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Awful. Georgia Teen Allowed To Bring Boyfriend To Prom Kicked Out By Parents.

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This is so awful.

We were thrilled to learn yesterday that a Georgia High School had allowed a homosexual student, Derrick Martin, to bring his boyfriend to the Prom.

However, the poor kid's parents were reportedly so upset about the media attention regarding their son's homosexuality that they have kicked Derrick out of his house.

We have no idea how any parent could do something so unbelievably cruel to his or her own child, especially one who is brave enough to stand up for his rights.

Martin is currently staying with his friends, and is somehow keeping his chin up by focusing on his gratitude to those who have passed the teen words of praise and encouragement.

Hopefully his parents will realize what a terrible error in judgment they have made and understand how courageous their son is.

You're in our thoughts, Derrick! You're doing the right thing!

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179 comments to “Awful. Georgia Teen Allowed To Bring Boyfriend To Prom Kicked Out By Parents.”

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  1. 1

    That sucks!

  2. 2

    How sad!!!!!!!! Will only make him stronger.

  3. 3

    That is disgusting. What sad excuses for parents. Hopefully, he can find the unconditional love he SHOULD be getting from his parents from some other supportive people in his life.

  4. 4

    Lame! How can a parent do that?

  5. DM201 says – reply to this


    what the fuck, why aren't these parents being arrested for this? That is child abuse and abandonment.

  6. kis95 says – reply to this


    That's horrible! I have three (very young) children - 2 boys and a girl - and if any of them stood up for themselves the way this kid did, I would be as proud as hell.

  7. DM201 says – reply to this


    stay strong kid, obviously you already are. Strength you clearly did not get from your parents.

  8. 8

    wow thats sad. His parents should be punched in the face for being assholes.

  9. 9

    Well now the parents have even more media attention. Failed plan.

  10. 10

    Good Luck Derrick!

  11. 11

    Wow that's awful! Poor kid!

  12. 12

    mario, he should come and live with you.

  13. 13

    everything's fucking gay with you isn't it.

  14. 14

    WTF! His parents should do a stint in jail for child neglect. Close minded dumb asses.

  15. 15

    his boyfriend wiped his johnson on the bathroom hand towel. Mom got pissed

  16. 16

    American people are just ignorant, how can you kick your child out of the house like that?

    What if this kid kill himself over it?

    Love, accept and respect your kids no matter what American people.

  17. 17

    P.S. Ellen will probably have him on the show and give him $30k to cover a rental.

  18. 18

    that's so cruel. can negligence charges be brought against them for this? poor kid. i hope the media attention will bring him some powerful supporters who can help him put together his life.

  19. 19

    Ugh this pisses me off. It seems they may have disapproved beforehand of him being gay and open. I'm sure the publicity didn't help.

  20. 20

    horrible. never turn your back on your child.

  21. 21

    What kind of parents would turn their backs on a 17 year old boy?
    Yesterday, there was someone posting here claiming to be Derrick Martin. If that was him, and he reads this, he needs to know he's got support from people all over America and the world.
    I think it's wonderful you have the courage to be yourself, Derrick. Keep your chin up, and remember we're rooting for you.

  22. 22

    This is so depressing. His parents are scum. Last time I checked, you're supposed to love your children no matter what.

    They are morons besides, do they really think kicking him out will lessen the attention. It'll only increase now and they'll have to deal with everyone knowing what a-holes they are.

  23. 23

    They must be Mormon or Catholic…or just assholes…

  24. 24

    Who knows for sure what happened. Sometimes it's not the victimization feigned. Maybe they hatched a plan and the family will split the money.

  25. 25

    Keep standing up for your rights babe, its a shame your parents cant stand up beside you and be so closed minded but think on the positives, you are helping to change peoples views. One step at a time you are helping to make the world a better place, its only a shame that the two people who should stand beside you refuse to listen.

  26. 26

    Ha ha. Well at least now media attention will be off the parents… NOT!

  27. 27

    Derrick, you are such a brave boy!
    Please tell your parents that we are proud parents of a young gay son who went to his prom together with his boyfriend here in Germany. This was no problem and we all had so much fun and will never forget this evening.

  28. 28

    Re: alemeh2 – what does it have to do with being American??? Have you ever heard the story of the Austrian man who kept his daughter locked in a basement for 24 years, rapped her repeatedly, and forced her to bear 7 of HIS children….and grandchildren if you're keeping up with this story. It doesn't matter what country you are in there are some FUCKED up people in this WORLD that will do anything to their own children. including kill them. so before you criticize Americans you should look at the other parts of this country first asswipe.

  29. YUCK says – reply to this


    perez you disgusting ugly sick pervert, I am sure you are working on bringing him in to your home as soon as possible, you are such a child molester. this kid would never want your ugly ass.

  30. 30

    People still thinking that being GAY is the big deal … Please !

  31. 31

    Well, we know your reporting style Perez. Are we sure he was kicked out for the media attention or he is staying elsewhere until all dies down?? I mean if it were me and my kid and I had the media camped out, I would have my kid stay elsewhere until it all dies down. Also, even if they did, I do not condone it but understand it. As a gay man myself, i understand some parents and persons cannot handle this truth. my ex boyfriends dad has known his sons, two sons, were gay for years. he has accepted me in his sons life and confides in me. he is like a dad to me, but he still has not accepted his sons being gay. he is still embarrassed by one of his sons, who is a dancer, dancing in drag. It happens. We cannot expect parents, especially old fashioned parents or even regular straight folk to accept everything. We hve to give it time and hope they respect us as people and lov e us, but we cannot expect the accept this immediately.. Its just the way life rolls…Unfortunately. I personally am so proud of this young man and hope for only the est in his life. A brave soul like this deserves nothing but good things.

  32. 32

    Great…so people have children, raise them, only to abandon them when they don't turn out exactly how they expected them to. This guy deserves all of the support and love in the world, I hope he gets it.

  33. 33

    If his parents were "so upset about the media attention", how much BAD PRESS do they think will be piled on them now?
    Stupid, thoughtless people .. he's better off away from them!

  34. 34

    That is sad. Sorry, some people are just wired differently! I don't know what I would do. I know I wouldn't be happy about it.

  35. 35

    what a shitty parents…. i think you dont even deserve the name parent if you treat your OWN CHILD like this.. if you're not only not there for him when he needs you,to support him, but kick him when he's at his most vulnorable… seriously… kick him out of the house?? for such an idiotic reason? seriously?!
    this kid will be better of in a foster home. bastards.

  36. 36

    oooh he cute.

  37. 37

    If that is true, it is shameful. What about unconditional love?

  38. 38

    idiot parents! he's still their son no matter how he feels or what he does. maybe in time, they'll come to their senses but i doubt it. i hope this guy stays strong!

  39. 39


    Sorry for channeling kanye, i felt it necessary, but stories like this are the reason EVERYONE in europe makes fun of americans.

  40. 40

    Re: boyzen berries – Yes, I know the story, nothing to do with this story.

    This is about a kid who is gay in this country , we in Europe are more acceptable to someone being gay.

  41. 41

    I hope this isn't true. I hope he's just temporarily moved out to escape the media spotlight for awhile.

    If it IS true….the parents are morons.

  42. 42

    He's cute!!! He should come to Calgary and he can stay with meeee hehehe

  43. 43

    Re: Derek_Walsh – RIGHT, they are backwards, I love when Americans politicians have GAY affairs and rely to their faith and wifes to stand next to them when they apologized like idiots.

    Only in America.

  44. 44

    I hope that Derrick is reading this….Derrick I am the parent of three young children. If any of my kids ever came to me and told me they were gay they would ALWAYS have my love and full support. My only wish for them is their happiness and that is my wish for you. I am sorry that your parents could not express this same sentiment to you now but maybe they will come around. Until then know that you are admired for your courage and have the love and support of many. Good luck Derrick!

  45. 45

    that is sickening… the one thing you want out of life to just be unconditionally loved by your own parents that created you… nice parenting fuckers! you can come live with me Derrick!!!!

  46. 46

    Dear Mr. and Mrs. Martin:

    There is nothing wrong with being gay — it's perfectly natural and more than 10% of the population is gay. It's like being left handed…it's less common, it's not a choice, and it's natural. Please try to open your minds and show some compassion and Christianity.

  47. 47

    OMG that is SICK. What a cute and brave guy. He can live with me any day.

  48. 48

    What a horrible thing to do to your child after he was brave enough to stand up for his rights. I wish him the best of luck if his parents don't fix their error in judgement.

  49. 49

    As a parent I am livid. How could any parent kick their child out of the house. If I still lived in Georgia I would take Derrick in my home in a heart beat. His parent's are sorry excuses for human beings. I hope they read this. Your child deserves more from you then what he gets from strangers. You should be proud of your son, NOT ashamed. Shame on you. I would be proud to call Derrick my son. Derrick stay strong. You have all of us supporting you.

  50. 50

    Keep standing, Derrick! We're proud of you!

  51. 51

    KEEP YOUR HEAD UP! your so brave, and i admire your ability to be yourself. i hope your very happy with your boyfriend:)

  52. 52

    Dont count on his parents changing their mind anytime soon. Bleckley is deep, deep south, not Atlanta south…

  53. 53

    His parents are sick f*cks. Mine did the same thing to me and my siblings - all of us were out of the house before we turned 18 - left to figure out life on our own and survive. And now, some three decades later, they sit at home alone and wonder why we don't want to have anything to do with them and their f*cked up selves.

    Kid, you're better off. Go live your life, there is a life beyond your parents ya know.

  54. 54

    Re: VeganVal – This happens way to often to gay youth…WAY! Yet Derrick has so much going for himself — witness excellence in school, love of important peers — I hope he and his parents can continue their dialogue in private so it will be most functional. Just because it may be the 'biggest' conversation they've had, does not make it a public one. For others facing life on the street there are resources available for the situation that do not involve disrespecting yourself.

  55. 55

    oh ffs
    this is ghastly
    how could a parent do such a thing?
    hopefully they will come around otherwise i guess it would just be destructive living with them anyway

  56. 56

    I really want to add ten cents here… In College one of my friends (lesbian) was also an older person like myself. She had been involved with Gay/Lesbian/suicide hotlines for years this is what she told me…"95% of the kids who call are confused, curious, but actually NOT Gay or Lesbian…" IF she was right… then the GLBT community is BUTTING IN WHERE THEY SHOULD BUTT THE HELL OUT!!!! YOU are the problem PEREZ NOT the solution. GAYS who force these kids to acknowledge a TRUTH about themselves they may not yet be CLEAR about is CHILD ABUSE!!!! YOU ASS!!!!!! It's High School… let them alone!!!

  57. 57

    Keep ur head up kid. Ur standing up for what u believe in and many adults have yet to learn this. Good for you. Whether or not the parents agree with his choices kicking him out wasn't solving anything.

  58. 58

    Good for his parents. They seem to have standards and principles within their own walls…and they can do as they please. If he's such an adult, he should emancipate himself.

  59. 59

    he's cute! look at that shirt. wish he were straight. sorry!

  60. 60

    Oh what the fuck. What pieces of worthless shit. I don't give a shit if my kid ends up gay, as long as they are happy…it takes a lot for someone to come out and tell everyone they are gay, but to be rejected by your parents? Wow. Karma is a bitch, watch as this kid becomes extremely rich and successful, his parents are bankrupt and they go to him for help. I fucking HOPE he tells them to fuck off.

  61. 61

    If you need a new Momma, shoot up 95 to Virginia. You are welcome here in my home and family.

  62. 62

    His parent's couldn't deal with the media attention so they kicked him out?!!?!?!?!? WTF asses! :( (

  63. 63

    That is SO wrong! He's your kid, for god's sake! He's in HIGH SCHOOL! What the hell is WRONG with people!?

  64. 64

    Omg, that's really sad! I'll pray tonight for him and for his parents, specially for his parents. God, this is sick!
    All what their son needs now is support and they kicked out Derrick from his house? Seriously, they need HELP.

    Derrick, if you read this, my wish is to have someday a son like you. Seriously!

    Saludos desde Chile

  65. 65

    no self respecting normal parents want to have a sodomizer in their family home….now his mom knows all the skid marks in his froot-of-the -looms wasnt just normal boy slob thing,,,,,,now she knows the skid marks were really backlash from his getting poop plunged….he wants to be gay and proud and stand up for his ”right”? well he needs to stand on his own 2 feet,support himself,and then chase his agenda…on his own dime,time and turf..parents house = parents rules….end of story.

  66. 66

    I am so sorry to hear this. You can come and stay with me.

  67. 67

    parents are a piece of shit !

  68. 68

    I am truly disgusted! I hope he stays strong, and doesn't let his sad excuse for parents bring him down!

  69. 69

    Go Derreck!!!!!!! somebody give that kid $$$$$$$

  70. 70

    What a horrible thing to do. Shame on them. You love your children unconditionally.

  71. 71

    that is unbelievable….what lousy excuse for parents. Stay strong Kid!!!!

  72. 72

    Disgusting. Sadly, it happens far too often.

  73. 73

    This kid is so brave–I wish I would have had the balls he has at that age. I would be so proud if I were his parent–shame on them. I hope he knows that there are many of us who support and admire him.

  74. 74

    They're gonna steer him towards a life of drugs and instability… All because they can't grasp the fact that being gay is not a choice, it's innate sexuality. He could be fine, but not if they cut off their support before he transistions into adulthood. I hope there are no gay haters posting on this particular post I havnt read them yet, but it's a very sad and painfull thing. Noone should enjoy this.

  75. 75

    Message to Derrick Martin: go to your local bank, or consult a local attorney, and ask to set up a trust fund account for your benefit. Give out donation information to the press and use the money to get your own apartment and support yourself through college. I'll make a donation, and I'm sure I won't be the only one.

  76. 76

    Oops…they have now caused irreversible damage.

  77. 77

    His Mum & Dad need to seriously re think there out look on life, and get there priority's sorted ASAP! Makes me so angry! Thought's are with you friend! Stay strong! xoxo

  78. 78

    Re: MOMMIE DEAREST – You have a thing with your mother washing your clothes and discovering your skid marks? I havn't had skid marks in years, trust me, it doesn't leave them. Have YOU thought about the possibility that it isn't your business what's in his underwear?

  79. 79

    Whats his parent phone number or address? We should call them or send them mail. Don't be EVIL…But do tell them they suck.

  80. 80

    They are HORRIBLE people and he should be glad to be rid of them! Poor Kid!

  81. 81

    Re: superawesomedave – I will have it by tomorrow…check back & I'm 100% serious

  82. 82

    Re: MOMMIE DEAREST – go fuck your pathetic self….

  83. 83

    Re: lol777 – you ROCK! GREAT advise!

  84. 6one9 says – reply to this


    HOW fucked up is this???? His parents should be shot!!!!! WTF!!

  85. 85

    Crappy parents. This country looks worse and worse every day. From our leaders shouting insults to parents being more concerned about themselves than their kids… And the worst part is… it's the religious types doing it. Normal people get to look bad right along with them. WWJD? Shout insults and disown his children, no doubt.

  86. 86

    Re: DM201 – Not if he's 18.

  87. 87

    If he's 18 I think they can do whatever they want. I in no way agree with their decision to toss his ass, but I had a friend in high school who was kicked out on her 18th birthday. Her mom came in to her room, woke her up with a duffel bag and said start packing.

  88. 88

    This is sad. How could his OWN parents do that to him. Wasn't he needing moral support for what was happening. I'm guessing the parents didn't want to get media attention that their son was a homosexual, because that would be emberassing for their family? Whatever the issue was, they shouldn't have done that, regardless. Jerks. Pisses. Me. Off.

  89. 89

    Kicked out of the house because he was brave? What terrible parents.

  90. Gena says – reply to this


    This is just heartbreaking!! As a parent I would NEVER do this to my child! Eventually his parents will look back and think what awful people they were. Sounds like the teen has a good head on his shoulders and sticks to what he believes in. GOOD FOR HIM!

  91. 91

    This is Georgia… he's lucky his paw didn't take him out back and blow his friggin head off!

  92. 92

    Wow, what stand-up, moral "parents". It just proves the old saying that "just because you can reproduce doesn't mean you should!" EPIC PARENTING FAIL and just plain sad! :-(

  93. 93

    Re: LusciousLiz – Ive found two address but Perez wont let me post them, He sure is a turd for not letting us help with outing the parents.

  94. 94

    (478)—————- 934===============-4688

  95. 95

    Re: lol777 – i will to

  96. 96

    Derrick, you are an amazing, beautiful, loving soul. A fighter for mankind! Sorry your folks are handicapped. Try to forgive them for their shortcomings (WT, brainless, ignorant haters).

  97. 97

    How ignorant, the parent or parent!! This kid will make strides in the US through media alone….and hopefully inspire others to do the same….Go, make it happen! And as stated before…"that that don't kill you, will only make you stronger"…Be proud of who you are!

  98. 98

    Sad to say but doubtful his parents or any other bigot in Alabama/Georgia/Mississippi would ever dream of thinking they are wrong in how they believe gay people should be treated, act or change for their own smug selves. I had made the unfortunate mistake of moving to Jackson Mississippi and stayed there for 2.5 grueling, long, SHITTY years. Though I myself am not gay, I am from California and those southerners just plain don't even like Westerners or people from California. They believe they can convert gay people, which we westerners know if bullshit. You are BORN gay!! It's not a choice! It's not like you wake up one day and say, hey, i'm gay. Whatever. Those people need to get out and live a little. I mean, live in California for a couple years maybe and see how the real world is. Those people are god damn hypocrites and I can't stand any of em if this is the way they think, act, behave. I hope they rot in hell. And maybe they will, because god says you should love everyone for who they are, not what you want them to be. So fuck em.

  99. 99

    HOW GROSS!!!! wonder how they like the press coverage of them being such awfull parents!

  100. 100

    Re: Derek_Walsh – LOL
    I recall reading how beating up gay people was a sport in Ireland.
    STFU with your generalizations - it makes you look so ignorant!

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