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Is Jesse James A White Supremacist, Too??

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Jesse James is knee-deep in some serious shiz!!

After Michelle "Bombshell" McGee revealed that she and Sandra Bullock's husband were getting all sorts of nasty together, it was reported that this skank is a white supremacist, Neo-Nazi psycho!!

Now there's speculation that James may be one himself!!

According to sources, Jesse's ex, Janine Lindemulder, a porn star and that chick on the Blink182 album cover, is currently married to Jeremy Aikman, a felon and admitted skinhead!!

And some are beginning to speculate that Jesse's logo for West Coast Choppers is based off of Germany's Iron Cross, which is notably linked to Nazi culture!!

We don't know - that's quite a few links to white supremacy!!

Poor Sandy!!

What do U think?? Is this all coincidence or do U think Jesse's a white supremacist??

[Image via WENN.]

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122 comments to “Is Jesse James A White Supremacist, Too??”

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  1. 1

    HE'S A DOUCHEBAG! Run, Sandy, RUN…..

  2. 2

    What a STUPID FKING MEATHEAD!!!! Sandy is WAY too good for his loser ass….

  3. 3

    Birds of a feather flock together.

  4. 4

    I think he has a really big schlong. And the white supremist thing ? who cares, we are superior to blacks, hispanics and asians,

  5. 5

    Crazy white folks!

  6. 6

    He's opened himself up for all of this. What a loser.

  7. 7

    Where there's smoke, there's fire. Hopefully, all his bad deeds come to light and Sandra dumps his ass hard. I just feel sorry for his kids who have developed a relationship with Sandra.

  8. 8

    Not surprised at all.

  9. 9

    Sleeping with two Nazi chicks makes me think he's okay with it. Which is baaaaaaaaad.

  10. 10

    why poor sandy? if he is indeed a white power type it's no surprise as most hardcore patch types are. and, if it's true sandy knew and has similar sentiments.

  11. 11

    would you really be surprised?
    and if he was I'm pretty sure Sandra would have known.

  12. 12

    Isn't Sandra Bullock Jewish? This artical sounds like bull crap to me. Besides everyone is entitled to their own political opinion in life, it's not really news.

  13. 13

    The last time I checked…the Pope also wears an Iron Cross. Does that make him a white supremacist too?

    BUT yes, Jesse James is a idiot!

  14. 14

    Sandy is far, far better off without this douchebag. Let me just point out, though, 'admitted skinhead' - big ass deal. White power 'skinhead', is most definitely a problem, but they are NOT real skinheads and not tolerated within the skinhead community. Any real skinhead hates the racist bastards who claim 'skinhead' as much as or more than the rest of us. Back on subject, to be honest, I'm not at all surprised by this news. What a loser.

  15. 15

    I love Sandra Bullock but come on. She married the used goods of a porn star, what exactly was she expecting? That culture is like so bottom of the barrel…you hang with the trash, you start to smell

  16. 16

    How is he in any trouble? News flash, its not illegal to be a white supremacist in the U.S.
    re: the Iron Cross - it was in use as a national symbol in Germany long before the Nazi's came around. In fact, it so strongly represented non-Nazi German history that Hitler removed it from military vehicles and had it replaced with the balkankreuz

  17. 17

    LaSandra is better off without him. The best thing for heartbreak is a fast rebound. El Lay is not the ideal place to find a real man, or at least, someone kinda basic and likes it three times/day. So Sandy needs to spend time back on her home turf of Texas.

  18. 18

    It's a bit of a stretch, Parasite. The swastika was once a revered holy symbol before it was corrupted by the Nazis; the symbol itself isn't evil, it's the corruption of it that is. No doubt the same is true for the iron cross. And until Jesse James releases a statement touting white power, I suggest that you not wander into the realm of slander and defamation of character. Speculative gossip is one thing, but character assassination without foundation is irresponsible (nor is it something you'd tolerate if done to you). Yes, he's cheating scum. But let's not pile it on just yet.

  19. 19

    No that's ridiculous

  20. 20


  21. 21

    I've never seen an episode of West Coast Choppers, and I never will, but I'd bet that if they produce any new shows, they will feature plenty of Jesse's close friends and associates who just happen to be other than white.

  22. 22

    Re: ivana jercough

    What a fucking shitty thing to say. I am a well off, blond, blue-eyed white girl and I am NOT superior to any race. My best friend is asian and two of my other best friends are black. We all love each other & are color blind.. You are a racist bitch….Poor Sandra.

  23. 23

    I'm no Jese James fan but, I just don't know if he's a racist or not. Why would Sandy have married him in the first place? The iron cross, as used today, is a symbol of rebellion and alot of rockstars use it too. I'm not denying he is, I'm just saying it will probably take more than an iron cross to convince me because SAndy married this guy. I can't see her ever marrying a racist.

    As for Janine, it surprises me she's actually married to a real "skinhead" because of how many movies she's done with black men. She's always getting plugged by some black guy in her porn. Would a "true skinhead" allow his wife to do that with blacks?

  24. 24

    Poor Sandy? Right, but wouldn't she have known these facts after being 6 year together with a man if that they are true? I think he's a prick for what he did but now this goes a bridge too far me to throw dirt at the guy without having real prove. This is sick! What's next that Sandra is in fact in white supremacist too?
    Right it's all speculation, fuel the fire so tabloids can be filled with sick stories! I'm not defending Jesse James here. I'm so sick of speculations that may ruin peoples lifes even more. The guy has also three kids right? Leave those people alone now.

  25. 25

    Re: ba-buttons – Don't you mean "Hakenkreutz"?

  26. 26

    Of course he is, his wife, Sandra "SIZE-QUEEN" Bullock , lives in Austin, Texas - The Capital of White Power…

  27. 27

    While he is an idiot, anyone can believe whatever they want in this country, even if that means being a white supremacist.

  28. 28

    This is becoming like the Salem witch trials. The whole WC Chopper logo issue is really old news, years old. I would like to see a moratorium on the entire story until one of them wishes to say something. If there was any chance of working things out, or at least dealing with it, the media and curiosity seekers have surely ruined it.

  29. 29

    The Iron Cross has been around for centuries and bikers have been using it for decades. There use of it has nothing to do with Nazis. Are you saying the Hell's Angels must be Nazis too Perez….are you?

  30. 30

    jeeeez, this could spawn some serious shet

  31. Laury says – reply to this


    I really hope this is just a coincidence. White supremacists and neo Nazis are disgusting, no race is superior to the others. If James is really part of that bullshit, then he did Sandra a favor by cheating on her, now she can move on and find a better, more tolerant person.

  32. 32


    …DOUBLE STANDARD!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!

  33. 33

    Don't believe Sandra didn't know that about him all along. Her home state of VA is the heart of the confederacy. Upper middle class Virginians are more subtle than deep southerners but the mindset is exactly the same. :)

  34. Laury says – reply to this


    Re: Not my gumdrop buttons!
    Oh really? So it's okay to be racist, is that what you're saying? America may be a free country, but freedom has its limits, you know.

  35. 35

    You keep saying poor Sandy, yet you keep posting personal shi* about her personal life. Just leave it alone. I love Sandra Bullock and so sad that this has happened to her. But stop saying poor Sandy and continue to write these things!

  36. 36


  37. 37

    I will say this, and take from it what you will… I've lived in 3 cities in 3 states where I have seen skinhead gangs and they all wore that cross. Whatever it meant (same with swastikas) someone somewhere corrupted it into being part of their culture. Every time I've seen the logo for the show I wondered if they knew skinheads wear that cross as well…. perhaps I have my answer.

  38. 38

    Re: ivana jercough – Keep talking like that and see what happens to you. You sound like an airhead. This is 2010 biatch get with the program!!!!!!! And to Sandy… get the hell out of there run for your life

  39. 39

    Umm….if he were a white supremacist…Sandra Bullock would know….I don't percieve her to be dense or anything so….if he is than she is too….just saying…..

  40. 40

    Like I said before, attarcted to scum that is like him. Also, to IVANA JERCOUGH, your mother is a cankerous whore who gave birth to an STD riddled child that is you. There, you got th attention you wanted.

  41. 41

    I could see it. And Sandy is German… u never know, maybe that was also what he liked about her!

  42. 42

    iron cross does not equal nazi…..i can only hope that idiots who do think that do their homework before passing ANY judgement here……

  43. 43

    jesse james is not a racist white supremacist… he once wrote on his OWN WEBSITE that he was getting mail from racists inmates telling him he should not use black models or some stuff like that on his bikes and for his clothing line. he used to send them back a letter basicaly to tell them to fuck off and he used to also send a subscribtion to ”chocolate something” i dont remember the name.. (a subscribition to a bike magazine for black people)
    if he was a racist why would he do that? anyway… even if he fucked that ugly white power tatttooed broad it doesnt mean he's hitler!

  44. 44

    Dump his ass!

  45. 45

    Columbus Day is racist….millions of indigenous people died because of his "discovery"

  46. 46

    Re: La Garse – Haha, The Character Assassination of Jesse James

  47. 47

    UGHHHHH! I was soooo hoping that he just had a "Slip" because Sandra was always working, and that they could try to work things out! But in light of this possible truth I am so friking done with the douch! I used to think he was such a awesome guy, and a perfect match for her. But FUCK HIM! I hope he ROTS!

  48. 48

    He can go to hell.

  49. 49

    Re: homicide63 – Not true and he did in fact collect nazi figures, posters etc…he was VERY into it years back. :(

  50. 50

    Re: jocksoff – I've noticed the trend toward reverse discrimination and hypocrisy too. There are awards, etc., for blacks and latinos, but if white people did it, the screams would begin. It's not right; it is, in fact, ridiculous. That said, it's just plain dumb to hate someone because of the color of his/her skin. I know many kind and considerate whites, blacks, hispanics, and asians. I also know many worthless whites, blacks, hispanics, and asians. I don't think stupidity and the entitlement mentality is limited to any race. There is no "superior" race. Anyone who thinks there is is a delusional idiot.

  51. 51

    He sure looks like one. But the Iron Cross is not really a nazi symbol. It was introduced in Germany (Preußen) in the early 19th century. The Nazis just continued to use it but with a swastika in the middle of the cross.

  52. 52

    Re: Rican31 – Normally you and I disagree. But on this particular issue, specifically what you said to Ivana Jercough, we agree. I'm white. But that fact doesn't make me superior to anyone. And I'm ashamed of people who insist on white supremacy. Deeply ashamed.

  53. Nitz says – reply to this


    Not all Skinheads are white supremacists…some are actually far from it, and completely against it. He may be a "skinhead", but that doesn't mean he's a nazi skinhead.

  54. 54

    There's nothing wrong with being proud to be white. And I agree Black power and White power is wrong. It's ok for everyone to be proud of there race but not ok to be a supremacist. Whites are not the only supremacists. There are Black supremacist, Latino, Asian and Arab supremacists and it's all wrong.

  55. 55

    Ooops, I guess the tees and toys will be disappearing from Wal-Mart by Friday. Maybe sooner in NJ!!!

  56. 56

    i think hese a white supremacist too

  57. 57

    Re: cute_puppy – Don't you mean "Hakenkreuz"?

  58. 58

    Jesse collected Nazi memorabilia for years. Not sure if he stopped once he moved in with Sandra but he was always a collector.

  59. 59

    skinheads aren't racist, asshat.

  60. 60

    Even if he is , he is no different than you asshole. You are a gay supremacist and a misogynist.

  61. 61

    I agree that him sleeping w/White Supremacist chicks does NOT make him one. However, if he knew that was their lifestyle and was cool enough w/it to date/mess around w/them, then that is VERY disturbing. Poor Sandra having to deal w/this douche for a husband!

  62. 62

    Re: ivana jercough – Low life pieces of shit like yourself always think you're superior to someone.

  63. 63

    Re: ivana jercough

    You're pathetic and ignorant and sound like you have little to no education. Why don't you go back to sucking old dirty men's money for a living you gay porn looking cum guzzler! Poor Sandy, she is wayyy to hot for that douche. Get with someone who is worthy of your caliber, girl.

  64. 64

    Coincedence, he is an idiot but not a racist

  65. 65

    i agree w/ the whole supremacy thing. don't go spouting such off without proof behind your words. who the hell cares if they believe it white power. a lot of ppl out there do, but they don't talk about it. i think it's a shame that he had this affair. i really admired sandra for taking such good care of his youngest daughter and was really hoping they'd get custody of this little girl, and now, with this crap and everyone putting him down and making all sorts of speculations, it makes it become ridiculous and difficult to move past. if sandra decides to stay with him, that is her business. what he did wasn't right, but ppl make mistakes. this woman wants fame. just like all the whores tiger slept with… they all want fame. doesn't make it right, but it's true. i'm a female and i see the way women are with men. i see the way some women are with my husband and it sickens me. anyway… i just hope that ppl let them work it out on their own.

  66. 66

    The WCC symbol is SO NOT representative of "white supremacy". Although I do not agree with what Jesse has done, I have been a fan of he and his work for years (as well as Sandra's). Learn a little more about him before you jump on the bandwagon, people.
    As for Janine…she seems like one messed up chick. Hope she gets the help she needs.
    Poor Sandra.

  67. 67

    I would think it would be pretty difficult to be a White Supremacist in a world filled with so many colors. I fail to see the point when both of them obviously tattoo their entire white bodies with even more color. More like WHITE SUPREME ASSES!!!!

  68. 68

    hes certainly involved with a lot of nazi people. Sandra is German - not saying thats necessarily a nazi connection but it would make her more attractive to the average uneducated skin head who wants to feel closer to the nazi ideology.

  69. 69

    Clearly he f'ed up but by extension of your logic then odds are good Sandra Bullock is a white supremacist too since she married him. Lay off the "logic"…not your strong suit Mario.

  70. 70

    I watch a lot of WWII movies because I'm interested in history. When that Westcoast Choppers cross became popular, I thought, "Isn't that a Nazi insignia?" It offends me as a human being, and if I were Jewish, especially someone who lived through the Nazi era, I would think that it would be a very threatening to see it so openly displayed now.

  71. 71

    Good lord people!! Perez posts this stuff because he knows it will increase hits and increased hits mean more $$$ for Teddy!

  72. 72

    I'm confused. Why is it surprising that a white biker dude is a racist…isn't that like a requirment?? If you have a Harley and you are white you hate all other races? Right??

  73. 73

    i think who gives a shit??? leave him alone!! DAMN!!!

  74. 74

    Supremist. The word is supremist, not supremacist. This is just another mass-mispronunciation, fueled by ignorant people who can't get the English language to work for them. SUPREMIST not SUPREMACIST!

  75. 75

    Stop posting BS Perez. The guy cheated he didnt lynch some black guy. settle down. His only crime is liking sluts.

  76. K dub says – reply to this


    well, he did marry a german…sandra bullock. If you don't all know Sandra Bullock is American but her mother is German and she lived in Germany. Maybe he is….hmmmm

  77. 77

    dude, stop starting rumors. if you watched any of his shows on discovery, you would know that jesse james is a HUGE fan of the red baron - a world war I pilot. the iron cross was given out LONG before the nazis came around. also, half his shop is hispanic, i doubt that if he was a supremacist that he would have them hanging around.

  78. 78

    Re: beth monroe – very well said! My best friends are asian, latino, black, and white….and we're all color blind too!

  79. 79

    PEOPLE! He is a white power dude! I know 100% that he did collect all kinds of white power and nazi memorabilia a few years back. It is gross but true..he is a loser that was just trying to hide behind a girl next door type and thought that by giving Sandra Sunny to raise he could slip under the radar and f*ck anyone he wanted and Sandra would be oblivious because she is so in love with that kid. He is bad news and anyone who knows him personally knows what type of person he is. It doesn't matter who he cheated with the fact is he cheated and put his kid's well being on the back burner so his d*ck could get sucked. GROSS! Notice Jesse isn't on this article commenting like he has been on all the others under "janinesabitterhoe".

  80. Emesa says – reply to this


    Re: monroe444 – I totally agree. If my grandma were still alive I know she would be totally freaked out to see the iron cross splashed about on clothing like it has no cultural baggage or racist meaning.

  81. 81

    Yes I think he is….and I think lil Miss GERMANY Sandra Bullock is also… Wiki her background…she's been with him for 7 bloody years…think she didn't KNOW??????

  82. 82

    I think we should all worry about ourselves. We put all these people up on a pedistool and think they should act a certain way, well, they are human just like you and me.

  83. 83

    If this is true its saturated in irony, considering the subject matter of the movie Sandy won the Oscar for while he was playing away! Perhaps it was the last straw…?

  84. 84

    Re: La GarseRe: PrinceD – I agree with you two completely… and you didn't word it by attacking only one race.

  85. 85

    He employs people of color, so his shop isn't a white only place. BUT when you sleep with people and you know their lifesyle/views it tends to mean you don't have a problem with it or you agree with them…

  86. 86

    and if he IS racist i DOUBT he kept it quiet. Which now leads me to ask…is Sandra Bullock racist? Is she okay with racist people since her husband may possibly be one?

    I feel SO bad for her. She bonded with his kids, got him custody of his daughter and this is how he repaid her. She must be heartbroken and I love all her movies SANDRA DESERVES BETTER THAN THIS TRASH.

  87. 87

    He's def a bigot … Iron Cross as the company's logo … I've been saying that for some time. Finally, people are noticing. Although it does beg questions about what kind of woman marries a porn-trysting, neo-nazi???? Why Sandy Why?

  88. 88

    I think Sandy seems like a great person..but COME ON!!! You can't possibly think that she had no idea her husband was a douche!!! There are signs…he has been married to and dated a multitude of porn stars, strippers, and down right freaky biatches. Sandra knew this…she didn't go into it blindly, so stop trying to paint her rosy pink!!! I'm not saying she brought all of this on herself..maybe she was in love with him and thought she could change him. She needs to move on!! Go with your gut next time, girl!!

  89. 89

    You practically spelled it right out. Janine and her old man Aikman set this thing up to bring Jess and Sandy down. Jess was to dumb to see it.

  90. 90

    If we assume that he's a neo-nazi b/c of his past, then we should assume that Sandra is as well. How could a woman in a 6+ year relationship not know? She's an ACTRESS, of course she can lie about not knowing anything.

  91. 91

    I think he is a damn fool! I would not put anything past him. He cheated on Sandra and had a smile on his face at the Oscars. Fu.k both him and his skanky little friend. Sandra is better off without him.

  92. 92

    sorry but she cant have been ignorant to his extreme views if this is true

  93. 93

    Re: ivana jercough – who told you that? you're inbred mother??

  94. 94

    ivana jercough jajajajaj superior. Ahhhhh there is no doubt ignorance really makes some people's brain full of shit. Let me break it to you Ivana, if Hitler was alive you will be the first one to be excecuted. You see he was looking for the perfect race aka: Aryans not superiors wanna be like you. Read read read read read about Hitlers way of thinking. I think yourself will not be included in that superior race sorry.

  95. 95

    I don't know what was Sandra doing with this douche, a porn star as a wife, then that fuckface mcgee? WTF Sandra im not ur fan AT ALL, but wtf were u thinking? you can do much much better!

  96. 96

    The ~urban myth~ about the logo for WCC being based on the German iron cross is old, it's been on their damn wiki page for WCC for ages for christsakes.

  97. 97

    Re: Vanilla Gorilla – I agree.

  98. 98

    Sandra is half German, maybe that's why he married her.

  99. 99


  100. 100

    i think the focus should more be on their marriage and if he was a nazi avid why would Sandra ever marry him to begin with come on !! so if you trash Jesse your trashing Sandy along with some of the same shyt .. she married into this so she should have known better as well.

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