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Torchwood Actor Certain Bisexual Character Will Remain In US Version!

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We hope this turns out to be true!!

We reported earlier this year that FOX was looking to re-make the popular UK sci-fi series Torchwood for American audiences, and almost immediately people began to speculate whether or not the network would change one of the main character's sexual preference!!

Openly gay Scottish actor John Barrowman portrayed Captain Jack Harkness in the UK version, and has admitted he would LOVE to bring the character to American audiences, but only if the character continues hooking up with dudes!!

Barrowman says:

"Julie has said, as has Russell, that there will be no Torchwood without John Barrowman as Capt. Jack… If I am asked to do Torchwood again, I will do it at the drop of a hat - whether it's in America or back in Britain or if it's for a film. I absolutely love Capt. Jack. The last thing I would want would be for Jack to become this heterosexual, straight hero. He's an omnisexual guy. He likes men, women, aliens, whatever. I think we should continue going down that route."

We sincerely hope that US producers honor the integrity of the original and agree to those terms! Do we really need ANOTHER womanizing, super hetero scoundrel type??

We'll keep our fingers crossed.

What do U think?? Would U watch an 'omnisexual' male sci-fi character??

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40 comments to “Torchwood Actor Certain Bisexual Character Will Remain In US Version!”

  1. 1

    He;s so cute, and I really by him as a bad guy on Desperate Housewives

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  2. 2

    Wasn't he on Desperate Housewives last night??? Looks like him.

  3. 3

    I hope they keep Capt Jack as a Bisexual. Why not, it's going to be fun watching him bang, men, women & aliens!! I also hope they hire John. He's a hotty!

  4. 4

    He's fantastic as Capt. Jack - they need to keep the character (and the show) as is.

  5. 5

    I love Torchwood and Ill take it any way I can get it. I do have to agree he would not be Captian Jack if he was not trying to sleep with everything in the Universe. lol

  6. 6

    Captain Jack has to love everyone, that is the essence of his character. I've watched all the episodes of the British version and I can't see it without Captain Jack loving men and women.

  7. 7

    One of the (many) things I love about Captain Jack is that he'll snog/screw anything sentient that's hot. Male, female, alien male/female - he'll tap whatever strikes his fancy. He's got something to offer all the mens and the ladies!

    This "de-gaying of Captain Jack" talk has all been speculation and chatter and not based on fact at all - I think FOX is the one regular broadcast channel that Jack's omnisexuality would remain safest at. I think America is ready for an omni-sexual man, and Torchwood has a big-enough fan base in the states that, if John Barrowman was involved they'd tune in to whatever FOX puts out - so long as they keep the integrity of the original.

    Keep up the JB reports Perez, I'm so glad to finally see him being reported on here!

  8. 8

    Love him!! :D DD

  9. 9

    lets hope they keep his character true to form but knowing conservative america they will probably make him the type of action hero that someone like matt damon would play (basically pretty boring).

  10. 10

    I sent you this link YAY:) Captain Jack NEEDS to be omnisexual!

  11. 11

    I think it is pointless without Americanizing Dr. Who.

  12. 12

    I would never watch Torchwood without the original Capt. Jack!

  13. 13

    Torchwood is one of the very best shows on television EVER. The USA had better not change a thing!

  14. 14

    only if they get out the Risen Mitten and bring back Ianto for some hot & heavy makeout sessions with Captain Jack! :OD

  15. 15

    He is the show. Wouldn't be a show without capt Jack!!

  16. 16

    captain jack hawtness will shag anything thats gorgeous

  17. 17

    LOVE Captain Jack!!!

  18. 18

    He's a bad to the bone character on DH! Cute too!

  19. 19

    Is that the hott guy that was on desperate housewives last night

  20. 20

    He is cute

  21. 21

    I own all Doctor Who and Torchwood. Huge fan and would not change one thing about any of the characters especially Captain Jack Harkness. But if John Barrowman does not play Jack, I will most likely not even bother watching the first episode. Sucks enough that they killed off Ianto Jones.

  22. 22

    yay Torchwood, can't wait!

  23. 23

    It seems to me his position on this is not just about the opportunity to kiss dudes, but about preserving the integrity of who Capt Jack IS. As a huge Torchwood fan I wouldn't watch a version without Capt Jack because he IS Torchwood, and if they change him they may as well change the name of the show.

    Also, keeping him the same would give us an opportunity for a Doctor Who tie in that reveals how he becomes The Face of Boe. Yay!

  24. 24

    I love Torchwood with all my heart just the way it is… especially since Ianto doesn't need to be gone in a US version :) Captain Jack is what makes Torchwood what it is, and being a completely insatiable, very not picky, sexual being IS Captain Jack. I'd probably still watch and support a US version no matter what, but it really, really needs Jack.

  25. 25

    the BBC's TORCHWOOD was incredibly fun and sexy. Hopefully the americans won't fuck it up…

  26. 26

    John Edwards? Is that a skinnier you?!?!

  27. 27

    if they bring the show to the states and change the character of captain Jack I will be disgusted the original show is so amazing and a lot of that had to do with him. Such an amazing character. Although on an entirely different note, I've got to say I'm not exactly sure how they'll pull off an American Torchwood without the Doctor Who mythology as that is a pretty key component in explaining how Captain Jack came to be Captain Jack and it provides an added depth to the entire series.

  28. 28

    I love John Barrowman as Captain Jack and have watched the series on BBCA. The actor is fantastic! I don't care if he likes guys, girls, or little green people, it is what makes his character so all encompassing. Did you see the special he did on his search for why he is gay? It was well done, well researched, and came to the conclusion, by doctors, that gay traits are visible as early as 2 months in a fetus. So much for only two sexes.

    PS No, I am not gay.

  29. 29

    torchwood would suck if jack was straight. my favourite scene in the british one was when whatserface walked in on him and Ianto making out and then the line "we really could have used you earlier, we were playing naked hide-and-seek!!"

  30. 30

    John Barrowman is the ONLY Capt Jack worth watching.

  31. 31

    First of all fox does not need to recreating Torchwood, and how could they even think of re making it w/o Captain Jack. They should just move on from the UK version after children of earth with a new series and bring it to BBC America or whatever, no need to recreate this shit.

  32. 32


  33. 33

    Why do they have to re-make it?! The Americans will just fuck it up. Like they do everything.

  34. 34

    I love him has Capt. Jack. If they ever bring this to the US i hope they keep the character the same. Torchwood would be nothing without Capt. Jack and his loving ways!

  35. 35

    Considering how desexualized the character was in CoE (no flirting, no banter, no sexy stories, and directions to act like soldiers instead of lovers wrt Ianto), I can't imagine that any changes would be necessary to make Jack fit in on American television.

  36. 36

    i love torchwood, but its a bit odd having it without the dr who tie in but i guess them remaking that would be EVEN MORE sacreligious. why cant they just watch the original anyway. its in english y'know…..

  37. 37

    I honestly qould rather it stay a BBC show. What about Gwen? I want Gwen too! While they're at it, tell RTD I want Ianto, Tosh and Owen back. I even WANT SUZIE!! There's a good special called The Making of Me with John Barrowman and how he studies what made him gay on a genetic level.

    Now fuck if I gotta go check out Desperate Housewives from this week.

  38. 38

    Geez, why does it need to be REMADE?? What does the US have against screening the original? Its not like the show is in a foreign language

  39. 39

    I have been a fan of Torchwood for about a full year now. I'm an American, and the first thing that I thought when I heard about Torchwood becoming an American show, was "They better hell not make Jack straight". It's part of his charm, and true to the character being from the future, that he doesn't really have any preference. He'll tap whatever!! And I think America needs a hero like that, one that truly looks past all stereotypes of any kind.
    Perez, thank you so much for covering this. Barrowman is a fantastic actor, and I find it very amusing that most of the people on here are commenting with "That hot guy from Desperate Housewives?" lol.
    Barrowman is a very inspirational guy, and it would be sensational if we got The Captain as only John could portray him. Torchwood with out The Captain would be insane, he makes the entire show! He's the tie in with The Doctor, who had a big part in even establishing Torchwood.
    The only thing that would be negative from this would be America wanting to Amercanize Doctor Who. If they do that, I'll be the one standing outside certain offices with tomatoes.

  40. 40

    AND CAN PPL STOP COMPLAINING ABOUT THEM REMAKING TORCHWOOD HERE?! Russel, you know, the creator of Torhcwood, is on the producing team. They're going to go ON with the story, not retell it. it's continuing Torchwood, at a base outside Cardiff. Deal with it or don't watch.