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Michael Moore Talks Health Reform!!

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Now that Health Care Reform has passed, we expected Michael Moore to comment sooner rather than letter, and he doesn't disappoint!!

The controversial documentary filmmaker has written this open letter to Republicans:

To My Fellow Citizens, the Republicans:

Thanks to last night's vote, that child of yours who has had asthma since birth will now be covered after suffering for her first nine years as an American child with a pre-existing condition.

Thanks to last night's vote, that 23-year-old of yours who will be hit one day by a drunk driver and spend six months recovering in the hospital will now not go bankrupt because you will be able to keep him on your insurance policy.

Thanks to last night's vote, after your cancer returns for the third time — racking up another $200,000 in costs to keep you alive — your insurance company will have to commit a criminal act if they even think of dropping you from their rolls.

Yes, my Republican friends, even though you have opposed this health care bill, we've made sure it is going to cover you, too, in your time of need. I know you're upset right now. I know you probably think that if you did get wiped out by an illness, or thrown out of your home because of a medical bankruptcy, that you would somehow pull yourself up by your bootstraps and survive. I know that's a comforting story to tell yourself, and if John Wayne were still alive I'm sure he could make that into a movie for you.

But the reality is that these health insurance companies have only one mission: To take as much money from you as they can — and then work like demons to deny you whatever coverage and help they can should you get sick.

So, when you find yourself suddenly broadsided by a life-threatening illness someday, perhaps you'll thank those pinko-socialist, Canadian-loving Democrats and independents for what they did Sunday evening.

If it's any consolation, the thieves who run the health insurance companies will still get to deny coverage to adults with pre-existing conditions for the next four years. They'll also get to cap an individual's annual health care reimbursements for the next four years. And if they break the pre-existing ban that was passed last night, they'll only be fined $100 a day! And, the best part? The law will require all citizens who aren't poor or old to write a check to a private insurance company. It's truly a banner day for these corporations.

So don't feel too bad. We're a long way from universal health care. Over 15 million Americans will still be uncovered — and that means about 15,000 will still lose their lives each year because they won't be able to afford to see a doctor or get an operation. But another 30,000 will live. I hope that's ok with you.

If you don't mind, we're now going to get busy trying to improve upon this bill so that all Americans are covered and so the grubby health insurance companies will be put out of business — because when it comes to helping the sick, no one should ever be allowed to ask the question, "How much money can we save by making this poor bastard suffer?"

Please, my Republican friends, if you can, take a quiet moment away from your AM radio and cable news network this morning and be happy for your country. We're doing better. And we're doing it for you, too.

Michael Moore

P.S. I'll have more to say on this tonight, live on CNN, at 9pm ET. I'll be talking with Larry King about the health care bill and where we go from here, considering we still don't have universal health care.

P.P.S. In case you missed these photos in yesterday's NY Times Sunday Magazine… That's the results of seven years of madness. The Iraq War began its 8th year this weekend. How can we remove more of those responsible for this tragedy in November?


What do U think?? Is Moore on the mark or just trying to stir some more shiz??

[Image via WENN.]

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321 comments to “Michael Moore Talks Health Reform!!”

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  1. 101

    so i take it no one can tell me where to find the facts or bill number of what is now law. Who gets help the ones who have been being helped by the system already. Does anyone have a goverment site with bill numbers so we can all look up the law?

  2. 102

    Re: Plinkie9 – You show your lack of brain cells.. did you really think we would not have to pay more taxes to get out of the shit hole that Bush put us in for 8 years? you should also know the facts.. clown!

  3. 103

    Re: rayna – You have all the answers so you should run and save us all….waiting…waiting…waiting…waiting Someone did something about the one thing no one would dare touch (except Bill/Hillary) and of course they will criticize because that is all everyone is good at. Shut your traps and do something!

  4. 104

    Re: Asheville Fitz – "Assville" how do you know he does not give some of his own money to help others.. while your greedy ass would rather have others die.. and not help at all.. real American of you!

  5. ash,* says – reply to this


    Plinkie9: america is the greatest country in the world? HAHA that's a good one! And canada is a beautiful and resourcefully rich country with it's own uniqueness and individuality. I would hardly call it a "cheap knock off".

  6. 106

    This calls for a thoughtful and eloquent response… FUCK YOU MICHAEL MOORE!!!

  7. 107

    Someone who obviously cares about his fellow Americans…thank you!

  8. 108

    I pay for a PPO which allows me to go to any doctor I choose.. Which costs allot more then an HMO but when I need to fill a prescription my insurance company will no longer give me the choice to purchase a generic brand and only will cover name brand medication.. I am not allowed to purchase a generic brand which is cheaper. Reason being.. the insurance company has a contract with the pharmaceutical company. spelling this out.. my insurance company gets more money from me and gives the kickback to the pharmaceutical company.. its bullshit.. We need this to change..

  9. 109

    HELLO! This is now law and out of 100 or so comments no one can tell me where to find the facts not opnion about this really! No wonder we are going down the poop shoot! I'll ask again what site tells the details of this reform and bill number?

  10. 110

    Re: tay2264 – We have been watching our great nation fall for the past 8 years.. thanks WAR! and greedy WALL STREET.

  11. 111

    I find it absolutely appalling that many American's do not have health care. I can't understand how people are okay with this…and go on living their daily lives. How do people not live in fear of one day getting a serious disease? How would you pay for it?

    Being from Canada, EVERYONE receives some form of basic health care. Yes, we pay taxes. I have paid taxes since I started working at 16. But its worth it when you are helping a parent/grandparent/child etc. survive from a serious disease or helping provide social programs for those less fortunate.

    Hopefully America can see what Obama and the Democrats are attempting to do for all Americans. Hopefully they can see past their individual ways and just believe in basic health care for all. Open your eyes people and GET THE FACTS before you read the lies!

  12. 112

    My oh my, Tink66, aren't we bitter? Whatsa matter, you being victimized? Not getting enough Big Gov breastmilk?

  13. @v@ says – reply to this


    This thing doesn't look anything at all like universal health care. It plugs a few big holes, but Canada's system is a completely different set up.

  14. 114

    Well if I hold my breath waiting for one person to tell me where to find the facts this reform won't matter.

  15. 115

    why do people value money more than people, so many are up in arms that taxes will increase to pay for this, these same people will benifit from these changes. It seems to me that all the people opposed to this have no other reason other than having to pay more tax, maybe some of the richest people in america could be taxed more heavily to pay for it rather than the poor and struggling. i am glad i dont in america

  16. fpz says – reply to this


    get over yourself perez. stop acting as if you make a difference in the real world. stick to "reporting" on the uselessness that is hollywood.

  17. 117

    Ahh, another letter from our simple-minded, victim-baiting, linear thinking, hypocrite Michael Moore. I think he forgot to mention a few points, though. Thanks to last nite's vote, spoiled, entitled, morbidly obese, irresponsible crybabies like Moore can eat and act as irresponsibly as they want and expect others to pay for treating their hypertension, heart disease, diabetes and peripheral vascular disease. Thanks to last nite's vote, folks can expect the hard-working, successful, responsible taxpayer who pays the vast majority of the tax-base in this country (except of course, for uber-rich folks like Moore who's tax responsibilites are sheltered in massive estates built on drudged up lakefronts) to take care of simpletons who believe they are entitled to whatever they can extract from their nannies, I mean fellow citizens. If you hate the US so much, fat-ass, why don't you move to that paradise you call Canada or Cuba? Oh wait, you DO love this country, and all the revenue your corporation brings in by ragging on other corporations. Ridiculous.

  18. 118

    well fucking said. amen. people need to stop complaining about more money coming out of their pocket and realize that if we dont help eachother, nobody will be there to help you out when you really need it.

  19. 119

    Michael Moore is both stirring the shiz AND right.

    Republicans are filthy hypocrites. And in the case of universal health care, they are 100% WRONG.

  20. 120

    He is 100% right and I thank President Obama and the whole Democratic party for slogging throught the lies and bullshit the rethuglicans were spewing out there. Next time lets get single payer or universal health care like the rest of the modern world.

  21. 121


  22. 122

    Re: racingwhorses – Ever hear of "the google"? Look it up for yourself.

  23. 123

    Re: LA Doc – You are a typical right-winger meany. I feel sorry for your patients if you really are a doctor. Meany!

  24. 124

    … YEAH. Spoken like the overweight, out-of-shape, drone that Moore is… He does not even take care of his own health. Looking forward to paying his bills for being the walking poor-health time bomb that he deliberately is… and the thousands of illegals that we will inevitibly be footing the bill for as well… his thoughts sound good in THEORY but realistically we don't have the resources or the money to sustain this bill properly….

  25. 125

    Re: pancrasia
    Great grammer there, Pancrasia. So who's retarded?

  26. 126

    Re: meowomon
    OH WAH! Meany? What are you, like 12 years old?

  27. 127

    LA Doc! RIGHT ON! You are absolutely correct.

  28. 128

    Re: Snookietoes – We don't have enough money for healthcare but we have enought ot fight two wars? Someone's priorities are screwed up.

  29. 129

    This fat pig's opinions are irrelevant. He makes trashy movies filled with blatant lies and half truths and NOW we are supposed to believe him?????????????????? This pig must be happy now that Obammunism is ruling the land!

  30. 130

    Re: bh6262 – I live in Canada as well as I would have to point out that while you may have excellent healthcare where you are, I live in downtown Montreal and the healthcare system BLOWS. I took my boyfriend to the emergency room once because he stepped on a nail and had to wait 16 hours to be seen!! The place was so disorganized that if we hadn't kept reminding the nurses we were waiting they would have completely forgotten. We were sititng in the waiting room next to a guy that had been stabbed in the leg who had been waiting over 8 hours. It's also commonplace to wait hours to be seen at free clinics. In fact, (i enjoy the irony of this) the process of seeing a doctor is so ridiculous that a large amount of PRIVATE clinics (where you have to pay out of your pocket to see a doctor) have sprung up because they are so much faster. What I've learned as an american living in canada is that socialized healthcare is great if you can't afford private healthcare, but sucks if you can. But then again, there's always being a good person and knowing that your waiting an extra few hours is saving 30 thousand lives. But you republicans don't really care about that stuff, do you?

  31. 131

    you have a model for health care in the state of Massachusetts. how is it doing there…to see a doctor its an avg wait of 43 days and the state is deep in debt……so congrats dems for all your illegals acts to pass this bill….bribery is a crime….

  32. 132

    As a British person it is entirely alien to me that if you were ill you would not be taken care of by your country freely.

    Frankly I think anyone who stands against universal health care is laughably stupid. Why would you want innocent children to die just because their parent's happen to be poor.

    50 years from now history will look back on the American people who were against universal health care and laugh at their ignorance and unwillingness to accept change.

  33. 133

    Re: meowomon
    You know, there are plenty of us, in fact the majority of the country, who would say it's YOUR priorities that are screwed up. But then again, what would we know, we're not the generous, charitable, mothering type, like yourself.

  34. 134

    Re: realroadrunner
    Great point.

  35. 135

    Re: lshoot
    It's not a matter of whether we treat our children , which as a Pediatric doctor, I can tell we do, and better than you people (good lord, how hormonally driven are you?) It's a question of HOW that is accomplished. A system like the one in place in that dying, pathetically oppressive, nanny-state that used to be called GREAT Britain is not going to work here. We actually value QUALITY of care, and not being treated in rat-infested, government-bureaucrat run shitholes, like those in the NHS. So keep out it, Limey, this ain't your show.

  36. 136

    Re: Cid – haha…sorry I thought you were joking my bad.

  37. Lucas says – reply to this


    GD Health Insurance Companies. I have insurance via my husband's plan. Just broke my ankle and the "finance deparment" phoned from the hospital. You know what the bastards said? Please bring a check for $1,500.00 as your insurance will cover everything but that amount. Oh, and it's $300.00 for every 15 minutes of anesthesia (not sure if the insurance co is covering that yet). This 75 minute surgery to put pins in will dam near bankrupt me.

    I hope and pray Obama can do better than this!

  38. 138

    I'll leave you all with this. I direct the medical billing for my group. This is how costs are driven up. The fear of lawsuits, an entitled and spoiled population, dismal reimbursements from government payers like Medicaid (not even enough to cover our overhead expenses), the costs of redundant government regulations, and the costs of illegal immigration, are the reason we TRIPLE our charges to the private insurers, who then pass those costs along to you, the consumer. Yet, the adolescent narcissists in the Dem Party can't seem to get past that causal relationship between the insurer and consumer. The ROOT of the problem lies much further up the chain. Do you think you folks can stop breastfeeding long enough to think about that?

  39. 139

    I dig Michael Moore. He recognizes that capitalism, at least as it's practiced in the U.S., is a complete and utter failure. We destroy our own here for the sake of a small percentage of Americans who happen to be very rich and care nothing for the greater good. That's why Amerika is a failing and dying enterprise.

  40. 140

    This may sound stupid… but…

    Im Canadian and I have probably had to go to the hospital for myself maybe 20 times in my life….stitches like 10 times(hockey) broken collar bones, wrists…and never paid anything….I thought it was the same for the USA….I guess not…


    So do you have to pay a doctor when you have a cold or flu? To get prescribed medicine? That would suck.

  41. 141

    michael moore is a genius.
    this was well worded, thought provoking, and right on the money.

    i am a canadian and it blows my mind that some people are actually against universal healthcare. are you kidding me? what are you really losing by doing this? hundreds of thousands of dollars in medical fees? the right to pay RIDICULOUS amounts of money to the insurance companies and doctors you choose? the right to be denied coverage if you have been sick before or go to the wrong hospital?

    being exploited for millions of dollars annually seems like a steep price to pay to choose your doctor or whatever other medical "freedoms" people keep talking about. of course government healthcare will result in you being taxed. OF COURSE. but the small increases in your monthly taxes are actually paying for peace of mind. you're paying for the fact that if you break your arm or get in a car accident, you'll still be able to afford groceries for the week. you're paying for the peace of knowing that if you or a family member get in a car accident, get a disease, or have organ failure, you will not have to re-mortgage your home in order to pay to live.

  42. 142

    Re: gonger
    You ever heard of the concept of "personal responsibility?" I guess not, you sound more like a leech on society.

  43. 143

    Re: Cid – HAHA oh, that was funny. I have nothing against Americans, but to think you are the "best country ever" is ridiculous! So please, don't be so silly. The US is pretty good, but umm not the best. Secondly - I am DAMN PROUD of my healthcare. I've lived in the UK and Canada and let me tell you - access to healthcare is crucial. I've always had health insurance through work and university but there are SO many people who are denied! How can you as a formerly(?) wealthy country be okay with people being DENIED health claims because of greedy insurance companies? The UK has a two-tiered system which is what I assume you will have, and Canada has a great all access system, and great doctors and nurses and health professionals. There is a reason our doctors and nurses are wanted all over the world. Yes, you wait, because EVERYONE has access.
    The American system is corrupt. Yes, you have lots of money for research and innovation BUT so does the UK, Canada, Germany, France… so what's your excuse for letting people die due to refusal of care? Many people who don't have insurance DO work hard, they work three jobs. Just because they are not CEOs with 5 cars, and 3 houses, doesn't mean they don't "work hard".
    WOW. At least as an educated, wealthy person I feel it is my duty as a Canadian to pay taxes to ensure that ALL my fellow Canadians have treatment.

  44. 144

    Thanks MJJ for posting this
    "Bet you didn't know that Canada pays less money for heatlhcare than the U.S or that the U.S is ranked lower than Canada and the United Kingdom in terms of healthcare systems. Its even rank lower than Costa Rica"

    The US also has a lower life expectancy than 37 countries, including Canada, the UK, Germany, Costa Rica, Puerto Rico, Italy, Austria, Iceland, Israel… list goes on.

  45. 145

    Re: Helenaofhere
    I've seen those "studies" of which you speak, including the one from that joke called the UN, for one. Yet, you realize, don't you, the parameters that was subjectively selected and weighted in those studies, right? You realize the limited and biased criteria that was used in the rankings of life expectancy, as well as the other omitted societal factors, both medical and non-medical, used to determine and skew those rankings? Come back when you have a more comprehensive argument, and not useless and subjective misinformation. And feel free to travel to Puerto Rico for your health care. I've treated many
    "rich" folks from the countries of which you speak, and they all seem to want to come here for their substandard care. Hmmmm.

  46. 146

    I am extremely proud to call myself a republican and im not sure how people can say that republicans don't care if people die…….im pretty sure republicans are pro life. All this drama is over money and not the actual bill itself. like someone else said. you get what you paid for and when you allow the government to control your health care….goooood luck! My step father had liver cancer for over 2 years and just passed away this past year and his medical cost probably came to close to $500,000 or more and he didnt have to pay a dime. I don't think half of you realize what his bill means. You are saying people with pre existing conditions will be covered buuuuuuut only to some extent. Wait till your child or mother or father gets diagnosed with cancer or some potentially fatal disease and the refuse to treat you or give you a fighting chance based on the "odds" of your survival. Personally I would rather PAY for my own insurance and KNOW that im going to be covered. you all that think this bill is gonna fix everything are gonna be in for a HUGE surprise and its gonna smack you in the face when you need it the most. I agree there are some things that could use sooome fixing but the government controlling it is a bad idea. your about to see the governments form of population control…

  47. 147

    Re: LA Doc – You're just pissed because you're afraid it will effect your salary and the perks you get from pharms. Doctors are supposed to want to help people, not fuck them over if they're poor. You're a pathetic excuse for a human being, a health professional and an American.

  48. 148


  49. 149

    in Sweden, where I live, health care is FREE for everyone. We don't need to care about what crazy insurance companies would say coz it's FREE. And it is not an option to change that. I don't get it how you can not want to have universal health insurance. You are so selfish. I pay taxes and I have good schools, good health care, if i have kids one day I'll have about 400 days of maternity leave with pay and it is all covered by my taxes. So while you sit and complain about something that will do you good consider what you would do if you didn't have your expansive insurance.

  50. 150

    Re: gonger – Yes we pay when we get a cold. I do not have insurance and it cost me 70 bucks out of pocket to be seen then I was sent a bill for another $300. For them to give me 1 lousy shot and prescription for antibiotics. Thankfully my daughter is covered under her fathers insurance, would hate to see the bills for keeping her shots up to date etc.

  51. 151

    I'm an American citizen born and raised, now living in Sweden for the last year and a half. Let me tell those of you who are convinced gov't run health care is the end of the world as you know it…IT'S NOT! Here we pay 33% income tax, in the states I paid 24%. For that difference health care is free and gov't run. I do have a "co-pay" of about 20 usd if not less, and when I reach 120 usd paid per year I get a free card for the rest of the year. I have had no problem getting anything done that I requested or the doc felt was needed. Waiting times have been no worse then the US. BTW: College is free here too. And we are guaranteed 5 weeks of vacation. And it doesn't cost us any civil liberties! The gov't doesn't intervene with personal issues, including who gets to marry who! Most Swedish people here have summer homes as well. So I'd say everyone is doing just fine financially! Canada and England may have had some problems with their health care system, but that doesn't mean all social health care systems are screwed up or pointless. The United States is a great nation, but not perfect, and this health care reform shows a sign of moving in the right direction. As someone said earlier health care is a right not a priviledge!

  52. 152

    Here in England we have free heath care for everything and every one.

    Regardless of your condition - if you get cancer, the treatment is free, if you need a false leg, you can get one free. EVERYTHING is free.

    I couldn't imagine having to pay to see a doctor - they're free too.

  53. 153

    Michael Moore is happy that his pre-existing morbid obesity is now going to be covered. Don't know if it will cover his pre-existing morbid retardation…

  54. 154

    Finally! you guys seriously dont know what you have been missing. Just the idea of your old health system in my country is the stuff of nightmares! I have noticed the people who have negative comments on here are all raving about living in the best country in the world and for other who are no so patriotic to "get out" but seriously i think you will warm to it. When you see what amazing things can be done, and people are giving what is rightly theres.
    Im english and love our health care system, it may not be the best in the world but the most important thing is that every one is equal and has as much right to treatment as the next person. I cant even imagine the stress caused finding out i have a serious illness and then having to worry about the costs. To be honest it seems pure madness!
    So well done America, finally a step in the right direction.

  55. 155

    Re: Plinkie9 – It is a disgrace that a country as rich as the United States has never provided health care for ALL OF ITS CITIZENS. And what freedoms are you giving up? A few bucks in taxes? Go Obama and Plinkie you are an idiot.

  56. faen says – reply to this


    He is absolutely RIGHT! The health reform you got now is not perfect, but at least its a step in the right direction.

  57. 157

    Us in Sweden have a health care similar to your new health care bill. The positive side to it is: everyone gets the care that they need and we don´t ever have to worry about being covered by insurence or not and neither does the healthcare workers.

    The negative side is: you may have to pay more tax and if you don´t have and acute injury the you may have to wait longer to get the care you need.

    Notice that the positive side has facts while the negative side has maybes. I really hope America can lead the way in finding an option that gives everyone helath care, like in the bill WITHOUT too high an increase in taxes and longer waiting periods.

    Obama put it on the table, now mold it to perfection.

  58. 158

    Re: LA Doc – Wow, have you actually been to a British hospital? Because I have been treated many times under the NHS and the image you portray of it is completely incorrect. You sound like someone who has been fed some Republican propaganda and lapped it up without any regard for fact.

    Britain is not at all a nanny state in many ways we are a much more progressive nation than America. One of the things I am most proud of about being British is that we acknowledge as a wealthy nation that we have a duty to take care of poorer people. The lack of any kind of coherent welfare state in America is frankly shocking. I don't think the rest of the world were even really aware of how huge the divide between the lifestyles of the rich and poor were in your country until after hurricane Katrina.

  59. 159

    You keep complaining about the taxes, I live in Sweden and here we have to pay about 30 % of our salary to the state, and you know what I dont mind it because this means that I do not have to pay anything to go to the doctor, or to go to school (universty included)! Dont be so effing selfish and realise that we need to help eachother because everyone does not have a shit-load of money to play around with!

  60. 160

    Plinkie9 - this log on was created for idiots like you -

    1st off, the cost, well duh!! Things cost $ you idiot, no one said health care if free - Name one thing in life that is free besides when your momma breast fed you, unless you are still on the tit??

    2nd explain stomping all over the constitution b/c didn't know passing laws through Congress good/bad is unconstitutional, just b/c you and your "whatevers" don't like it makes it unconstitutional?? Have you read the constitution?? Do you know how laws are made?? Have you seen School House Rocks recently??

    3rd taking over monopolies?? I thought monopolies are illegal

    so I'm just dumbfounded by your full insight, continue to astound the world, I guarantee that any rational person can blow you out of the water any DAY!… I wish when people don't like something they just say, Nope don't like it, instead of making up crap.

  61. 161

    He is so right on this one! America was truly so far behind on this topic! So good that Obama came around and made the change! Look at Europe, the healthcare over there has been great since years and years! Take an example!

  62. 162

    LOVE IT. i'm waiting for a moore movie where it showcases all the way these idiots were wrong about this plan. really republicans? where are you NOT benefiting from whats going on now

  63. 163

    Michael Moore is ALWAYS on the mark and he is a true American hero!

  64. 164


  65. 165

    I love how my beloved Blue Cross raised my family's premiums by $4,000 this year. They 'debuted' this new 'wonderful, new option' to the company, saying 'we;re delighted to bring you the new, HIGH deductible health care policy. We think you'll find it a low cost option…". No, I don't find it a low cost option, Blue Cross. Now, I'm stuck scrambling to pay for these HUGE bills!

  66. 166

    Plinkie 9: You are so selfish. How is it, that you would rather see millions of people in your own country die, than pay taxes. Just one word for you and all of the other people who share your opinion: selfish!

  67. 167

    Speaking as a British citizen, I am exceptionally proud of the NHS. Yes, yes, England is not the only country in the United Kingdom that has free healthcare; Scotland, Wales and Northern Ireland do too, which is why it is a British health system and not wholly and English scheme (just so people stop making silly mistakes like calling Britain, England because it is mildly insulting).
    Both of my grandfathers are in hospital. One is being treated for dementia and possibly cancer, and the other is having a hole drilled through his prostate as we speak. Both are being treated impeccably, in wards that sparkle and are staffed by competent and intelligent doctors and nurses.
    The National Insurance which we pay monthly to cover this basic human right is tiny compared to taxation in general and well worth the price we have to pay. I don't pretend to know a huge amount about American history, but didn't Thomas Jefferson write in the Declaration of Independence that "All men are created equal"?
    I hope that the United States can adopt a more all-encompassing plan in the future because everyone deserves equality and if this bill can your wonderful country a step in the right direction, then surely its a good thing.

  68. 168

    Re: fraticat – You shouldn't be so scared of government run health care, at least you get to elect your officials. I would be much more scared about having my health care run by a faceless insurance company who is only looking to maximize profits.

  69. 169

    Re: Livelovelife – I agree whole-heartedly! What does it say about humanity if people can be so cold and indifferent to each other. After living the last 1.5 yr in Sweden, I can say the system here isn't perfect, but quality of life for me and everyone here is better, and I feel better knowing that everyone is taken care of.

  70. 170

    Re: AnnaLu – How many millions are streaming across your border to access all the benefits of your country? How many billions did your government let slip away by encouraging mortgagaes to people without jobs?Out of curiosity, does your medical system have a tort system in place to protect doctor's liability?

  71. 171

    Re: LA Doc
    I'm absolutely appalled by the vitriol you are spewing from your mouth. As a Doctor I would have thought that your Hippocratic Oath which states "I will remember that I do not treat a fever chart, a cancerous growth, but a sick human being, whose illness may affect the person's family and economic stability" would allow you a deeper understanding of the terrible financial impact families can feel even if they are lucky enough to survive diseases such as cancer.
    I can promise you that everything you hear about the NHS is a lie and nearly all British citizens would say that they are glad to have it, especially if they were given the choice between that and what the US used to have in place to help their people. The wards are not "rat-infested" as you claim and if you believe that I am surprised you ever passed your medical exams!

  72. mommy says – reply to this


    To My Fellow Americans, the Democrats,

    Thank you for ruining our country, thank you for bankrupting our children and grandchildren. We Republicans are all for reforming healthcare to allow for people w/ pre-existing conditions especially children to not be turned away from medical insurance, what we are against is bringing 35 million Americans into an already failed/bankrupt Medicare program. This bill is despicable and will surely create many more problems than it fixes. Using student loans to pay for this bill is a disgrace, raising rates on student loans for already struggling students and families will ruin this country. Additionally it is clear to the average elementary school student that this bill does NOT I repeat DOES NOT pay for itself. This country is headed to a very bad place. In the years to come we will see medical insurance premiums continue to grow and those that continue to work hard will be taxed an taxed.

    I ask my fellow Americans do your own research, that does not involve watching Michael Moore movies, do your research read, learn and you will see the dangers this bill proposes to us Americans; Democrats, Republicans, and Independents.

    Thank You
    A Fellow American

    P.S. Michael Moore, please move out of the USA!!!!

  73. 173

    Re: fraticat – The only way there will be no more private health insurance companies is if every single company continues to screw people over causing people switch to a cheaper alternative. It's called competition and it's actually a good thing. If the insurance companies want to stick around they need to start actually helping people and attempt to do the job that they're actually there for rather than just trying to make money.
    Sure the govt. is fucked up, but they aren't going to dictate who lives and who dies, and they aren't going to be involved in your health. What's wrong with you that you think that even makes sense? Let me guess, you believe in death panels as well?

  74. mommy says – reply to this


    Re: racingwhorses

    Please do your own research and do not base your knowledge on what an extremist progressive person such as Michael Moore says.

  75. 175

    As a Canadian, I have always found it astounding that the most wealthy country in the world did not provide health care for it's citizens. This is a great step for America, and long overdue. Having said that, prepare to pay out the ass in taxes - but at the end of the day this will make your country a better place for ALL to live.

  76. 176

    Re: lshoot – Your knowledge of America is filled with propaganda. We have spent trillions of dollars to help the poor in our nation and around the world. The problem hasn't been a lack of money but a lack of hope. For the past 40 years the poor in this country have been given handouts and told they are incapable of success. Trillions in welfare, free education, two free meals at school access to health care for your children for a few dollars a month. People in this country care alot about each other it's just that we have a government that eats up about 70 cents in every welfare dollar it takes in.

  77. 177

    Michael Moore is spot on…we can build on this plan, but it took 100 years to get it passed, so let's not concentrate on some imperfections, but say Bravo to this groundbreaking social legislation that will prevent people from losing their homes to bankruptcy if a family member gets ill and they don't have insurance

  78. 178

    Are you kidding me, Canada is the best country in the world! The U.S. is fucked up.

  79. 179

    about time america. your the only country in the developed world without universal healthcare. SAD. i love barack he's doing great things. oh and to the ppl who have commented here about it going against your rights, all i have to say is WTF. stop being so selfcentered and egotistical and realise that everyone deserves access to healthcare. in fact i believe that its considered a basic human right so before now america shouldve technically been considered as third world.

  80. 180

    Re: LA Doc – Amen!

  81. 181

    How ignorant. I don't feel sorry for people who can't get healthcare. Nothing is ever handed to you, and you have to work for what you have. There are people who suffer from diseases everyday, but they go to work and pay for their healthcare like any other working american. We have trillions of dollars of debt and a war in iraq, yet everyone is more concerned about paying millions of dollars to even the level of healthcare, but fail to see decisions like this is what puts us in recessions and ultimately cost people their jobs.

    oh and by the way, not only will more people have healthcare, but there will be shortage of nurses and doctors due to their salaries being reduced dramatically. Have fun waiting 3-6 months for a doctors appointment.

  82. scpk says – reply to this


    This issue will be around for a while. What I don't get is why so many people are against the idea of a Universal Healthcare program in addition to the existing private program? Why does one have to go in order for the other to exist? As a tax payer I can say I would rather have the taxes I pay go towards programs that will benefit me and my family versus shoot stuff into space to see the effects the exposure has on it. That alone costs millions if not billions to do on the tax payer dime.

  83. scpk says – reply to this


    It makes more sense to route the tax payer funds that are already being squandered on nonsense projects towards necessary areas of need like healthcare, education, and providing for our own citizens instead of handing out free grants and forgiving loans to other countries that only laugh at our generosity or worse hate us for it.

    I want what the President and other elected officials get for healthcare since I am paying for it along with everyone else.

    For the conservatives of the mind set, "why should I pay for this with my hard earned money I bust my ass to make…" I say you are right, if you are already having taxes taken out then what would be a better approach to implementation of Universal Healthcare would be to route current unnecessary spending like shooting monkeys and so on into space and instead providing a safety net for all Americans to benefit from for healthcare in addition to giving them the opportunity to keep what they have. It's common sense, not rocket science.

  84. 184

    YES!! Finally someone who speaks the truth……….Im so tired of the fear mongering the republicans are doing. Twisting truths and altering info. to scare the crap out of everyone to make THEIR opinions sound like the ONLY truth…………I have to say I am the oddball in my family as Im one of the only ones who is not foaming at the mouth about this bill and demanding Impeachment of Obama so for me, right now, I am loving Michael Moores comments.

  85. 185

    Re: Plinkie9 – great for her. i hope she goes into debt and lives like a pauper for the rest of her life. but i'm really happy she has healthcare.

  86. 186

    What pisses me off is this fucking co-payments for routine check ups. Gimme a fucking break CIGNA!!! Worst customer service BTW!!! They only care about money. The FSA for WageWorks is another joke; they will hold your money hostage and then you forfeit your own money!!! Are they kidding me??? I wish them the worst!!!

  87. 187

    Moore's voice is the truth the way he sees it. He used to be a for the people kind of guy now he manipulates and is just as bad as the extremists on the other side.

    This is what happens when these guys start believing their own press. They become egomaniacs and hate mongers and the very things they were tallying against.

  88. 188

    Re: Dianne – retard.

  89. 189

    Although I am favor of health care reform, I do not like this bill and I think Moore is a hypocrite. Moore slammed Mitt Romney and the Massachusetts health care reform for not being real reform and "treating people like automobiles" for health insurance mandates that are included in this bill too. For Moore, when a Democratic led Congress and President passes bad health care it is great, when a Republican Governer passes the same health care or more progressive health care, it is a tragedy.

    Hey, I hate the Republicans as much as the next guy, but as a person from Massachusetts, I didn't like the Massachusetts bill and I don't like the Federal bill either. Both cases missed an opportunity for true reform.

  90. 190

    reform? ok
    government takeover of MY healthcare? NO!
    my taxes WILL increase to pay for those that make a career out of living off the government dole.
    i WILL lose my healthcare as i know it now as companies will no longer be able to to afford their contribution and i will be forced to go to government run healthcare.
    ALL seniors will LOSE their coverage as they know it today as the government
    will now decide who gets what treatment.
    ……no, i'm sorry, you're 85, you've lived a long life….


    Wake up people. It's just another step in the government taking total control of our lives.

    ACHTUNG BABY!!!!!!!!!!1

  91. 191

    i have never commented on anything on the internet in my entire life so far. but today im saying long live micheal moore - one of the most important people alive. this health care reform is a sign that there is hope for us. the bottom line is that we should do what is right. young people need to come up and take over the world now. long live perez - thank you. some of us are watching, thinking and waiting. keep doing what you're doing. we can change the world. we have to inspire the kids

  92. 192

    love it.. however republicans will never read this… just complain all about it. lots of good points in this.. i concur!

  93. 193

    Re: LA Doc – you rant on about how americans want quality healthcare and then agree that our healthcare system is shit when realroadrunner says he/she waited for 16 hours in a Massachusetts emergency room for service. and you TRIPLE your rates because you're scared of lawsuits? it's probably those rich people who can afford to pay your high costs that are more likely to have enough money to sue you for malpractice.
    oh, and this little gem: "You realize the limited and biased criteria that was used in the rankings of life expectancy, as well as the other omitted societal factors, both medical and non-medical, used to determine and skew those rankings?"
    if everyone had access to quality healthcare, our life expectancy would be higher and we'd fare better in these little studies, wouldn't we?
    and if by some small chance you really are a doctor, you'd be better served to spend some time learning to properly care for your patients and less time ranting about michael moore on perez hilton's website. then maybe you wouldn't be so afraid of malpractice lawsuits.

  94. 194

    Douchebag. He use to be a clever commentary anti-corruption guy, but is now just a whacky liberal activist.

  95. 195

    Re: bh6262 – Well said! I am also Canadian and unfortunately had quite a few family members who have been diagnosed with cancer. Each one of them had treatment started immediately and effectively. In fact, my dad just found out this past week that he is now cancer free! I hate how people take what is brought out in the media or take someone's "horror story" and think that is how everything is as a whole and as truth.

  96. Niloo says – reply to this


    at least hes being honest this time.

  97. 197

    Ugh. This guy is a blowhard. Just like Anne Coulter. Just like Rush. Just like the rest of them. I wish they would all go away. If you say, support this guy, and think Rush's a moron, it's a good chance you're a political zealot. And political zealots suck. Neither side has a moral advantage over the other. They equally suck, and are only out for themselves. People will still be denied healthcare, and people will still die without it. The only difference is, The gov will be making said decisions. We know how well they did with medicare and medicaid now don't we. Those that don't remember past mistakes often make them again.

  98. 198

    Absolutely 100% correct!!! Right on!!!

  99. 199

    [re=4869703]Re: Orator Republicans and their aggressive hooligan supporters shouldn't gain access to healthcare.

    Because there are no aggressive hooligan Democrats. Hell I'd love Obama to gain access to his own plan and make him and his family use it.

    But they are too good for it.

  100. 200

    "Stirring up shiz"? Please. This man is so passionate about the things he believes in. If only even HALF of us were as committed & passionate, the world could be a better place!

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