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Dennis Hopper's Wife Allegedly STOLE From Husband At His Sickest!

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What a psycho!

Terminally ill Dennis Hopper has managed to get his crazy soon-to-be ex wife, Victoria, removed from his Venice property and, as we've reported, she wants more $$$ in spousal support than he's willing to provide, citing his pricey art collection as a means of payment!

Now Hopper's legal team is claiming that Vic STOLE pieces of the aforementioned collection, valuing at more than $1.5 million and including originals by Andy Warhol, while the actor was in his worst state!!


In an affidavit filed with the courts yesterday, Hopper clams:

"(She) surreptitiously removed from my home very valuable personal property while I was extremely ill, refused to tell me where the property was when I asked her, and then left town."

Of course,Victoria is denying these accusations:

"I removed my own property. He is making a big deal about me removing things that are legally mine from the house. I have legal letters saying they belong to me."

Your track record is NOT looking too good these days, Vicky, so we'll see about that.

You have to be an AWFUL human being to put a dying man through this kind of stress.

Way to go, you bitch!!

[Image via WENN.]

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10 comments to “Dennis Hopper's Wife Allegedly STOLE From Husband At His Sickest!”

  1. 1

    you have to be the sickest kind of evil bitch to pick over the bones of the dying.

  2. 2

    Cold. But on a warmer note, she looks like Uma Thurman.
    [Shakes "maracas" at all you hating putas.]

  3. 3

    Wow! What a cold hearted bitch. The man is dying for shit sakes! Leave him be, he doesn't need the added stress.

  4. 4

    She was really young, around 22-years-old, and he was around 60-years-old when they married. Clearly, she's a golddigger. Poor Dennis should have known better.

  5. 5

    I hope that woman gets a torturous, long suffering illness and finds herself broke and alone. I can understand alimony but robbing a man? And "legal letters" sounds made up!!! Doesn't that just ring of a lie?

  6. 6

    "SCREE!! SCREE!! MOOONEY!!!" Get away from Dennis Hopper, you vulture WHORE!!

  7. 7

    oh please, he's not blameless, he married her! He's Dennis Hopper! and he's not dying tragically, like a teenaged vegetarian who volunteered with the American Red Cross. He's Dennis Hopper!

    Why is this her fault? She is what she is, and he married her. Why aren't you calling him an idiot??????? His brain is addled from drugs. People don't suddenly deserve courtly treatment because they're terminal: hello, we are ALL TERMINAL!!!! Every living organism DIES!!!! Good for her, she's just doing what she was designed to do.

  8. 8



    That's so sad that he's dying. Loved Blue Velvet. I wish there was a hell for harpies like that to burn in. What a bitch.

  9. 9

    Hmmmmmmm…perhaps this is why Victoria blamed his kids and called Dennis mentally incompetent back in January: she was scared of being CAUGHT in the act of stealing Dennis' VALUABLE ART.

  10. 10

    There is a history of Dennis falling out with people. Get hold of the Director's cut of Easy Rider. It's well known that he turned against Peter Fonda but the Producers say that he gave undertakings to rewrite the script - it didnt happen and they had it rewritten by professionals. Yet Dennis was the major critic of it.