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Ke$ha Slams Britney Spears, Again

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Okay, this bitch needs to shut her trap! The gays are going to turn on her SO fast.

The swamp thing otherwise known as Ke$ha is still taking digs at our beloved Brit Brit, only this time girlfriend thinks she's being clever by throwing it in one of her songs!

She warbles in her new track, Styrofoam:

"In 10 years, Britney Spears…Britney, who?"

Yeah. Because she's only been consistently making hits since 1998!

Let's see how relevant you are in ten years!

Listen to the diss below at the 2:15 mark.

BTW, the song is awful!


[Image via Fame Pictures.]

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398 comments to “Ke$ha Slams Britney Spears, Again”

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  1. 1

    This chick is such a fuckin POSER !!!!!

  2. 2

    britney spears hasn't produced a GOOD single in the last 5 or 6 years you fat fucking moron

  3. 3

    Why does she feel the sudden need to trash Britney. Britney has been around for over 10 years and is still making music. "Ke$ha" hasnt even been famous that long and she is already burning bridges left and right. Idiot.

  4. 4

    In ten years, maybe… but now you use Britney's name to get some publicity, Kesha darling!

  5. 5

    She ALSO SLAMS MADONNA AT 1:40. Don't let that bitch get away with that either!

  6. 6

    You're right. This song blows big time. Flash in the pan, Kesha, honey. Save the money you're making now. You're gonna need it.

  7. Bytch says – reply to this


    We will still know who Britney is because Britney is the best selling tabloid fodder out there. She'll have wrecked another 9 marriages by then!!

  8. 8

    Kesha needs to go back to whatever trailer park she came from. Britney is the Queen of pop you dirty bitch!

  9. 9


  10. 10

    Britney who?

  11. 11

    As crazy as she went, Britney Spears is without a doubt the ultimate "Pop Star" of the late 90s. Even if you dislike her, most people can name one of her songs.

  12. 12

    Re: DANNYGLOVERSDICKBLOOD – 3 was number one on the Billboard Hot 100, just letting you know. The difference between her and Britney is that Britney won't be working at McDonald's any time soon. Enjoy your 15 minutes of fame trash bitch!

  13. 13

    And that song was utter shit. It made "Tik Tok" look great.

  14. 14

  15. 15

    ok i used to like this bitch but fuck her that bitch should be hoping her career goes as good as brits. BITCH TIC TOK IS FUCKING ANNOYING NOW AND BLAH BLAH WILL B UR LAST FEW MINUTES OF FAME LEFT SO TIK TOK YOUR 15 MINUTES ARE UP!!!!

  16. 16

    I must admit I do not think much of her but to be fair Brittany spears has just one way of singing and it is extremly tiresome! It is like she is trying to squeeze each word out and to be honest, like Shagnast Twaine (whatever happened to her!) her songs sound all the same!

  17. 17

    yep its a pretty shit song………..I dont care too much about the Britney thing but I do agree the song sucks

  18. 18

    Re: DANNYGLOVERSDICKBLOOD – Britney actually has produced quite a bit of great singles in the past '5 or 6 year's.

    Kesha, her 15 minutes is almost up.. She isn't going to go far. She doesn't have the talent for it.

  19. 19

    UM Ke$ha is such trash. Doesnt she know that NO ONE disses Brit?? Sorry that Im not sorry no one likes you Ke$ha

  20. diye says – reply to this


    she said WHAT

  21. 21

    Not good KeSha. But I kinda still like you.
    Lets see if she have the guts 2 mock GaGa….Interesting!

  22. 22

    only makes me love KESHA more!! you go girl…brit brit is a fat trailer rat

  23. 23

    Btw, I'm sure Britney will come up with something.

  24. 24

    I don't think its meant as a slam its like yeah everyone is Britney Britney for a while but in 10 years none of it is going to matter. In a sense she disses herself as well by saying that nothing lasts forever but styrofoam, which includes her.

  25. 25

    In 10 years, Britney Spears will only be remembered as the lip-syncher who went nuts, shaved her head, went looney and had to be hauled off to the coo-coo bin. Ke$ha is no winner herself but I think she's got it right. Why you think your Brit Brit is so special is beyond me.

  26. 26

    srsly!!?! this girl's a publicity whore. Did she not review the recording of her idol performance?? HORRID!

  27. 27

    Ok. Brit, HAS produced a good single in 5 years… even 5 months for that matter. WHY is Kesha so annoying… Shes getting exactly what she wants- PUBLICITY. Let's all stop giving it to her.

  28. 28

    Im am still stunned that this girl has even gotten a record deal. Her music is just mediocre as well as her performances. She can't sing and pretty much jumps around like a robotic monkey. If anything Britney may not be a great singer or sing live but I do have to say she puts on one damn good show. This girl I bet she has this one record and then goes away cause her music is just nothing but trashy rambling about how she doesn't give a crap.

  29. FMB says – reply to this


    Tik Tok… Insanely catchy song. Unfortunately, it's so good that it's got 1-Hit Wonder written all over it. The Mick Jagger part of the lyrics makes me want to puke tho. As for dissin' Brit, Oh Ke$ha that was very stupid - See if you're gonna throw down against somebody like Brit that holds more Billboard records than you'll ever hope to have, you'd better make sure the song is tight… Ke$ha honey, this styrofoam nonsense is total SHIT and it comes off very amateurish trying to take down Brit. I suggest you get some new writers but… TIK TOK, hear the clock, Ke$ha's fame is almost up. WHOA-EE WHOA-EE WOE WOE

  30. 30

    I'm gonna need Ke$ha to shut her fuckin mouth up. Without Britney she wouldn't be her.

  31. 31

    well so what she is young and famous and she might of been in a bad mood or something, who cares! …you exploit women on here like crazy perez…sick of it. whats to worry when brit has been around since she was a little girl on Mickey Mouse Club, so it doesnt matter who says what. now alot of young kids are acting way older than their age thanks to men perverting and polluting media. You men just cant leave girls and women alone, to let them be children and act thier age. Now they are made to be sex symbols etc…such bullshit.

  32. 32

    Bitch should not play like this… this lyric is going to haunt her if she has no staying power (which I predict). I am not a fan of Britney, but she has proven that she does have it… Kesha's music is truly, truly awful

  33. 33

    OMG! I think Ke$ha said it herself in this single with the lyrics "I've been thinking way too hard." Maybe she should stick to brushing her teeth with some more Jack Daniels.

  34. 34

    her voice is sooooo fucking annoying. for real.

  35. 35

    do you really need to always post the pics were she looks like a dude? lol

  36. 36

    I would never buy Kesha's music. Why is she burning bridges so early in her career. I'm a britney fan and Ke$ha just lost me.

  37. h789 says – reply to this


    what a fucking beyotch!!! britney is a super star! ke$hit is just using her name to get some attention!

  38. timo says – reply to this


    hey hear that kesha?! that's the gay mafia knocking on your door for your career… … … rip…

  39. 39

    First off if you actually listened to the lyrics, what she meant is that fame and stardom or anything for that matter that is good usually dont last forever. Also, who cares, Britney is so washed up, she doesnt work with anyone i the indistry anymore.

  40. 40

    she also slams madonna…not that i listend to the whole song..
    and what is this little bitch whining about now? 10 years? she isn't even famous now!,im sure in 10 years she'll be dead.

  41. 41

    Doesn't anyone realize what the song is?
    She's saying NOTHING lasts forever.
    She's using Britney because everyone thinks even pop stars can last forever.

  42. h789 says – reply to this


    Re: DANNYGLOVERSDICKBLOOD – r u 4real? blackout is an amazing pop album imo. circus was okay. but blackout had so much more potential.

  43. 43

    Kesha thinks she can talk shit now because she's on top but will soon realize that she's a flash in the pan. Whether you like Britney or not she is successful and has numerous hits. Kesha shouldn't act so proud considering her music is crap at best.

  44. 44

    Love that Ke$ha. I would bust a nut all over her. Shes the most talented female singer out there. Not fake and takes no shit.

  45. Laury says – reply to this


    Stupid dirty ass bitch. She acts like she's God's gift to music. Yeah right. Britney may not be where she was 10 years ago, but Kesha will never achieve the same kind of fame and longevity Britney has.

  46. 46

    Funny, I like the song from "Britney who?" 2 the end..

  47. 47

    She is an animal and her voice sounds like 2 alleycats dry humping! Who dresses this mess anyway? Fire your stylist you little tramp, besides Britney's been around for years, you've been here for all of 5 minutes you dumb twat!

  48. 48

    Kesha has shitty music but she is right about how much Britney Spears sucks. Finally someone who doesn't feel the need to kiss Britney's cheeto stained ass.

  49. 49

    You're a fucktard Mario. It wasn't too long ago you were talking shit about brittney every other post. You seem to forget. She made a fool of you in her Circus Tour. You could hear the booing when your FUG mug came on the screen. People hate you Mario, so stop the shit before you get KAPOWED again loser.

  50. 50

    This bitch is mad annoying! they keep playing that stupid song of hers and it sucks…. Who the hell gave this no talent bitch a contract

  51. 51

    Oh God *shivers* the gays will turn on her so fast. She should be shaking in her little boots since everyone knows that every singer/actor/artist only started their careers to cater to the gay sector. Stop acting like cocksuckers and carpet munchers can make or break someones stardom.

  52. bleeh says – reply to this


    I haven't liked Ke$ha from the start, and this makes me dislike her even more. Ke$ha darling, you think you're going to be around in 10 years? I don't think so.

  53. 53

    keisha will NEVER be Brittany…10 years from now we still all know and love Brittany and 10 years from now no one will know who the hell Keisha is (and i refuse to spell her name with a $ sign).

  54. 54

    Even at Britney's worst, I liked her alot better than this skank. At least Britney's voice doesn't sound like nails on a chalk board. Someone needs to put this bitch in place.

  55. h789 says – reply to this


    ps. britney looks so pretty in that picture perez posted.

  56. 56

    I think Kesha should have used someone more popular and stable, not someone struggling to get back in the game of celebrity or the game of life, if she were using her for popularity. I'm not a Kesha fan or a Britney disser (and I don't want to listen to the song just so I can form an opinion) but I agree with this comment Re: St00p!d Bitchassness – . Let artists be artists, man. Let freedom of speech be!

  57. 57

    Even though Britney lip syncs, and she doesn't have the best voice, she can at least sing a song. Kesha hardly even sings her songs.

  58. h789 says – reply to this


    pps. the song SUCKS

  59. 59



  60. 60

    this songs sucks its boring as hell

  61. 61


  62. losky says – reply to this


    honestly i think britney needs to retire because she does not have it anymore. her performance is shit now. she dances like shes constipated. she doesnt sing ever live, honestly i dont think she can sing at all. and with all the money shes made you think she would know how to dress. She makes Kristen Stewart look like a fashion Goddess. Not to say Kesha is any better but any stab at britney im down for.

  63. 63

    britney is a pop icon…. kesha on the otherhand is a mere flash of white trash with a catchy beat.. miss kesha needs to put down the jack daniels and get a reality check. her contribution to pop music is minimal with the old skool hip hop antics of her videos.

  64. 64

    Any one remember "The wonder years"? Kesha reminds me of the older brother on that show. I couldn't sit through the song long enough to hear the Britney part. It was horrible.

  65. 65

    Hm. This website is the only reason I've even seen this Kesha person. She's not a household name. Never will be. Synthesizer much? Haha.

  66. 66

    Pathetic! No one will will even know who Ke$ha is in about 10 weeks! Her web site is TRASH it just shows how much class she has!

  67. 67

    I hate them both. Bitches

  68. 68

    LOVE Ke$ha! Never really liked Britney!

  69. 69

    OH…. and your song sucks!!!! =P

  70. 70

    Kesha deserves her ass kicked for picking on britney. She has no respect for herself or others. COULD KESHA ENDURE WHAT BRITNEY HAS AND STILL BE ALIVE? Britney is brave and i feel for britney shes a sweet person and just like kesha a slave to the industry and britney is sweet and I feel for her kesha gives humans a bad name. This is it for me I never liked kesha and i will never. I will never even read anything about her again. Shes now dead to me. This is fucked up of her. Shes a bully picking on BRITNEY! CmON bitch pick a real fight.

  71. 71

    that bitch ke$ha is realy stupid.britney is a megastar and have sold more albums that she can ever dream of

  72. 72

    Worst song ever. She sucks.

  73. 73

    Kesha is so full of herself.

  74. 74

    Never even heard of "Ke$ha" until I came to your site, Perez.

  75. 75

    I like some of Ke$ha songs but she really needs to shut her face. Britney will always be 100% better than Ke$ha. She is just mad and jealous.

  76. 76

    kesha can eat shit dumb bitch

  77. 77

    Re: Lisa W a Lil L – but Kesha is trailer trash…

  78. 78

    i loves it. good beat, and a little controversy. if britney were strong and not a coward she would respond.

  79. 79

    In 10 minutes…Keshass WHO?

  80. 80

    Re: DANNYGLOVERSDICKBLOOD – your a douche that rips on perez and everything he has to say which is fucking ridiculous considering your taking time out of your life to make an avatar on his website and clearly still read what he has to say, so if you have such a problem with it fuck off and find something better to do with your life

  81. 81

    Re: Metroid89 – OMG I did not listen to her song but she slammed MADONNA? THE ONE FEMALE POP MUSICIAN WHO EVER LASTED? GOD KESHA NEEDS HIT IN DA MOUTH!

  82. 82

    Re: #Cejers – Ummm.. I still don't know who this bitch is…. so… I don't think she can even be considered "famous"… the ONLY reason I have ANY idea who she is…….is this website… plus.. her music blows ass.

  83. 83

    She is awful ..tc / toc blows and this song is even worse….britt britt could blow her out of the water holding both her babies, while shaving her head barefoot in a gas station - Kesha I hate you more than that awful Nikki Minaj whore

  84. 84

    Pathetic! No one will will even know who Ke$ha is in about 10 weeks! Her web site is TRASH it just shows how little or no class she has!

  85. 85

    Britney hasn't been good since before she got married. 3 and Circus were weird. She's just too messed up to be sexy and you know she has zero hand in her music.

  86. 86

    am I hearing this song correctly? Styrofoam?? the lyrics are beyond stupid. I'll give her Tik Tok as her one hit wonder.. but Blah Blah Blah is the STUPIDEST and most ANNOYING song.. I change the channel when I hear it.

  87. 87

    Well, she has a point. In 10 years, Britney will be pushing 40. She can't milk that throaty vocal crap and Lolita act forever. It's not the first time anyone took a swipe at Britney..Pink does it all the time.

  88. 88

    WOW don't trash Britney! Not a good idea!

  89. 89

    shes such a tool, she came out of a ditch in afgahnisfrance and dares to make fun of britney spears, please

  90. 90

    britney = winner

  91. 91

    Always know, only the great ones get picked on.

  92. 92

    i feel like a traitor perez for saying this, but i …disagree. i love you, and i love Britney, grew up listening to her, but i really like ke$ha. i mean, she could probably run her mouth a little less, and could certainly use a shower, but i like her style, and be fair, this song is actually pretty good. the chorus could use a LOT of work, but the verses are pretty decent. meh, just my 2 cents worth. and btw, so cool that Courtney Love is ur surprise guest, if she can stand up sober long enuf to perform, this could be a HUGE comeback. i miss the cool courtney from the 90's. Violet was the first song i ever called and voted for on muchmusic, when it cost like $0.50 and i was too terrified to tell my mom i'd charged it to the phone lol.

  93. 93

    This girl is insane…. The only reason she seems to be relevant right now is because she's slamming the Princess of pop. Why does she feel this is necessary??? I mean, I'm not saying Kesha needs to love or even like Brit, but slamming her is just so childish. There is enough room in the world for you and Brit, girl…jesus christ…calm down!!! Its just so unprofessional, its totally unnecessary, and its totally classless. I mean i didn't even know who this chick was last year, but Brit has been a large part of my life since I was 10 years old!! I have FIERCE Britney pride!!! I was part of Brits first wave of fans, I remember hearing Baby, One More Time in my 4th grade class during recess! Oh god how I LOVEEEDDD Her! still do!

    IF YOU WERE SECURE IN YOUR TALENT AND SECURE IN YOUR SELF THEN YOU WOULDN'T FEEL THE NEED TO TRASH SOMEONE WHO HAS NO BEEF WITH YOU!!! Seems like fame is a bit more than you can handle. Why not take a break and come back when you grow up a little.

    In conclusion just know that the shit talking isn't cute, it isn't edgy, it isn't something fans want to hear because truthfully, Kesha, you and Brit share A LOT of the same fans!

  94. 94

    more like Kesha, who??

  95. 95

    WHY DOES THIS GIRL EVEN HAVE A RECORD DEAL???? She sounds like a clogged up valley girl talking when she sings. I saw her comment last time when she slammed Brit and I believe she was talking about her singing, well when Kesha doesn't even sing she talks, well at least that's what it sounds like to me. There is no voice. I have been a Brit fan since 98 and this girl better shut her mouth and enjoy the 15 min of fame while she can or its only going to be 5 min.

  96. Pheno says – reply to this


    wow this girl completely ripped off UFFIE! i think its funny when an "artist" without one ounce of originality has the balls to slam others.

  97. 97

    non-issue since she is so insignificant… and Perez is right, the song is totally lame.

  98. 98

    Ke$ha is obviously jealous of Britney. It's kinda funny, actually. She should be living up her career, being thankful for hitting the big-time, and working hard and what does she do? She hates on one of the most successful pop stars ever. Ke$ha aint gonna be around for too much longer.

  99. 99

    I haaaaaate her! Such a waste of air!

  100. 100

    All she will ever be, is the stupid twat that she is. Go back to manicure school honey.

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