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Take That Cheater Also A Pedo?

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She's too young!

Take That fan Susan Blake came out to the media about a sexual encounter she and a friend had with cheating Take That band member Mark Owen when she was only 16-years-old!

Susan and her friend were staying at the same hotel as the band when they went to see them perform in London back in 1995. She explains:

"He walked straight over to where we were sitting and said, 'Hello girls'. He asked what we were doing. We said we were tired and about to go to bed. He said, 'Want to come to a party in my room?' He told us to go up to the top floor in half an hour. It was clear that he was drunk.

"We walked into his room but there was no one in there, just the smell of incense. I said, 'I thought there was a party in your room' and he just laughed, saying, 'Oh, no.'"

Mark then took off his clothes and invited the girls into bed with him! Susan describes:

"We felt obliged to please him. We did things to him and he did things to us. He kept on asking for sex, saying 'Come on, let's do it. It'll be safe.' But we both refused.

"I look back know and think, 'You, silly moo'. But we were just young kids. I had only ever kissed a boy before. He knew that we were both young girls and he was taking ­advantage of us. But it's his wife I feel sorry for now."

SO wrong! His wife should be glad to get rid of him!

[Image via WENN.]

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99 comments to “Take That Cheater Also A Pedo?”

  1. 1

    Your a fucking sicko Perez. if you used yer fucking head, you would realise that a 16yo it totally 100% legal, and he was 23 when that girl was 16, only 7 years older. How can that make a him a pedo. You are a sick and twisted utter fuckwit.

  2. 2

    Like oakieboy said, 16 is the legal age for sex in the uk you twat!!! if you are gonna start to accuse people of disgusting things like peadophila get you stupid ass fact straight!!!

  3. 3

    Totally BS : the age of consent is 16 (or even 12 in the UK) and below 18 pretty much everywhere in Europe.

  4. 4

    He's the twisted one? What about the pack of 16 year old twats who jumped into bed with him?????

  5. malko says – reply to this


    As others have posted the legal age in the UK is 16. Perhaps you should get your facts right before labelling people with libelous comments.

    Shame on you Perez

  6. 6

    Yeah 16 is legal and u can bet it was the chick comin on to him too. You should retract this it could be really harmful to a person

  7. 7

    wow how romantic! "'Come on, let's do" is a total turn on.

  8. 8

    16 year old is legal in the UK so he isn't a peedo. Don't go throwing accusations like that about. it will damage you.

  9. Emesa says – reply to this


    "We felt obliged to please him" Um why? When I was 16, hell even when I was 13, I would have known enough to kick a creepy perv square in the nuts and leave him in his own drunken, pathetic, coked out mess.

  10. 10

    Great journalism as usual - you f**kwit!

  11. diye says – reply to this


    i thought it was a pic moking lilo and samantha ronson!

  12. 12

    Bands have been doing this since the begining of time!!! Didn't you see Almost Famous? lol :-p

  13. 13

    legal age in uk is 16. He did nothing wrong.

  14. 14

    Re: oakieboy – You are a sick and twisted utter fuckwit. ~lol gross!!

  15. 15

    This story has fake written all over it. Plus it was before he was with Emma AND in 1995 he was 15 years younger than he is now! Also, 16 is legal in the UK and if the story is even true (which I highly doubt) they consented. If they really done it, why didn't they sell it sooner? My friend and I joke about doing it, we're never going to obviously, but those girls have done the same I think.

    Facts first!

  16. 16

    Okay, I'm not sure what the law is in America but in England, 16 is the age of consent. I am horrified and disgusted by what Mark Owen has done, adultery to that extent is horrendous and I hope his wife has the self respect to leave him. However, it is VERY wrong of you to label him a paedophile. As I say, in England, 16 is the age of consent. You can't go around calling people paedohile's willy nilly. Millions of people come on to your site and will have read this article and so to wrongly call someone a paedophile is irresponsible. I think you should edit the headline before you cause any damage.

  17. 17

    Re: palin-odic – 12 ?!? where did you get that fact? thats definitely peadophila in the UK.

  18. 18

    I think you need to apologise perez! A FUCKING PEDO! the law in the uk is 16 years old and over! You should thank your ass you aint getting sued!

  19. 19

    He's a pedo? Well, so are you, so you two should have a lot to talk about!

  20. 20

    i really hope he sues perez for calling him a pedophile!

  21. 21

    age of concent in the UK is 16 Perez. Your story fails.

  22. 22

    even if 16 wasn't the legal age of consent - pedophile only describes those with an interest in pre-pubescent children. the interest in post-pubescent, and sometimes underage, people is called ephebophilia

  23. 23

    Take That? Whos That?

  24. 24

    A 16 year old slut who got what she was asking for…gee, that's SUCH big news. You oogle the rock stars, you don't FUCK THEM, it's common knowledge. Who screws a member of "Take That" anyway? How embarassing, that's like admitting you had a gang bang with S Club 7 or some shit.

    This story bores me….

  25. 25

    WTF…At what point do the girls accept responsibility for their own actions?

    I get how he played it up but they knew what they were doing!

  26. 26

    Re: that1tallchick – LOL S club 7!!!!

  27. 27

    Perez, I just love the "Shut the fuck up" signs you've been giving couples….perfection ! L O L !!

  28. 28

    One more coming out of the woodwork. How many does this make now. Can these so called men and women just go away.

  29. 29

    You perez are a disgusting human being.. Being accused of peadophila one of the most henious things you can be accused of. 16 is the legal age to have sex in the uk you vile human being! Americans are fucking vile

  30. 30

    im pretty sure you could be sued for what you just said. Sixteen is the legal age of consent in the UK. he has done nothing illegal and is by no standards a peadophile.
    you need to be a lot more careful about throwing around allegations like that - people are murdered by angry mobs because theyv heard some false rumor their neighbours is a paedophile.

  31. 31

    this is fucking libel.take it down

  32. 32

    Apology required before your ass gets sued. As other comments say, legal age of consent in UK is 16 (NOT 12!). He may have acted like a total scumbag, but that doesn't make him a paedophile.

  33. 33

    so hope he sues ur ass

  34. 34

    Re: palin-odic – No wonder Roman Polanski and everyone else supporting him thought he did nothing wrong. Sick shit.

  35. 35

    Perez, what is wrong with you? You can hardly wait to condemn people. 16 years is the age of consent in the UK. Considering that the UK has the highest rate of teen pregnancies in Europe,mostly among the 16 to 18 year olds,these two girls are fully aware of what to expect getting into bed with a man. I bet they were both more than willing to go with a famous pop star.They could also be lying to get into the papers. I wish you get sued for defamation of character, then there is a world of difference between womanizing and paedophilia.

  36. 36

    Re: mcgavock – this isn't even remotely like the polanski case. it was consensual!!! he was 23 at the time!! 23!!!! and it was consensual!!

  37. 37

    You should stay as faaaaaaaaaaaar away as possible with stories that have anything to do with being a pedo, unless you like the back splash.

  38. 38

    How dare you you asshole! That's defamation. 16 is the legal age in the UK. What a misinformed jackass you are. Not to mention this was 15 years ago when he was much younger. You need to change this title, now! Perez you're so fucking stupid the mind boggles. You keep putting so much negativity and lies out, that's all you're going to get back. Anyone could rightly say YOU are a pedo for how much you drool over prepubescent looking young boys like Zac Efron.

  39. 39

    You shouldn't use that word to describe someone unless you're sure it's an illegal act which it isn't in the UK. She was 16, it's legal. You should apologise. It could be very damaging.

  40. 40

    Mario, you need to remove this libelous headline immediately and put up a full apology or we'll be seeing you in court. You can be sure that Mr Owen's representatives have been made aware of this and will be organising legal action.

  41. 41

    ummm slander - 16 is perfectly legal - you americans are far too sheltered!

  42. 42

    Oh FFS, Perez. try to stop judging everyone by American mores and standards. Here in the UK the age of consent for heterosexuals is 16. People can marry at 16. He is NOT A PAEDO, you sick fuck.

    I hope Mark Owen sues you for libel.

  43. 43

    I hope your arse gets sued. Typical Celebrity 'Journalist' !! If this story is even true then you need to realise that 16 is the age of consent in the UK so he has done nothing wrong. (Also as the girls were in a bar you can guarantee that they were pretending they were at least 18- the legal drinking age in the UK!)


  44. 44

    not only were they 'legal', but c'mon….a drunk guy asks you to go party in his room what the fuck do you expect?! a nice cup o'tea and a game a scrabble? there's no way you can play the 'he exploited us' card here!

  45. 45

    Re: savagesomnio

    It's a slander but as it has been published, it is most definitely libellous and as it is such a serious allegation, the UK proof of truth lies on the person that uttered the slanderous statement. Unlike the U.S. libel is much easier to win in the UK, I would guess that such a serious allegation would clean Mario out. Costs alone would exceed $2 million and the award would probably be the same.
    Mario, you deserve that sort of punishment for doing this.

  46. 46

    Does anyone know who I can email in take thats camp to make sure they know about these allegations? I've taken screen prints of the page so even if the sick fuck removes the post I still have proof of it. He cant get away with accusing people of paedophilia and all sorts and then think he's not gonna get another punch right in the face BEP style.

  47. 47

    you're a bully and an idiot - the legal age is 16 in the UK. i think you should be forced to retract that comment.

  48. 48

    Before you go throwing sick accusations around Perez, the legal age in the UK is 16 unlike in the US, so no he's not a pedo. Check your facts before you write stuff like that. Plus in 1995 he himself would have only been like 21 or something.

  49. 49

    your such a dick Perez 16's legal in the UK

  50. 50

    Careful with your accusations, 16 is legal in UK and he was a young man himself, he mightn't have known they were 16 it sounds like they might have been well up for a bit of fun with a Take That boy!

  51. 51

    He should get your stupid ass to the court for 'pedo', Perez! Its legal in Europe. You have to be 15teen over here to be legal.
    It sure is not a nice situation told byt the girl, but come on, its nothing wrong.

  52. 52

    I hope Mark does you for slander. You f**king bellend. Mark has been an idiot and he's paying for that now…but to call him a paedophile and label him like those sick twisted a-holes out there who harm kids…….you've SERIOUSLY crossed the line.
    This will get back to him and then you because Mark still has shit loads of fans, and you're about to know about it!

  53. 53

    16 is the legal age of consent in the UK and 15 yeas ago he wouldn't have been much older than that himself.

    You can't just go around accusing people of being a peado, especially when you are legally incorrect. That kind of accusation could ruin a person's life.

  54. 54

    You deserve to be sued for this. I hope someone has caught wind of this headline and the legal wheels are set in motion. Whether or not this story is even true (no proof) Mark was himself 22 or 23 in 1995. I look forward to your public apology or seeing you get sued.

  55. 55


    What a moron you are ghost writer. do some research instead of jumping on the bandwagon. CHANGE THE FREAKING TITLE/

  56. 56

    Did you ever stop and wonder what exactly it is you're trying to prove here, Perez? Do you even KNOW Mark Owen? Do you? You met him but that doesn't mean you KNOW him and his personality which does NOT scream pedo! That's the most horribly twisted allegation I have read about Mark anywhere and you're the one who had to come up with it? Can't you come up with something else? Gee here's a thought!

    Mark is the most personable, sweetest, loving, caring, warm and friendly guy. He goes out on a real limb for people - I know this because he did something nice for me back in 1994 - a total complete stranger that I am and Mark was nice to me. Perhaps you could learn a few things by him?

    my read comments…..

  57. 57

    The legal adult age in UK is 16. In 1995, these so called girls were - look at that - 16! Mark Owen was 23, seven years older and very much loved by all the fans. This story isn't even CURRENT so you can't judge him with it - do we even know it's true? Because it reads across to me as fabricated and some girls wanted to make a stir and cause a public fuss about Mark all over again! There's no reason for it.

    read my comments….

  58. 58

    And have any of Mark's flings with the exception to Neva Hanley come out to report Mark as a 'pedo' now? Gee, no they have not and if so they are probably first time around fans who are my age (which is of LEGAL CONSENT)!

    I don't condone anything Mark has done because it's his private life. He's getting help in rehab for his problems, he came clean with his wife and also the fans. He has MANY of us still out here supporting him - I am one! Do his fans think any less of him? From my view I don't because I know the type of guy he is and I know you allegations are completely FALSE!

  59. 59

    I hope Mark Owen sues your ass!

  60. 60

    I hope Mark Owen reads this and sues you you idiot. Get your facts right before you upload a story:

    1) 16 is the age of consent in the UK and;
    2) It would not be paedophilia if it weren't the age of consent either. Paedophilia is about pre-pubescent children.

  61. 61

    err 16 y/o = legal in the UK. idiot.

  62. 62

    You really are a total fuckwit, aren't you Perez? You're also, apparently, thick as shit. What's your problem? Didn't your mommy pay you enough attention when you were a kid?
    I hope Mark sues your ass off! You dickhead.

  63. 63

    you have something in common. How many times have you spanked it to Justin Beiber this morning?

  64. 64

    Calling someone a pedophile is just one of the most disgusting things!
    As so many others have pointed out, the girls in question were old enough to legally have sex at the time and it doesn't sound as if they were so unhappy about it at the time, either. They went back for more, didn't they? Pedophilia also suggests that they were forced to do something they didn't agree to do which is also not the case - if their story is even true, that is.

    Get your facts right before you go blasting about accusations like that. It would serve you right if you were sued for this. It's one of the lowest and most disgusting things I ever had to read.

  65. 65

    I'm pretty tired of the term "pedo" being used in situations like this. A pedophile is someone who experiences a sexual attraction to *prepubescent* children. I'm pretty sure most 16 year olds have gone through puberty. US or UK, "prepubescent" means the SAME THING.

    At any rate, isn't the age of consent 16 in the UK? It was when I was going to school there.

  66. 66

    WTF!!! Why would anyone say this! There was only 7 years difference between them and the girl was at the legal age! So how the hell can you call him a pedo!? And if the girls didn't go up to his room in the beginning and do the things to tease him then he wouldn't of wanted/expected sex. It's their own stupid fault and you are a complete twat saying this stuff!!

  67. 67

    oakieboy - you are completely right but in america the legal age of consent is 18 so to americans it is illegal but in the uk it does not make him a pedophile if this is true

    IMO this sounds like one of those fake bandwagon stories

  68. 68

    Perez or whoever writes this, when she was 16 he was 23, that isn't much of an age difference and 16 is the legal age to have sex in the UK. You are trying to make this worse that it is. And you spell it PAEDOPHILE, not PEDOPHILE. Learn to spell, motherfucker.

  69. 69

    you're are a c**t of the highest order.
    get a proper job, and DIE while you're doing it

  70. 70

    oh for gods sake perez!! legal age of consent in britain is 16, so while what he may have done recently is wrong, he is in no way a pedo. i dont even know if you read these comments but i really think you should edit this post. im a huge fan of your site but this post is just ridiculous. accusing someone of being a pedophile is such a serious thing. you need to get your facts right. AGE OF CONSENT IN BRITIAN IS 16, HE IS NOT A PEDO.

  71. 71

    So two 16yo's travel to London to see Take That, stay in a hotel (the same as the band), in 1995 amid all the hype that was Take That. They are in the hotel and are approached by Mark Owen who says 'Hello girls what you up to?'. Do they say…………..
    A - Oh my god Mark Owen i've always wanted to meet you!
    B - Oh my god Mark Owen…..oooo….errr…nothing just chillin what you up to?
    C - We're tired, just off to bed!!

    Yeah righteo, if there was one you know they wouldn't say its that one right? It amazes me that this is to be believed, this story would have been history years ago. They would have blurted at the time, they would have been chuffed to pieces. They would have realised that there wasnt a party in the room as the door opened and were possibly only upset when it was discovered the rest of the band were not present. They were not obliged to do anything other than make excuses and go to their room and rest their weary eyes if indeed it happened.

    To be branded a paedo? Utterly wrong. Perez you silly moo.

  72. 72

    Re: cat sup 1 – I totally agree. He always makes comments about ho sexy or cut or whatever young boys are. Zac Efron, Taylor Launtner and Justin Beiber. Totally inappropriate.

  73. 73

    Ridiculous article! If this really happened then why didnt she say something when it happened 15years ago!!!!!!! Just a dirty trollop looking to make some money.x

  74. 74


  75. 75

    I am British and whilst everyone is correct - 16 is the legal age in the UK, its also the case that back in 1995 (when I was also 16!) - Take That were the biggest superstars in the world to us. It would be no coincidence that those girls were in his hotel - girls of that age would have sold their mothers to find out where the band were staying. They would have sold their entire families to get in his bedroom. I suspect this whole story is a lie anyway.

  76. 76

    Perez, I usually have respect for you, and admire you witty look of the world of celebrity, but this is taking it too far!
    Yes, Mark may have tried to have sex with two 16 years olds, but that doesn't make him a pedophile. As many have pointed out already, the age of consent in the UK is 16, and he was only 23 in 1995, which isn't much of an age gap.
    Also, how do we know that the two girls in question didn't pretend to be older to be? They were staying in a hotel with a group of older fans and i bet that they were in the bar acting older than they actually were.
    You shouldn't brand Mark Owen in a negative light, but should focus on the two who sold the story. Any sensible 16 year, would know that an invite by a band member back to their room after midnight only means one thing! Even my 12 year old sister knows that! And then for them to climb into bed with him, really doesn't help; if they didn't want to be involved in that situation, they would have left and not come back the next night
    Stop spinning stories brandishing an innocent man a pedophile. Thats just vulgar! And stop trying to bum Rupert Murdoch and go back to the way you were; someone who took a light hearted look at the celebrity world, instead of wrongly accusing people of horrible things!

  77. 77

    You're a disgusting piece of shit Perez - I hope you get your ass sued into next year.

  78. 78

    He may be an arrogant twat Perez and even a bit sleazy, but, a peodo! come on, He's as much a peodo as every other 23 year old offered it up on a plate!

  79. 79

    Una tia de 16 años!!!!! ¿Pero tu eres tonto? ¡¡¡¡Que tiene 16 años!!!! Edad suficiente para consentir!!!!
    She was 16 years old, enough to have sex with Mark. Read the UK law, please.

    Maybe you read the notice in spanish and got wrong with the word "pedo".


  80. 80

    16 is legal in the Uk. And in 1995 what girl WOULDN'T have slept with a member of Take That, they were HUGE.

  81. 81

    Ya no you Make me wanna vomit pedo have you looked at yourself your a loser how do you even know they r telling the truth? plus even if they r 16 legal f**king fat ugly WANNABE hope you meet a REAL pedo in a dark ally F**KING LOSER

  82. 82

    YA no i am proper sick of this bullshit now Mark was Ill and as for he took advantage of me (BLAH) girls you took advantage of the situation and thats the bottom line you make me sick claim to be such big fans of the boys f**king Losers all kiss and tells are is cheap slappers collecting money of the back of a sick man…… you claim you loved BULLSHIT!! Perez Hilton your a f**king fat ugly prick you make me wanna vomit check ya self and stop chatting SHIT

  83. 83

    Perez, 16 is the LEGAL age of CONSENT for women in the UK, he didn't do anything illegal, those girls were just STUPID SKANKS, simples

  84. 84

    Re: palin-odic – 12??? the legal age of consent for women is NOT NOT NOT 12, how stupid are you? dimwit… omg maybe if u come form saudi arabia nodhead

  85. 85

    I hope you get sued for libel. You know pedophilia is a very serious crime and to just throw the term around and apply it to others so easily is really irresponsible.

  86. 86

    16 is legal and he would have been, what? 20 then? you obviously dont know the definition of 'paedophile', as they wouldnt be interested in a fully-developed 16 year old

  87. 87

    get your facts you sick fuck.16 is legal in the uk and he was only young himself at the time and secondly bitches please they were a pack of fucking groupies who suck dick and are embarrassed by it so they are playing this card.fuck off groupies is all they are so what.cant believe they are talking about 19 fucking 95 here.

  88. 88

    You shouldn't accuse people of that, especially since Mark would have been in his early 20's then and the legal age for sex here in the UK is 16 so its not like they were underage and he was loads older. Those girls were 16 so I'm sure they knew what they were doing by going back to his hotel room, you don't invite someone back for a chat!!

  89. 89

    Felt obliged my ass, she went up there willingly and she knew what for. Gimme a break. She says they did nothing but come on, is anyone REALLY buying that.

  90. 90

    That doesn't make him a pedo you twat! 16 is legal.

  91. 91

    16 is the legal age of consent in the UK so that doesn't make him a pedo

  92. 92

    The legal age of consent in Britain is 16, idiot. You're going to get sued. However the people who claim the age of consent is 12 in Britain are equally poor researchers.

  93. roz83 says – reply to this


    HA ha ha! You're going DOOOOOOOOOWWN!

    There is no way on earth that someone connected to Mark Owen hasn't seen this post. For you to post such a libellous statement in the public domain was VERY foolish. He's worth millions of pounds and however bad his infidelities have been (I certainly don't agree with his behaviour) for you to call him a Paedophile is VERY VERY stupid. As countless others have said the legal age of consent is 16. All your aggressive and obscene posts and graffitti on pictures is bad enough but to actually make a comment that he is the sort of person who has sex with CHILDREN? You have fully backed this as your belief of the truth on your website in your (albeit) fake name You're fucked mate! Getting a bit too big for your boots me thinks. I'll look forward to the headlines. Don't make shit up and think you can get away with it

  94. 94

    You fucked up Perez. Legal case on your hands methinks!!!
    How dare you publish such utter bollocks. Also as many have said, in th UK, the age of consent is 16. Mark would've been about 23 at the time, hardly makes him a peadophile now does it - WANKER!!

  95. 95

    Sound like she was a little slag, she must've wanted it, no one made her do it.

  96. 96

    Re: propp11 – but the girl wasn't 12, she was 16 and sounds like she was very up for it!!! I was mad in love with mark at that time but i didnt follow him round in hotels offering it on a plate!!

  97. 97

    Do you know what everyone? I think we've just played right in to this idiot's hands.
    We are all on his webpage commenting on his article.
    Unless someone in Mark's camp sees this, then nothing will be done about it, and we have all just given this Tw*t the publicity he wanted. We all know what utter bullsh*t this all is, for so many reasons. So let's either comment elsewhere, or if anyone knows how to take legal action, then let's. Other wise, let's never grace this site again.

  98. 98

    Saying that, Perez is also an ugly little twat too!

  99. 99

    Who gives a fuck, the guys a little fuckwit from a shite boyband - Fucker reminds me of a skinny peodo anyway. Glad the twats been caught shagging about, hope he hangs himself.