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Did Joan Jett Have Some Work Done???

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She's just looking implausibly youthful for her age!

Last night, rocker Joan Jett strolled the red carpet for her new biopic The Runaways, alongside the likes of Cherie Currie and that swamp rat wrapped in tin foil Kristen Stewart.

We don't know, but it looks like Joan's sporting a younger looking face.

She does look amazing at 51-years-old. Worth every penny!

[Image via AP Images.]

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131 comments to “Did Joan Jett Have Some Work Done???”

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  1. 101

    Why does Kristin Stewart always have such a miserable look on her face?
    Horrid posture too! You are tall for the love of GOD stand up straight.

  2. 102

    OMG YES, work done completely!

  3. 103

    i have no idea if she got work done. but i do hate though is that because you hate stewart you insult you take time to insult her. a lot of people actually like her including myself, and actually are beginning to hate this website for the bias content.

  4. 104

    Poor Kristin! Perez, you gotta cut her a break one of these days. I want to know Joan Jetts secret or Surgeon

  5. 105

    That dress is a beaut you stupid prick! I LOVE KRISTEN STEWART! I used to be indifferent when it came to her but as soon as you started your relentless POINTLESS bitchiness, I suddenly saw how crazy awesome she is.

  6. 106

    fuck you perez. kristen looks gorgeous

  7. 107

    i think that the only swamp rat here is you perez you can be such a dick and a hypocrite sometimes.

  8. 108

    kirsten whateverh her name is, is such a slob. this pic of her makes me wanna yack.

  9. 109

    coke & booze works beautifully for her :D

  10. 110

    Kristen Kinda Looks Preggers.

  11. 111

    OMG! Its either Kristen just ate a ton of food or Robert knocked her up…
    And Joan Jett is looking good for her age, she looks 30..

  12. 112

    Kristen Stewart…GROSS!!! Suck it in honey you look prego!!

  13. 113

    They both look really good on that picture, love the both. They are both so talented

  14. 114

    either its shadows, or it looks like some wicked bruising on kristen stewarts leg

  15. 115

    why does kristen look pregnant?

  16. 116

    Not any more work done than, say…Madonna! Leave her alone..she looks fine.

  17. 117

    She looks hot hot hot!

  18. 118

    kristen looks prego haha

  19. 119

    Kristen looks about 3 months pregnant! Hope not poor child!

  20. 120

    What's that on the inside of Kristen's thigh? Perez, you usually never miss that kind of thing

  21. 121

    According to "Twilighterz" who was at the after party: "Kristen was very, very cordial to Perez Hilton at the after party" So I don't know why the hate continues, is it envy??? or is ti to maintain discussions in his site.

  22. 122

    dude were have you been! Of course she did!!

  23. 123

    yeah fuck off. kristen is amazing.

  24. 124

    honey, nobody on earth is born with those eyes. what's up w/ kristin's leg?

  25. 125

    I have seen the Runaways today! It blows your mind out! Masterpiece! If those girl re.ally sing on their own they are good. It the movie th. the acustic is great and the feel of being at the concert is great. The film brought tears to my eyes, also many grinns. Instant classic. Director of photography deserves an Oscar. I did not know that a dog's poop can be so photogenic, or two onions and a battle of vodka.
    Must see the movie guys.

  26. 126

    what about lita ford

  27. 127

    Uh oh. Who has she been banging to get them bruises on her thighs? She probably forgot her money during a drug deal and had to her dealer with something else *wink wink*

  28. 128

    Re: sniffle24

    you are so right !!

  29. 129

    Joan looks incredible. I do agree with the usual K-Stew bashing, but even I can admit that she does look good here too… Cleaner than usual.

  30. 130

    May she not get so much that she starts to look scary.

  31. 131

    omg shut up about kristen, there is seriously nothing wrong with her.
    if you all hate her so much why do you spend your time posting comments bitching about her and im pretty sure she wouldn't sit there posting pathetic comments about you if you were on her

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