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Gabourey's Mom Responds To Howard Stern

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After Howard Stern's tactless criticism of Oscar nominee Gabourey Sidibe, her mother, Alice Tan Ridle, has come to her defense.

Ridley said:

"Get a life! He can see, you can see, I can see Gabby is a big girl. She's a big woman, so what's wrong with that? She's not like everyone else in the world. I don't see him giving jobs out to anybody, so why should we care what he says? He might not hire her, but someone else will."

Well spoken.

Gaby recently told Oprah that she has come to terms with her weight and has accepted who she is!

More power to you.

[Image via WENN.]

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106 comments to “Gabourey's Mom Responds To Howard Stern”

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  2. 2

    im very realistic in the fact that REAL women have curves and dont weigh 100 pds soaking wet, but Gabby is too big and should try to get some of that weight off before something bad ends up happening. im not saying that she needs to do it to fit into hollywood (no pun intended)…or so she can get more roles…she needs to loss it for her own well being so that she is here on mother earth with us for as long as possible. im sure that even she isnt totally happy with her weight, but she needs to do it for herself and not to make anyone else or the media happy…

  3. 3

    I don't see people handing out acting jobs to Howard Stern either. He's not a "Hollywood" look either. Bit hypocritical, no?

  4. 4

    Whats wrong with that is that it is incredibly unhealthy.

  5. 5

    Come to terms with her weight… aka.. she's given up on trying to lose weight and is too lazy to do the proper methods.
    Now that this girl is famous, there is no excuse why she should remain that size. I can only imagine how many weightloss programs have contacted her to be a spokesperson for them.
    She needs to lose weight for her health.

  6. 6

    i wonder if her and her mother will accept "who she is" when she's 6 ft under from a heart attack. or when she's under 30 w/ hbp and diabetes. she doesn't have to look like a baywatch babe but she's terribly unhealthy and knocking on deaths door at the weight she is………

  7. 7

    stern only says what everyone is thinking…she'll have diabetes, hypertension and high cholesterol by the time shes 35.

  8. 8

    perez i love your blog and thats why i visit it but dude you make fun of people on the regular, you put people on the spit and kill em, so Howard stern told the truth one day and he is a villain? come on, you know dam,n well you were thinking what he was saying

  9. 9

    She'll be dead soon anyway.

  10. 10

    What's wrong with it?? Her health! Diabetes and heart disease! Can get help with food addiction just like drug and alcohol addiction.
    …and if this post was about an anorexic skinny bitch I'd say something about her health too. :)

    Howard rules!

  11. 11

    You've built your site around tactless criticism douchebag. Stern can say what he wants, he doesn't need advice from some fatheaded z-lister.

  12. 12

    i'm sorry Perez, but you've called Misha Barton and Jennifer Love hewitt fat for hitting a size 6. so at what point do you switch from mocking somebody for being 5lbs heavier than a size 4 to defending them against others calling them fat? Do they have to be 150lbs overweight? @00lbs? What is the line when you suddenly switch from mocking to supporting? And why do you do it? Why are Jennifer Love Hewitt and Misha Barton pigs yet this girl has your defense?

  13. 13

    OMG, I saw a clip on Access Hollywood of big black wall of fat girl walking the Oscar red carpet. Gerard Butler comes up behind her and Gabe tells him to his face that "she would hit it"….It was the most humiliating, embarrassing thing I'd ever seen. You could tell Gerard was disgusted at the thought

  14. 14

    She can lose the weight if she chooses but he's just ugly and you can't fix that.

  15. 15

    Im glad she is happy with who she is, that is very admirable! BUT at some point you have to step back and think jeez Im really unhealthy and maybe loosing a few lb's wont hurt!

  16. 16

    Well if she`s come to terms with her weight then she should come to terms with high blood pressure which affects blacks more than whites and renal failure as a result which is kidney failure. Maybe she don`t mind going to dialysis 3 times a week? Oh yes, and let`s not forget heart attacks and strokes.

  17. 17

    So Gaby has come to terms with a Host of health problems, likely starting by her early 30's, or in other words, another 5 years ? Nothing respectable about that.

  18. 18

    "come to terms with her weight" has nothing to do with "Who she is". That's like saying "ya I drink to much, so what". Excepting it like it's something she can't change when it is. She's an amazing girl/women but it would be great to see her loose some weight for health reasons alone. Except the thing's you can not change, weight is not one of those thing's. Oprah should know that better then anyone.

  19. 19

    I am glad that she is content to be a larger women but being African American and being predisposed to having a heart condition and diabetes, I do hope that she finds help for herself so we can see her live a long prosperous life.

  20. 20


  21. 21

    Its one thing to love yourself and quite another to be so obese that it will kill you.This girl needs to lose weight.

  22. 22

    We all of us can see that Gaby is Obese but respond to that Moron back is not really a great idea…. the best way is to ignore him !

  23. 23

    obesity is one of the biggest plights of america. whether or not she is a talented actress is left to one's own interpretation and opinion. however, calling her beautiful and making it OK to be overweight is NOT ok. little girls who look up to her are thinking that being overweight is beautiful. heart disease, diabetes are just a few of the conditions that arise due to obesity. you should be fighting obesity instead of promoting and condoning it especially when you used to be fat too perez.

  24. Fab09 says – reply to this


    You go girl! As for Howard, you are nothing but a disgusting human being and I have no idea what your wife sees in you.

  25. 25

    One thing is being "a big girl" and another one, COMPLETELY different is being MORBIDLY OBESE!… This girl is NOT healthy, you cant even see her eyes with all that fat on her face… She wont reach 30 if she keeps herself like this

  26. 26

    B.S. yeah she exceptted it but when she has horrid health issues…..what!. plus the moms only saying this because shes the mom plus shes also fat, so she feels the pain. HOWARD was mean, rude, and disrespectfull…..but HE WAS RIGHT.

  27. Payen says – reply to this


    "She's a big woman, so what's wrong with that?" Did her mother really say that? People have no problem telling junkies and drug addicts how unhealthy their lifestyle is, so why is it different or not PC for it to be pointed out to people who are killing themselves with food?

  28. 28

    Hey Mom, here's a good idea…get into a war of words with Howard Stern!

  29. 29

    I think the problem is the WAY he said what he said. He didn't have to call her enormous or say she was the size of a planet. A simple, "I think her size will hinder her progress." would have sufficed. But I'm sure that's too intellegent a sentece for mister stern.
    Her weight is none of his business and it's not anybody els's. If she wants to stay the weight she is (wether it causes complications in her health) then so be it. Is her weight affecting YOUR health? NO! so shut up.
    I'm sure she's well aware of the problems associated with her weight and if she were to feel the need to change then she will. Otherwise no.
    Women are beautiful in all shapes and sizes. You say you except women having curves and not being 100% perfect…if you think Gabby's weight is disgusting then you must only be referencing the SKINNY girls with curves.
    I think that if she feels beautiful then she is. It doesn't matter what anyone els says.
    She has a more fruitfull careet than Howard Stern and probably made more money off of 'Precious' than he made of of anything in the past 10 years so if I were her I would just laugh.

  30. 30

    I usually agree with Howard, but not this time. Yes the girl is overweight, but I dont think that will stop her from having a future in acting.
    A huge prosentage of Americans are overweight, if a movie is to show some version of reality they are going to use "big" people as well as the skinny ones in movies. She may not be the leading lady everytime, but she CAN get work regardless of her weight.
    May I remind you guys Charlize Theron looked pretty bad in the movie which she won an Oscar for.
    I couldnt care less if she needs to loose weight, thats up to her.

  31. 31

    Being obese is not a ethnic condition, it is not a lifestyle choice , it is not a religion. Quit being so politically correct! Obesity is a huge problem. It causes everyone to pay more for health care not to mention the danger to herself. Good luck getting booked on Stern, next time you two face asswipe.

  32. Heh says – reply to this


    Wow..have no words thats how backwards this is ..oh my what people tell themselves to get through the day..thats a shame

  33. 33

    Since all you ghetto trash can't afford satellite radio, let me tell you what Robin Quivers (Howard's on-air partner - oh yeah, did I mention she's BLACK and CURVY?) had to say…
    She said, speaking of 'Gaby' having her moment at the Oscars;
    "Look around, honey. Look at all these beautiful people. These are the people who get regular work in Hollywood. Do ANY of them LOOK like YOU, Gabourey?"

  34. 34

    So, Aniston wears a heavy coat and she's too fat, but this woman is just fine? Really? Really??

  35. 35

    Typical PC bullshit. if this girl were white the media (and you fat boy) would be ridiculing her on a daily basis. ie; Kirstie Alley

  36. Harv says – reply to this


    Tell mom to get together with Kristy Alley and lose some weight.
    Fat, stupid and lazy is no way to go through life.

  37. 37

    Wasn't it Robin who made the comment and not Howard? I didn't hear the actual original conversation, but i heard them talking about it after and it sounded like everyone was referring to Robin making a comment.

  38. 38

    Morbid obesity is something to "come to terms with"?? Are you kidding me? So everyone will laugh and smile when she continues to announce she's gonna hit Chick-fi-la HARD!!! Then they'll all say that she should've done something about her weight when she had a chance after she's found DEAD!! Mo-Nique said the same shit before she got DIABETES and now she's changed her tune and Lost Weight!! She's not the slimmest person out there but she's healthier. That's all Stern is saying, get healthy and live a longer fuller life. Her mom is probably humongous too and wants a roll dog in EATING. STFU MOM!!!! Don't stop your child from getting healthy!!!!!

  39. 39

    soooo…heres the thing, America is an EXTREAMLY shallow country. There is one body type and one favorable coloring and honest to god it is really sickening. This girl is too fat and too black for holly wood…perhaps 150lb and 3 skin shaes lighter she would be more acceptable. The fact of the matter is this is a country where fat people need to excersise at home so they would be fit enough to be seen in a gym. It is hypocritical and disgusting and hearing comments like this is extreamly sad. Oh and by the way… Fat people are NOT unhealthy. There are fat people healthier than thin people. This obsession for fitness has less to do with health and more to do with asthetics.

  40. 40

    Why are you supporting this BS Perez!!! Look at the weight you've lost recently for the same reason TO GET HEALTHY!!!! Stop being a starfucker and take a real stance bitch!!!

  41. 41

    She needs to come to terms with the fact that she's a food addict and seek help with it.

  42. 42

    Re: Lulu-2 – Hi! :)

  43. 43

    How come its ok for her to be fat but everyone chews poor Jessica Simpson out for a few love handles? I dont think Big is Beautiful, neither are those grotesque things that walk the fashion runway beautiful. Enough with the extremes!!

  44. 44

    Re: Alyc66 – Your retarded. Try picking up a newspaper, Stern has a $500 MILLION 5 year contract just with Sirius. Gabby made a small independent movie. She will never make in a lifetime what he made this year bitch.

  45. 45

    Re: Spindoc – this is also what i'm wondering…

  46. babyg says – reply to this


    she's TOO BIG ! yes, real women have curves, but she doesn't have curves ! she's a blob ! and i'm not some skinny b!tch that weighs 100 lbs soaking wet, i have curves ! there's a big difference between having curves and being disgusting !

  47. 47

    hey this is howard sterns job its part of being a radio whatever…jockey get over it!

  48. 48

    i don't see anything amazing about this woman, she just showed off in one movie and that's pretty much it for now. i've watched Precious and i can't she if she did a good job or not coz her facial appearances could barely be seen…let's wait for another 3 or 4 years to see if she really has a career of acting or not..

  49. 49

    Howard Stern and company are known for their edgy commentary and very blunt, rude, and otherwise offensive shows. That's the point of his show. He doesn't care what you think, and you know what, people like to listen to him. I think he's an ass. His comments about this young woman were indeed rude and hurtful, but he was right.

    Now that she has been in an Oscar nominated film, in a nominated role, she belongs to the public, like every other celeb.
    We criticize them if they're too small (when they stop eating) and we criticize them for being too big (when they eat a little to much). But come on, this young woman is morbidly obese to an unhealthy degree. Being a 'big girl' has nothing to do with it. Her weight is not natural, and it's going to cause severe health problems in her very near future. Perhaps her new-found Hollywood career will encourage her to get healthy.
    We don't support anorexia, so we shouldn't support the other side of the eating disorder spectrum.
    Make America skinny again (this is Michelle Obama's thing!)

  50. 50

    glandular issues and genes are a ligitamate contributing factors to being over wieght…the fat person next to you is more likely eating LESS than YOU and due to high metabalism or over active glands the caloric content in whatever little food eaten sticks and turns into body fat. My brother is extreamly active hardly eats anything and is fat. you people are ignorant and shallow.

  51. 51

    Howard Stern wasnt telling the truth. He was wrong. He said she would never get hired again. Well…SHE HAS! Gabby has several projects when Stern said she wouldnt get any. She has a new movie and she is on a Showtime series. Howard is just an overpaid radio jock….without any artistic flair and a bunch of trailer bubbas hang on his every word!

  52. sreyn says – reply to this


    Im no Howard Setern fan but the man had a point. She got the role of a lifetime and unless someone writes another rols just for her there just arent that many parts available for a morbidly obese teen black girl. Im sure Tyler Perry will find a place for her but its not like the next teen movie is going to feature her. Her career is a flash in the pan over before it even started

  53. 53

    Re: ba-buttons – - Gabby is set to film another movie and is on a Showtime series. One more movie and she will have appeared in more movies than Farrah Fawcett. So what in the hell are you taking about?

  54. 54

    ok. this would make sense if Gabby were just a "big girl". Mo'nique is a "big girl". Queen Latifah is a "big girl". Gabby is, unfortunately, morbidly obese and needs help. Howard Stern was, in his own (tactless) way, pointing out that Hollywood embracing her for who she is is as dangerous as saying to a drug addict, its ok! Be who you are! Same difference. Girl has an addiction, and needs help.

  55. 55

    Do we put blinders on when someone has a problem with alcohol or drugs and tell them they are fine the way they are and should accept themselves. NO! We tell them to get help and get healthy or else they will die. Gabourey will DIE also if she does not solve her issue with food and get the weight off. If it were not unhealthy and had no health consequences, I would say, if she likes being big , stay that way, but the hard truth is, She is closer to death each day she stays this overweight and her poor heart has to try and pump all that blood to all the area of her body. She is a beatiful girl because of her personality and spirit, but She is not a role model. People with addictions or issues with substances should never be held up to high esteem and promoted as being healthy. She can say she is healthy and exercises all day long… Blah Blah, She eats more than she burns off at the end of the day and her excess has caused her body to put on excess weight over time..

  56. 56

    i agree with the mom.
    EVERYONE knows this chick is overweight.
    if Gabby was interested in losing weight, i'm sure she would look into it.
    she overweight and she doesn't seem to mind.
    so why is anybody else concerned?

  57. 57

    It's not about being accepted as she is, being that fat is UNHEALTHY and bad for her.

  58. 58

    Her mom is delusional. She says her daughter is a big woman, so whats wrong with that? A lot of things are wrong with that!!!

    Being insanely obese and unhealthy is not something to go on Oprah and say you accepted. It sends a bad message to viewers that its ok. It's not, its so unhealthy its not even funny.

    It's not something like you said Perez, to give more power to.

  59. 59

    Howard has no room to talk down about anyone, just look at him! That is why he is on the radio!!

  60. babyg says – reply to this


    Re: Alyc66 – please learn how to spell properly.

  61. 61

    What the fuck is that supposed to mean? He was talking about how she's killing herself with her weight gain and everyone keeps acting like its a good thing, what the fuck is wrong with all these fucking people?!!

  62. 62

    "She's a big woman, so what's wrong with that?" Seriously? First of all, she's not "big", she's obese. Second, has her mom never heard of heart attacks, strokes, diabetes? The list goes on and on. The girl is 26 and probably already unhealthier than a 62 year old slim person. Can we stop glorifying obesity, please?????
    or as Seth McFarlane put it so adequately: We're not gonna give you shit for being fat. But do know, you're fat!

  63. babyg says – reply to this


    Re: hippieh8ter – oh please ! this has NOTHING to do with how dark she is ! i don't think ANYONE is asking her to be Kate Moss. she doesn't have to be one extreme or the other ! all people are saying is that she should be HEALTHIER ! her weight is disgusting, you can barely see her damn eyes ! for her own sake, she needs to lose some weight before she stops breathing in her sleep and dies !

  64. 64

    Stern is a coward and a freak who hides behind his microphone spewing hate and projecting his jealousy of anything and everything mainstream and towards anything he doesn't understand. He is fearful paranoid nutjob who can't even walk into his own home if anyone is inside doing work. he is unable to connect with the real world because he has so many psychiatric problems he can't cope with reality. My guess is he has Asperger's Syndrome and arguably Tourette's as well.

  65. 65

    'She's a big woman, so what's wrong with that?'

    Oh nothing. Only little things like heart disease, high blood pressure, diabetes, leg ulcers, breathing and mobility difficulties and finally an early death… you know, really minor problems.

    Why are size 10/12 celebrities (aka normal weight) considered fat and clinically obese people good role models?

  66. 66

    Gabby and her Mother need to go on diet…. the Mom is fat too… Gabby is repulsive…. pleeeeeez go away!

  67. 67

    How many casting calls are there in Hollywood for a morbidly obese woman of any race. Please, let's leave ethnicity out of this one.
    Does anyone remember what happened to the fat chick from Hairspray?
    I rest my case

  68. 68

    Whatever, Howard Stern was telling the truth and if that girl doesn't lose weight, she'll be dead by the time she's 30…

  69. 69

    Re: babyg
    Please learn proper punctuation. lol

  70. 70

    More power to her for coming to terms with being morbidly obese? Yet Jennifer Aniston happen to have a scarf under her coat and you call her fat. You seem to have some odd sense of weight. And all the people congratulating Gabby on being so accepting of her weight are enabling her. It is extremely dangerous to her health. Howard may have been a bit harsh but he was just saying what everyone else thinks secretly. She is a talent but sadly her talent will probably not last long if she continues on this dangerous lifestyle.

  71. 71

    Re: babyg
    I agree with this. Most people are saying that she needs to loose weight to be healthier but I think what people are angry about with Stern is that he didn't say that. He just insulted her and told her she had no career.

    I think calling someone 'the size of a planet' is just plain rude and immature.

  72. 72

    Re: AlliedForces
    Well, considering she's already got a deal for another movie and is set to star in television series, I'd say quite a few.

  73. kim.b says – reply to this


    Perez, you're so retarded! This news appeared on the Internet like 3 days ago! my my…

  74. 74

    Unfortunately for Gaby, that is the kind of weight issue that will kill her. She will not be able to walk around at that weight for long. So I fear when she says she has come to terms with her weight it means that she has accepted it.
    She needs some assistance with this. Obviously she is an emotional eater.

  75. 75

    She is morbidly obese, and she seriously needs to lose 100 pounds for her health. Howard could have mentioned all of the negative things that can happen when you are this heavy, but he didn't. He's a shock-jock - I'm not really surprised by how he talked about the issue.

    But who cares? Most of America is thinking the same thing that he said…he just has a platform for it for all to hear in America.

  76. 76

    There's something particularly disgusting about an obese mother who is perfectly ok with her daughter risking her health and her life by being horribly overweight. It's called morbid obesity because it's a life-threatening condition. This mother has obviously acted as an enabler to her daughter's unhealthy life choices.

  77. 77

    This girl needs to loose weight or she dies before she turns 40. Sad but true.

  78. 78

    Re: Quetou – -
    what I'm talking about is the fact that any projects being offered to 'Gaby' right now are because she is the hot fad in Hollywood and people know how to make a quick buck
    will any of these amazing "projects" of hers be as good as 'Precious'? give it a year and we will never see this woman again - and that bitch can be seen from space

  79. 79

    I'm an ICU nurse, Most of my patients are either there because of motor vehicle crashes or complications from obesity. It's very sad…..and mostly preventable.

  80. 80

    her only mode of travel now is a crane………she is as big as a planet…she is morbidly obese and not healthy….I do not care what she thinks of herself….is she really thought anything of herself she would go jogging.

  81. 81

    She's not "big", she's a fucking bulldozer.

  82. Shaun says – reply to this


    well its really not Howards business.

    However, her mother is just enabling her. all that weight is not healthy. period. get walking girl.

  83. 83

    Of course her mother thinks there's nothing wrong with her daughter being obese because she's obese herself. Howard can be mean with the way he says things, but he was speaking the truth. She should go on a diet, but it's her choice to do so.

  84. mp23 says – reply to this


    howard stern get a new damn wig!

    that shit looks stale.

  85. 85

    So Perez, if you let yourself get that big, you'd be okay with that? You'd think 'more power to me' for being that big? Do it. I challenge you Perez. And if you don't, you're more hypocritical than I thought.

  86. 86

    Re: mp23 – He doesn't wear a wig.

  87. 87

    You make fun of actresses that have gained a little weight, but this girl who is obviously obese is just fine….You are soooo fake!

  88. 88

    now she is brave and powerfull cuz she is fat and dont give a fuck?

    stop encouraging this behavior!! she is not a big woman SHE IS A HEART ATTACK WAITING TO HAPPEN!
    open your eyes girl!

  89. 89

    The problem isn't here that she is fat, the problem is she is morbidly obese. She is KILLING herself, and that is all Howard was trying to say. Infact the day after stern made those comments he corrected himself to say such things. If she dowsnt lose weight she WILL DIE from her health. Also to respond to Aly66, I doubt very much she made even 10 million on the movie, let alone anywhere near the 100 million a year, (500 mil. over 5 years contract) Howard is paid. So get your facts straight sweetheart.

  90. 90

    hello. Howard was not passing judgment on her looks, rather her health. Howard is the first to admit he'd not win any beauty contest. Obesity is not healthy. It shortens life spans and will soon be the leading cause of death in this country. He's merely saying what many are thinking. She's a talented woman, she needs to lose weight — for her HEALTH.

  91. 91

    No one should "come to terms" with being that size. She should be trying to get healthy, and I don't mean skinny. The reality is that people who are that overweight increase their risks for hypertension, heart disease, diabetes, and so many other conditions. We should not be encouraging people to be okay with being obese.

  92. 92

    First off, Howard Stern employs hundreds of people. Second Gabby needs to lose weight. There is a difference between a heavy person, a person with a BMI that says they're obese when they are clearly not, and a truly obese person. She is unhealthily heavy and terms or not… anybody who truly cares for the girl and wants to bask in her talent should be on her side. It's not okay for any one to accept being that overweight. Save her life. Support her. Get her to the Doctor. I don't want to see her on "Celebrity: The Biggest Loser" in 5 years and I sure as hell don't want to read about her dying in 10.

  93. krock says – reply to this


    Give Howard some credit, we all know that this girls Hollywood career will be short lived at best. There just are not enough roles for a person of this size. It is the harsh reality of Hollywood.

  94. 94

    i kno that's right! ohhhhkkkayyyy

  95. 95

    maybe the ghost of jim henson will, as miss piggy.

  96. 96

    Shes not a 'big girl' she is completely obese! She cant possibly feel healthy.

  97. 97

    Her Mother is an idiot. Her daughter will die from disease early in life.

  98. 98

    Howard Stern told the truth! If you slap him he will never have you on his show again which gets more buzz than Wendy "chitlin circuit' Williams. Gaby is fat, strike one, and black, strike two. In Hollywood this means she plays the sassy best friend of the white girl star just like Queen Latifah or just the sassy black neighbor, sidekick, etc.

  99. 99

    It is so pathetic how people don't see anything wrong looking like a baby elephant!!

  100. 100

    What's wrong with it is it's unhealthy, the girls kness are going to give out before she turns 30, let alone her clogged arteries blowing. If she lost weight she might at least have a chance for some future roles in Hollywood, if not, there's no chance.

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