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Donald Trump Speaks On Jesse James Scandal!

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Donald Trump knows Jesse James from his stint on Celebrity Apprentice, so the Donald decided to give his opinion on Jesse's infidelity.

He said:

"I'm very surprised, especially because I know Sandra and how nice she is. She's such a great person. And what surprises me even more is he always gave me the impression he was totally in love with her.

It doesn’t change my image of him, but I thought he respected Sandra and loved her.

Jesse did something very foolish — obviously. I think it's very unfortunate. Who knows what goes on behind closed doors? But I can say this Sandra is a high-quality person and I respect her tremendously.”

If she moved out that’s not a good sign. I even joked with Jesse on The Apprentice: "What the hell does she see in you?

We're wondering the same thing!

Do U know someone who isn't on Team Bullock?!

[Image via myspace.com/westcoastchopperslbc]

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86 comments to “Donald Trump Speaks On Jesse James Scandal!”

  1. 1

    Keep on throwing up those horns Donald and Jesse…just makes it easier to know who is human and who is a subhuman mind controlled drone.

  2. 2

    At this point I don't think there is a team James.

  3. 3

    i wondered what she saw in him. he seems to be a dirt bag. now he's proven that. poor sandra. i feel bad for her embarassment.

  4. 4

    who cares what Donaldo Trompetas has to say, anyway???

  5. 5


  6. 6

    Sick piece of scum.
    Sandra deserves better than this.

  7. 7

    Not to make excuses for this jackass, but thats what may have pushed him to cheat with this skank. Everyone has such a great view or opinion on Sandra. She is Americas Sweetheart. She hooked up with this guy and it is sort of like beauty and the beast. Hearing from the public and I am certain from private friends, comments like donalds, what is she doing with you? And to always hear that, it cuts your confidence down.Maybe you start questioning why trailer trash like you is with royalty like her. So, along comes a skank that looks and maybe thinks like him, and he hooks up with it. Here is is with a "beautiful" woman who looks like him. He is with omeone for a short minute that is his equal or less than equal to him. It was his outlet. His going back to his old life. Thats why he hooked up with a porn star.. He moved up in class because of Sandy, did not like it and moved back down in the class he is used to.. Sandy should dump him. he ill never change. They are on two different wavelengths.

  8. 8

    How would a highly quality person not know this guy was douch bag, just asking Sandra…..

  9. 9

    Trump should shut his piehole!!! hello does he remember his 2nd wife Marla
    who was caught on the beach in Palm Beach sucking the bodyguard's cock!!!
    hence the cause of his divorce from her!!! and god knows his beautiful wife now
    loves him because he's such a nice guy!!! please she loves his fat pockets!!!
    pathetic just shut up and keep your nose out of it!!!

  10. 10

    Hasnt Donald Trump been married like 4 billion times? Why does he have to comment on this matter?

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  11. 11

    Why didn't he mention Cinnabun's safe return?

  12. 12

    Trump has the best hair of all time, HANDS DOWN.

  13. 13

    Tell that orange-skinned vulgarian with the tiny dick to STFU. Nobody asked his opinion and nobody cares.

  14. 14

    What was she even with him for in the first place.She made a terrible
    mistake getting involved with this guy.Move on fast Sandra!!!!

  15. 15

    That was my first thought…"What the hell is she doing with him??!"
    She is definitely too classy for that skank lover!

  16. 16

    He better get to the doctor also. That girl he cheated with looks like he'd be lucky if he ONLY got a case of crabs from her.

  17. 17

    I know what she THOUGHT she saw in him.
    1. He's not an A-list actor that's narcisstic and self-absorbed, with his own career. Quite a different type than she's used to meeting in Hollywood.
    2. He's an alpha male, unlike artsy fartsy beta males like Tate Donovan and Bradley Cooper types. When you meet a real apha male, you feel incredibly safe and secure with them.
    3. She thought she could fix him with her love. Fixer's never win on these. They will ALWAYS take you down to their level. You can never bring them up to yours.
    Lesson #1: Always pick some one with less baggage than you.
    This lesson cost me $300,000, losing everything I had worked for.
    The emotional cost is beyond calculation and many years being in the dark.

  18. 18

    TRAILER TRASH!!! That's all I can say for him & that disgusting pig he was screwing around with!! All you have to do is look at both of them to see where they came from, go back to the mobile home park Jesse & take your garbage with you!!

    Thank god for Sandra she never got pregnant from your pathetic a**!! I hope she runs right to the Dr. and hopefully she doesnt have any STD's from you or the ho you were with!!

  19. 19

    haha this is too much when even the Donald speaks highly of Sandra!

  20. 20

    Jesse is a Dirt bag …And I think Donald knew it ..

  21. 21

    He probably does love her, but maybe is not that comfortable with her. He is used to hanging around with scanky women and probably finds it a lot of pressure to be "the good bad boy". Remember Ben Affleck with Jennifer Lopez, and how she had him dressed as a G.Q. man. Now he is with Jennifer Gardner and can relax and wear jeans,sneakers etc

  22. 22

    Both look like idiots !

  23. 23


  24. 24

    I am not on Jesse's side. I'm on no-one's "side" or "team", I mean I don't know these people. But I digress…. I read one comment that said how coudl Jesse go for such a trashy female? Well Sandra, a very sweet, comedically talented actress, America's Sweetheart went for him! Who knows what people see in other people that they care for. Who can judge someone for what they are attracted to? We don't know what their life at home was like. We don't know how sweet Sandra really is. I think it is wrong for anyone to cheat but without knowing the circumstances, I cannot start name calling and rock throwing. I'm just sayin…

  25. 25

    Re: MindControl – I noticed the horns as well. However, I am not suprised about Donald throwing up the 'sign'..

  26. 26

    cause Donald never cheated on any of his spouses?

  27. 27

    trump cheated on ivanna with with marla and embarrassed and hurt her publicly when pix of them hit the tabloids. He has no right to comment on someone else's cheating

  28. 28

    WTF???? Didn't Trump pull the same crap on Ivanna?

  29. 29

    OMG STFU Donald. Isn't the same guy who cheated not once, but twice on his wives? Of COURSE he still has the same opinion of JJ. He's ONE of them.

  30. 30

    What I can't comprehend is, Jesse and Sandra have custody of his kids - how could be betray them as well. Their boat has already been really rocky, why mess his kids about too. What an idiot.

  31. 31

    Jesse said that most of what she said is not true. The texts don't specify sex. They look like flirting to me. Maybe its not so?

  32. 32

    Trump may have been able to not destroy what his DAD made, but he certainly doesn't have the right to comment on cheating…he's a cheater who humiliated his own children and their mother. No matter how many buildings he ever puts his name on (indication of a very small peen, by the way), he will always be one thing for sure:CHEATER. (liar, low class….etc.)

  33. VGirl says – reply to this


    this is so Sad! I love Sandra! and it was nice ttha she won the Oscar, but even before this I asked myself : maybe there's a curse? after reese w. and Hillary Swank. Don' know why but apperently there is…I guess is not really a course but "usually" in a couple if a woman is more succesful than the male, problems arise. So, actually I saw this one comming when she won…BUT SANDRA IS SRONG AND SERIOUSLY WHO IS NO ON HER SIDE? EVERYONE LOVES HER. Everyone except that pig and that whore

  34. 34

    Jesse does seem like a good guy to though. But… he screwed up big time! People LOVE Sandra Bullock and they will not quickly forgive or forget. At the end of the day, I think they will work this out. I do think they are in love and he made a mistake… she may forgive him and they will be fine. I hope!

  35. 35

    Scumbag. Cheaters are just scum. Enough said.

  36. 36

    What does it take for a man to be faithful, if these hot, funny, famous women can't get their men to keep it in their pants?!!

  37. 37

    2 porn stars, Michelle, & the mother of Jesse's youngest daughter decide to ruin Jesse. The x was losing custody battle of her young daugher so Michelle contacts Jesse first. Goes to his shop at 9pm about business. She knows Sandra is out of town as her daughter told her. She asks for a tour, gets him to have sex with her, continues to do this and saves all the text messages etc. They wait until Sandra repeatedly tells of his love and devotion to her and family and after the Oscar's then sales the story to the tabloids. Jesse has a weakness for porn stars. The porn stars know his weakness and they get him back for trying to keep his daughter away from the mother. Sandra needs to dump him for good.l

  38. 38

    I'm sure Ivana thinks it's very unfortunate that the donald cheated on her with marla and was all over the tabloids. He is sooo gross. I have to change the channel whenever he comes on, evenfor a commercial. jesse no better.

  39. 39

    Re: blsdjan – you are stating that Janine Lindemulder coached this girl into lying and making this story up? To set the record straight..I am friends with Janine and she never even met this woman nor would she ever do something like this because she would never want to see her daughter be dragged into a situation like this and unfortunately now Sunny is. So please, all of you, the blame goes on Jesse and solely Jesse. I believe that he told Michelle that he was separated…just like he told that to Sandra when she met him and he was married to Janine. He has cheated before on his 7 month pregnant wife! What's so hard to believe that he's just a scum bag. Sunny means the world to Janine and she wants nothing but happiness for her little girl.

  40. 40

    Re: Rican31 – Amen to that, couldn't have said it better myself.

  41. 41

    ooh devil illuminati signs….why are they making those hand signals>

  42. 42

    The Donald can't say much about this…he is a serial cheater too!! Ivana confronted him and Marla on the slopes of Aspen…The only is he chose better looking women than that nasty skank that Jesse chose!

  43. 43

    yeah that tattoo bitch looks like a prison bitch with all those tattoos…she doesnt compare to kat von d at all!

  44. Ju Ju says – reply to this


    Donald Trump is the LAST person I would go to for input or advice, especially on his opinion of someone else's marital issues.

  45. 45

    Re: blsdjan – Yep. Very good point(s) I agree. This was the best moment to get them. As well Jesse as Sandra. Porn star mother or not, a mother is mother…..she lost her daughter.
    I'm not defending these two bitches, on the contrary. I just know such people does exist. Being happy to ruin people's lifes because they've fun with it.
    Now I see why Jesse looked so awkward at the Oscars. I don't think it was just the ambiance. I've seen him on tv totally confident. I feel so sorry for Sandra. Two weeks only to be happy with such achievements and then this hell…….

  46. 46

    I hope Sandra doesn't go back to him. How can she be intimate with him again? Visions of that tattoo skank could give nightmares. I bet if they do try to work it out, it won't last.

  47. 47

    Wait let me get this straight. Donald Trump the guy that screwed about behind the back of his 1st wife and then 2nd wife is giving us his opinion of Jesse James.

  48. 48

    What a coincidence these 3 people have in common (Janine, janines current husband and Michelle mc slut) both chicks are fond of tatts…both are porn stars..both work as web cam slut models..and with the new evidence that Michelle hangs out with gangsters and dates gangsters…she also is a white power, pride whatever racist and yes, janines husband is in fact 1: a gang member 2: a white pride racist 3: he is a felon 4: upset along with Janine that Sandra bullock and Jesse James called Him and her out by writing a letter to a judge, stating reasons why these two nutshells are unfit parents because of the history involving them. These people are in the circle of friends as Michelle and ms voodoochild just trying to make Jesse and Sandra look like shit so Janine can regain custody of sunny by bringing up this whole mess in court and seek revenge because like Janine has said oh I praise Sandra for watching sunny but u know deep in her heart since she does care for her daughter she would do ANYTHING to get her kid back….wouldn't you if u had kids? I know I would. Janine should start talking and her "friends" need to stop. By all means I'm on nobodys side, just stating facts

  49. 49

    Well here's one person who isn't team Sandy. I CANT STAND HER!!! I'm not saying I condone cheating or what Jesse did was OK. But I for one believe there are always 2 sides to every story and in Hollywood, who knows what to believe? I'm sure it will come out that this "marriage' was to help her tone down her good girl image. She got an Oscar and now all this crap comes out. Everything in Hollywood is about PR. Just sayin'. More stuff will come out and I'm sure both sides won't look so great in the end. And why does everyone always bash the other women in these cases? No one put a gun to JJ's weenie! And I've lost relationships to the 'other women' so I have no reason to side with them. I just think women in general get a bad rap and men get away with murder!

  50. 50



  51. 51

    ummm yeah.. thinking THE DONALD shouldn't be commenting on anything in terms of infdelity… he has a short memory…. remember IVANKA…..

  52. 52

    crazy……Michelle mc hag also is loosing custody of her child Avery, because she does her web cam porn at home, dates gangster felons, oh! And is a crack head white power racist….sounds like another case of JANINE LINDEMULDER AIKMAM…….so sad.

  53. 53

    HA! Even Trump knows. Jessie AKA Shiteous James. Fucking TRoll!!

  54. 54

    Serves her right for trying to keep Janine from seeing her daughter!!!!!!!!!!

  55. 55

    I AM TEAM JANINE!!!!!!!!!!!

  56. 56

    Poor Sandra "SIZE-QUEEN" Bullock; didn't any of her girlfriends tell her that you only have Sexual Flings with the guys with Ten Inches…You never marry them….NEVER!

  57. 57

    Why are a lot of people defending that husband beating-got knocked up on purpose-psycho-drug addict-porn star? Their marriage was in trouble pretty much from the start. They were in counseling because of the problems they were having.

    She admitted on camera that she had hit Jesse with a frying pan or a phone. She knew their marriage was nearing the end and got pregnant on purpose. He was so devastated that she turned out to be such a psycho. Watch the documentary that he made when he was married to her. Motorcycle Mania III. I don't think he would be that stupid to cheat on Sandy. She is the best thing that has happened to him. She is down to earth and stable. She loves his kids and supports him. He would be a fool to mess that up.
    My question is, how could he have been fucking that tranny looking ho 3 times a day at the garage when he is so busy all the time? The ho got the Vanilla Gorilla thing from watching him on TV. He has be using that nickname for years.

  58. 58

    Team Sandra.. but i'm sure that doesn't help her achin' heart. Luv her.. i think she has alot of good friends and a good family to help her thru…

  59. 59

    Aren't U all happy your dirty laundry isn't all over place? I say leave them alone to work out their marriage-

  60. 60

    Jesse is a scumbag. But I bet the Vanilla Gorilla is HUNG! Sandy B is prolly a great bit SIZE queen. He knew how to eff the heck out of her. That's what she saw in him.

  61. 61

    Of course this guy has something to say because he knows he is knowing for arguing so there he goes speaking of this now…

  62. 62

    I am still holding out for hope that this isn't true.

  63. 63

    Love Sandra and loved Jesse. Thought they made a great couple and still holding out hope that it's not as bad as the media is making it out to be.

  64. 64

    Well who is Donald Trump to comment on a cheating husband when he cheated on Avana with Marla Mables…

  65. 65

    Such profound words from a thrice-married douche bag loser. . . .

  66. 66

    NOPE! I have never heard a bad word said about Sandra. At least not from anyone I know.
    The Donald is an asshole,though! I can't ever remember hearing a good word about him! And…Jesse is a damn fool! Okay,I got it all covered!

  67. 67

    I feel really sorry for Sandra because I can't imagine how humiliating it is for her to have done the Barbara Walters show and gone on and on about how wonderful and special her relationship is and then 1 week later….BLAM! I mean it would be bad enough of a blow for a private citizen, but at least the entire planet doesn't see it in the headlines! On the other hand, he was a massive FAIL waiting to happen. She should have seen this loser coming from a mile away! 2 previous marriages and one of them to a porn star?! Plus, he's dog-but ugly and obviously stupid. I mean, when you're a white trash mechanic who likes tatted-up sleezes & Nazis and you happen to land a beautiful, wealthy actress, you would think the guy would have better sense than to screw up like he has!!! Sandra, you're better off…but next time, do your homework on a potential sweetie.

  68. 68

    It's always the nice 1's who get the sh*t end!

  69. 69

    Didn't this douche cheat on his wife also?

  70. 70

    I am TEAM JANINE!! Serves Bullock right for trying to keep her from her daughter!!!!!!

  71. 71

    Re: janineisabitterhoe – Because no matter what people think Janine is, she is still Sunny's Mother and Sandra Baron Uterus Bullock had no right getting in between them!! ALSO maybe Americas Sweetheart sucks in bed and Jesse had to go elsewhere!! You know what they say about the crazy ones LOL!!!

  72. 72

    Re: stormmakers – Exactly. Don't even bother entertaining "janineisabitterhoe" It's probably Jesse himself or a friend. And the person ranting on here about me has no clue who I am. Trust me when I say my words are fact. This person can go on and on calling Janine or me names but fact is Jesse cheated..AGAIN and this person is just trying to make people look in another direction and take the blame off of the person who deserves it.

  73. 73

    Ahhh VOoDOo go suck a nut and stop trying to defend ur beloved Janine….intact I will get u both on ur knees and dick slap u both cheek to cheek…the only difference is that Janine will like it and you will admit to her that u are willing to get dick slapped just for her. Get off janines nut sack and let her ass "vent" haha …hope she never comes back from Oregon..

  74. 74

    INfact ****

  75. 75

    Re: janineisabitterhoe – Awwwww…how sweet. You're such a gentleman. Now run a long back to your trailer park my dear.

  76. 76

    Re: janineisabitterhoe – and Wow! I didn't think they had internet access in trailer parks. Hmmm….I guess you learn something new every day. And your less than impressive and vulgar vocabulary is definitely expected from a person that calls a house with crank windows a home. You really do not intimidate me in any way shape or form. Keep talking, you're making yourself look worse by the minute.

  77. 77

    Oh shut it little girl….according to Janine, we're filthy rich and she's broke….so while I sip on my long island iced tea, I'll be throwing your bitch as a dirty bone like the doggie that you are…it's funny how your here to talk shit but you never comment on all the facts I've been stating…call it like it is…no one is asking you to be scared…just have lindemulder come out of the woodworks and finally admit to all her revengeful plots…tell her to stop feeling sorry for herself and making others do the same…..BE A WOMAN FOR ONCE

  78. 78

    Yes…Jessie is a jerk………….but then so in Donald!!!

    Did you forget about cheating on your wife with Marla Maples?

    Donald…………..you are just lilke Jessie………….you should just keep quiet!!!! It just makes us remember what a cheater you are Donald Trump!

  79. 79

    Hola! Janine here….I wanna play…..game on! What's up Jesse. Are you a little butthurt tonight?

  80. 80

    Re: janineaikman

    I know you're hurt… we're all hurt, we all need a lot of therapy right about now. Just so you're aware things will probably get worse before they get better. You've done MANY people wrong and I refuse to be quite any longer. You DO NOT mess with a mother and her child.

  81. 81

    Is Donald any angel himeself? With 3 marriages & 4 kids?

  82. 82

    This is how you settle things j on a stupid website? Motherly…I'm done here.

  83. 83

    Life is complicated. Jesse may love Sandra and wish to bonk other ladies. The tatoo gal certainly looks like a biker babe to me so, why wouldn't he be interested? Did y'all see South Park this week with the Tiger Woods episode? This is all just sad. Screw public humiliation. I imagine she got her heart broke and that's what really sucks. Will she try and get over this and re-establish trust? Time will tell.

  84. 84

    Re: janineisabitterhoe – O SNAP RIGHT!!!!!!! HOLY SHIT HAHAHA THIS IS COMICAL!!!!!!!!!!

  85. 85

    Re: SammiDe – YES, all this shit because JANINE doesn't know how to be a good mother…you know Janine just because you opened your legs to give birth doesn't make u a mother, you open your legs anytime anywhere anyways so what r u trying to prove? I'm emberrased for you

  86. 86

    Re: janineisabitterhoe – Yeah Jess it's really sad that she is doing this to EVERYONE! :( This is NOT going to help her win sunny back, and she is incredibly stupid to think it would help! :( I wish your family the best! And good luck!