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Ke$ha Stinks Up The American Idol Stage!!

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We didn't expect much, but GEESH.

Ke$ha peeled herself off some public restroom floor last night to stumble around the American Idol stage and let's just say she should be happy she wasn't being judged!

WTF is up with the headdress? And who does she think she is, Rihanna? Check out RiRi's performance of Hard here. Similar we think.

Ke$ha, get your OWN style!

Check out her SHITEOUS performance of Blah Blah Blah above.

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206 comments to “Ke$ha Stinks Up The American Idol Stage!!”

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  1. 101

    this bitch needs to just stop.

  2. 102

    Why does a show which is allegedly about talent and singing allow someone such as Kesha - who has no talent whatsoever - to 'perform' on the show? This is counter-intuitive. They are telling the contestants how important talent is, and then they present a talentless slag - who is selling product… thereby saying that talent really isn't important.

  3. 103

    American Idol is still a great show. They might only rarely find a great star, but its still fun.

    But that Kesha performance was awful!!! That song is grating on the ears. I think she's cemented herself as a one hit wonder.

  4. 104

    I love Kesha she puts on a fun show and is really honest. I think Kesha GaGa Rhinana and Katy Perry are all kind of similar if you ask me none of them ever have pants on, and so what she can't sing neither can half the people on American Idol this year.

  5. 105

    Re: wineaux – are you kidding??? you are an idiot if you are saying GaGa cant sing. Go watch some live videos and tell me she cant sing. She has an amazing voice, very talented young woman. But not Ke$ha, what kind of dirty woman brushes her teeth with a bottle of jack? Ke$ha needs to go to rehab and stay there

  6. 106

    Re: ilikeyourbeard – Rihanna has no style??? you are a moron.

  7. 107

    Not very good but MUCH BETTER than Gaga!!!!!!!!!!!!!

  8. whoev says – reply to this


    It was really, really bad. I was embarrassed for her.

  9. 109

    is it me or she got fatter and uglier?
    other than that,she was ok

  10. Phaze says – reply to this


    Ke$ha: The new Heidi Montag.

  11. 111

    The Headdress is not cool…white people shouldn't dress up in mock native gear anymore than they should native African garb,

    But it sounded as good as her recording…I don't think that means much, but I can't say the performance is any shitier than the song itself.

  12. 112

    This is just terrible.. I mean seriously bad.

  13. 113

    That was just embarrasingly bad… geesh. I feel dirty now.

  14. sreyn says – reply to this


    At least it wasnt MR gaga of course then you would have blown a load in your pants. Its not that she is great shakes as an artist but her music is hot right now and she rocks her schtick the same as gaga at least she is committed.

  15. 115

    agreed a million% with you Perez

  16. 116


  17. 117

    Re: wineaux – Right on.Any decent vocalist can sing the filth right off of Haha and Kesha.

  18. 118

    Oh come on…That wasn't bad at all. In fact it was a decent performance. And listen to the song, it's supposed to be fun and dumb. I can see the Rihanna similarities with the old school TV sets and I agree, they could have done something more original because that stage set up has been used by Rihanna since last October.

  19. 119

    what the fuck was with that native head dress?
    kesha is disgusting

  20. 120

    Re: Nana_banana – AGREED

  21. 121

    LOL, Ke$ha brings out ALL Perez's self-loathing. What up, PeePee? Is watching Ke$ha a little too much like looking the mirror?

  22. 122

    THE WORST!!! She is emabarassing and I hate that she has a record deal. This is the kind of crap that is wrong with America.

  23. 123

    she is horrible. i can't stand her.

  24. 124

    Why do you not like Kesha and at the same time LOVE the shit out of GAGA?
    One is no better than the other! and on that note Rihanna is shit as well, yet you love her too!!!???

  25. 125

    It was alright…

  26. 126

    I'm not a big fan of her or her songs but since you are so f'n HARD on her, I'm gonna start supporting her. She's not trying to be Rihanna and for all the people always saying she's trying to be Gaga, I don't see that at all either.

  27. 127

    how embarassing

  28. 128

    ok that was horrible but i think she fit right in with the people this year on idol.. The people on this year are horrible only thing i liked was the link to watch rihanna. Thanks for putting that up perez!

  29. 129

    I liked it :S

  30. jham says – reply to this


    Blah blah blah is a VERY good name for that song - 3OH!3 looked like a couple of sorority girls moving their hands like they were talking "blah, blah, blah" They even had a little bitchy attitude. LOLOLOLOLOLOLOLOLOLOLOLOLOLOLOLOLOLOLOLOLOLOLOLOLOLOLOLOLOLOLOLOLOLOLOLOLOLOLOLOLOLOLOLOLOLOLOLOLOLOLOLOLOLOLOLOLOLOLOLO

  31. 131

    I thought she actually did quite good. She's just the party girl! Stop hating and just enjoy.

  32. 132

    wow, she is reeeeally bad. holy auto tune. i would love to hear what simon has to say about her "singing"

  33. 133

    WTF is up with the headdress? And who does she think she is, Rihanna? Check out RiRi's performance of Hard here. Similar we think.

    How about both of them– why are they wearing head dresses in the first place? Are they Natives?

  34. 134

    I loved this performance! Ke$ha is great and this was a good performance! I also thought the lyric changes were HILARIOUS! :)

  35. 135

    i thought it was fine.. it had energy and was fun. At least she edited it for the show.

  36. 136

    I love Ke$ha but didn't like how she had to "clean up" the lyrics for her Idol performance.
    "I don't really care where you live at. Just turn around boy and let me hit that. Don't be a little bitch with your chit chat. Just show me where your dick's at." :-)

  37. 137

    The performance was pretty horrendous, but the only reason Perez is calling her out on it is because she is Gaga's biggest competition at the moment… sales wise. He needs to stop obsessing over Gaga's tranny ass.

  38. 138

    30H!3 are just a joke. They sucked just as bad. Very annoying stupid song

  39. 139

    In what way does she qualify as an artist?? And what on earth was she doing with a headress on? Her career can't be going much further.. she is AWFUL!

  40. 140

    I don't understand why you hate this girl so much. Get over yourself.

  41. 141

    While that may not have been a great performance, comparing Ke$ha (in terms of originality) to Rihanna is stupid, considering how many times she's ripped off other artists *cough*M.I.A*cough*

  42. 142

    Tik Tok there goes her fifteen minutes.

  43. 143

    This is the future of music. We're all fucked.

  44. 144

    Blah Blah Blah has to be one of the stupidest songs ever.

  45. 145

    I wish 2012 would just hurry up and come to kill us all already

  46. 146

    Her performance is brilliant. As usual perez hates on people with talent. Once he's made up his mind about not liking one celebrity, he sticks to it.

  47. 147

    did anyone notice that the judges weren't even there when she performed. yeah…she was THAT bad.

  48. 148

    Let's be a bit realistic, pop songs never sound as good live as they do in the studio. Why? Because people aren't swamped in hot lamps and weighed down by gear; not to mention dancing their ass of all while doing so. Perez you and all the Ke$ha haters need to get a hobby. She's not going anywhere, her songs made it to number 1 because enough people liked it to make it so. You seem to think you're a music expert perez…do you play any instruments…ever been in a band? Have you ever even learned how to read music? Do you dance? No…but you sure like to judge. How is that a talent? Her performance was fine, in fact she brought it. Are you going to bring it Perez? Or just keep publishing books that have no more substance their your myriad of sites you operate. I didn't think so.

  49. 149

    ouh. that was rough

  50. 150

    This is what I saw. A drunk frat girl running on stage who happened to find an Indian head dress in the corner of the party house and shoved in on her head while she was drunk and high dancing with 2 other boys who could not breath to save their lives and just a shitty performance meant to be made fun of. DONE.

  51. 151

    Awful! This girl is struggling to create an image for herself!

  52. 152

    Re: Jerraisneat – I would rather her lip-sync like Brit that sing live, my ears literally almost started bleeding. That was horrific.

  53. 153

    i thought it was a decent performance vocally tbh. not sure what the head dress was all about tho.
    i like this song.
    i'd rather watch this performance again than have to sit through a live lady gaga perfomance!

  54. 154

    she is horrible

  55. 155

    i thought ke$has performance was 100000 times better than that orianthi girl or whatever her name was. she really sucked! ke$ha did pretty good though. i thought it was fun and entertaining. shes not that much of a singer, but an entertainer. and shes very good at it!
    her performance was nothing like rihannas though. they both had tv's but thats it. stop making up crap perez.

  56. 156

    I actually thought it was really good… At least she doesn't mime like everyone else.

  57. 157

    Everyone copies everyone else. Even your precious GaGa. I thought Ke$ha was awesome on Idol.

  58. 158

    Cher wants her half breed headdress back!

  59. 159

    this bitch is everything that's wrong with pop music today… when, oh when will these labels and radio begin playing real music by real artists who rely on singing to win you over - not outlandish, cheap, tacky gimmicks like this, and even lady gaga is getting on my last nerve. kesha needs to be gone, in the worst way - along w/ the rest of these fake ass autotuned wonders that the stupid public laps up from these labels. it's time for a change in music, on radio, and this performance shows why the industry is on it's deathbed.

  60. 160

    Wouldn't she be embarrassed to not be able to sing on a show that is trying to find the best singer? The headdress is EXTREMELY random, what did it have to do with anything, she barely had any energy…oh gosh I hope she doesn't last long

  61. 161

    It felt like I was watching a reality show on MTV2 that only airs at 2am.

  62. 162

    I am of Native American descent and the headdress doesn't bother me. (Making people sweat it out in makeshift plastic sweat lodges is much more offensive) It wasn't degrading, stop nitpicking. This is someone's child. I think she is a cute performer and obviously you all watched the whole clip so she must be doing something right. Her stylist on this one missed it and her choreography was pretty bad. I think she has a lot of talent and just needs to work on her stage presence. She's still young but obviously talented enough for people to believe in her and that is not an easy accomplishment.

  63. 163

    When I was watching this, I thought it was a joke or something it was THAT bad.

  64. 164

    She reminds me of a cracked out Lady Gaga. Not that that Lady Gaga is so much better, mind you, she just doesn't look like she'd smell bad (sometimes). But her performance on AI last year was terrible too.

  65. 165

    how insulting she is definately not a gaga she is talentless

  66. 166

    absolutely terrible

  67. 167

    That was actually good, just different from her recorded version because the recorded is all autotuned and blended.
    Ke$ha is surprisingly talented, she actually has a musical background.
    But 3oh!3 blew. That was awful, and they're only in the song for like 5 seconds.

  68. 168

    that was nothing like rihanna's performance, you are so delusional

  69. 169

    that was so stupid. how is she famous

  70. 170

    vote her off

  71. 171

    THAT WAS AWFUL. Looked like she tried so hard to sound and appear sexy, while she was not. She is beautiful though–just bring her under the shower and dress her appropiately and she'd be hot.

  72. 172

    I thought it was awesome.Hey Perez how is that boyband search coming along?

  73. 173

    I'll admit that "Tik Tok" was appealing in a YouTube-generation kind of way but "Blah Blah Blah" is just as irritating as the phrase itself. If I were Kesha I would have been embarrassed to perform on that stage where these unknowns have FAR better voices.

  74. 174

    that was really TERRIBLE!!! If she was a contestant that night, she would have been voted off! all the top 12 contestants are better her. that was a total shit! the vocals were really awful and she can't even dance! and i can't believe she judged britney about lip syncing..
    kesha, even if you mime, that would still be a mess cause you can't dance!

  75. 175

    It was one of the worst performances I've ever seen in my life. This is a show that's suuppose to be all about singing talent yet they sign THAT to a performance? The producers should all be fired. That was so awful. When she wasn't talking it was all electronic BS. The Indian headress made no sense whatsoever. That broad has NO talent!!

  76. 176

    Re: LorenSerritella – Then you have no taste and low expectations.

  77. 177

    Umm..that was Bad Bad Bad.

  78. 178

    idol sucks. kesha sucks. lady gaga called, she wants her act back

  79. 179

    Don't Hate Perez her performance was pretty good… not much in the dancing aspect but she doesn't sound bad

  80. 180

    I can't believe that parents are allowing their children to listen to this shit!!!!!!!!!!! All of the u.s. children are going to be drunken sluts if this contiues!!!!! And why did they allow her on American Idol???? Isn't it supposed to be a family show????????!!!!!!!!!!!!
    People today are worthless bags of trash!!!!!

  81. 181

    Scratch and sniff kitties! All cats are grey in the dark!

  82. 182

    she's really awful in every sense. she may as well not bother anyway while gaga's around, any other female artist isn't gona get a look in :)

  83. 183

    i hate that song

  84. 184

    Re: jade_iris

    Ke$ha is a moron! Can't believe she even had the nerve to put that headdress on when it had nothing to do with the lyrics and didn't even go with her outfit. The performance was complete trash.
    & btw, Cher is Cherokee!

  85. 185

    lmao this girls mentally handicapped

  86. 186

    She's trashy, rude, and downright disgusting!
    Ke$ha do us all a favor and just go back to your hoe-slut ways and just go die in a hole.

  87. 187

    You know what.. im so effing sick of all you perez haters! you get on here on so many of his posts and down him and say things that noone should ever say to another human being just to be an asshole. if you dont like perez hilton, dont come to his website! or just keep coming so he'll have more views either way =] stop the shit talking! last time i checked ur on his website with ur own lil user name so yeah.. haha i love perez hilton and i get on here pretty much all the time so FUCK all the perez haters!!!!

  88. 188

    Ok, she just totally made me dislike her by throwing that headdress on. As an American Indian, I'm offended. DON'T DO THAT.

  89. 189

    Oh good GOD! MY EARSS PEOPLEE. Is this what music's come to?? some raggedy ass drunk smelly twat stumbling on stage who can't even pretend to sound good if she tried..

  90. 190

    ew, she's trying way way too hard to be lady gaga.

  91. 191

    THAT IS SO BAD. Wow.

  92. 192

    That performance was really good! There was nothing wrong with it at all. Ke$ha is a very talented girl and definitely not trash! She actually sang live not many artist these days can say that! This girl is AMAZING!

  93. 193

    So, Ke$ha "ripped off" of Rihanna because she had televisions on stage? By that theory, I think one can say Rihanna ripped off of Ryan Adam's video for "Heaven"? Do you not see how illogical this is Mario?

  94. 194

    I didnt think it was THAT bad. . . Some of her songs are actually not too bad though . .

  95. 195

    i honestly like her and her music. its fun and i can dance to it, so i dont see a problem with it. i thought she performed good, i mean at least she wasnt lip syncing, right?

  96. 196

    lol I like all the censors she made up…"I wanna make out…Shut your mouth!!!" lol

  97. 197

    OK i saw her Webster Hall a few weeks ago for like 20 bucks….were you honestly expecting better? If so, well then I'm sorry that's just idiotic.

  98. 198

    Gaga is a genius. Kesha is trash. Don't compare a goddess to a scorpion woman. Haha, I love that she "peeled herself off of a public restroom floor". What a whore. She's pathetic

  99. 199

    Does anyone else get the feeling that just because she sang with 3OH!3, it makes her automatically scummy? And i also think she's trying to be the next Lady Gaga…. (: hahaha nice try tho.

  100. 200

    this chick is so fucking annoying. her voice has the most irritating, whiney sound imaginable. i honestly DO NOT understand how people actually like listening to her "music." how did she get famous anyway? by fucking flo rida (who by the way, is the king of one hit wonders)? she makes millions looking like she rolled around in cat piss, dressed like a cheap hooker. i guess if record companies find anyone dumb enough to make a total joke out of themselves then that's the easy way to fame i guess. whatever happened to REAL music?

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