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Courtney Apologizes To Billy Corgan

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After all that shiz that went down between her and Billy Corgan, Courtney Love took to her Facebook to offer a very public heartfelt apology.

Courtney wrote:

"Dearest Billy: I love you, I love your strong and eternal heart, even love the f**ked up gnarly amazing magnificent bigger-than-god louder-than-love karma of the songs you write and allow me to fly with.

We have again created beauty from the agony between us, all the buried and unburied anguish, all that is true, that is gold, that is meant to be is within this endless and somehow eternal cycle of Billy & Courtney.

I hope you will take my sincerest apologies for all the thousand ways I sometimes offend you, because I know you are a king, a prince, and my beautiful noble boy. No one will ever force my hand, nothing will come between the truth of what we are."

Eternal lovers. Eternal fighters. Eternal warriors… I love you and can never thank you enough.Your soul (and you know this)."

What did U think of her apology?

Did it seem sincere?

[Image via WENN.]

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31 comments to “Courtney Apologizes To Billy Corgan”

  1. 1

    i think it was spelled correctly and that proper grammar was used… so i don't think she wrote it!

  2. 2

    bitch needs the money! its amazing how a no talent star fucker can still be relevant.

  3. 3


    check them out at myspace.com/aftermidnightproject

  4. 4

    do people really still care about this washed up, trashy, unkept weirdo?

  5. 5

    Seems heartfelt enough. On the other hand, she might be begging him not to sue for using his songs on her comeback album.

  6. 6

    Re: tonybotz – I totally agree. This is not sincere and she just wants permission to use their music so she can make money.

  7. 7

    Seems like somebody is hoping to avoid a cease & desist letter and a copyright infringement lawsuit. It's also correctly spelled and grammatically correct which leads me to believe her lawyer/publicist wrote it.

  8. 8

    Nicely done. She CAN write - I think she could do a nice "apologie"-style poem/song from one friend to another that we could all relate to. :D

  9. ash,* says – reply to this


    It actually makes sense which is a first

  10. 10

    'that "which" is gold'
    the grammar is almost correct.

  11. 11

    She is one crazy addict who seems to think we all care what she thinks. How about just staying clean to use the gift you have been given and be a mother.

  12. 12

    That sounds like a man writing a love letter to a woman, unfortunately most men cannot write like this nowadays…leave it to the woman. Leave it to a romantic.

  13. 13

    oh brother…….

  14. 14

    She is not even relevant..such a crack whore!

  15. 15

    No talent whore.

  16. 16

    meth mouth

  17. 17

    couldnt this had been just between them??

  18. 18

    Songs like Tonight Tonight and Disarm made Billy Corgan a god.

  19. 19

    Um, hmm. Since at times she seems so incoherent it would lead me to believe that she must have been much on a sober train when she wrote this or she is a mental nut who is now on her meds that she desperately needed all these years. Now you can bet she will suck as a musician though. Isn't that what they always say, the truly gifted people can't work if they take their meds or something?

  20. 20

    YES she did

  21. 21

    Although I am against apologies in general, this was a REALLY good one. Shoulda been private, though.

  22. 22

    maybe this piece of trash should consider apologizing to her daughter for a change.

  23. 23

    Re: CBenji – i'm betting she made three or four passes at this and then had a lawyer or somebody take over and do the final draft. i don't think she can spell or string together more than 3 words with any coherency.
    and i hope this ploy doesn't work and he sues her right into the poorhouse. she's a worthless piece of shit.

  24. 24

    I think Courtney love is a big bag of fucking crazy. Thats what I think. I also Think Billy Corgan is a huge arrogant douche bag, however, I hope he has more common sense and sees the ball of roasted nuts that is courtney love.

  25. 25

    Re: tigrrrlilly – Oh girl, no WAY she wrote this at ALL!! I think the REAL writer did a nice job, though. MAD LOVE TO U!!

  26. 26

    I think she wants permission to use those songs. lol. Billy does rock. Write me some too, bro!

  27. 27

    "Heartfelt" my ass. If it was truly heartfelt, she would have kept it private. She knows how to contact him.

    She's looking for media points and trying to keep the lawyers at bay. Also, she can't stand it when he isn't giving her any personal attention.

    She's been his stalker/whore for twenty years and had a massively negative and destructive influence on him and his personal relationships. Hopefully Billy has the strength now to see through her games and stay away from her. But probably not.

  28. 28

    I just wish this more sane and self aware Courtney sticks. I really miss Courtney in the 90's. Who can't forget the beautiful white dress she wore at the Oscar's? That image is always in my mind when I think about her. Stick with it Courtney! You can grow on the public again. Just don't go off the deep end!

  29. 29

    Re: onsecondthought – what, billy can't think for himself??? if CL is in his life, it's cuz they both want it that way…dontcha think?

  30. @v@ says – reply to this


    Both of them should know that it's just so much easier (if there's a problem) to pick up the phone.

  31. 31

    Re: goggleeyedflorrie – No I don't think it's that simple. Of course he's not innocent in all this but he is very impressionable. They have alot in common - just nothing good.

    He's called it off with her several times, as early as 91' and again in 93'. Why do you think he keeps doing that? She harasses and flatters and he comes back. She's a masterful manipulator. Just ask Perez. :)

    They're both exploiting this for the media attention but he's also ditching Court for Jessica's benefit. No wonder Court's miserable! She's already tried to befriend Jessica. Didn't work. When he's tired of Jess he'll go running back to Love.