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Ryan Adams Goes Heavy Metal!

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Now there's a change!

Ryan Adams is releasing a heavy metal album on vinyl next week writing on his website about the track "Electrosnake":

"We're going to begin pressing 'Orion' - my most legit METAL record - on vinyl next week. Have a listen to the song below and let us know if you'd be interested in purchasing one. P.S. Not a single B.C. Rich was hurt in the making of this record."

70,000 people expressed interest in buying the album to which Ryan replied, "Unreal, 69,567 people want a copy. That's too many, but still… It's so cool getting to figure out what the manufacture numbers are before you go to press. The future, y'all!"

Listen to "Electrosnake" for yourself above! Thoughts??

[Image via WENN.]

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16 comments to “Ryan Adams Goes Heavy Metal!”

  1. 1

    It's o.k…. but it's not metal.

  2. 2

    Metal? Really? Hmmm. I think not, but cool sound all the same.

  3. 3

    It sounds like a lame imitation of Kurt Cobain.

  4. 4

    There is nothing 'heavy' or 'metal' about this song at all! Listen to fucking Behemoth if you want to hear some metal. And his voice is terrible. I'm actually insulted since I am an avid metal fan that he would even be so arrogant/ignorant to call this piece of shit song metal.

  5. 5

    I'm a HUGE Ryan Adams fan, but I have to agree–when I saw he was making a foray into "metal," and then heard this song, I didn't get it. Def. not metal. Sounds good, but I understand why metal fans would be insulted.

  6. 6

    That's not heavy metal. That's just rock and roll.

  7. 7

    not metal, just bullshit stupid!!

  8. 8

    The bloom is definitely off the rose with Adams. Whiskeytown was phenomenal and Ryan has had a few solo records that have been worth buying. But his quality of music has deteriorated to the point where I wouldn't even buy one of his cds without hearing it first. Based on this song, I won't be buying this album.

    Too bad. He used to be a really relevant artist with things to say.

  9. 9

    That's Metal in some other universe. He needs to listen to Slayer-Pantera-Judas Priest-Iron Maiden-etc. etc. to know what real Metal is. he would be booed off the stage at a Metal show.

  10. 10

    … crap!

  11. 11

    I really like it. At least it's awake. Yeah, it's an homage to Kurt, but really, what isn't?

  12. 12

    sounds like a lame-ass garage band. ya need to change your name dood…..sounds too much like bryan adams

  13. 13

    As a huge metal fan I'm completely insulted that he would go so far as to label this "metal." Maybe in a dilusional, hipster universe this could classify as hard rock, but it's most definitely NOT metal!

  14. 14

    Rock and Roll maybe but that is not metal.

  15. 15

    this is not heavey-metall.
    this is indi. nothing more, nothing less.

  16. 16

    i like it - of course- but its only his rock n roll album played a little louder
    hardly metal ryan

    try detuning to c and hitting some of those riffs
    then taking ALL the midrange out of your amps
    thats metal

    still love ya