' return to golf "will be the biggest media event other than the Obama inauguration in the past 10-15 years!"


"It is hard to overestimate how much interest there will be," says McManus. "Tiger Woods is the most famous, most recognized, most accomplished athlete in the world, and his celebrity and prominence is even larger than it was."

That may be true, but he is just going to be playing golf — YAWN!

Woods is rumored to reappear on the golf scene for the Masters on April 10 and 11. Will U be tuning in?

[Image via WENN.]

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20 comments to “All Eyes On Tiger!”

  1. 6one9 says – reply to this


    S~E~X~ and scandals always “` sell “` BIG time Perez!! Come on now!! I WILL NOT be watching!!

  2. 2


  3. 3

    He makes me sick.

  4. 4

    Because Elin's "Ah Iz Sorree" diamond ring isn't going to pay for itself !

  5. 5

    At least Tiger is talented. Obama has turned out to be a narcisisst IDIOT. I can't wait till he's GONE!

  6. 6


  7. 7

    Pay off the wife Tiger and go right on whoring like you were my friend!

  8. 8

    Oh yeah, but I always watch the Masters, whether the bald Blasian is there or not.

  9. 9

    I will definately be watching = and damn I hope tiger wins -

  10. 10

    He will be there on April 12th and 13th too, unless he some how does not make the cut. I don't mind you reporting on things, but if you don't know much about the topic (sports) please do some research.

  11. 11

    Golf is boring.

  12. 12

    If the same thing had happened to a woman golfer of Tiger's caliber(assuming women's golf was as big an event as men's), and she had cheated on her husband repeatedly ad nauseum, would the world then turn out to watch her in the first golf tournament since her indiscretions so that it was the biggest media event ever? Sadly, I think not.
    As for Tiger, all of this media speculation as to whether he is contrite and whether he can be "cured" of his sex addictions. Can we give it a rest? Who the heck cares? Tiger is one of the world's best golfers. He is not Albert Einstein or a Nobel Peace Prize contender. All of this media attention will only serve to further his illicit behavior in the future. Tiger will not be "cured" of his sex addiction as he clearly does not want to be cured of that or anything else. Clearly he feels his behavior is beyond reproach and because of all of this media attention and his grand comeback after his supposed fall from grace, his behavior IS clearly beyond reproach. The whole thing is pitiful.

  13. 13

    "the most famous, most recognized athlete in the world" Ha, do me a favour - in the US, maybe … and he's only scored international recognition since his SEX SCANDAL. Before then, most people wouldn't have had much of a clue who he was or what he looked like … until the sexploits of Tiger and his tail got him in all sorts of trouble and suddenly he was all over the papers … and even then, do you really think people in rural China or India or Mozambique or Tajikistan know anything or care anything about him? Yet again, an American confuses 'America' with 'the world'.

  14. 14

    Real stars get the media attention and appear in The Masters while z-listers host shows like Gossip Girl. Guess which one you are douchebag.

  15. 15

    dear tiger,
    i will be praying so hard that you lose your ass and humiliate yourself. i hope the crowd gives you hell and you have a miserable time. and i hope you have a particularly vicious herpes outbreak during the tournament and that your valtrex is no longer effective.

  16. 16

    Fuck Tiger! I hope his dick rots and falls off from a rancid disease, he got from screwing one of his whores!

  17. 17


    UMMMM what about events that actually MATTER? Like I dunno say 9/11? Hurricane Katrina, the recession, george bush cheating his way into office….These are events that matter… I could give a fuck less what tiger shoves his dick into. He was having raw sex with a lot of those girls… Clearly tiger needs a wake up call and needs to realize what era he lives in. and the rest of our gossip-fueled country needs to wake up and pay attention to REAL issues….. Lets move up and beyond tiger…. On to bigger and better things

  18. 18

    Oh Tiger,
    You won't regret hiring my as you Social Secretary.
    Tiger, I think you need to sharpen your edge. Enclosed is a set of DVD's to do just that. The Tudors, of Henry VIII is Precedent Obama and Michelle's favorite series. They watch it over and over, and have gotten really good ideas about governing. I guarantee you'll get the Eye of the Tiger back, ready to kick ass at the Masters.
    I won't let you down.
    Desiree Rogers
    X White House Fckruupr

  19. gtg says – reply to this


    Wow you know nothing about golf. He better make an appearance on the 8th and 9th and make the cut to play for the green jacket on the 10th and 11th.

    I will be on the course Thursday or Friday and maybe Saturday depending on how I feel. I will be watching from my parents home in Augusta on Sunday (the leaders are always too crowded on Sunday), but not because of Tiger. Who cares if he cheated on his wife with a ton of women. The is his personal business. The fact is he has never been very nice to the fans.

  20. 20

    Re: ryan005 – you may want to do some research too…Master's week is April 5-11. The tournament begins on April 8th and commences on the 11th. Practice rounds are April 5, 6, and 7th.