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Tiger's Pissed About His Custom Blow-Up Doll

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We reported last week that Pipedream Products, a novelty item production company, had created a line of Tiger Woods sex toys, including blow-up dolls of the douchey golfer!!

Well, apparently Tiger is not too pleased about this HIGHlarity and has unleashed his lawyers, who have demanded they discontinue the line of products and recall those already distributed them!

What a dick!

Maybe if you hadn't acted like such a scumbag people wouldn't be ca$hing in and making him the butt of so many jokes.

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43 comments to “Tiger's Pissed About His Custom Blow-Up Doll”

  1. 1

    Actually, hes probably doing it to save the humiliation for his wife.

  2. 2

    Does it come with an STD? Or do I have to purchase that separately?

  3. 3

    YOU DON'T KNOW HOW TO READ, DO YOU? It is a wind up toy, and if you read any of your comments, you would know that.

  4. 4

    Yeeeeeeah he really has no say..

  5. 5

    The other and better site had this little nugget up hours ago. At least Mario didn't cut and paste the whole damn thing

  6. RPORC says – reply to this


    I want one of those - how much is it Mario?

  7. 7

    You only have yourself to blame Tiger! You are a nasty dirty whore!

  8. 8

    Stupid old white men will give this stupid whore Woods their money.

    Tiger Woods abandoned his children to screw around with whores.

    But do old man golfers care? No.

  9. 9

    Id be more pissed at the fact they made him even uglier than he actually is. LOL poor Tiger

  10. 10

    I can only imagine all the pranks that will be played with this. ha ha

  11. 11

    The jokes just write themselves. He has no one to blame but himself. People are going to make fun of him and he has to learn to live with it. That's what you get, Tiger WOODs, for putting with your nine iron.

  12. 12

    What an a**hole. No sense of humor at all.

  13. 13

    i havent stop laughing or fantasising lollllllll he spreads his ass around now everyone wants a peice lolllll blowup douche dolls hahahahhaaa perez ur hysterically funny

  14. 14

    Hey Tiger, why dont you try and recall all the times you had sex with someone other than you wife. Why didint you use your magical powers to stop you from doing what you did,, Tiger I use to respect you, you are nothing but a piece of dog shiiitt

  15. 15

    Re: JustcallmeDeDe – Good Point!!

  16. 16

    Hey Tiig, All the money in the world wont change tht fact that you are a nerdy, goofy looking geek, if you did not have the Chi Ching, to get Whores,, mind You, Then I guess you are just left with you. RUN ELIN

  17. 17

    Yeah, what a dick. I suggest that Tiger's caddy shove a nine iron up his ass, swirl it around in his fantastic Blasian fecal juices, and then have him lick & suck it just the way he likes his whores to go nasty on his dick. Yeah, Tiggs, that's your style. What a niggggggggg.

  18. 18

    Psh I would be pissed also! They should have known he was going to do something about it.
    Thats pretty funny actually at the same time.. I was at a sex store yesterday and saw two pornos making fun of Tiger and all his hoezzzzz. They did not waste any time on putting that out!

  19. 19

    Suck ass Tiger. In fact, suck Perez's ass. You two belong together.

  20. 6one9 says – reply to this


    Tiger should be pissed “““` He's NOT making a dime off this shit!!

  21. 21

    He deserves everything he's getting. He is a huge joke…

  22. 22

    Seriously Tiger Woods is just so freakin TRASHY, what a nasty ass. He disrespects women and abuses them with his nasty perverted sex. I think women in general should take a golf swing at him until his dick falls off.

  23. 23

    What about "Let's punch Perez In The Face" doll?

    I'd buy that!

  24. 24

    Take it as a compliment! Have Fun!

  25. 25

    Re: RockabillyUK

    Did you hear the texts this week???

    If he cared about humilating his wife, texting slappers about wanting to choke them during sex isn't the way to go about it.

  26. 26

    According to the text messages that the Tiger allegedly sent to the woman, he has been channeling OJ in regards to his courtin'.

    And it is astounding how many supposedly straight men, like MJ, want to do ass to mouth with the Tiger.

  27. 27

    lol Hilarious

  28. 28

    Maybe he shouldn't have been such a manwhore. He sure does love those golden showers!

  29. 29

    People should be sensitive to his wife and children, they are not responsible for his reckless actions.

  30. 30

    If they just remove TIGER, can't they market it? Hope they do.

  31. 31

    You MORONS You know you can't do that! I WOULD HOPE HE SUES THEIR PANTS OFF!

  32. 32

    I gotta get one of these before his super expensive lawyers make them cease and desist.

    Dear Mr. Woods, repeat after me: "Mea maxima culpa"

    now just keep saying that for the next decade or so and quit blaming other people for things that are your own fault. You wanted the "name" so you could make $$ from it, now you get to carry that name covered in the $hit you smeared on it yourself. We don't feel sorry for you!

  33. 33

    do they have one with irons?

  34. 34

    Yeah but you can't do that without his permission. Sorry it's the law!

  35. 35

    oh someone please buy one and show us what it looks like HAHAHHA!!!!!
    then howard stern can ask "the ladies" if it's "authentic" HAHA!

  36. 36

    That dick deserves whatever bad jokes are comin his way. You said it Perez. Scumbags can't turn around and complain about someone else being a scummy!!

  37. @v@ says – reply to this


    If he's choked about this blow-up doll, I hope he just imagines how choked Elin is about a couple of dozen of the real thing, as I'm sure that some paramours are still hiding.

  38. 38

    HIGHlarious thanks for posting P-nasty!!!

  39. 39

    How big is the blow-up Tiger doll's dingaling? Might serve as a good substitute between boyfriends.

  40. 40

    He did not violated any law, except a moral one. But a moral rule is not a law and you do not have to trust in it. Let him make the life he wants, and his issue with his wife is only his problem.

  41. 41

    Awww, Poor Tiger,, NOT, so he is embarrased, now he just might know how his wife felt. Such a piece of dog ish..

  42. 42

    lolll! does anyone actually give a fuck about what he did? i know i don't! leave him alone, who gives a shit what he does. but knowing he did it, he should just let this slide. he brought this upon himself.

  43. 43

    perez ur a dickhead all ya dicks that care bout tigers life and shyt no lives. alrite so he cheated biq woop its not so seriouse. every guy cheats u dnt see them on the news, news paper and all that. leave the guy alone his wife shuldve been more careful and shuldve neva checked his fone. if u look 4 sumthinq ur gunna find iit and dhats wah happend. LOSERS