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Ke$ha Stinks Up The American Idol Stage!!

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We didn't expect much, but GEESH.

Ke$ha peeled herself off some public restroom floor last night to stumble around the American Idol stage and let's just say she should be happy she wasn't being judged!

WTF is up with the headdress? And who does she think she is, Rihanna? Check out RiRi's performance of Hard here. Similar we think.

Ke$ha, get your OWN style!

Check out her SHITEOUS performance of Blah Blah Blah above.

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206 comments to “Ke$ha Stinks Up The American Idol Stage!!”

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  1. 201

    i guess this is supposed to be liberating to women? telling a guy to stop talking bullshit and get down to business instead of the man just using the woman? no, sorry babe. it just makes you seem even trashier than before

  2. 202

    To be the voice of raw meat reason, I'll say this much….I like Kesha b/c she's doesn't prance around Trying to NOT be a drunk trashy fun bag of crazy. She says dumb shit, which is to be expected from a drunk trash bag of crazy BUT I often am a drunk bag of crazy and I can't denote her for sticking to that scene, whether we hate or not. Ive seen too many stars end up like her while denying being like that. I also don't think she's 'trying to be like Gaga'. I ADORE GaGa but I also love loud crazy fashion, animal prints, gaytastic makeup and hair, and that doesn't mean i'm trying to be her, nor kesha. I personally like kesha's style, its grunge meets glam, been done before, will be done again and not all that GaGa in my opinion. She's not trying to portray herself as an epic singer, or classy lady, she's having fun doing her thing, so let her have that. Long as she stops talking crap when she shouldn't, I'm going to be a pretty big Kesha fan.

  3. 203

    firstly, how can someone even put this whore on the same level as GaGa?
    secondly, shes lucky that 3oh!3 does something original enough to distract from her overall terrible whine

  4. 204

    You people are crazy! 1) for watching this terrible show. And 2) for dissing Lady Gaga. I think you're just mad because they're actually themselves and they know that they're not perfect. Notice Lady Gaga and Ke$ha only talk meanly about the celeberties that think they're all that. Ke$ha has awesome music, same with Gaga. Stop hating.

  5. 205

    And now you people are hating on Rihanna, too?! You just don't know good music, that's all..

  6. 206

    ii really hate kesha but her singing was actually quite good. but she looked like a drunk skeez whore trying to disguise the fact that she probally had a hangover by actin a bit too much like lady gaga

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