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Susan Powter's Message To Gaby

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After Howard Stern's comments regarding Gabourey Sidibe's size and the defense of the National Association to Advance Fat Acceptance, 90s weight-loss guru Susan Powter is putting in her own two cents.

Watch the video (above) as Susan's message to Gaby!

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117 comments to “Susan Powter's Message To Gaby”

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  2. 2

    Dear Susan,
    You are not relevant anymore. No one gives a damn about your opinions. Please go away. Oh, and the hair still looks ridiculously awful.

  3. 3

    I would kind of have to agree with this. I don't think she is saying be stick thin but being that size is not healthy. She shouldn't loose lots of weight just enough so she is more healthy cause that weight is not healthy.

  4. ClubM says – reply to this


    so true

  5. 5

    wow, Susan has some major points…but Tves.

  6. 6

    Talk about a self riteous bitch…she needs to just shut that big hole in her face. Who gives her the right to spout off like that,

  7. 7

    WTF is Susan ON??? Can you say TWEAKER??? Effing crackhead!! No wonder she lost so much weight!!

  8. 8

    Right ON!! How sad people didn't get what Howard was saying. I don't think it's "Cute" for her to be going to Chick-a-fillet after the oscars. That is not cute it is sad. People should be helping her… not Howard for pointing out the sad truth about her future health and career prospects.

  9. 9

    I agree with Powter's message, but c'mon; smokers, alcoholics, even drug addicts are treated with more kindness and respect in regards to their dangerous, unhealthy choices than fat people are.
    Gabourey Sidibe is a lovely, smart girl. She'll get the message when she's ready. Attacking her will only make her feel bad, and is not as likely to help her as a gentle respectful attitude.

  10. 10

    She is right. It is great that some women are happy being over weight, but don't kid yourself and pretend it is healthy.

  11. 11

    She is so right! You don't have to be rude or make fun. But the facts are that she is going to die soon and in pain if she doesn't take action. Fat people are defending her weight because they do not want to face facts either.

  12. 12

    Gaby is not a child…she is a grown woman and you can't be a successful actress in Hollywood if you are fat? What a terrible message to send out. Maybe Gaby can be someone to actually change that.

  13. 13

    i definitely agree with the content, not necessarily the delivery. I think susan is just very passionate about getting healthy. I'm all for not judging people who are over weight. I'm a big fan of "big girls need love too" and "fat is beautiful" however, the absolute MEDICAL FACT of the matter is that obesity, especially morbid obesity, is a HUGE factor in health and happiness especially long term. I come from a family with the "fat gene" AND we live in the south (where we just loveee to deepfry everything). My older brother started to show symptoms of diabetes, the solution? Controling his weight. Gabby is a beautiful and talented young woman. I'm sure that we would all want to see her have longevity. Its one thing for the NAAFA to encourage the public to accept fat people as opposed to the stigma that goes along with the territory; but to encourage obesity? thats just irresponsible, neglegent bullshit.

  14. 14

    WTF is Susan ON??? Can you say TWEAKER??? No wonder she lost so much weight, she's a freakin crackhead! Jeez

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  16. 16

    @VeganVal:That was very well said

  17. 17

    I would love to forcefeed Susan Powter. It would be kinda hard, because I also want to duct tape her mouth!

  18. 18

    Re: VeganVal – I agree.. but she is not a girl, she is a grown woman who has lived her whole life being morbidly obese. She does need help, but she wont get it if people keep acting like weight issues can not be touch for fear of hurting someones feelings. In the end it is her choice, but I'd guess she needs to hear more of why she should lose weight..most important-her life.. less important- her carreer.

  19. 19

    not everyone has to be SKINNY to be healthy, but come on, Gabourey Sidibe IS WAY TOO fat. She makes Monique look like a rail.

  20. 20


  21. 21

    as if gaby would listen to anything that ugly, rude, irrelevant has-been has to say anyway! ha! gaby does need to lose some weight, but it is clear that susan is only making this video to get her own career back on the map. fail.

  22. 22

    Susan is not attacking Gaby … she's attacking the group that is telling Gaby not to change and that "she's okay the weight she is".

    Susan is not being horrendous, like Howard was. She's being honest about being fat. It's not okay. It's not okay to be stick-thin either. Just get healthy when you're ready, Gaby.

  23. 23

    Completely agree… Howard was only saying the same thing everyone was thinking.

  24. 24

    Re: VeganVal – what she said

  25. 25

    I think Howard Stern is wrong in saying that Gaby won't get roles because of her weight, because she will get great roles, but Susan is partly right though, Gaby's health is in danger from this weight. She's still young, but wait another ten years… if she doesn't do anything she will have heart problems, and my guess is that diabeted has already kicked in. That being said, obese people deserve to be respected like any other person.

  26. 26

    Should could have made the same point without being so freakin militant.

  27. 27

    The truth shall set you free.

  28. 28

    I don't even know who she is.
    Lucky for us her craziness hasn't hit the UK yet.

  29. Laury says – reply to this


    I agree that Gaby needs to lose weight, but Howard Stern shouldn't have been such a dick about it. He was just plain cruel and mean, there's a way to tell someone that they need to lose weight without sounding like you're judging them and making fun of them, because that's what Stern was doing, he was making fun of Gaby.

  30. 30

    Regardless of Hollywood's definition of beauty, the truth is, Gabourey's weight is simply not healthy. It will cause her problems. Because she is young, however, it should be handled with more sensitivity. I think the sad truth is that Oprah needed a fat girl for her movie. She used Gabourey, then despite the fact the she herself is aware that she was unhealthy at a larger size, she is condemning Hollywood for it's reaction to Gabourey's size. I feel she used her and paid no mind to the consequences of exposing Gabourey to to the scrutiny of the public. The movie is amazing, but what life, what privacy, what respect and what future is left for Gabourey now?

  31. 31


  32. 32

    AMEN!!! Too many overweight people just 'accept' their obesity and take the easy way out by saying "I'm big and beautiful." Yea, you're big, beautiful, and may be dead in a month because the fat on your body is killing you. Research shows that overweight people are more likely to be diseased. Don't accept it, change it. Don't change it for other people, change it for YOURSELF and your HEALTH!!! This woman, however brutally honest, is right…

  33. 33


  34. 34


  35. 35

    Right on! Tell it like it is! Go Susan go!!!

  36. 36

    I agree with Susan, maybe she didnt have to be so crass about it but she definitely has some valid points. Being an overweight woman myself, Im now starting to realize the health risks associated with being this heavy and everyday is a struggle. Im watching what I eat now and I am atleast committing 4 days to the gym (even though i hate it!!) but I know its neccessary to live and be around for my nieces and nephew….

  37. 37

    Have to agree with her on this. I am shocked that there is actually an organization to "advance" fat people though. They really shouldn't be celebrated for their obesity. It's a dire health problem and out of control in this country.

  38. iStar says – reply to this


    Go Susan! Love how you tell it like it is. Hell if Halle Berry has problems getting roles.. that tells you something right there! I wish Gaby would lose weight to save her life.

  39. 39

    Her comments are very reasonable. She's making sense here, and Gabby should consider her advice.

  40. 40

    oh god the most horrible point of the 90's is back, jesus.

  41. 41

    Susan Powter, while clearly OCD to the max, has made a beautiful point. In addition, over 80% of all illness is PREVENTABLE with about 2/3 of the 80%falling in the morbidly obese category. Is Ms. Sidibe a good actress? I don't know. I was so horrified by her weight! Does she have a future in show business? I don't know if she has a future.. period! This girl needs to go somewhere away from her mother and food so she can recover from her food addiction and gorging enablers!

  42. 42

    I am, myself, at 326 lbs, morbidly obese. Susan is 100% correct. It is not healthy, it is not easy. It is deadly. I don't take one ounce of offense to what she is saying and I think that instead of preaching to people about how big is beautiful, people need to start focusing on the fact that big (this big) is DEADLY. Deadly. I am not saying that Gaby is not beautiful. I am not saying that I, myself, am not beautiful. But when people constantly feed us these illusions of, "Oh, I would have NEVER guessed you weigh THAT much." or " You are big and beautiful!" It almost says to us, hey, it's okay because you're "beautiful", (whatever that word may mean). A beautiful face and heart are not going to get you far when you are in the grave. It is a daily struggle for us. But to bash people who are preaching the truth (as Susan did), is just being naive. You may not like her, you may say she is "played out" but her message is true and sincere.

  43. 43

    I get her point of obesity but why go after gaby? she is fine and her weight is her business, but i cant understand this woman saying howard stern is right, if she was being so horribly judged how was she able to get a role in the most talked about movie this year and two confirmed television and film jobs?? look like this woman is just trying to claw her way back into the spotlight.

  44. 44

    and what the hell is that accent, where is she from???

  45. 45


  46. 46

    I agree with Susan…it's absolutely unhealthy to be fat…and I agree with Howard that Gabby absolutely will limit her career possibilities because of her size (although really, if she were skinny, I don't think it would help - she was good for that one roll, and that's about all I can see for her). But boy, between Howard and Susan, you guys are really highlighting why the world NEEDS the NAAFA.

    Some people are just going to be fat. That's the way it is. Do they want to be? I guarantee you they don't. But for whatever reason, they're just going to be. And they need ACCEPTANCE, the same as anyone else does. So fuck off and let them live their lives.

  47. 47

    I think Susan should've stuck to speaking out against the NAAFA and stayed away from addressing Gaby. Weight loss is a difficult and personal thing. But, to have the NAAFA come out and say that being overweight is healthy simply isn't true. Just as being stick thin isn't healthy either. Susan was right to point out that the NAAFA was incorrect in their statements. However, personal attacks DO NOT HELP when someone is trying to lose weight, especially from a has-been like her. As a former morbidly obese person, Susan should know better.

    That being said, I still wonder why our society seems to thing that its completely okay to make fun of fat people, Its un-PC to make fun of a long list of issues in this world, but Howard Stern can say mean, hateful things and everyone says "well, you know, he's right." Wanting to help someone get healthy is one thing, making fun of someone because you're a jerk, is another.

  48. 48

    Re: bigolb!tch – How bout you and the rest of americans who have no idea what they're saying to, put down the drumstick, stop writing about defending an obese girl, and get outside yourself? its clear that all the comments not agreeing with this lady, are from obese people…

  49. 49

    no it's not healthy to be overweight. but this size zero mentality that hollywood has is not healthy either. susan powter might have come from a fat place but she certainly has no right to judge anyone. the naafa is irresponsible as well if they are encouraging obesity but who the hell knows where this country is going when people complain about fat people but bitch that the govt requiring restaurants to post nutritional content on their websites is going to far!! this country can't get it's shit together! i say if gabby is happy (girl — who 'isn't going to make it in hollywood' — got a damn oscar nomination!) and she is aware that her health is in jeopardy, then let the girl live her effin life! she aint hurting you susan powter!!

  50. 50

    SHE IS SO RIGHT!!!!!!!!!!

  51. 51

    I wish people would wake up and realize that being fat is NOT healthy! Among many illnesses that are caused by being obsese it's sending a bad message to the future of America. Stop praising fat people, and start telling the truth because the rest of the world is laughing at us. I have worked in a hospital for a couple of years now and overwight people do get neglected in healthcare! People who work at the hospital/nursing homes/etc. are repulsed by fat people!

  52. fiera says – reply to this


    Gaby is a very smart, adorable, and great actress. She still has a future in the acting world given that her size is not an issue for a role. As for her health long term, Susan and Howard are right in saying that it is not healthy to be morbidly obese at such a young age. Susan herself once was morbidly obese, she is speaking from experience and is only trying to help.

  53. 53

    Why are people so dense? No one is saying that being overweight is fine and no one, not even the NAAFA is saying that being morbidly obese isn't a health risk. What the majority of overweight women are saying when they say "I love my body, there's nothing wrong with my curves" is that they love themselves, no matter what packaging their current "selves" are in. There's nothing WRONG with that, but people seem to be missing that message. Why should fat people hide because there are people who are uncomfortable with their appearance. Overweight people are BIGGER…not LESS.

  54. 54

    Re: hoppingfar

    great post ITA. What ever group said that you can be that overweight and be healthy is seriously misguided.

    I don't think that Gaby's weight will stop her from getting work but it will stop her from living a long full life.

    I hope she decides to lose some weight in her own time. She could take a lesson from Monique who has lost weight but still is nice a curvy and looks great with meat on her bones.

  55. FMB says – reply to this


    She's 100% CORRECT, and she looks better now than in the infomercial days.

  56. 56

    She is really full of herself, do you have to be that dramatic? You're not going to get work out of this. While her message obviously makes sense, she's trying to say that just because the rest of the world judges on appearance that's ok.

    Unless you rigorously test each person weighing over 200-250 pounds how can you say no one at that weight is healthy? I know plenty of thinner women who don't work out, eat nothing but take out and have bad skin; and that's healthy just because they are more pleasing to the eye than a heavier person? Now someone Gabourey's size I would have to agree it would be impossible to be anywhere near being healthy, but she's still a human being and deserves to be treated like one.

  57. 57

    The facts are that obesity is not healthy, it does no good to rank on people and people can look any way they want. I may think that no one would want to be fat but I can't speak for all. There are many cultures out there but americans seem to think that America IS THE ONLY PLACE ON THE PLANET and it's embarrasing that your brains have been taken over so strongly by the media and those downright UGLY plastic jobs you call people in hollywood that you cannot see beyond your cell phones. It is unhealthy but it's none of your goddam business! Lets put you up on some stage or in front of all cultures of the world not just dipshit Hollywood and see what they have to say about you. You call susan names you get off on ranking everyone. Do you see how hypocritical this is?

  58. 58

    she's on something some kind of crack or meth rather be fat than a crackhead

  59. 59

    Totally agree with Susan!!! It is no more okay to be morbidly obese than it is to be anorexic; BOTH have the potential to kill you! I'm glad Gabourey is confident and happy with herself but the truth of the matter is, herself may kill her, much sooner than she ought to! Obesity should not be praised!!!

  60. 60

    absofuckinlutely right!!!

  61. 61

    OH yay! Let us all speak ill of each other then cry over why there is war. I'll tell you what is unhealthy. The media destroying our spirit and individuality, poison in our foods, air pollution, water pollution, corrupt politicians, chem trails (look it up instead of some hollywood plastic dipshit), hate, fear, healthcare (lack of), judgement, greed, letting your minds be consumed by some girl when it's none of your goddam business which domino effects more hate and fear. Where do you think all this negative energy goes? It domino effects into more of all the above. Sheeple ruin everything.

  62. 62

    She's crazy and talks in haiku… but SHE'S RIGHT on this one!! I'm so sick of people thinking Gab is so talented that she doesn't have to worry about her weight. Bullshit! Transexual runway models are judged. Old actresses with wrinkles and an aversion to botox are judged. It's a judge world and an especially judgy industry focused on looks and image and rightly so!

    Gab is sending a shitty message… just as Mo'nique was sending a shitty message prior to this year telling girls to "embrace" their fat and love themselves. Loving yourself means looking in a mirror and acknowledging the fat deposits around your organs. HELLO!

    LOL… Soooo sorry for posting a book… I'm just reeeaaaally annoyed by this whole topic and how Susan & Howard and others who speak the truth get vilified.

  63. 63

    OMG!! Just leave her alone already! If she wants to lose weight, then fine! It's not for us to decide what she should do! I think that she's a very beautiful girl and obviously she's very happy with who she is!!

  64. 64

    Who the fuck is susan powter? and why does this self-righteous bitch think her opinions matter? i wouldn't be taking hollywood "career advice" from someone no one has ever heard of.

  65. 65

    This bitch needs to stop looking like a man. She should probably consider getting plastic surgury to get rid of that face. Who the hell is she anyways???

  66. 66

    People the problem here is how the message was deliver. Seriously if you listen to Howard's chat on Gabby he should have deliver his concerns in a different manner. The problem is not Gabby it is Hollywood! Lets face it Hollywood is discriminatory. White perceived good looking males receive the most roles in films. Black, Asians, Latinos, and other hardly receive any roles. All major characters in Hollywood are visualize good looking white people.
    Howard trashed Gabby's weight instead of emphasizing on the change that is needed in Hollywood for her acceptance. Humans have flaws and so do characters. Why do we have to make believe that everything is perfect when is not? Hollywood should change to fit all human beings in this world. Not everyone in the world is THIN!

  67. 67

    Re: xoxojessaxoxo – sometimes is not a choice! Do your research.

  68. 68

    Dear Susan. It is obvious that the only real person you are concerned about here is yourself. If you were really concerned about Gabby - you would have found a way to reach out to her directly and offer your help - NOT put out a public statement over the internet. Yes, being overweight is a serious health issue however so is drug abuse - which appears to be killing so many (i.e. Heath Ledger, Brittany Murphy, Corey Haim etc.) by the way. What's your opinion on that?

  69. 69

    I agree with her 100%!! Human bodies are not built to withstand all of the excess weight. Granted, she is a wacko jacko loony toon…….but she is right on the money regarding obesity.

    When used to primarily deal with emotional issues and other stresses, food is a drug, just as much as alcohol, cigarettes, coffee, tea, sugar or any other stimulant.

    I don't believe that all of us are meant to fit into a size 4 either…..however, there is a difference of being a healthy 'normal' sized individual and being a morbidly obese weight.

    When did all of this become acceptable?? It's appalling to see the size of young children these days. It's disgusting and I blame the parents. Lazy parents who cannot be bothered to take their children out for walks, play sports with them, play in parks and would rather leave the babysitting/rearing to the computer and TV.

    Lazy parents who can't be bothered to feed their children a proper home cooked meal and instead fill their children's stomachs with fast food slop.

  70. 70

    she's got a point


  71. 71

    use a phone?

  72. 72

    That lighting makes her look AMAZING for 52. She looks like Marie Fredriksson from Roxette, if Marie had gotten tattoos, facial piercings and looked angry…

  73. 73

    Gaby was amazing in the movie and seems like a sweet heart. I am sure she is an amazing person. I agree that her health is a concern. Screw hollywood expectations, screw Howard and his trying to reach out to those who don't listen to him any more. I hope she stops listening to all these negative people and listens to her doctor and body. I want to see her on the screen for many years to come.

  74. 74

    She is 100% correct. Is it just me or is she looking really good? She looks so pretty in this video. I know she is right in what she is saying. Being heavy is never good. It is common sense people.

  75. 75

    she makes good points. did i like the way she expressed her opinion? no. but she has some good points. she's just saying it is unhealthy. she isnt being like howard and completely insulting her.

  76. 76

    she's right. whether she's "relevant" is irrelevant.

  77. 77

    I thought this tranny went back to it's home planet years ago?

  78. 78

    The only roles she will be offered EVER, will be the stereotypical minstrel show "Big Momma" bullshit, because she can't MOVE! She's being exploited as HELL, and that is what is truly disgusting here, not her weight! Would you give a retarded person an Oscar for playing a retarded person? She wasn't ACTING so much as SUFFERING, only she got picked and she got paid, talent had nothing to do with it. Why didn't Ricki Lake stay fat after "Hairspray"? Because she didn't want to be a CARTOON anymore. Watch. Gaby will be offered 'sassy servant' and 'funny fat lady' roles, and bomb out because they're only funny when Black MEN do them, and because she has no real validity as an actress, other than The Oprah and other greedy fucks that are pimping her out. The Hollywood Minstrel Show is HORRIBLE. However, I guess if she's going to be gigantic regardless, I guess it's just as well she get paid for it. Modern-day FREAK SHOW. That poor girl. ps-Powter had a really good talk show that was on for, like, 5 minutes. If she weren't such an asshole, SHE could have been 'the white Oprah'!

  79. 79

    sorry but she's right

  80. 80

    she reminds me of my 3rd grade teacher….who I fucking hated.

  81. 81

    What susan said its true..this hollywood people pretend that they accept gaboury but the trut is she's really fat as in F.A.T..do you think hollywood people will accept her?..I dont think so..let go back to reallty!..FAT IS UGLY!..thats the truth!

  82. 82

    ROCK ON!!!!!!!!! You're a nut but you're SO DEAD ON AND RIGHT! LOVE IT!!!

  83. 6one9 says – reply to this


    She's 100% right . FAT might be where it's AT. But is it healthy? HELL 2 the NO!!

  84. 84

    do your thing girl!!! where the hell have you been Susan!!!!
    Amen!!! she is right on the money…!!! fat is unhealthy!!!!
    amen amen amen

  85. 85

    crazy or not; she's right. the need to loose the weight is not about being a size 2 to fit the hollywood mold. it's for her to be an "average" size… enough for her to be healthy.

  86. 86

    i agree with this completely. it's simply not healthy. neither of the extremes are, people need to focus on a healthy medium.

  87. 87

    Re: Mr Gaga – she got the role in the most talked about film of the year because oprah needed a fat black chick and gaby fit the bill. she got her 2 next roles simply because she is the talk of the town right now. 2 years from now when she is no longer relevent she will no longer be a leading actress, she may be a supporting actress (with luck) at best. what susan powter said is true. she was pretty harsh about her points and could have toned it down a bit but then she has always been very brash. thats her style of communicating.

  88. 88

    She is absoultely right! Apparently Gabby is planning on taking advantage oyf that new health care bill that will cover everyone - even the ones who don't bother taking care of them selves - show up and say "fix me" when it is too late.

  89. 89

    "Has been" or not she has very valid points. It is one thing to tell larger women to be proud of themselves and who they are, but it is quite another to encourage one to stay literally MORBIDLY obese. It is not a matter of superficiality, but rather one of sheer physical healthiness, and for organizations to dispute the fact that being obese is not, or "ok" is negligent and definitely misleading to those who ARE in danger of heart attack, diabetes, high blood pressure, heart disease and many other fatal ailments associated with obesity. I do not think Susan was attacking Gabby, but rather passionately pleading her to lose weight to live longer, as well as have a wider range of options in her career, NOT so she can be seen as "attractive".

  90. 90

    She's not judging her - she's reaching out to Gaby, because she herself was once 260 lbs.. She's absolutely 100% correct. And commenter # 2 - you're missing the point. It's not important whether you feel Susan Powter is relevant or not (certainly more than you are but that's beside the point). She's making a valid point to a person who, if she doesn't loose weight is going to be diabetic, diseased and die - at an early age! And by the way - her hair looks fabulous. You have to have a pretty face to carry off such a short, cute hair style. Susan does it well. End of subject.

  91. 91

    #42 and #78: You both make the most valid/intelligent comments.

  92. 92

    i wanna bang susan powter very hard…she has a great face.

  93. 93

    her delivery is spot-on. she is articulate and powerful in her wording. and i do believe her message is accurate.

  94. 94

    True! So very True! Once again, Howard Stern has inspired Susan to join him.

  95. 95


    Gaby's weight is unhealthy.

  96. 96

    I agree with everything she said. I just want to say that I think that tattoo is shiteous. Looks like it was done by an amatuer.

  97. 97

    Re: VeganVal

    Yes… you are correct!

  98. 98

    Good for her. No one needs to be stick thin, but at least try to be healthy!

  99. 99

    Re: VeganVal – well said - I agree!

  100. 100

    She isn't saying it in the nicest way, but I fully agree with her. We baby those who have been fat all their lives and shun and ridicule the ones who became fat through their lifestyle. Neither extreme is right, but we need to actively be there to help make our communities healthier.

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