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ScarJo Writes Her Congressmen

| Filed under: PolitikScarlett Johansson


Scarlett Johansson is doing something for the children.

She has written a letter to Congress, fervently urging them to support the new Healthy School Meals Act of 2010 that would provide school districts with plant-based vegetarian lunch options and healthful nondairy beverages.

Below is the letter ScarJo wrote to Congressman George Miller. It might be a good idea to send a letter of your own to your own Congress member. It certainly is a worthwhile cause.

Scarlet wrote:

Dear Congressman Miller,

I've been involved with efforts to feed hungry children for years. Millions of families in America rely on subsidized school lunches, and these meals are absolutely crucial to children's well-being. That's why I'm asking you to support the Healthy School Meals Act of 2010, a bill recently introduced by Rep. Jared Polis.

Children depend on adults to provide them with the nutrition and sustenance they need to reach their full potential. It is our responsibility, as adults, to give school children the nutrients and vitamins they so vitally need, especially during school hours where their food intake may be monitored. School is an environment where children develop life skills, skills that help them to become responsible young people who will one day be able to care for themselves. A means to a healthy diet and nutritional education must begin in the school cafeteria, on the lunch line.

I am so thankful that the National School Lunch Program exists and helps children around the nation get enough to eat. But right now, many of the foods served through this program do not support children's healthy development. Many students who eat school lunches consume too much saturated fat and cholesterol and not enough fruits and vegetables. Childhood obesity is striking young children like never before and being overweight puts kids at risk of type 2 diabeties and other chronic diseases.

Children deserve to have enough to eat- and I know you agree that they also deserve healthy food. Let's make sure the foods served in school lunch lines are as nutritious as possible. I hope you'll add your name to the growing list of lawmakers who support the Healthy School Meals Act of 2010. Children are depending on you.


Scarlett Johansson

[Image via WENN.]


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24 comments to “ScarJo Writes Her Congressmen”

  1. 6one9 says – reply to this


    I agree 100%!!!!!!!! Junk food is everywhere!!!!!!!!!!! It no wonder why 60% of Americans are ““ FAT or obese!!

  2. 2

    she is right and i am proud of her

  3. 3


  4. 4

    Hey ScarJo…let's start with proper screening for free and reduces lunches. I teach and I am tired of seeing parents drive a Mercedes, BMW, Navigator, etc. and their kids getting free lunch, because our government doesn't properly screen for fraud. Think of how much money we could save there. These parents obviously don't care enough to pack their kids a freakin' sandwich…do you really think they care what they eat at school? Not so long as it is coming out of taxpayers pockets and not their own.

  5. 5

    While I support the idea, is ScarJo going to pay for this herself? Our school system just took a $30 Million dollar hit, and jobs were cut left and right. Not sure what school system could afford to offer these type of healthy meals. Nor are they practical, most elementary kids are so picky, they aren't going to eat vegetarian. Kids aren't obese from school food alone.

  6. 6

    Em… back in my day…it wasn't AMERICA'S responsibility to feed me…it was my PARENTS responsibility. We were damned hard up 5 kids & NEVER hungry maybe because we had TWO parents who felt WE were their kids and responsible for us. Every knocked up ho in the world now wants the "village" to take up where her AWOL sperm donor does not. Well I have news… some of us are SICK & TIRED OF IT!!!

  7. 7

    SHUT the FV$K up Scarjo…
    get a real cause
    Stupid pompous actress

  8. 8

    How can one say no to that face?! Sublime…

  9. 9

    I want to invite Ms. Johansson to come to Delaware and see what steps we are taking to make our children's lunches healthier. We have very little, if any saturated fats and nothing is fried. Everyday there is fresh fruit available, salads with fat free or lite dressings and a variety of reduced sodium/fat sandwiches as well. All of the snacks that we sell to children have sodium/fat restrictions and the children are limited in the amounts they may buy. Our ice cream we sell ala carte is also low fat and sugar free. The kids are not required to take milk as there is fruit juices available as an alternative. For the children that do want milk, we offer 1% chocolate, skim, and 1% regular. Many of the products we use are soy based as well. We also have developed wellness policies with our administration and the teaching staff to encourage healthy snacks during classroom functions. Continued….

  10. 10

    This year, our Lunch Program is up for re-issue and quite frankly, our kids and their families NEED this to pass. We are doing everything in our power right now to keep our meals healthy and AFFORDABLE during these tough economic times. School lunches can not be made responsible for today's children being overweight. We feed your kids five lunches a week, how many meals do you, as parents, feed them? We do our best with what we have and we love these kids. I am PROUD to be a lunch lady and a member of Delaware School Nutrition Association. I love being a part of these kids lives and I care so much about their nutrition that I went back to school and I am currently working on my degree in nutrition. I am glad to see that she is pro-active in making our kids healthier. I encourage you all to do some research if you are truly concerned about what your kids are getting at school. Pick up a phone, call the district office and ask the nutrition staff what they are doing to feed your child a healthy meal, you might be surprised at the answers you get.

  11. 11

    Re: HumansRstrange

    AMEN. Seriously. I rarely comment on here, but this really struck a nerve.

    Nondairy options and plant-based vegetarian lunches? ARE YOU KIDDING ME? You obviously do not have kids of your own.

    This is extremely annoying. It's easy to sit there on your high horse with absolutely NOTHING to worry about in life and demand "healthier" lunches for kids - meanwhile their parents can barely make ends meet. Do you have any idea the type of tax increase this would cause those parents working their asses off just to send their kids to school? Of course you don't, becuase you aren't living in the real world.

    End rant!

  12. 12

    Nice to see a celebrity doing something smart and helpful with their celebrity status.

  13. Jenmo says – reply to this


    I highly and seriously doubt that parents who can't even afford a couple bucks a day for their child's lunch would give a shit whether or not there were vegetarian options. Give me a freaking break. If you don't have $10 a week to feed your damn child, chances are you aren't that picky about what foods you can get your hands on.

    Also, I am sure there is not a school in America that doesn't offer something drink besides milk.

  14. 14

    incorrectly spelling sincerely is not a good way to end an email to her congressman

  15. 15

    wow insanely beautiful,talented,and intelligent.Capture her so we can study.Love u scarlett,thanx for giving us a chance that hollywood hasnt gone to tweens and vamps.

  16. 16

    OMG, she care sooo much. Imagine that..writing a letter to your congressman! I can't imagine someone so committed to a single cause that they take time out of their day to actually write their congressman. Boy, the problem ought to be saved any day now. NOT: HOW ANYONE CAN EQUATE WRITING YOUR CONGRESSMAN WITH CARING ABOUT AN ISSUE IS BEYOND ME.

  17. 17

    Unfortunately, it starts with PARENTS. And even for those with a BIT of money, pop tarts are the norm at breakfast. It's disgusting. If the kids don't have parents who know about the diff. between good carbs and bad (yeah. there ARE good, unprocessed ones) how can we expect the kids to like food that's good for them? But, at least she's making an effort. And for those parents who say their kids won't eat anything? B.S.!!! It's because you didn't introduce good food to them in the first place. Kids eat/try what their parents eat IF their parents actually GIVE them good stuff. If the parents eat "crap" the kids will eat it too. Sad, but true.

  18. 18

    I hope she spelled "Sincerely" right in the actual copy that she sent her Congressman.

  19. Moron says – reply to this


    That woman is the fugliest and most pretentious actress in HW. What a fake!

  20. 20

    Her ass needs to get into those school kitchens and cook the meals.

  21. 21

    Wow…so glad she spelled "diabetes" and "sincerely" wrong.

  22. 22

    "A means to a healthy diet and nutritional education must begin in the school cafeteria, on the lunch line."

    uhm…shouldn't that read: A means to a healthy diet and nutritional education must begin at home.

    Kids aren't going to suddenly start eating healthy foods for lunch unless they are being served the same foods at home. Kids go for familiar foods- they don't like to try new stuff.

    And I'm a vegetarian, so it's not that I don't think this is the stuff they should be eating.

  23. 23

    Kids do better when they eat a healthy breakfast. If they dont' get it at home, they need to get it at school. Just because you drive a fancy car doesn't mean you know ANYTHING about nutrition or are doing the right thing feeding your kid. I think somewhere in the US…Philly maybe?…manages to feed ALL their kids so the poor ones don't get looked down on and the rich kids folks may get a better meal than they might get at home. The money IS there. There's still a huge amount of room for improvement in the way government spends our money but there's room for change. All children deserve a good meal and a good education to make this world a better place instead of the violent, dirty toilet, full of starving people (there's enough food to feed the planet…it's a distribution problem, not being able to grow more stuff) we've let it become.

  24. 24

    She did spell diabetes and sincerely correctly. Check the real letter through google which is in PDF form. Did this site actually type out the entire letter? LMAO.