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Teen Files Lawsuit Against ABC For False Representation On Reality Show!

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This is even worse than the Jesus warrior!!

A teenager who made an appearance on the reality show Wife Swap filed a $100 million lawsuit against ABC for airing what she claims was an exaggerated and staged portrayal of herself!!

Alicia Guastaferro appeared on the show in 2008 as a "princess of pagaentry" and apparently acted like a spoiled bitch who berated her mother for not fixing her cereal properly, forced her dad to spray tan her legs, and had a Christmas tree in the house year-round so she could receive presents every day!


The suit claims that "[Guastaferro] does not receive a present every day," and ABC staged scenes to "maximize [Guastaferro's] public embarrassment."

The teen claims that since the episode aired, she became the subject of ridicule among her classmates, recipient of death threats, and was even assaulted!!

Holy shiz!!

She now suffers panic attacks and suicidal tendancies and was forced her to transfer schools, where she has gone from honor-roll to special-ed classes!

Although her mother signed the proper agreements and received $20,000 to appear on Wife Swap, Guastaferro claims she never gave ABC her consent.

That's pretty serious stuff. If they really did stage all of that material, ABC should be ashamed of itself. It's a teenage girl, her peers would give her hell even if she appeared in a positive light!!

What do U think?? Is Alicia exaggerating or did Wife Swap really eff her over??

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106 comments to “Teen Files Lawsuit Against ABC For False Representation On Reality Show!”

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  1. 1

    well if she's a minor she doesn't have to give consent her parents do… and if she after a ridculous sum of mopney like she is she's probably she a $$$ hungry fame seeker!

  2. 2

    When Wife Swap airs on British TV it has to have a disclaimer at the beginning saying "Unlike the UK Wife Swap, some of the scenes in this program are staged for entertainment purposes." So these claims wouldn't surprise me.

  3. 3

    there might be merit to the case……but 100 million dollars???? Nope not a chance.

  4. 4

    why is ABC's fault that the parents voluntarily exploited their children? Pipe down little one -get mad at your folks…….

  5. 5

    I think the little bitch finally got called out on her diva behavior.

  6. 6

    I remember that episode! That girl was a psycho!!

  7. 7

    She didn't deny a single thing besides not receiving a present EVERY day. She didn't say squat about the rest. She went and showed the world what an evil pig she was and now she's sorry because everybody knows and NO ONE likes a person that behaves like that. Who wouldn't want to knock her down a peg? Who wants to be around a person like that? Maybe she should just try to work on herself instead and use the show as a guideline as how not to be a horrible person.

  8. 8

    i think she went on tyra or one of those talk shows after the show aired to talk about it and she was all decked out in a pageant dress and a tiara… but let me guess they tricked her into that too?

  9. 9

    Are you kidding me? She was a minor, so it was her parents' responsibility to protect her interests. Sounds like she didn't like what she saw, but also sounds like she hasn't changed her ways. $100 million because she was presented as a spoiled brat? Ridiculous.

  10. 10

    My boyfriend was dating this brat right after the show came out and let me tell you something! She didn't tell him she had even filmed the show until it had aired and then denied the way she was portrayed even though he would witness the daily gift giving from her mom! He would correct her mom doing Alicia's homework and typed up final assignments. This girl is just as fake and spoiled as the show made her appear if not more. If she wants to really take this to court it is going to be funny to hear all the things everyone that knew her has to say! Oh and the parents pled guilty in November to felony money laundering and illegally claiming taxes from their Williamsville glass tinting business. Mommy faces up to 6 months in jail and Daddy faces up to 57 months. Wonder why Blondie wants all this money now??

  11. 11

    I am a Special Ed. teacher, and I have not heard of a student going from Honor-Roll to Special Ed., unless there has been a significant brain injury or soemthing to that degree.

  12. 12

    I agree with Miss Chloe.
    I think at the time she was trying to get more tv time so acting like an extreme version of herself will enable that. The backlash of negativity is no ones fault but her own and her parents. They signed the releases! Shes just looking for easy money and fame. I mean shit, that was 2+ years ago. Move on.

  13. 13

    I think she's just a kid who didn't like seeing the truth of her actions on TV.

  14. 14

    I remember her on that show and wanting to punch her for being such a brat. I think she just got called out for acting like a spoiled bitch and now she feels stupid and embarrassed because she thought she was cute and funny. $100 million? No way.

  15. 15

    i think this is really sad- i saw her on the show and she seemed like a sweet, nice girl, which is all that should matter. people who make fun of her or edit the show to make her seem vapid, and then sit back and judgementally put her down, should be ASHAMED OF THEMSELVES.

  16. ELUC says – reply to this


    Does she need an academy award because she was THAT convincing. Perhaps a little exaggerated, but not truthful? DOUBTFUL!!

  17. 17

    i just watched a clip from this and this bitch who isn't even particularly attractive seems to think that people that aren't 'gorgeous' have a tough life. her father also said that he would definitely hire someone more attractive than hire someone smart for his business. the mother seems to think the only thing that matters in life is for her daughter to find a man who only values her looks. i can't imagine anyone making up all the shit they said in that show unless it was for a trash novel.

  18. 18

    If her parents signed a contract saying the show can portray her any way they want tha the lawsuit is absoltely nonsense and 100 million dollars. Get a fucking Job you spoiled bitch. If I remember tHe episode correctly she flew a hissy fit when she had to wait a table.

  19. 19

    I remember this episode, she acted like an idiot and I do believe that’s how she really is. She probably did not like the feedback from her peers.

    Later after her episode aired, her parents and she were also on the Tyra Banks show. This girl was wearing one of her pageant crowns and sash and also when into great detail about the Cadillac Escalade ( I believe) that she got for xmas.

  20. 20

    i totally remember this episode - she was so spoiled.
    school bullies should never be egged on - but, she did act like a princess.

  21. 21

    Oh yea and honor roll? She couldn't even spell America correctly

  22. 22

    i saw that episode…trust me i dont believe a word this little tramp is saying…if she wants to blame anyone she needs to blamer her rotten parents..they are the ones who signed everything…im not worried at all cause this lawsuit is going to get thrown out of court while the judges laughs this stupid little girl out of the courthouse…

  23. 23

    its horrible about all those things happening 2 her - bullied, assuslted etc… but there is no excuse for behaving like that anywayz. she can try 2 sue them, but tht will never stop the bullying and torture she apperently recieves. hell, itll probably make it worse!

  24. 24

    why aren't people screwing those "Sweet Sixteen" kids over like this…they are just as bad…but they seem proud of their behavior

  25. 25

    I know this girl!!!! She is INSANE!! We are from the same town and used to compete in beauty pageants together! She would always make her parents do insane stuff for her, and was really void of ANY personality. Very creepy. Also, if you search her last name in the buffalonews.com website, you will find a ton of information on how her family is under investigation by the FBI because of tax fraud. I bet this is another money making scam, These people make me sick!

  26. 26

    How does she go from honor student to special ed. student? That's a really stupid remark.

  27. GiaB says – reply to this


    Yes, the parenting was anything but quality. However, the episode shows them flat out admitting to a present a day. It also showed the mom/daughter both admitting that mom does the homework projects. We should sue the network for 100 million for forcing this junk on us. ICK!

  28. 28

    very rude very disrespectful no class whats so ever. she should be ashamed of herself

  29. 29

    Her Mom proudly announced on the show that she did Alicia's homework for her. This brat had no rules or boundaries-she was so pompous and rude. I say tough shit-what comes around goes around

  30. 30

    This girl and her family are a joke in western NY. I'm not surprised to see this lawsuit since mommy and daddy are thieves and liars.

  31. 31

    If this was true, why did her and her mom do an interview with a t.v. station the week prior to this airing in 2008? In that interview, her mom clearly stated that she receives a present daily . It also shows her getting a new Tahoe from her parents as a "New Years Gift"

  32. 32

    I'm sure ABC did EVERYTHING they were supposed to do. If it was a real issue, it wouldn't have taken 2 years to file suit, and everyone know that a cool $100 million fixes everything. Nope, I'm sure she's gotten ugly, no pagent wins and needs the cash. She's going to loose big time.

  33. 33

    If she looks like a spoiled little pageant biotch then more than likely she is one…I'm sick of hearing about editing…no one told her to act like that. She may be a minor but if she's gonna sue anyone she should sue her mom for signing the release and for letting her get away with that primadonna attitude

  34. 34

    Sorry Whore, but they can only edit fottage YOU give them. If you didn't really act like that then they wouldn't have been able to get the footage of you acting like that. Here is an idea. Don't act like a spoiled little cow and nobody will be able to make you look like one.

  35. 35

    I think her anxiety is brought on by the realization of her behavior, and she doesn't know how to deal with it. Going from honor classes to special ed seems like an exxageration, not saying it can't happen, just not likely. She needs to find a way to get over the fact that she acted like an idiot, whether it was edited or not, she still acted like a brat.

  36. 36

    teenagers know what they're doing. the girl is embarrased and wants to be paid, thats all.

  37. 37

    I saw that epi. She was AWFUL. The whole family was an embarrassment. I think she's out of luck if her parents signed the agreements. I really don't think there's a way they could have staged all of that awful behaviour on her part. She was pretty bad the entire time, although I do remember with the "other" mom's guidance, she did do things for herself that gave her some self-worth. Looks like her parents just caved again.

  38. kg35 says – reply to this


    I just finished watching this episode on youtube…

    I understand theres editing that comes along with these shows, but I kinda feel like shes got a little bit of Jon Gosselin syndrome…just wanting to do this for the money and to be in the public eye.

  39. 39

    I remember watching this episode and wondering how she did pageants? She's not cute at all.

  40. 40

    She was portrayed exactly as it showed. Grant ya she didn't receive gifts everyday. It showed that she received a new gift every week. She did jump onto her mother and made her father spray tan her. She was def spoiled. Too bad she received all those threats and bullying cuz I blame her parents. Not her.

  41. 41

    I remember this episode and to be honest I don't think ABC could have made her look as psycho as she was if they had tried. No that sort of blank expression behind the eyes is not something a TV network can force on you.

  42. 42

    i just watched this clip on you tube. such a lil' bitch! i hope she loeses! if anyone wants to see if on youtube type "wife swap brat"

  43. 43

    anyone wanna post a link to this episode :] ???

  44. 44

    I saw that episode. She was proud of all that stuff on the show. She was disgusting. now EVERYONE knows how ridiculous she is. She only has a case against her Stupid mom who was using the show as a means to try to get the girl famous.
    Too bad. Very sad either way if she is having all those issues, but it is not ABC's fault.

  45. 45

    I saw this particular show and I still remember the parents of this girl were horrible. They spoiled her rotten and she walked all over them. The father was incredibly mean and disrespectful to the other wife. I looked up his business on the web and he had alot of complaints about bad business practices and ripping people off.

  46. 46

    Her parents are on their way to prison for various scamming and she was a biotch on that show.

  47. 47

    Maybe she needs those special-ed classes!

  48. 48

    Based on the ridiculous amount of money she is suing for, I'd say she's just trying to make some extra money.

  49. 49

    I went to school with this girl and cheerleaded with her. Although I am a couple years above her she was quite notorious for being a spoiled bitch. She thought she was the hottest shit around and bragged about being on the show at first. She even threw a viewing party in our town at the local Buffalo Wild Wings and invited tons of people. This is so long after it aired that she's just acting like a dumb bitch who finally got what she deserved, a reality check

  50. 50

    Re: Gemme09 – go to youtube and type "Wife Swap - Boss/ Guastaferro pt.1/5"

  51. 51

    BULLSHIT!! This girl was on Tyra Banks after Wife Swap aired, with her mom acting the same way she was on the show. DEFENDING why she got a present a day and being a spoiled brat. Is she going to sue Tyra too!!?? Gimme a break, she just wants money.

  52. 52

    She will lose. Plain and simple ABC Legal team is one of the best in the reality business. You can bet they have tapes of her that that would make charges Manson cringe. I been on a reality show they is a huge disclaimer in bold that says ABC and it produces may use "creative editing to enhance the shows viewablity.

  53. melxx says – reply to this


    its the parents fault also for raising such a little bitch! I saw this episode and i would never let my daughter run me like that. Since we do live in america i'm not surprised she's trying to get $100 mil. seems like americans have lawsuits for anything these days!

  54. 54

    that girl is absolutely repulsive. not only is she not even pretty she has the most disgusting attitude ive ever seen in my life. not to mention her family is honestly delusional, a) for thinking she's that gorgeous, b) for thinking that would get here anywhere in life anyway and c) for feeling sorry for anyone else based on their looks. based on the comments mommy and daddy are going to jail, HAHAHAHAHAH. good, scumbags. also, people keep saying they dont know how she went from honor roll to special ed, probably not too hard when she's never done anything for herself, ever, she was special ed all along hahah. these people are absolutely disgusting and deserve whatever misfortune comes their way.

  55. 55

    and the reason she probably went from honor roll to special ed is because her mom stopped doing her hw she had to do it all herself

  56. 56

    her family has had legal issues with money laundering this is just another one of their money grubbing schemes

  57. 57

    Honestly Perez, the wifeswap only portrayed what this girl already emoted. I was in a dance class with her, and she is just as spoiled and vapid as she seemed on the show. Her cousin, who goes to my school, even describes her in the aforementioned way, so much so that her family doesn't even associate with that side of the family. If she is having suicidal tendencies, though, then I do empathize with her.

  58. 58

    i dont watch the show but here are the facts, a TEENAGER - and we all were one at one point so we remember what we were like - was, in her opinion, misrepresented on tv and is now suing the network for an unreasonable amount of money…..doesn't that sound just a little bit odd to you?
    Teenagers think they are the shit and everybody likes them but the second they see themselves in a bad light they deny deny deny it all, my sister is just like that and when she saw footage that i recorded of her behavior to get her to shut up and stop her 'i'm so perfect' act, she accused me of faking the whole thing. So yeah, think about the teenager in this case.

  59. 59

    Not to mention, her mother is incredibly rude. At the time, I was in eighth grade, I was a bit pudgy. I was introduced to the woman and she refused to reciprocate my niceties. I've since lost weight, but I still can't believe a mother, AN ADULT, would shun a child for not being what she considered beautiful. This family truly is sick, and these claims are outrageous. Alicia is nuts from nurture, not the nature that ABC inspired.

  60. 60

    Number one, asshole, the God Warrior (not Jesus) was on Trading Spouses on Fox. Number two, she was a minor so she didn't have to sign a consent. If she wants to blame anyone, blamer her parents for signing up for it. Of course, they staged some stuff, it's a "reality" show. I saw that episode and that girl was spoiled and she was a little bitch. Plus, this happened 2 years ago and she is just now suing. What the fuck ever!

  61. 61

    that girl was such a fucking spoiled little bitch on the show!
    she would NOT take any responsibilty for herself in the least, from making her own cereal to doing her hw. "her life was too sparkly" to worry about things like that. she was also a huge snob to waitresses at restaurants. she and her terrible parents deserve EVERYTHING they are getting.
    it is time for them to learn that life is NOT soley about appearances, and that you actually have to work hard and be a good person to get the things you want.

    these people fucking suck, and karma is hitting them square in the ass.

  62. 62

    Re: sydneybidney4 – sorry you had the displeasure of knowing her, lol.

  63. 63

    she's probably just pissed because now she's been called on being a spoiled brat and everybody knows.

  64. 64

    They should just call the show "White Trash Swap" because all the do is shove one animal-lovin' slob into the house of one neurotic Jesus freak and watch the fireworks! Wow. I actually wish they'd rename (and re-design) the show to be "Gunfire Swap."

  65. 65

    Maybe if she hadn't acted like a spoiled little bitch, then she wouldn't have been treated that way.
    She thought she was going to get famous, instead she just got her ass kicked.

  66. 66

    I saw that episode and that girl was a bitch in every single aspect of everything. Even if there were staged situations, she was still a wretched aweful beast. I seriously doubt that any production could make someone look as bad as she did without there being a signifigant substance to work with!

  67. 67

    I'm sorry i watched this show too and this CHILD is a direct by product of over indulgent parents that did not prepare her for they way real people think/ act/ behave,. I actually have a lot of empathy for her because she was taught entitlement from a very young age.

  68. 68

    It not a huge stretch that she has issues. Her parents hung her out to dry by airing that type of behavior. I would also guess her parents are fueling this law suit. I hope she is getting counseling. I think the mom swapped w/ them could have helped her if giving more time. sad : (

  69. 69

    I saw that episode… don't ask lol - there's no way the producers could have staged that. The proof is in the pudding dollface

  70. 70

    Just because you "can" receive presents everyday doesn't mean you "do".

    I have a mailbox so I can receive mail everyday that mail is delivered. Doesn't mean I get mail everyday that mail is delivered.

    I'm sure her lawyer will enjoy her mother's $20K.

  71. 71

    her mother effed her over when she agreed to go on that stupid show

  72. 72

    100 million is WAY to much. she should have sued for something reasonable like 5 million. poor girl

  73. 73

    I am annoyed that this says she went from honor roll to special-ed classes! What is that supposed to mean? Does she now have a TBI that caused her to need special education? And that she now has been placed on an IEP because she has a learning disability? Or is just this someone's way of saying that she has really poor grades? If so, that is the complete wrong way to say it and I am offended.

  74. ILU says – reply to this


    I just looked her up…and all I have to say is that is one ugly girl, and I wonder if her parents paid the pageant people!?!?

  75. 75

    I guess they watched it at wildwings when it aired and she lived it up and acted like a brat to all the servers. She makes Buffalo look bad and I havn't heard one person say anything nice about her!

  76. 76

    I found this quote about the Christmas presents from an article dated 11/06/08!

    But the Guastaferro's really do have a Christmas tree up year round and gets a gift every day. "That is true. I do get a present every day." said Alicia. "But she's our only child. It's like she's wonderful. She brings A lot of life you know. It keeps us young." said her father Ralph Guastaferro.

  77. 77

    She can't really sue under the premise that she didn't give her consent… as a minor her mom signing on pretty much implied that she was on board too. Blame mom for raising such an intolerable bitch.

  78. 78

    Soooo sad! I just watched the episode of wifeswap with this little Alicia girl on it, and its horrid. She seems like a nice girl who has been trained to be spoiled. Her parents are horrible. She should have the lawsuit against her parents.

  79. 79

    Correct me if I'm wrong, But was she on the episode where her parents did the homework for her and when the fill in mother told her to do the project herself she couldn't read or write, and she was also rude to a waitress at a restaurant for something about the food.

  80. 80

    Ha. I went to highschool with that bitch. Everything is completely 100% true

  81. 81

    Ha! I went to highschool with her. Everything is true. Every single thing.

  82. 82

    Haven't seen the episode, but from reading all THIS, I'd say that she'd benefit from professional help.
    Sounds like narcissism mixed up with 2 other personality disorders (added on since her fellow peers started hatin' on her hard enough to cause her to have suicidal tendencies).

  83. 83

    I remember this horrid little beast. I hope ABC sues for legal fees…they surely will win. This family is FUCKED up!! They all deserve each other and deserve what coming to them.

  84. 84

    People these days are money hungry and it wouldn't surprise me if she was lying. Besides if she's a minor (like I suspect) then she doesn't have to give consent, that's her parents job. Also it's funny she's filing suit 2 years later…. proves that she just wants more attention and MONEY!!!

  85. 85

    This idot and her family live in my town….they are STRANGE people……I think the girl was mind fried before she ever appeared on any reality show….Get over girl…..

  86. 86

    A spoiled brat WOULD want millions of dollars in return.

  87. 87

    i just watched a clip of her. what a stupid, fugly, spoiled bitch.

  88. 88

    She was on the TYRA show! She admitted to receiving a small gift each day, and her mom was on there as well. They weren't ashamed of the lifestyle they lived.

  89. 89

    I hated that girl she was soooo dumb she could barely read.

  90. 90

    She just wants money.

  91. 91

    WTF I saw that episode and she made herself look retarded nothing was staged she is the one who said she got a gift everyday and nver did homework shes stupid youtube her last name you can watch that episode no way s she gonna get a penny this is lawsuit is just as stupid as her family!!! I would make fun of her too

  92. 92

    The full ep is up on youtube. She was 15 at the time, and her mother gave consent, soo… I felt bad for her watching it though, it was obvious a lot of her issues stemmed from having two insane parents.

    Honor roll to special ed? She couldn't even pronounce the word 'crutch' as she was reading on the show. Maybe her teachers saw the episode and started making her do more of her work in-class and under a close eye so no cheating, someone else doing it, etc, could be involved.

    Though it wouldn't be bad if this helped all these networks rethink profiting off kids on reality shows who are too young to know better for themselves and have parents willing to exploit them.

  93. 93

    The show shows the mother TELING the camera that the daughter, "gets a small present everyday like make up or a t-shirt." The show also expressly shows that the girl does not do her homework - rather her mother does it every day. The woman who swapped with the family makes Alicia do her own homework and she can't even SPELL or write sentances. No wonder she's in special ed now. I'm sure the school checked up on her doing her own work and found out she couldn't.

  94. @v@ says – reply to this


    It's unfortunate, plus it's pretty hard for a teen to see themselves as others see them, particularly if the show did dramatize/stage things or set her up. She'll get through it, but it probably doesn't feel like it to her right now.

  95. kland says – reply to this


    i live in the same area as this family but one suburb over… im not rich.. the area these ppl live in is mainly for doctors and lawyers… and the kids in that area are exactly like the girl portrayed on tv.. spoiled rotten hellions… on our local news tonight.. they mentioned that both of the parents are facing fraud charges for money laundering of tons of cash which will definately equal jail time for both parents… hmmm cash grab anyone??

  96. 96

    WaWaWa! That little bitch thought she was being cute acting that way the whole time they were taping. She's just mad because other people, mainly her peers, got to see her as she was and now she's sorry. Too bad, so sad. If you act like a cooz, then your seen as a cooz! By the by, the Dad was a wimp too! Can you say turkey basted baby?

  97. 97

    Re: freshman91 – OMG! You just made my day! You can't make this shit up, lol. Thank you for bringing this to light. :)

  98. 98

    I must say, I feel SORRY for this girl. Before anyone jumps down my throat, think about it.
    Since she was a baby, before she even had a say in anything, or knew what was happening, she was pushed into competing in beauty pageants. Her parents have never once told her no, they have given her absolutely everything, and have put it into her head that beauty is everything.
    Now, I'm not all that great looking. Not ugly, but not beautiful. I don't 'sparkle' all the time. But you DON'T have to be gorgeous to get everything in life. People can get what they want with a good work ethic. This girl doesn't seem to have that, and is going to have no idea what to do with herself later on.
    So, to some degree, I find it sad, and I actually think it's kind of like child abuse, because you're doing severe psychological harm to your child by not setting any restrictions for her, and by giving her everything, because life is not like that!
    Having said that, I think she is full of shit, and out to get money.

  99. 99

    Re: lolcat – I would like to see a copy of this UK disclaimer, but cannot find it anywhere.

  100. 100

    Re: KrepLaw – I can't wther, but it is there, its literally right at t
    he start.
    Re: Psshaw – I'm sorry to hear that, you poor soul.

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