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So Sad. Judge Denies Constance Her Prom

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This deeply saddens us.

U.S. District Judge Glen H. Davidson has ruled in favor of the Itawamba County School District's decision to cancel the High School prom because of Constance McMillen's request to bring her girlfriend as a date.

In his 12-page order, he claims McMillen failed to show that granting the injuction would serve the public interest.

We suppose equal rights just aren't that big a priority for some people!

Hold your head up high, Constance! You have a lot of people sharing your pain and standing 100% behind you all over the country.


[Image via AP Images.]

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153 comments to “So Sad. Judge Denies Constance Her Prom”

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  1. 1

    that's so sad.

  2. 2

    Well technically, the judge is correct.

  3. 3

    That's ridiculous. Shame on you Judge and Itawamba County School District.

  4. 4

    Did you not read the article? The court can't force the school to hold it's prom, BUT they did say the school did discriminate against her and therefore they are in violation. She also has to be invited to the "private prom" that the parents are throwing and refusing to invite her.

  5. 5

    I still don't see why she had to tell everyone she was coming with her girlfriend. Just show up. None of the kids would have cared and it was to late to cancel it by then. Oh well. That's what you get for living in Bumfuck, USA.

  6. 6

    Sorry to disappoint you fat fuck, but the judges ruling was correct.

  7. 7

    that is such crap. seriously.

  8. 8

    NO - they agreed that she was discriminated against, but that they can't force them to throw the prom.

  9. 9

    I hope the kids can have their prom now. It would suck to keep the rest of them from going from one girls choice.

  10. 10

    Constance - you are an amazing young woman, a hero and inspiration to us all. Keep up the good fight!

  11. 11

    stupid motherfuckers, who the hell gives these people the right to take someone else's rights from them?

  12. 12

    Such BS

  13. 13

    That's terrible. I think she should have her own prom apart from the school with her other friends. I personally hate prom and think its stupid I just did my own thing with my friends it was a lot more fun :)

  14. 14

    Does anyone wonder why her girlfriend who goes to the same school doesn't say anything about this issue?

  15. 15

    Re: Not my gumdrop buttons! – not hes not, you small minded arrogant idiot

  16. 16

    now i am not trying to be mean but homosexuality is wrong. it's wrong in the sight of God. logic shows how woron it is. the rectum wall is very thin, because it was not created for any thrusting movement. it teears easily unlike the vagina which was made for the thrusting of almost anything because of the thick walls. to be perfoming sodomy is literally tearing one's ass up.

    also it causes the rectal sphincter

    also two men or two women can't have kids.it logic.

  17. 17

    This attention whore obviously never learned how to pick and choose her fights. She ruined the entire prom for everyone just because she couldn't get her way. You and everyone else highlighting her story would still have been if she was forced to stay at home and miss the prom everyone else got to go to. But she kept pressing and pressing the issue hoping she could get to make a scene at the prom wearing a tux with another chick on her arm…and now no one gets a prom

  18. 18

    You can't force someone to invite anyone to a private affair. A challenge on taht would get it tossed right out. We still have SOME rights in this country. Obama is trying to take them away bit by bit but it hasn't gone THAT far yet.

  19. 19

    she's just doing this for attention… and looks like it worked.

  20. 20

    Re: Not my gumdrop buttons!

    Exactly. In order to be granted an injunction, the party must show a likelihood of success on the merits of her case, as well as irreparable harm if the injunction is not granted. Although this case makes us all sad, as an attorney I doubt that Constance's attorney was able to meet this high burden. So Perez, before you go blacklisting someone for "not having the right priorities," learn the legal justification behind it. I do feel sorry for this poor girl though. I also feel sorry for myself, because I just wasted five minutes explaining a legal remedy on perezhilton.com. Fail.

  21. 21

    Dude, the court ruled that it was in fact a violation of her constitutional rights to discriminate against her. But the federal government can't FORCE a school to hold a prom! Think about it. This is actually a civil rights victory.

  22. 22

    constance if you are reading this,hold your head up. yu did not call this on yourself, just pray to God to heal u of this disease. he will answere he loves you and he understands what you are going through. you are not alone in your suffering. god can heal you off homosexuality.

  23. 23

    This should not be an issue in the first place. It is sad to see things like this happen.

  24. 24

    Re: candida albicans – HAHAHAHAHHAHAHAHAHAHA.

  25. 25

    YES! by denying constance her prom, he is GRANTING prom to hundreds of other students!! yay for everyone being treated equally and the protection of the greater good instead of a benefit for just one!! no one is better then anyone else!!!

  26. 26

    Sadly, Title 7 does not protect gays at this time. So under the federal law it makes sense that this young lady was not covered. Does it make it right? Does it make it fair? No. Regardless of whether we are gay or straight we are all American and we ALL deserve equal rights.

  27. 27

    Re: candida albicans – Dumbass, the rectum IS the rectal sphincter, you can't cause that. Logic tells me that somebody as dumb as you should not be allowed to reproduce.

  28. 28

    ha-ha-ha-ha-ha-alot of ha ha you queers realy think you will ever be excepted ,you want to turn our good children into ass licking freaks like you-you will get what you deserve everytime only each other thats all-the rest of us just PISSon you every chance we get-ha-ha-ha-ha-ha-

  29. 29

    Re: lovers – because she is a minor and her parents forbid her to that's why

  30. 30

    This is so disgusting, it makes me want to cry for her! Someone needs to step up and overrule the District Judge!

  31. 31

    Ellen Degeneres offered to host and pay for a prom for her school. Maybe NOW should be the time to take her up on the offer. Then send the photos to the fuckwads at the Itawamba County School District and tell them to suck it!

  32. 32

    This country prides itself on being FREE. This isn't FREEDOM !!!!

  33. 33

    it suxs she can't have a prom; however i went to my high school prom( i live in ms) last year and i saw some girls wearing tuxes and i knew a gay couple too. No body said anything at my school.

  34. 34

    Re: BILL-PAYER – shut up you fucking dumbass learn how to spell.

  35. 35

    Re: BILL-PAYER – what and ignorant, direspectful, and rude comment. Its amazing how people can be so closed minded and direspectful towards others..

  36. 36

    Somebody let all the inbred hillbillies loose on this thread. WTF

  37. 37

    what i wanted to say is tht sodomy cause the rectal sphincter to become loose and as a result one has less conrol over bowel movement. tht is why homosexual men always tend to soil their undeer wear.

  38. 38

    He should make her pay the city back - Way to ruin everything for everybody at your school. The judge is correct - Now lets see CA was correct This judge was correct when will we get justice - All the other kids don't get a Prom because of the of one person. Hell I think maybe we should take something from this. If the gay community won't come up with a different name for their union than what heterosexuals have called if for centuries maybe we should just do away with it. I think they are self centered enough to do that - they don't even care about how the people in CA feel!

  39. 39

    Re: BILL-PAYER – Hahahhahaha. Maybe you can take all your hatred and turn it into some spelling lessons. Hahahaha. Jeez.

  40. 40

    Re: candida albicans
    your such a riot act. your obviously one of those crazy bible belt american's that the majority of the world think are one giant laugh. honestly i have no idea why you lot are not steralised!
    aww constance chin up girl, this world is full of idiots, people that are this disgusting are the problem, and i'm proud of you for making a stand

  41. 41

    READ MARIO, READ!!!!!!!! YOU MORON!!!!! THE REST OF YOU IDIOTS SIDING WITH HIM LEARN TO READ TOO. The judge sided WITH HER!!! ON 3 OUT OF 4 OF THE ITEMS. The judge did not impose an injuction on the SCHOOL DISTRICT TO HOLD A PROM ON APRIL 2 because the parents of the students of the school had already and gone a held and planned a prom for the SAME DATE, APRIL 2ND and to order the school to turn around and do the prom would be slap to all those who put in their money and time to put together a prom. and CONFUSION. All students are invited to the parents' sponsored prom. get it mario? ALL STUDENTS INCLUDING CONSTANCE. AGAIN, THE JUDGE AGREED WITH HER. HE SAID THE SCHOOL DISTRICT WAS WRONG. YOU ARE AN IDIOT WHO REALLY NEEDS TO LEARN TO READ AND YOU POSTERS JUST FOLLOW LIKE IDIOTS. SHAME ON YOU

  42. 42

    What can you expect from a right wing republican judge? Even educated people who sit on the bench are close-minded idiots…

  43. 43

    Re: Fathom – LEARN TO READ

  44. 44

    Re: candida albicans – you are a small minded arrogant nasty moron

  45. 45

    Re: JudyJU – READ THE JUDGE'S RULING-not what the illiterate mario writes. You all believe him, stop now!

  46. 46

    Re: candida albicans – God knows what's right and wrong but eventually you dont!! May god cure you from the disease you have! stupid CANDIDA!

  47. 47

    Re: candida albicans – oh for gods sake shut up you idoit, its not a disease!

  48. 48

    So proud of this young woman - its taken decades and brave folks like her to bring this to light.
    Yes, technically, the judge is correct. Still, glad she did it.

  49. 49

    Re: hollahollablingbling – hahahaha thankyou!! that dude is a moron!

  50. 50

    Re: BILL-PAYER – Someone like you should learn proper grammar before making any comments on anything… Go back to school moron!

  51. 51

    Fucking asshats… This is 2010 for god sakes.. not 1950. I feel so bad for this girl. She was so sweet on Ellen. I hope Ellen steps back in and does something huge.. And this girl is getting shit from her classmates as well. That sucks balls.

  52. 52

    Re: BILL-PAYER – why dont you learn to spell before you insult others you mornon!!!

  53. 53

    Something tells me, once this girls starts growing boobs' she will start liking c*ck? dont know what it is?
    dont get me wrong I love the vaj, but still. Just saying.

  54. 54

    Re: HollywoodTown – HAHA thats exactly what i said

  55. 55

    Re: candida albicans – learn to spell, idiot

  56. 56

    Re: sockie
    right on.

  57. 57

    Re: candida albicans – You should know you incontinent piece of shit. How many times a day does your mommy have to change your Depends?

  58. 58

  59. 59

    Re: RockyoSocks – Right on.

    Re: nomimalone1978 – Also right on.

    There were lots of ways this could have been handled so that everyone was happy and there wouldn't be a news story about it, but I think Constance pushed the envelope to the point where it was better to just cancel the whole thing. School districts have a fine line to walk and it is much easier to cancel the prom than defend the position and take the media flak for it. I hope the rest of the students can forgive Constance for ruining their prom.
    Re: candida albicans – I know this will be like shouting at a wall, but homosexuality is not a sin, mainly because there are no sins. Why are there no sins? Because there is no God. Kinda makes sense huh?

  60. 60

    Keep your chin up, Constance. The people of this world love to hate others.

  61. 61

    It is sad that the people don't get that the judge ruled by the law. He can't force them to get put the prom on. They shouldn't have to pay for the security and everything. The judge ruled in her favor on 3- 4 75% win plus she ruined the prom for everyone else which I think she will be most proud of.

  62. 62

    Since when is having a prom a fucking right! Its a privilege. They cannot force a school to hold and pay for a dance…period. NO one singled her out and said you cant have a prom. They CAN have a prom she CAN go just the school not holding and pay for it.

  63. 63

    reality check Mario….it's a fucking PROM she was denied

    you and your "gay" agenda is making this out
    to be something far more serious than it is actually is

    what's next - comparing the judge who ruled against this to Carrie Prejean

    as always Mario….

    "Equal Rights for Everyone" and special treatment for those who are denied them


  64. 64

    I still think she is selfish for making everyone miss the prom.

  65. 65

    Too bad the judge is a bigot too. Such BS.

  66. 66

    This is horrible. More power to her for fighting the fight. What a strong, brave, wonderful girl. This is a direct violation of rights & is discrimination. If they feel this way then maybe only heterosexual, same race couples should be able to attend. It's so great she has stood up for who she is. I am not personally gay but a friend I have once said, "I'm born this way. Why would I choose this & to be discriminated against daily." More power to you all. I'm 100% pro being whoever you are (gay, straight, whatever race, whatever gender or both, or whatever).

  67. 67

    However, I'm not an idiot and I do read but ones opinion of the judge being right may be different. It's not the 1950s get over it. Yes, he may be upholding the laws but maybe that needs to change (the laws-not upholding them).

  68. dimmu says – reply to this


    No, they should not have the prom. I can't believe in this day and age same sex couples is considered taboo. This country is a mess in every way!! To deny someone the right to go to a prom because their partner is of the same sex just tells me that majority of this country have very small and closed minds! It is scary!

  69. Thor says – reply to this


    If I was the other kids in her school, I would be pretty damn pissed that my prom was being canceled because of this brat. She shouldve just shown up to prom with her friend, what's the worst they couldve done? Kicked her out????? Then she couldve caused a stink, why ruin it for everyone else? I'll bet in a couple of months she has a boyfriend.

  70. 70

    Re: wtf2001 – well said:)

  71. 71

    Poor kid.
    Shes getting hell for standing up for her rights.
    Never back down girl!!

  72. 72

    the problem is that Gays ARE "excepted) (e.g. exception) however they aren't ACCEPTED.
    Dust off your dictionaries people.

  73. 73

    I think the school has every right to refuse her. The rules state One boy/one girl. Just like most schools say the date cant be over 21 years of age. They have rules for a reason. Learn to go by em. Just cause you dont agree with it doesnt make it wrong. I wouldnt feel comfortable as a student either. Sorry, I dont judge gay people, but I dont think its right either. Dont make you right, doesnt make me wrong.

  74. 74

    SO fucked up. this is inexcusable, equal rights for everyone. This is just proof that we have a long way to go

  75. sj15 says – reply to this


    wow, cant believe how that wasnt overuled by the judge! howww is that legallll!!

  76. 76

    Everyone can't join in every group, activity or otherwise. Track teams have male, female age limits etc. Can you bring a married man to prom? I doubt it. I know women have fought to play in male leagues, get into military schools etc., and sometimes the institutions agrees to it sometimes not. Not all gay groups, activities, institutions let anyone who wants in. They have exclusive times as so does everyone else. African Americans, male, female, Asian Americans all have groups that have limited membership. Long before people came out of the closet, groups were made up of heterosexual couples and they shouldn't have to change membership.

  77. 77

    I'd appeal it and take it to a court outside of Mississippi. What a bunch of backwater fucktards.

  78. 78

    Re: candida albicans – you are not just being mean, you are being f*cking stupid right now! 1st, it's NOT against God's will that gays exist, it's a GENETIC MALFUNCTION! Scientist proved that homossexuality is not a choice, is not a thing you learn, you're born with it, like a big nose or a giant mole. And if it happens, well, I guess God is ok with it or He would have done something right? I mean, horses and dunkies are not supposed to mate and they can have babies.

    There are cases of homossexuality not only between humans (and let me tell you, acient Greeks and Romans were ok with it and they were as religious as you obviously are), but also between cats, dogs, ducks and other animals, and not only because they're stupid.

    I don't believe there is a God, but if there is, I don't think he would appreciate a bunch of liar priests and people over the years puttin' things in His mouth. You included.

  79. 79

    Wow, you steal most of your articles from Yahoo! News, and I can normally forgive that, but to post it without actually reading it? Seriously?

    The article actually says that he ruled in favor of Constance, but that he won't force a prom because he thinks the one the parents are planning will be enough. Also, it gives Constance 30 days to amend her petition, and she can then sue for damages. She can hold her own prom after taking the school district for all they've got.

  80. 80


  81. 81

    Re: Twolly
    I just read the same story on AP news.

  82. 82

    I don't think it's nice to call it a MALFUNCTION. What about a genetic function.

    This one judge's ruling in this court is no way indicative of what a final ruling might look like. Don't get too excited.

  83. 83


  84. 84

    By changing qualities in group members, you inherently change what the group is about. That is why there are millions of groups, in schools, across the country with limited membership. At our school there is a dress code, she'd be denied by the fact she was violating the dress code.

  85. 85

    Call Ellen and take her up on the offer - have her throw THE MOST HOOKED-UP PROM for you AND your classmates!!!

  86. 86

    I can't join AARP because of that fact, out of my control, I was born too late. I don't want to be a member of a club that doesn't want me. Can that same girl bring her grandfather as a romantic date to the prom?

  87. 87

    I wish I could've invited a man to my prom as my date, but too bad the school said no! wtf. Prom is a life experience and so many people are robbed of that experience because they are either faced to not go or go with a opposite sex date. wtf. we are a free country, but when it comes to non white rich folks we aren't so free.

  88. 88

    She should have just showed up with her date instead of making a big specticle out of the deal with the press and taking the matter to court. It doesnt make her a hero. Apparently it wasnt that big of a deal to her date because she's not making a big deal out of it.

  89. 89

    That is CRAZY! I had a prom date, but think fall formal I just went with a group of friends. Maybe she should have just gone with her girl, not told anyone, and had a grand ol time. So sad.

  90. 90

    Re: RockyoSocks

    You are a smelly cun*t.

  91. 91

    It's sad that America, supposedly the greatest country in the world, still has so much prejudice. That would never happen in Britain.

  92. 92

    you label this little no-body a hero?
    she didnt cure cancer,save a person form a burning house,rescue a car wreck victim,she didnt help a third world country…she threw a shit fit because she couldnt use her ”gayness” to get the rules bent for her own gain..rules are rules..you dont like the law?move to iraq..see how far you get when you whine about yr civil rights..lol

  93. 93

    WOW the United States is REALLY behind on the times. Still racism going on, still prejudice for equal rights..and you JUST got a health care system in place..and the whole country is hating on it! WTF is wrong with your country!?!?

  94. 94

    Re: aaabbbccc – thats a stupid statement… gay is not illegal… being romantic with family is

  95. 95

    ROTFLMAO!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!! Another spawn of leftist libitards did not get her way and her feelings were hurt……..BOO HOO! Bravo Judge!

  96. 96

    That sucks!!! Some people are so ignorant…

  97. 97

    Sodomy is illegal in a lot of states. So what is it you're trying to say.

  98. 98

    Dances are limited to certain ages, dress codes, if there's a fee you need to afford to get in, if you don't have a car they won't drive you there. There are limits to everything. Can you bring your 60 year old boyfriend if you're a girl? Can you bring your mom as a "friend" date? Can you bring 3 dates?

  99. 99

    Re: MOMMIE DEAREST – a hero is someone who stands up for their rights, and thats exactly what she did. And rules are rules? laws can be changed, and have been many times because just because its the law does NOT mean its right. Look throughout all of history as proof. This girl is a hero because she tried to change her right as a human being.

  100. 100

    There are many places I haven't been able to go, not been invited, aren't qualified to go. She CAN go to the prom though. Her and her girlfiend can bring guy dates. Duh!!!!!!!!

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