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Is Nicole Richie Handicapped?!

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Because we can't see any other reason to park there!

While out in Beverly Hills on Thursday, Nicole Richie parked her SUV in the spot reserved for the physically handicapped.

Seems like you're out of luck, Nicole. Those with a mental handicap can't park there!


But seriously, you shouldn't park there. Leave those spots for people that really need them.

[Image via Ramey Pix.]

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83 comments to “Is Nicole Richie Handicapped?!”

  1. 1

    Yes. She might snap a leg walking.

  2. 2

    is a disability.

  3. 3

    That's annoying. She should be fined for that. I have nothing against Nicole, but there are people who REALLY need that. It's just disrespectful.

  4. 4

    What an asshole.

  5. 5

    absolute disgrace. dirty anorexic filth

  6. MsBre says – reply to this


    I HATE that! My bro is in a wheelchair & it is a bitch half the time trying to find a place close enough. One time I blocked a jackhole in and called the cops while he was yelling at me. He got a ticket & I finally got a bit of justice out of it, I used to put notes on their windshield telling them I hoped the next time they parked in a handicapped spot they would really need it, then I had a checklist of different ailments that would require it and checked a few. Pure evil, but they deserved it. Nicole acts all holy now that she is a mom but this is proof she is still a spoiled rich bitch!

  7. 7

    Hope 'chicken legs' gets a good ticket for it because those are expensive ones!

  8. 8

    A celebrity that thinks the rules don't apply to them. I'm shocked. After all, she was in jail less than an hour after operating under the influence and driving the wrong way on the highway.

  9. 9

    Now, why would Skeletor borrow Britney Spears shorts. She looks so skinny on that first picture. She's an idiot for parking there.

  10. 10

    God forbid an able-bodied person has to walk. Pathetic!

  11. 11

    uncool. very, very uncool. she seems like a nice girl but this kind of entitled celebrity attitude is repulsive. just because you have some money doesn't mean you get to do whatever you want.

  12. 12

    Oh how nice!Re: sid_vicious – word

  13. 13

    She's a PIG. Truly. not Fat, but a PIG.

  14. 14

    No, it's because she is a spoiled self involved no talent who is the same nasty self centered brainless child she was in when she had a tantrum, screamed and poured bleach all over that restaurants pool table in the Simple Life. She can pose and smile all she wants, but she has only ever been known because she was Paris Hiltons friend, and she didn't even have enough talent to keep doing that. She needs to just go away.

  15. 15

    who gives a fuck, everyone parks in handicapped parking places,not just celebrities you fuck. get over it, it happends. go fuck urself

  16. 16


  17. 17

    If you consider an overwhelming sense of entitlement with no accompyning talent or achievements and being married to someone as desperate for fame and attention as you are a disability then I guess so.

  18. 18

    she looks like a scrawny diseased bird

  19. 19

    I am not in a wheelchair, but I suffer from chronic pain/fibromyalgia. some days are worse than others. On the bad days, I need to use my handicap placard. Other days, I don't But on the bad days, when I need it and the spaces are used and those cars have nothing on the plates or in the windows, it pisses me off. A few years ago, when my son was in elementary school, he was in this Saturday program. I went to drop him off at school and the 3 handicap spots had cars in them with no placards on them. The nearest parking was 3 blocks away. I complained at the desk, nothing they could do. When I came back, same thing, so I just pulled up on the lawn. I went to the desk and someone at the desk said one of the cars had someone in it and they said I just should have asked them to move .????? They had a 2 year old and did not want to walk too far to get their 5 year old. HELLO, we all had young kids. I WAS SUPPOSED TO ASK HER TO MOVE??? The next week, I managed the 3 blocks and called the police and did so for 2 weeks. There after, no problem. had a space every time.

  20. 20

    Probably still has her preggers handicap placard. Also you can never be sure. I have a friend who has a wooden leg from the knee down and you really have to look to notice it when he walks. I also have a placard. When I go into a store I look to be 100 years old. But while inside I loosen up a bit and looh completely different exiting.

  21. 21

    I agree that is disrespectful of the people that really need it…….Why is she looking so skinny?

  22. 22

    What a dirtbag. I can't stand when people do that. I always try to find the police to give them a ticket. Good friend of mine was paralyzed, and I've come to realize just how important those spots are.

  23. 23

    Re: MsBre

    No, you are totally right to do those things. Keep up the crusade!!! I like your style.

  24. 24


  25. 25

    what she really needs to do is eat a hamburguer.

  26. 26

    Not sure where you live or who you hang out with, but decent people do NOT park in handicapped spots. Your attitude is really sad, hope you don't have a disability someday.

  27. 27

    Re: justtfax – I understand completely. I am also not bound to a wheelchair but I was amputated in November and I'm still adjusting to walking with my prosthetic. I don't use the placard all the time but there are moments when it's absolutely necessary. I'm glad you called the police and let them know the situation. It's sad when people park in those spots for manifested BS reasons.

  28. 28

    as someone who had a parent who used the handicapped spaces on a regular basis (he passed away last year) i'm SERIOUSLY offended by this behaviour! People think its ok to park in these spaces if they're just running in to a store for a few minutes. I've confronted a few people when they've done this and they dont seem to be too concerned about the fact that a)they're breaking the law and b)that someone may need this spot. stores also need to be aware of this (i've seen it numerous times at starbucks and best buy) and do something about it.

    that being said, i'm getting business cards printed up that say 'stupidity is NOT a handicap. PARK SOMEWHERE ELSE!'.

    is there a website somewhere where you can post pictures of the license plates of people who have parked illegally in handicap parking? I've got a ton of pics on my phone of ppl's license plates! If not, there should be!

  29. whoev says – reply to this


    Completely disgraceful - and bad karma, too.

  30. 30

    …..it is just not the right thing to do…..if she were a parent with a handicapped kid she would be upset if someone else did that……she should thank God and stop parking in those areas…..

  31. 31

    why is this woman relevant? What exactly does she do to be considered "Famous"??

  32. 32

    What a truly stupid thing to do, especially with the photographers she knows are following her around. She obviously just doesn't care. I always wonder if fate doesn't have special plans for people who do that…

  33. 33

    Gawd. This is SUCH a pet peeve of mine. Good for you, Perez, for calling her out on this sh*t.

  34. 34

    Her ankles look like Skeletor, gross.

  35. 35

    Good thing she has that giant car to cart all 68 pounds of herself around in.

  36. 36

    anorexia is a handicap.

  37. 37

    Re: MICHIEZ – I am in a wheelchair and have to use a Handicapped spot be I have a side opening ramp and need the extra width. If I can't find a spot I have to wait because if I park faraway and someone parks next to me, I can't get into my car. While waiting I've see teenagers come out to a Handicapped spot, a guy in a softball uniform and a mother with a healthy looking toddler. Doctors in our town are also to blame bc they give patients with minor problems or just old a placard.
    So basically I give a f@@k about it! and karma can be a bitch so don't gloat!

  38. 38

    The photographer(s) should have called the police. Then they would have gotten an even better picture.

  39. 39

    She needs to cover up those hideous feet of hers.

  40. 40

    I hope she got fined.. she's not even a real celebrity..

  41. 41

    she sure does have nasty ass toes

  42. 42

    holy shit she has creepy ankles

  43. 43

    Too bad Cinnabun didn't race out of the bushes and bite her twig-like leg!

  44. 44

    Feeling entitled much? Shame on you, Nicole Richie!

  45. 45

    theres nothing attractive about her. ugly face, ugly legs.

  46. 46

    FUCK I hate when people do shit like that…

  47. 47

    And she's a mother now so she should be stopping this kind of horseshit and setting a good example for her kids. I have seen more people suddenly produce a handi-capable placard from their purse just to get a good spot and they don't appear to need it while an old lady schlepps her 80+ wheelchair bound husband up from the back 40. These people have no heart, no soul and no conscience.

  48. 48

    eeew look at her boney manly feet, her legs are so gross. Eat Nicole!

  49. 49


  50. mp23 says – reply to this


    how can you not feel guilt when you park in that spot?

  51. 51

    her anorexia is making her hair fall out. wtf?! is she BALDING?

  52. 52

    My son is in a wheelchair and has a blue badge. Let me tell you, it's hard enough getting him into the supermarket WITH a disabled space, let alone having to be squeezed inbetween a regular space - then to find some idiot like this without a permit has used it is disgusting.

    As a mother, she should be ashamed.

  53. 53

    Re: Prince Von A Hole

    pregnant people get a disabled badge in america? even that is taking the piss really…… i mean a pregnant woman compared to someone in a wheelchair or who cannot walk far….who needs it most? just because your pregnant doesnt mean your legs dont walk………..not an attack at you……..i just cant believe it…….

  54. MsBre says – reply to this


    Re: canadianrockchick – Where I live you can take a picture and send it to the local police or take it in and they will write citations and mail it to the offender. We even have a group here that literally go out looking for the jerks and take the pictures. Just make sure to have the licence plate in the image and write down the date and time. good for you!

  55. 55


  56. 56

    My tween was recently in an accident and left a quad. It is dangerous to go through parking lots in a low riding wheelchair…people in big SUV's do not see you. Our van also has a side ramp so we run the risk of not being able to get back IN the van if we don't have the proper space. This kind of crap really bugs our daughter and us, her parents. I would be happy to trade Richie's stupidity for my daughter's spinal cord injury ANYDAY!!!!!!

    We now report to the website handicappedfraud.org. Yes, there is an app for that for iphone and itouch too! Very handy! You can even buy post-its to let the assholes know they have been reported to the website to place on their cars!

  57. 57

    I really don't have any problems with Nicole Richie, but this pisses me off.

  58. 58

    No bueno! I usually like her… but c'mon! Other ppl really DO NEED the handicap spaces…. if i were handicap and i sow her do this… i'd key her car lol

  59. 59


  60. 60

    Re: MICHIEZ – You're a fucking douche……not everyone does that - go fuck yourself

  61. 61


    NO, everyone does NOT park in handicapped places. I certainly dont, and I NEVER would.

    Perhaps if you knew someone afflicted with a handicap of some sort, you would change your opinion.

    It's unacceptable. Period. I don't care who the hell you are.

  62. 62


    And another thing, STOP dissing Perez. I know he says some idiotic things but we willingly come and visit this site. Seriously, what do you get out of saying that shit? Grow up.

  63. 63

    Re: MICHIEZ – how about you get over the fact that you can walk several feet away rather than a person who is actually handicapped, lazy bitch.

  64. 64

    Her sense of entitlement on steroids is a handicap.

  65. 65

    Wow, all grown up and doing good in the world, but still a spoiled brat. So much for maturing!

  66. 66

    Selfish overindulged skank!

  67. 67

    awful feets

    shes so stupid and spoiled

  68. 68

    and she didn't get a ticket becaaaaaaaause?

  69. 69

    Re: MsBre – that is awesome! I would totally do the same thing!

  70. 70

    That is my NUMBER ONE pet peeve! It's simply rude.

  71. 71

    She just had a baby and look how skinny she is.. that's so unhealthy

  72. 72

    only mentally

  73. 73

    well she's mentally handicapped, does that count?

  74. 74

    Just because someone doesn't have a physical handicap doesn't mean they don't have one. They can have something like a heart condition, lung problem etc. they could also have cancer and be undergoing chemo therapy and don't have the energy to walk far. There are many other conditions such as MS that might not always show a physical symptoms.

  75. 75

    entitled celebrity?
    thats a new one

  76. 76

    I hate famous ppl who walk around feeling entitled to whatever the hell they want, booo

  77. 77

    That really sucks. Where are the cops when morons do crap like this?

  78. 78

    she looks anarexic again

  79. 79

    she DOES NOT look anorexic at all.

  80. 80

    hahahahhaha i almost fall of my chair LMAO

  81. Mogee says – reply to this


    In the state that I live in a spot is only a legal designated spot if there is a sign in front of the spot in addition to the ground paint. If there is only ground paint, anyone can park there. I have a blue card but I don't have a "visual" disability so I get questioned quite often. Its quite possible it may be an old disabled spot because if you look at the vehicle to the left there is no spot divider line visable.

  82. 82

    Booooooooo! I live in Vancouver and we just hosted a little thing called the Olympics & Paralympics! Hearing the inspirational people athletes veterans & their stories I can't believe she would be that disrespectful. Booooooooo!!!!!!!!

  83. 83

    I love Nicole, but she really is a spoiled brat.