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Tiger's Return To Golf Is Going To Cost You!!

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People would really pay that much to see THIS douche?

Now that Tiger Woods has stopped getting nasty with his conveyer belt of gutter trolls, he's ready to compete in the Masters tournament!

Tickets for a four-day pass are normally $200, but as of yesterday, GoldenTickets.com listed the resale price at $2,400!!

Holy SHIZ!!

Guess if people are willing to pay, organizers might as well ca$h in on this mess along with everyone else!!

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16 comments to “Tiger's Return To Golf Is Going To Cost You!!”

  1. 1

    This is the kind of stuff that makes us(Amicans) look so bad to the rest of the world. We always put these Douch bag athletes on pedistals

  2. 2

    Tickets for the master go for thousands of $$$ every year. You cant just buy tickets either they are passed down by your family or your name gets pulled in the yearly draw.

  3. 3

    Lol i think I'm gonna pass on the golf tickets.
    I'm just gonna watch him on south park tonight!
    It's freee!!

  4. 4

    He's the most talented athlete in the world people. I'm not supporting his actions away from golf but when it comes to sports events people are willing to pay the big bucks because they aren't scripted and everyone wants to say they were there when something special happen. It's not like going to a lady gaga concert which she performs the same one night in night out or a similar version at best. The beauty of sports is that every night you could witness history in the making.

  5. 5

    disgusting! I'm from Orlando and you can just add Tiger to the list of embarrassments this town has! Whats the worse to me is kids look up to this bastard as a role model!

  6. gtg says – reply to this


    Re: rogerthat – There is no yearly draw for actual tournament badges. Only the practice rounds are done through a lottery.

    Also you cannot pass down tickets. My grandparents started getting tickets in the 50s when no one could care less about the tournament and you could just pick them up at the banks in Augusta. When they passed away that was it for their tickets. Luckily my dad is a patron but it would have been nice to get the extra tickets.

  7. 7

    PGA needs $$$$$$$$$$$$$$$$ Golf is in the Hole!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!

  8. 8

    Perez you are a douche!! rogerthat's right, tickets for this event are always up in the thousands every year because you have to know someone to get the regular priced tickets. Once again, way to check your facts!

  9. 9

    I've seen that posted on several websites and I work for a Sports Marketing Company. Badges have NEVER been $200 for four days… NEVER..

  10. 10

    Anyone that forks over that kind of money is a bigger Douche than Tiger is!

  11. 11

    That is face value. 4-day tickets for the masters always run near the $2000. So slightly inflated, yes. Not this unprecedented number that you are making out to be. I guarantee you tickets to the '98 masters (the year after he won his 1st) were just as high.

  12. 12

    anybody who would pay $2,400 to watch this fuckwit knock a ball around with a stick all day deserves to get ripped off.

  13. Daily says – reply to this


    Whatever you call him people are paying that much to see him. Guess he needs all the money he can get to pay Elin to stay with him.

  14. 14

    LOL You kill me! Why should he not make a living? He is the best at what he does and NOBODY is being forced to buy anything! Mind your BIZ and stay out of his.

  15. 15

    u must be invited to buy tickets at regular price. they resell for much more. its the freakin masters. people would love to go and are willing to spend as much as they have to. not only that but to see tiger would be bad ass.

  16. 16

    tickets for the masters are ALWAYS crazy expensive.. they definitely aren't normally only $200. I'm sure the prices have gone up, but not by THAT much.