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Roman Polanski's Lawyers Appeal Rape Case, Claim Misconduct In 1977

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We wouldn't expect anything less from him.

Roman Polanski's attorneys have filed an appeal asking that a special counsel investigate any potential shady business or misconduct in his 32 year trial for having sex with a 13-year-old!

According to original prosecutor Richard Gunson, the original judge had a secret agenda to give Polanski a harsher sentence than legally allowed, but when Gunson attempted to challenge it, his superiors intevervened!

The appeal states:

"Far more serious misconduct, which has been hidden by the prosecution in this case for years, occurred at the highest levels of the district attorney's office in August 1977. Two of the most senior supervising deputies in the office at that time had secret … communications with Judge Rittenband about his misconduct in this case, which Rittenband confirmed to them, and they failed to inform the defence or seek Rittenband's disqualification."

Polanski's lawyers hope to use this information to persuade the current judge, Peter Espinoza, to dismiss the case and allow Polanksi back into the country.

Polanski is currently under house arrest in Switzerland, whose authorities will only extradite the filmmaker if the US agrees to sentence him to at least six months in prison. Espinoza has stated he will only consider Polanski's appeal for dismissal if he can physically appear in the courtroom to argue his case!


Sounds like you're stuck in a lose-lose no matter what you do, Polanski!!

Karma's a real bitch, ain't it?

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44 comments to “Roman Polanski's Lawyers Appeal Rape Case, Claim Misconduct In 1977”

  1. 1

    but if pollackski raped a 13 year old boy,perez would be kissing his @ss and signing petitions to get this pedo freed.

  2. 2

    all the lying, legal maneuvering and lawyer bullshit in the world will NEVER change the fact that this piece of eurotrash pedophile DRUGGED and RAPED a 13 year old little girl.

  3. 3

    If he hadn't run away he would've been free, served his time, and continue making shitty movies. What does that say about our society? If you are an artist then you can escape rape charges against a minor and fleeing???? Ugh please just go to jail

  4. 4

    what he did in '77 was NOT right , but you can't deny that he's a brilliant film maker. His latest movie the Ghost Writer is getting so many good reviews. I respect his art and I don't feel i have to apologize for that. People still love Micheal Jackson and he was a pedophile aswell.

  5. 5

    How old is Justin Beiber, Porky? I wonder what you would do to him if you got him in a hot tub.

  6. 6

    Roman Polanski WAS given an unfair trial. It is a recorded fact, just google it. The judge was a media whore and only cared about advancing his career. Polanski was in a concentration camp, and lived through his 9 month pregnant wife being killed by the Manson family, I'm gonna give this guy a break, so should you!!!!!!!!!!!

  7. 7


  8. 8

    Re: lisamp – so if a concentration camp survivor and widower of a murdered woman drugged and raped your little girl you'd cut them a break because, hey, life is rough man?
    bad things happen to all kinds of people. bad things happen to good people and those people look inside of themselves and work to only bring good into a world that has dealt them pain. bad people take the bad dealt to them in life and use that as an excuse for doing more evil in the world. i don't feel one bit sorry for this piece of trash. he belongs in jail and he belongs in genpop where he can find out for himself what rape is like for the victim.

  9. 9

    karma? his pregnant wife was brutally murdered by the manson family years before this ever happened. he's been through enough and so has the 13 year old girl.

  10. 10

    YOU ARE SICK!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!

  11. 11

    Re: lisamp


    what he did was fucked up… But its not about that, what its about is how the judge was corrupted and fucked up. This isn't how the Judicial system is supposed to operate.

    Everyone in America deserves a fair trial. Its okay to hate him but its not about that, its about the trial. This isn't about what he did, its about the corrupted judge and a fucked up trial. By the way its the 21st century can't they use a video conference. Shit, I wouldn't come back to the USA if they are going to lock me up right away… Fuck that…. and also, Mexicans in America can come here illegally, kill someone, and can go back to Mexico without facing any court in America. But thats okay right?

  12. 12

    Perez, back off already. and the other sheep. The FACT is he DID HIS TIME. The trial was corrupt, why did the Judge 'suddenly' change his mind about his sentence AFTER it was given and served? He was given a plea bargain–the judge was a proven famewhore who took on a lot of celeb cases, and, it is PROVEN, he "begged" for Polanski's case for the media hype. Polanski was not in the right state of mind after his wife's brutal murder. Yes he did a horrible thing, but he's already served. What is so hard to understand about the facts? Seriously…do people just not know how to read anymore?

  13. 13


  14. 14

    QUOTE from NEWSWEEK. Yeah, this was "fair" for Polanski. I would have hopped that plane too.

    "He asked a reporter for advice on what sentence he should give; he gave regular interviews to a Hollywood gossip columnist. The day before the sentencing—despite an agreement with Dalton and Gunson—Ritterband was overheard bragging at his country club that he was going to lock up Polanski for the rest of his life."

  15. 15

    Re: lisamp – That is the most stupid thing I've ever heard in my life!!! Polanski has admitted drugging and having sex with a child. I think he would have gotten off very lightly, but instead he ran. Whatever the excuse, be it concentration camp, Manson, or any other….that does not give him a free shot at child sex.

  16. 16

    He still fled jurisdiction.

  17. 17

    His "32 year trial"? Try learning english Mario.

  18. 18

    blah blah blah….

    do any of his lawyers have a thirteen year old daughter?

  19. 19

    Yes, its Karma, yes, he did wrong, but is it really going to help anybody over 30 years after the fact? It happened a long time ago, this woman probably has moved on with her life, all this is doing is bringing up painful memories for her and she has to live with this everyday now. What good is all this 3 decades later?

  20. 20

    Talk about serious misconduct - although he plea-bargained down to sex with a minor, his initial charges and testimony in the case indicated he also plied this child with drugs and alcohol before sodomizing her. I guess it's not polite to mention that in the national press?

  21. 21

    This guy is sick!

  22. Emesa says – reply to this


    Oh boo hoo pedoski. If you dont want to do jail time, don't rape kids.

  23. 23

    Can't they just sentence him to the electric chair and do the world a favor?

    He's supported by Jews who play the concentration camp card.

    If he raped a little Jewish girl, and he was a Christian or a Muslim, the same Jews would be calling for his head.

    I'm part Jewish. Jews embarass me on this one!

  24. 24

    There was misconduct so he should get off.

  25. S86 says – reply to this


    Oh. My. God. Seriously you're still on this? She got high and had sex with a famous film director… That happens nowdays, still… He is not a pedophile…
    And really, Perez, Karma? Karma's what coming to you…
    The Manson Family tortured and murdered some of his friends, his wife, AND their unborn chil in HIS house. STFU already.

  26. 26

    I say let Polanski go free: BUT only after he gets ass fucked by a dozen repo guys.

  27. 27

    polanski did not get a fair trial, it has been documented over and over! you don't know what the hell you are talking about as usual yet you pass judgement — you're an idiot!

  28. 28

    6 months in jail would be the least he could serve for being a pervy douche bag…

  29. 29

    tigerrrlilly # 8- THANK YOU for your post. My thoughts exactly.

  30. 30


  31. 31

    S86 #25 - Hi, FREAK. You're a debauched, uneducated pedo yourself, maybe?
    The whole "formerly had a bad life" cannot support a current (at that time) defense. People try that now, doesn't work. When one is under stress for the heinous crime of one's murdered wife and baby, one doesn't… oops, shouldn't go and harm another innocent. Morally, that is how it SHOULD work. Because then we don't have mercy on them. Then, we think think that this depraved soul would have harmed, regardless. It's so simple, really, don't hurt people, especially kids, especially kids whose mothers' don't care enough about them to protect them from the dangers of a stranger "adult." When one is wounded and then they wound someone else and then use their own wound to defend their terrible behavior, they lose credibility.
    Sorry, Polanski. When everyone at the Academy Awards gave you a standing ovation for winning the oscar for The Pianist, I took note. I love that movie and I am an artist. But, Art does not trump life, nor deeds.

  32. 32

    Karma is a bitch bloody pedo. Love to see someone with less $$$ evade capture for so long while being in the public arena. NEVER HAPPEN!!!!

  33. 33

    I just thought of something. Haven't the Nazi hunters from Israel been searching for the Holocaust perps for 60 years? They are responsible for extraditions from countries all over the world. The man from Ohio who was accused by someone of being a nazi guard and he's like 90? What if he had a bad childhood?

  34. 34

    You are entirely uninformed about the true FACTS of this case, Mario. It is accurate that the case was completely corrupted in 1977. The plea deal which Mr. Polanski accepted was rescinded once he plead guilty - otherwise known as "bait and switch." You do not understand the environment of that case and the unjust manner of Mr. Polanski's judicial treatment. In fact, he did already spend 6 weeks in jail then, in addition to his recent time in jail and house arrest now. It was over three decades ago. Enough.

  35. 35

    what misconduct would be 'far more serious' than drugging and raping a 13 year old girl.

    I am completely disgusted by the idea that just because this man is a talented artist some people think that gives him carte blanche to get away with this appalling behaviour.

  36. 36

    child diddler scum bag, it makes me sick that some of hollywood is actually sticking up for this piece of shit, if he got caught for 1 he probably raped 10. face the piper you weak old slime ball, i hope karma comes his way before he dies, i want to see this scum suffer

  37. 37

    KDIZZLL u right…. thats was so long time ago, just let him go free… he pay this women over 1 million dollars… and she want have sex with him.. why they dont aresst her too….
    Polanski is great director..

  38. 38

    Re: tigrrrlilly – I couldnt agree more! He admitted to giving her drugs, wine, & having sex with her & did all of this knowing she was 13! THAT IS A CRIME!! I dont give a sh*t if it was 30 years or 30 seconds ago he deserves prison time!! The fact that he was only charged with misdeamenors is a great injustice.. so please overturn the conviction without prejudice and re-charge him with the proper crimes you know the one's he deserves FELONY SEXUAL ASSUALT OF A CHILD UNDER THE AGE OF 13.

  39. 39


  40. 40

    Re: Miss Monroe – LOOK BITCH, the fact remains he shouldnt have been offered that deal in the first place, he freely admitted to having sex with that CHILD and giving her drugs If you or I or any normal person had done that no deal would be offered that consisted of less that 10 years in prison ………… BTW he ran prior to sentancing and he is awaiting extradition so none of that time counts and really a villa in Switzerland is not hard time. poor guy he only has a staff of 15 to tend to his every whim

  41. 41

    Re: emilia50 – do you speak english … "she want have sex with him" HE DRUGGED HER …….. and besides that she was 13 & not legally old enought to consent, so the fact remains that is irrelevent. "why they dont arrest her too" she is the victim you dillhole you dont arrest the victim & do you really think he would give her a million dollars if he felt he did nothing wrong!!! and if he indeed felt no crime had been committed why would he run!! I dont care how brilliant people think he is or what happened in his past that does not give him permission to be a PEDOPHILE!

  42. 42

    If Mr. Polanski is guilty - after all those years we should drop the matter - then if he is guilty I ask that the young girl's parents also should be accused of leaving their young daughter ALONE with an adult man. I would NEVER leave my daughter with a man, also a movie director when we all know about the casting couch. They wanted their daughter to make it in the movies and deliberately left her with him, who was not his normal self, having become an orphan at a young age and then losing his own son. Enough of this, I'm getting bored. Leave Roman alone, he is old and whatever he did is between him and his Creator.

  43. @v@ says – reply to this


    Watching the ongoing cowardly squirming for decades from this guy makes me sick to my stomach. Face up and move on, dude.

  44. 44

    Sorry folks, but Roman Polanski WAS given an unfair trial. He did face the charges originally. That doesn't excuse his conduct, but the misconduct of the judge should have also been addressed. His victim has even come forward and asked the court to let him go. This case is not what it seems at a glance, so unless you know all the facts don't be so quick to judge.