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Is Jesse James A White Supremacist, Too??

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Jesse James is knee-deep in some serious shiz!!

After Michelle "Bombshell" McGee revealed that she and Sandra Bullock's husband were getting all sorts of nasty together, it was reported that this skank is a white supremacist, Neo-Nazi psycho!!

Now there's speculation that James may be one himself!!

According to sources, Jesse's ex, Janine Lindemulder, a porn star and that chick on the Blink182 album cover, is currently married to Jeremy Aikman, a felon and admitted skinhead!!

And some are beginning to speculate that Jesse's logo for West Coast Choppers is based off of Germany's Iron Cross, which is notably linked to Nazi culture!!

We don't know - that's quite a few links to white supremacy!!

Poor Sandy!!

What do U think?? Is this all coincidence or do U think Jesse's a white supremacist??

[Image via WENN.]

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122 comments to “Is Jesse James A White Supremacist, Too??”

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  1. 101

    Re: ivana jercough – YOU are superior to no one. Piece of shit.

  2. 102

    Re: La Garse – She has white power tattooed on her body, so if they fucked then he KNEW. So maybe you should shut your racist, nazi ass up

  3. 103

    Re: pgal – Too bad you weren't aborted.

  4. lodie says – reply to this


    First off, get a grip Perez. To insinuate that Jesse James is a White Supremacist is to insinuate that Sandra Bullock accepted that. Do you really believe that she would live and sleep in the same bed with someone for years and not know that he's a racist? Seriously? Get real! The Iron Cross symbol was first used in Germany as a representation of military and warfare. Yes, it was used and given to Nazi affiliates; however, that was not the purpose of the cross. Today, many bikers, and rockers use it. It's a symbol of rebellion or non-conformity. As for Jesse James sleeping with "what's her face," I doubt he was trying to get to know the girl (other than sex), and I highly doubt he cared about her being an alleged racist.

  5. 105

    go suck your fathers dick dumb bitch!!

  6. 106

    he dresses like a cholo.. so he may not really be racist. who knows he could be on the DL though

  7. 107

    kind of looks like will ferrell

  8. 108

    I don't know… but that's not what matters here.What matters is that Sandie and the kids have been HUMILIATED by his affair with the tatoo chick. I just hope they don't get divorced.

  9. 109

    The German Iron cross was around for centuries before the Nazis put a swastika in the middle of it. It is a symbol of pride and military service and is still used today (without the swastika of course.)
    The term "skinhead" doesnt indicate racism. The skinhead movement started in 1950's England by the working class cockney. Many of these 'skinheads' were infact black immigrants from Jamaica. The believed in being proud of working hard and earning everything you have. Reggea music brought from Jamaica became a large part of skinhead culture and later blended with other forms like punk and ska and became a new genre of "Oi"music. Neo-nazi skinheads, or 'boneheads' as they are often refered to, are not an accurate or even majority depiction of skinheads. Many skinheads are infact members of an organization called SHARP (skinheads against racial predjudice). Ignorant statements like this are part of the reason there is such a stigma on these subcultures. Please take the time to do your homework before making statements like these and perpetuating ignorant hate…

  10. whoev says – reply to this


    Re: ivana jercough – Seriously, is that the proudest thing in your life - that your skin has less melanin in it than African Americans & Asians? What do you say to yourself every morning: I'm a pathetic loser who has no meaningful relationships or significant accomplishments - but damn! I'm white!"

    That's no different than being proud that you have big feet or brown hair or small ears. You are an idiot.

  11. 111

    Re: InTheInterestOfAccuracy – Amen! i'm tired of the nonracist skinheads getting a bad rep from the bad ones. i listen to bands like warzone and agnostic front (NYHC bands) who also use the iron cross for a symbol. warzone used to have people of different races in the band and sung songs about racists being idiots, and agnostic front is fronted by a cuban. just because you use the iron cross, it does not mean that you are a racist.

    this is just perez trying to start crap.

  12. whoev says – reply to this


    Re: pgal – Yes, dipstick, it is a bad thing. It is evil, but more to the point, it's moronic. "White" isn't even a culture - it's a skin color. It reflects the amount of melanin in your skin. I'm sure you didn't know that, but still - does it sound like something to be proud of? Stupid question, it probably is something to be proud of for you. I know this is probably hard for you to comprehend. Maybe you could take this down to the Adult Ed department and have them read it to you.

  13. 113

    I wouldn't doubt if he is a white supremacist. Bullock's mother was German and if he is into "uber-white" women, this might explain his fascination and pursuit of her in the first place. However, don't count out Sandra. I haven't always been a fan of hers and no offense, but if this guy really is a racist, what makes you think she isn't in on it? If there's one thing about people who hate, they don't go quietly into that good night. They're very vocal about their beliefs and have no problem engaging others in their rhetoric. So don't go patting Sandy on the head like she's the poor victim. We know he's a cheat, but isn't she to blame for being duped by a guy who has knocked up two porn stars and has a history of dating skanky broads?

  14. 114

    um….people are "just beginning" to speculate that the WCC logo is based on the iron cross? I suppose eating lots of high food fat also makes people fat, right?

  15. 115

    Ok i feel for sandra bullock i do not know her personally i only know her through the character's she portrays. I think she's a great actress thats all the judgement i can pass on her, yes it's sad that her husband cheated on her especially as she is a public icon, i hope for the best for her and i hope she makes the right desicion concerning her marriage and familiy. With the whole white supramacy talks i am white i do not feel the need to be proud of it it's just the colour i was born with through my parents i do not understand neither do i want to y ppl have to be so harsh on what colour,heritage or culture u come from we are all equal no matter what. I believe that ppl who think they are inferior to others because of there skin colour definetly have some major mental issues that they need to deal with. I love anyone from any colour whether it be black,yellow,white or rainbow coloured no matter what, so just accept ppl for who they are not what colour they are.

  16. 116

    Jesse may be a lot of things (good and bad) but he's definitely not a white supremacist!

  17. 117

    hidden personalities will always be shown! jesse james is going to get what he deserves. karma is a bitch and he should have respected what he has but by breaking sandra's heart maybe he will just be stuck with the nazi-slut for the rest of his life. seems like a punishment to me.

  18. 118

    I hope not.

  19. 119

    Re: ivana jercough
    If you feel that you are superior to Blacks, Hispanics, and Asians, do yourself a favor and suck on his STD -infected 'Vanilla Gorilla' and hopefully you catch syphillis in your mouth….so that you can PERMANENTLY keep your trap shut!

  20. 120

    Re: jocksoff – Next time you decide to go on a rant. You may want to try educating yourself. I have many Caucasian friends. When they have intelligent questions about Black culture, I simply provide them with factual answers. BLACK POWER does not signify 'Black Supremacy.' It represents 'Black Pride' after years of opppression. we have no desire to supress any other racial group. The KKK's want to suppress other racial groups.

  21. 121

    he might be (considering that he seems to not have a problem with neo nazi women).

    however the iron cross, in and of itself, is not a nazi symbol. it was used well before world war II, many German Jews were awarded iron crosses for their service in world war I. the modern german air force, of the modern democratic germany, also uses the iron cross symbol.

  22. 122

    ATTABOY to White Racists. Great news! Tom Metzger

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