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Constance Is Coming To Hollywood!

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We were so touched, moved, saddened and inspired by the story of Constance McMillen that we decided to do something about it!

We invited Constance and guests of her choosing to come out to Los Angeles for our big birthday party next weekend, where she'll get to see some amazing divalicious performances and get to mingle with some very cool celebs.

That is WAY cooler than prom!

Constance has taken us up on our offer to bring her out, put her up and treat her like Homecoming Queen and we can't wait to give her a big hug and thank her for being so bold, brave, courageous and all-round amazing.

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165 comments to “Constance Is Coming To Hollywood!”

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  1. 101

    Re: Renfamous – Exactly, rules are rules, either you like it or not.

  2. 102

    I don't believe Constance gave the school an ultimatum in either allowing her to attend the prom or cancel the whole event. This action was solely the decision made by the school in an effort to alienate 1 student and make her a target. Awful. Bigoted. Hateful.

    Perez show Constance a kick ass time! She deserves it.

  3. 103

    First of all i am glad that she gets her own prom which is amazing.. Screw the other kids.. They talked about her before the prom and thats how the news got to the school officials the students talked about her and her girlfriend and thats when everything went wrong. After that there prom got cancelled and instead of them protesting and helping her they ridiculed her.. They deserve NOTHING!!…

  4. 104

    Re: La Garse – So, basically you have nothing better to do than come on here to put everyone else down?

  5. 105


  6. 106

    Re: Cidvicious – YEAH!

  7. ohboy says – reply to this


    Re: scottiedew – To all the people saying she screwed everyone else…shouldn't you be looking at the school board to find out who canceled/fucked up prom? That's like saying Rosa Parks screwed over all the bus passengers b/c she stood her ground. All this girl did was stand up for herself, which is a lot more than most people do. So good for her!!

  8. 108

    I'm glad you're doing something nice for this girl, Perez. As a parent, though, I'd be a little wary to let her loose with you. I hope her mom or dad is coming!

  9. 109

    How is it "awesome" to promote underage sex??? You make me sick!!!

  10. 110

    very nice Perez actually very touching..

  11. 111

    Re: cuppcakez – Fuck you Cupcake! RESPECT the BBD or get fisted muthafuckaaaa!!!

  12. 112

    Re: RobPnMeShouldB – Whatever you just tried to type, try again. YOU MAKE NO SENSE. GO TEAM CONSTANCE!!

  13. 113

    I think thats s super sweet of you :) way to go Perez!

  14. 114

    Re: La Garse – LOL @ 93 - that was wonderful……

  15. 115

    Re: Allyhoops50 – @ 112 - yeah, so I have no clue what the fuck that was about………go back to agreeing w/ the little people who have no brains and need a mass approval in order to have an opinion

  16. 116

    Re: Mama of 2 – Another ignorant comment. How do you expect anyone to respect that kind of talk? Grow up.

  17. 117

    Perez that's such a lovely thing to do. Hope she enjoys herself!

  18. 118

    GO CONSTANCE! Too bad about your shitty school district! Oh well, soon you'll be out of school!

  19. 119

    It kills me that anyone could possibly blame this girl for making the decision to cancel the entire school's prom. Wasn't it the school board's decision to do that? B/c they couldn't allow the girl the right to go to prom with a date of her choice? Why blame HER for this? She should not enjoy a special evening of dancing, drinking and sleezy hotel rooms like every other kid there b/c her date happens to be of the same sex? Ridiculous, this is NOT this girl's fault, it's the school board's fault for not being able to see outside the box, for not being accepting of it's students, nice education they are getting! Way to go Anti-Tolerance! So if someone, despite who it may be wants to reward her for bringing to light the unfair facets of being a teenager in mid-America, who the FUCK are you to say anything about it.

  20. 120

    Aww that's really nice Perez.

  21. 121

    YAY!!!!! What a nice thing to do, Perez!! That's awesome!!!!!!!!!!!

  22. 122

    Very Cool….I like you today Perez

  23. 123

    Re: scottiedew – correction idiot…the other kids were fucked because of the SCHOOL BOARD not because of her! Don't act ignorant

  24. 124

    Re: Sour Girl – She contacted the ACLU, that would be like me calling PETA if I saw someone wearing a different mink coat for everyday of the week. Of course the school not allowing her to attend prom was horrible, but she could have not gone to one of the most loudmouthed associations out there. Prom might not be important in the long run, but at the moment to 16 and 17-year-olds, it is. If it wasn't important than we shouldn't even care that she couldn't go, right? She alone doesn't 'deserve' this. All of her class, who had nothing to do with anything deserve a prom too.

  25. 125

    I saw her on Wanda Sykes and this whole thing started because she wanted to wear a Tux and asked about the dress code. That's how they found out she was her bringing her girlfriend. I think had she just shown up with her girlfriend then this might not have been an issue, but now it is.

    So should she back down? No. Its her prom, too. Back in the day gay kids went to prom. They went in groups and danced together. It was rather don't ask don't tell, and everyone had a good time. These aren't those days, so I guess we all need to change.

    However, I am with the people saying PEREZ: WHAT ABOUT THE OTHER KIDS??? WHERE IS THERE PROM.

    I think someone should throw an alternative prom for all of them.

  26. 126

    nice of you to reach out to the highschool kids. Do you think posting porn is a good idea since you clearly target this audience. I can only imagine the damage some of your posts have caused some of the kids around here.

  27. 127

    You are an Angel! That is so very kind of you, her life will be changed for the better! XOXO

  28. 128

    Re: celebfan – OH PLEASE

  29. 129

    good for you, perez! use your name for something important. xo

  30. 130

    Let's hope she's actually a lez and not going through an experimental phase.

  31. 131

    Re: Jenny15 – So you were there and heard them talking about her and as a coincidence you work with school officials to know how it went down huh?

  32. 132

    I may think you're a huge douche bag, but this is really awesome of you.

  33. 133

    That is so awesome. Hope you have an amazing time Constance!

  34. 134

    Yeah, because a girl dressing like a GIRL is totally out of the question….You people need to get your facts straight, seriously. She obviously was ignorant enough to ruin everyone else s prom. She is not a hero or anything shes just a spoiled little brat trying to soak up as much attention as she can.

  35. 135

    Re: Jenny15 – WOW do you have your story all fucked up or what???????????????????

  36. 136

    You're only inviting her because she's gay and if someone is gay, you automatically love them and are obsessed with them. You would have fucking loved Binladden if he was gay, you wankface.

  37. 137

    Re: La Garse – People like you disgust me. Just because you supposedly have Ph.D. and are going for a second one doesn't give you the right to speak to other people in a demeaning manner. The last time I checked my college degree didn't include the right to treat people as insignificant no matter who they are. No doubt you are the kind of person who can't function without the services of those working the mimimum wage jobs who you look down on. Every comment makes you appear even less intelligent than you claim to be.

  38. 138

    Re: La Garse

    then why are you commenting, you fucking retard.

  39. 139

    Re: CrazyGirlFaith – Yeah, exactly!!! Obviously some psychological problems going on there…

  40. 140

    Due to my family relation to the girlfriend, I will tell you why the girlfriend has not said anything! The first being she is a MINOR and HER parents do not accept this life style and if Constance would have cared she never would have started this crap in the first place! It did not matter what the school boards decision was the 15 year old was NOT going to the prom with this 18 year old! If you people knew the whole story you could see what and why the school board based their decision on! Just for everyones information the PROM has NOT been canceled, the only thing that's been canceled is the school sponsoring something that should have been changed years ago! And YES she is an ATTENTION WHORE, just 2 years ago she was dating guy's! DUH!!!! Maybe in another 2 years she'll be calling on the ACLU against animal lovers for various reasons, because you know she is a REDNECK! I could care less how she wants to live her life and/or her life style!

    I hope she does go to LA for the party and maybe she will not come back to our little town of Fulton, MS!

  41. 141

    Re: ListenToMeInstead – She's not going and was never going to the prom! Her parents will not allow it! They do not believe in this! She is a minor!

  42. 142


  43. 143


  44. 144

    Good for you dude!

  45. 145

    Wow, Perez doing something nice with his time/money. Count me shocked.

  46. 146

    Re: ladyolivia – Because they are the type of person who need to knock other people down to feel powerful. AKA a psycho

  47. 147

    Awww, maybe you can also teach her out to be judgemental of others and insult people who have never met nor done anything to you.

  48. 148

    How about the kids at her school? Do they still get prom? I don't know, I understand sticking up for your rights, but not at the expense of others. I saw her on one of the morning shows and she had a verrry low cut shirt on, she could have dressed more appropriately.

  49. 149

    youre actually doing something really cool. kudos, perez

  50. 150

    Perez you'll do anything for whoring yourself out. Even if it means taking up this girl and trying to parent her for a day of famewhoring. You used the word fa**ot plain and simple. And you are gay. Helloooo. You are farthest from the best role model. I hope she spits on your ass when she sees ya.

  51. 151

    Very cool. That was a very nice gesture Perez. :)

  52. 152

    This is cool =)

  53. 153

    one minute i love you, and the next i hate you. so, although i think a lot of what you post is overboard, hateful and gross, here is something you are doing that is absolutely amazing and wonderful. if only you did more good than damage!

    oh and just got done watching the bad girls club reunion part 1 and it was FANTASTIC! love that you called nasty natalie out on her acne. she is a disgusting human being. can't wait for part 2!

  54. 154

    Very charming, Perez. I hope Constance and her friends have a blast!
    And, La Garse, the douche in the earlier comments– I'm pretty sure that's Spencer Pratt.

  55. 155

    Right on baby girl!!!!! You are an inspiration to the MANY LBGT students who are afraid to make waves. KEEP IT UP!!!!!!!!!!

  56. 156

    re: Renfamous. I'll tell you why she's a hero. Because this country still denies rights to gay individuals. Are you in some uuber-progressive country where this would be tolerated let alone aloud? Oh, thats right. You live under a rock and get your news from gossip websites. Like most Americans.

  57. 157

    re: Not sure what church you are getting your "information" from but being gay is not a "lifestyle". We have gotten past this since they removed being gay as mental illness from the DSM. Keep your small mind in "Fulton, MS". The only redneck around here is you.

  58. gloom says – reply to this


    I don't think she should be associated with you in any kind of way but YAY for her that she's getting the attention she needs for her rights!

  59. 159

    That's so sweet of you Perez!

  60. 160

    I don't care what anyone says, I AM HAPPY you are posting about this Perez/Mario! :) I love that this girl is getting the attention she deserves!! I hope she has a blast in Hollywood! GO CONSTANCE!!!!!!!!!

  61. 161

    That's really cool of you Perez! Awesome, she deserves it.

  62. 162

    AWESOME! Thanks for using your celebrity powers for good, Perez!

  63. 163

    That's very cool of you Perez, but not cool enough to sway my hatred of you.

  64. 164

    Re: ohboy – No doubt, it's like the other passengers bitching about not making it to their destination on time because Rosa's holding up the bus lmao.

  65. 165

    YOU GO GIRL!!!

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