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Simon Cowell Will Pay Big Bucks To Get Cheryl For X Factor

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Wow! We think this is a serious gamble. She's just not well-known enough over here!

Simon Cowell is reportedly hell-bent on landing Cheryl Cole Tweedy as a judge on the American X Factor, and is offering the British pop star a $2.2 million deal to make sure she's his first priority!

A source says:

'Getting the right combination for the panel is imperative and Cheryl ticks all the boxes. She is sassy, sexy, confident and knows her stuff musically.

Her profile may not be large Stateside yet, but Simon thinks that will work to his advantage as there's an element of mystery about Cheryl which is lacking from so many US stars. The money on offer is huge, but he knows it has to be a lot to persuade her to uproot, albeit temporarily.'

She'd be STOOPID not to take it!

We still don't know what Simon's thinking on this one, but if he feels that strongly about getting her…

What do U think?? Would U want to watch Cheryl judge X Factor??

[Image via WENN.]

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47 comments to “Simon Cowell Will Pay Big Bucks To Get Cheryl For X Factor

  1. 1

    No one knew who simon cowell was 8 years ago. Of course she'll work. She's smokin hot

  2. 2

    Yes she is amazing

  3. 3

    hmmm yeah probably… can't wait!

  4. Baaah says – reply to this


    Cheryl is my favorite judge on X-Factor Uk, definetly think she'll do something good if she take it!
    As long as dont messed up about the GA comeback, she can do whatever she wants
    and I'll support my girl
    Go Chezza… ♥

  5. 5

    YES YES YES!!!!! I loved Cheryl on the X-Factor and the rest of America will fall in love with her too! So excited!

  6. 6

    hopefully he also gets a singer thats well-known in america. since nobody knows who she is here.

  7. 7

    Yeeeees!!!!!!!!! That would be amazing! She's great in the UK - and you can't help but love her, the US will fall in love like THAT :)

  8. 8

    yeah! i love cheryl she will do great, everyones gotto start somewhere

  9. 9

    I would LOVE for her to break it in the US. American stars are basically trashy as hell (Madonna, Britney, Rihanna, Gaga) so it would be pretty cool to see a classy lady for once. Also, I think she's amazing on UK X factor and she will be amazing here too!

  10. 10

    No shes crap as a judge, Dannii is the only good judge on X Factor UK, shes honest and nice and gives constructive comments, she would be sooooo much better than Cheryl, but shes having a baby instead coz Dannii's in a happy relationship….haha EAT SHIT CHERYL

  11. 11

    i loveeee her stuff so yes…..i think that would jumpo start her career over here and her music will blow up!! lets be real did anyone know who the fuck simon cowell was when american idol first started and look at him now..so i believe the same thing will happen with her. Loveeeeeeeeee cheryl cole her album is amazing

  12. 12


  13. 13

    Geordie accents are hard to understand. It is a stupid move on Simon's part. Middle America isn't going to want to watch a show where they need subtitles to understand what she is saying.

  14. 14

    Does this mean that she won't be on the UK X Factor?
    Fingers crossed people!!

  15. 15

    Re: goodtasteishardtofind
    Are you serious? I'm guessing you don't know about her punching a bathroom attendant then? She's not classy at all, she's a thug in a pretty dress and expensive hair extensions.

  16. 16


  17. 17


  18. 18

    I'd watch her. She'd obviously be a lot better than you. I don't know what makes you think you could judge Idol/X Factor, your last time judging a competition was a huge bomb. I could just see it now "Before I say yes or no, What do you think about gay marriage?" We don't need you creating a fleet of Carrie Prejean's.

  19. 19

    i hope it's true because cheryl is an amazing judge. i think it says something when her acts have won both years that she's been a judge. this will be great for her music career over here too and hopefully she'll bring girls aloud with her!

  20. 20

    Nooooooooo not Cheryl. Blah! The show will have to have subtitles for Americans. Choose, Dannii Minogue instead!!!!!

  21. 21

    Re: chotty05 – Her album is shit

  22. 22

    My husband and I didn't know who Cheryl or Girls Aloud were until he downloaded Xfactor and we watched the year Leona won. America will love her. She is genuine and she is gorgeous.

  23. 23

    Re: Jadesmom
    Cheryl wasn't actually a judge the year Leona won…

  24. 24

    I genuinely think America will love her, does it matter if she's not well known enough yet? If she lands the gig then within a year or two, she will be huge. I'm not sure Cheryl will want to leave England for America though.. it's a big commitment. I don't think she would have done it before all this business with Ashley, but now they've separated I think she might give it more of a consideration than she otherwise would have done.

  25. 25

    Is everyone retarded? Cheryl is an arrogant idiot! Before she even released a single she went on tv and branded herself a fucking ICON! She has a big mouth a tries to bring others down (because shes insecure maybe?) and if that doesn't work she punches them (especially black women!) She has No talent and is incredibly insincere. The americans will see through her vey quickly, and americans will NOT put up with a serious lack of talent like hers. She is an arrogant, talentless, egotistical, snotty, violent, nasty, FAKE, common, fucking tramp in expensive clothing, ripp off merchant (stealing her performance from Michael Jackson - LOSER) reality tv bitch, who needs a kicking up the ass! SO WHAT if her husband cheated, he was probably tired of her self promoting and bad attitude. Besides, who pays this much attention to the woman who was cheated on next door? Many women who are left as a single mother and doesn't have loads of money in the bank? Fuck off CHERYL!

  26. 26

    hey, Dannii Minogue's career was in the "gutter" when she joined XFactor….and look at where she is now. She's more respected now as a person that can judge musical talent than when she was actually putting out albums.

    I think this may be what Cheryl may need if she ever intends on breaking the US market…with or without Girls Aloud. (hopefully in both ways…love me some Girls Aloud).

  27. 27

    Another overrated untalented girl, to join the ranks of Rihanna. She is also riding the waves of the nation's sympathy. A few years ago she attacked a toilet lady in a drunken rage damaging her left eye. But she is beautiful, and the media tried to bury the story. Thank God for real singers like Mary J Blige, Alicia Keys, Sade Kelly Clarkson, Jennifer Hudson, Pink, Adele and others.

  28. 28

    Re: pixie8008 – I couldn't have said it better myself.Why people are unable to see through this fraud, because of her looks, is really sad.She acted as if the X Factor was a catwalk, while behaving like a blundering idiot, but the people are all blinded by this girl's looks.

  29. 29

    Re: pixie8008 – Seriously. Are you kidding me? Let go of the whole "she punched a black chick" & "she hates black people" talk. Something obviously happened for her to punch someone. I mean she did say it was self-defense… what do you want her to do? do nothing and let her take all the crap? & also ive seen a lot of comments in recent articles where people are like "cheryl hates black people" .. well you must be dumb. Have you seen the person she married? She stuck with him when he first cheated on her. So wtv.

  30. 30

    If you had a dick, you'd know why she might have a shot. She's all over the hot chick blogs in her undies, bathing suits, etc.

  31. 31

    I think she would be brilliant! It's no coincidence that the ratings for X-factor UK spiked when she joined AND one of her acts have won for the two years she's been apart of the show…
    She's great but she's not perfect and people can identify with that… PLUS she kicks Simon's a** and is not afraid to tell you what she really thinks!!!

  32. 32

    Its bad enough watching her annoying Manchester whine on x factor here, SSHE GIVES ME A HEADACHE.

    Will she be taken seriously though? he album is shit, her voice is no big talent, you'll need subtitles to understand her and shes so fake… acts cute but we all know she came from a drug infested council estate and picks fights with people in toilets…

  33. 33

    Cheryl is sooo overrated! Yes she's pretty blah blah blah but a lot of people are forgetting that she hit a woman in a bathroom of a nightclub cos she was black! And she got done for it so she's got a criminal record, are people allowed in america with a record for violence? Think they need special permission, which she prob will get :( Can't see the americans will like her when they hear about that.

  34. 34

    i'd split that like a log. so fit

  35. 35

    Cheryl will totally make it here. It's perfect. A fresh start, this could be her in to America. American's will love how she looks, and they'll love her personality and then when they find out more about her, they'll start supporting her music. It'll be so much better than American Idol. I'm excited.

  36. 36

    Also, after reading over the comments, I think it's hilarious saying she'll need subtitles. She's going to a linguist coach now to curve her accent - I understand every word she says, you'd have to be retarded to not understand. Also, it's true, all these people saying, "She's not classy, she punched a black chick." She was effing 19 years old and it was 7 years ago, let it go. Also she married a black guy - so what's up with the racist comments?

  37. 37

    Why not? she is beautiful and talentless - isn;'t that all it takes to make it in hollywood? (of course there are those whom are not only beautiful BUT talanted (ms winslet) thank god.)

  38. 38

    i love her! she's so cute. she'll do really well.

  39. 39

    Re: Sapsnap

    Not a Manchester whine! She's from Newcastle Upon Tyne (South Shields) which is about 120 miles north of Manchester - That makes her a Geordie not a Manc.

  40. 40

    She's crap on UK X Factor and she'll be crap on US X Factor! She has nothing constructive to say apart from 'yer a little star.' How can she judge other people when she can't sing herself? She was very lucky the 'talent' show she won was years ago when standards were very much lower. In fact, there was talk at the time of it being fixed as people were voting for one of the other girls and the vote was going to Tweedy.

    They say in a girl band that there needs to be 1 or 2 singers, and the rest are ornaments to look at - Cheryl fits the bill. But it does cost her £200,000 a year to do it. Hair extensions, veneers, stylists, nutritionists, etc. don't come cheap!

  41. 41

    I've never heard of Cheryl. However, she's absolutely beautiful.

  42. 42

    I think it is HILARIOUS how Perez LOVED her until she got the job offer he was begging for…better yet she got offered over $2 Million for a job he said he would do for free, now all of a sudden she's not well known enough. Watch, she will be his next target…he is like the jealous overweight girl in high school that hates anyone prettier or cooler than him. LOL.

  43. 43

    sometimes Perez you can be a two face bitch. One minute its all 'Cheryl this, Cheryl that' and then next your like Go Away. She'll be amazing XD

  44. 44

    Who is she? Why should Simon Cowell have anything to do with our American music wtf??

  45. 45

    No seriously who is she?

  46. 46

    Some of us Londoners have trouble understanding her Geordie accent so I'm not sure that the average Americano will be able to. She isn't that intelligent but she's been through that process to get into GA so has some insight. Simon likes her because she doesn't challenge his authority. The main reason I don't want her to go to the US though is because she's our precious, you've got your own precious like Britney who is as qualified if not more than Cheryl. Get your own precious!!!

  47. 47

    Re: Sapsnap

    Manchester whine? The second I read that,, your post was irrelevant lol. Fuck off, brains.