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Lt. Dan Choi Speaks!

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Following the court appearance regarding his arrest and that of Cpt. Jim Pietrangelo, Lt. Dan Choi spoke of the experience and declared that they are not going away!

The two pleaded 'not guilty' and are opting for a trial, which will begin April 26th.

Watch the video (above) to witness a true hero!!!!

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20 comments to “Lt. Dan Choi Speaks!”

  1. 1

    "Home of the free…" ?? I guess we shall see.

  2. 2


  3. 3

    Awesome! More people need to stand up like this!

  4. Visa says – reply to this


    He can kick and scream all he wants, won't help. Muslims hate gays, Obama is a Muslim, he is bringing more muslims to America. Just like France, it will be the majority before long. Obama told you what you wanted to hear to get your votes, now its "your" problem.

  5. 5

    Heroes don't own anal beads Mario….the sooner you realise that the better.

  6. 6

    So many haters out there - it's a shame.

  7. 7

    Heroes? Hardly, you POS. What they did was illegal under the UCMJ by protesting in their uniforms. They are idiots. Choi was given a second chance, but then he wanted to be fucking stupid and protest in uniform, something that EVERY service member is aware of that it is grounds of a dishonorable discharge. I'm sure he and all you other idiots out there crying that DADT is unconstitutional, will decry that his dishonorable is due to the fact that he is gay, not that he broke the military law. If DADT gets overturned, lets see how much the gays are crying about the multitude of service members who are going to get their asses kicked. You have no fucking clue how important DADT is! You have fucking blinders on and can't see the big picture.

  8. 8

    Hero my ass… You Americans throw that word around WAY too much.

  9. 9

    I wouldn't call chaining one's self to a fence as "heroic".

  10. 10

    i dont like gays all u could go to hell se who god saves

  11. 11

    good for them, equality for all.

  12. 12

    "Go to Hell. God Saves." No, go back to your trailer park and pray to Jesus that you don't die from a painful heart attack you sociopathic son of a bitch.

  13. 13

    Re: Visa – And your mother was high on crack when she conceived you with satan.. God bless you spawn of satan..

  14. 14

    Re: Hamartia – Ahh, people like this who make comments like this are the same ones who have never done one ounce of what these guys have done in war and in standing up for their rights. People like Visa, Hamartia and others who think like them are cowards. Worse than cowards. They hide behind the internet to talks shit, yet these guys are out there standing up fo what they beleive in. Yep, they are heroes. Something you guys would know nothing about..

  15. 15



  16. 16

    Hey, I'll fight beside him if he wears his pink queer gear, especially in a Muslim nation, less shots fired at me for sure.

  17. 17

    As long as gay ppl keep protesting and fighting for our equal rights we will get it. 65% of college freshman believe in gay marriage and prop 8 was just short of making it so it's going to happen. If your partner is in the military It hurts not being able to be acknowledge as your significant other's partner because you are gay. "don't ask don't tell" is the biggest slap in the face to a person when others talk about equality because that's not equality by any means.

  18. 18


  19. 19

    hes not a hero

  20. 20

    I still don't get it…who are these guys and what did they do that's newsworthy?