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Jesse James' Ex-Wife Speaks!

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Here we go!

We wondered when you would jump on this bandwagon. We're surprised it took you this long!

Janine Lindemulder, porn star and former wifey to Jesse James, has finally spoken out about her ex-husband's affair and Sandra Bullock's heartbreak.

Her opinion is as endearing as you would imagine it would be.

She tells In Touch that she has known Jesse to be a "chronic cheater" ever since they were together and calls Sandra "blind and gullible" for ever falling for him. She admits that she feels "sorry" for Sandra for getting caught up in the scandal and she recalls: "[Sandra] once said, ‘I finally have a man who has my back.’ And all I could think was, ‘No. You have this man who does it behind your back.’”


But as cruel as that sentiment might sound, Janine has one worse tidbit to share about Jesse and Sandra's relationship - she was one of the girls Jesse cheated with!

Janine said that the two had phone sex while Jesse was just dating Sandra and he once even propositioned Janine for a romp at the Choppers!

Disgusting! Vile! You two deserve each other!

Poor Sandra! It was flawed from the very beginning and she didn't even know it!

[Image via WENN.]

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55 comments to “Jesse James' Ex-Wife Speaks!”

  1. 1

    Tiger Woods must be so happy right now.

  2. 2

    I'm not sure why Sandra married this LOSER in the first place, she can do a lot better than him, thats for sure.

  3. 3

    If it looks like trash, most of the time it IS!

  4. 4

    I'd take most of what an ex-stripper, ex-porn actress, ex-con, bitter ex-wife has to say with a grain of salt.

  5. 5

    Perez….honey you need to check the facts first…Jessie cheated on Janine with Sandra…..you reap what you sow…is that simple.

  6. 6

    She makes Sandra Bullock look like an ugly boy!

  7. 7

    Sandra run for your life, get away from these evil people!!!

  8. 8

    Sounds like his marriage to Sandra was a sham.

  9. 9

    Sandra the dyke deserves what she gets, after all she married that piece of garbage whe she was 40, Dam she had enough cash to hire a private investigator to do a profile on the scumbag before fucking him and then marring the Fucker

  10. 10

    hahah this bitch has a dude face.

  11. 11

    I wonder if Sandra had little nagging instincts about Jesse that she turned a blind eye to. She probably opted to believe that a bad boy could be made good, that she was the magical one who could kiss a toad and change him into a prince. It is always best to listen to that inner nag. Even though it is usually the hardest thing to do. My heart breaks for you, Sandra.

  12. 12

    One more sad thing is that Sandra was willing to look past a tattooed man with a past and felt he was something special. She tried to look past the stereotype and then she got this. :(

  13. 13

    Re: pammy51788 – #1 you got that right…

  14. 14

    This just proves the old adage, "You can't polish a turd. It doesn't get shiny, it just disintegrates. Then you end up smelling like shit." (Okay, I made it up. Or I heard it somewhere and just THINK I made it up. Doesn't matter, still totally true!)

  15. 15

    She seems very articulate— did she ever finish the memoire she was going to write about her lesbian escapades with the other inmates in prison?

  16. kjen says – reply to this


    I'll never understand a man who would cheat on a woman who first off looks like Sandra Bullock AND treats his kids so kindly. It's disturbing but men do it every day (women too) but more so me. Just makes you wonder what's the point to even getting married. Another thing is guys who have unprotected sex with women…are you just so horny that you would risk it? Woman carry diseases too, so any guy who does it without a raincoat is just a dumbass…not to mention a possible baby daddy in waiting. I've had guys call a condom a passion killer. Wonder what the hell they'd call a kid they gotta pay child support for til they are 18. Now THAT is a passion killer!

  17. 17

    Janines right on all counts there.

  18. 18

    i do feel bad for sandra but i have heard that she was with jesse james when he was still married with janine. so if jesse was cheating on his wife to be with sandra than i kinda feel like sandra knew what she was getting into. once a cheater, always a cheater!

  19. kjen says – reply to this


    Why do men who want to cheat even bother getting married?

  20. 20

    HA! I laugh at Bullock. She is not innocent for she had gotten involved w/a married man who had a wife that was 8 months pregnant. Maybe the low-life wasn't the one who has tattoos or was doing porn but the one who broke up a family….. Nice to see what comes around goes around.. and Bullock that little girl is not yours!!! Go adopt if you want a kid.

  21. 21

    Re: WMariah – thank you, FINALLY someone else brings this to everyone's attention! Glad someone else came along & wiped the smug off of "america's sweetheart'"s face.

  22. 22

    That's why Sandy should have looked at all his past chicks. Nobody goes from porn stars with sleeve tattoos to America's Sweetheart in an instant. Nazi McGee and Janine are more his type, I bet he hated wearing those suits.

  23. 23

    what white trash whore

  24. 24

    I'll probably get reemed out for commenting because there is a psycho following my every comment on here but I am a proud friend of Janine's and yes Jesse did leave her for Sandra when she was 7 months pregnant. And no he was not there when Sunny was born and no he had nothing to do with Sunny until she was 3 and that was because Sandra decided she wanted a kid so he fought for Sunny. Then Janine unfortunately didn't pay her taxes and she admits it was a stupid mistake and goes away for 6 mos & Jesse decides to fill the courts with lies that she's a bad mom and a druggie but he never told that "story" before Sandra thought she could gain full custody.

  25. 25

    I will say that I know first hand that yes Janine has made some bad decisions in life but I have seen the love between her and Sunny. She has never ever neglected her. The kid was in every sport and dance class that Janine took her to herself. She had no help. Sunny lights up when she sees her mom and it's sad that everyone wants to bash her because she chose a career that most of us wouldn't. She went away for TAXES. Not drugs, not abuse, not murder. She deserves her girl back. I wouldn't have her back if I didn't believe in her. And I hope and so does she that her and Jesse and all that have a hand in helping raise Sunny come together and make peace for that beautiful little girl.

  26. 6one9 says – reply to this


    Maybe Sandra wasn't putting out for Jesse. I'm SOOOOOOOOOO not defending Jesse “ AT ALL. But men will cheat when they are not getting "IT" at home. Mostly “` the needy fuckers!!! There's always two sides to every story “` then there's “` the truth!!

  27. 27

    I dont think i would believe what this woman has to say about the situation. considering how much she would benifit from it if sandra and jesse do get a divorce. she hates jesse because he has kept their daughter away from her since she got RELEASED FROM PRISON as she used to do PORN IN THE SAME HOUSE HER DAUGHTER WAS IN and DRUGS WHILE SHE WAS IN THE HOUSE AS WELL. she obviously has it out for him. and yea he did fuck things up with sandra but i honestly dont think he did anything with her, i think she's just trying to stir shit up more so that they can get a divorce and she can try to use it in the child custody case

  28. 28

    Re: sunnydai – i couldnt have said it better myself!!she was all over the media how much she loved sunny and how she was her mother and now shes the one whos cheated on…..pornstar or not she still got in the way of his marriage n is a far cry away from "americas sweetheart".im glad theres some people out there that can see through that thin veneer of bullshit!!

  29. 29

    anyone else think she kinda looks like sarah palin? ……. picture her with glasses and an up-do

  30. 30

    Okay, folks harping about prison: Janine did time on misdemeanor failure to pay taxes, NOT tax evasion (which is usually felonious). Further, you'll find more chandelier swinging in a southern Baptist church than her in home; she's a surprisingly normal mother of two who doesn't "bring porn home." Oh, and speaking of bringing porn home, lots of that going on in southern Baptist borderline snake handling homes too…I should know, was raised in one.

  31. 31

    OF COURSE SHE IS SAYING THIS SHIT! Ughhh, POOR SANDRA this shit is becoming more insane by the minute! BUT WAIT, LOOK AT THE TYPES OF CHICKS that are involved , SICK, NEED I SAY MORE?!?! :roll:

  32. 32

    And to say "if was flawed from the beginning and she didn't even know it" is just a tish wrong; surely it didn't take reaching wayyy into that cluebag and hitting her head on the bottom to realize that he left his wife when she was seven months pregnant. Dirty pool is just that.

  33. 33

    Re: pammy51788What a PERFECT FIRST Comment!!! :)

  34. 34

    Re: kjenLMAO "Passion Killer" LOVE that!!!

  35. 35


  36. 36

    Re: Jazzlyn – ahahahhaah we used to tell her that when Palin was running for Prez…I see it a tiny bit. :)

  37. 37

    I love Sandra Bullock, as most people do, but I'm beginning to think she truly is naive and gullible.
    Hard to believe she didn't consider Jesse's past behaviors and his numerous skanks.
    It should have spelled T-R-O-U-B-L-E to her. I have sympathy for her for loving someone like him.

  38. 38

    There must be more to Sandra than meets the eye. How could she be so blind to Jesse? He had a history of running around with tattooed strippers, marrying a drugged out porn star and he had to settle a sexual harrassment case for $725,000. Not hating on Sandra, but to be 40 and that naive to get mixed up in this trailer park mess she should have known better. Sandra lacked common sense and good judgement by hooking up with him. His porn star wife probably taught him some tricks and he turned her out, and she wasn't thinking straight. This situation is not making Sandra look good either, being associated with someone like Jesse can't wait to see the Nazi picture.

  39. 39

    someone should really look into whether or now jesse james' ex wife had anything to do with michelle bombshell mcgee's meeting up with him in the first place. it is rumored that the ex wife set this whole thing up and for "good"reason. she is probably pissed that goody two shoe sandra bullock helped her hubby take her to court and literally call her unfit as a mother. if she were so upset over this, it would not be too far fethced for her to set up jesse james with this nazi trollop. i don't think jesse james knew anything about michelle until she contacted him about being a model for his bicycles. where might she have gotten this idea from? Er, Ex wife perhaps………

  40. 40

    Re: VoodooChild – I believe the little girl sunny should be w/her mom…. Janine., Good luck to her and i hope she fights for her daughter…. I think it awful that Bullock wrote those nasty letters to the court… Again, i think Bullock should adopt, there are plenty of children w/out parents… and she is disgusting for even getting involved w/a married man in the first place.. defineilty not so sweet (heart) is she.

  41. 41

    amen! :) Listen Sandra did a great job helping and I know Janine is grateful but the letters were sent to the courts by Sandra and the funny thing is Sandra has NEVER met or spoken to Janine EVER. So all the things she wrote to the judge were hearsay from Jesse's mouth. We all know that it's common sense that the system will always favor an A-lister over a porn star no matter what and that is the problem but Janine will continue to fight for her daughter and to better herself. She is one of the most caring people I know and has a huge heart. I am a mother as well and I can't imagine the pain of losing a child to anyone. :( I said it before and I'll say it again, I know Janine has made an attempt to make peace with them so that Sunny has a happy life. I only hope they will accept and realize that there is a little girl that needs all the love from everyone, together.

  42. 42

    I love the posers that come on here and claim to 'personally know' someone involved in the story!! And does anyone on here actually believe them?!?! Hahaha. Doubtful!

  43. 43

    I'm confused. I thought Sandra started dating Jesse while he was still married to a pregnant Janine? Anyone?

  44. 44

    sounds just like my 1st husband… and they have one more thing in common…. a really big dick they want to show off every chance they get… sociopathic narcisistic men with no empathy for who they throw under the bus aka douchebags

  45. 45

    all relationships are flawed. the divorce rate just reflects the number of people willing to put up with it.

  46. oandc says – reply to this


    I can sooooo relate. ICK!!

  47. 47

    Re: _bluejeanbaby_
    Jesse filed for divorce from Janine in October 2003. Sunny was born on January 1, 2004. Sandra and Jesse met in December 2003. He and Janine had been separated since May 2003 when he had her arrested for domestic abuse. A police report was filed, and he got a restraining order against her.

    08 April 2004

    Sandra Bullock - Bullock's New Man Beaten Up By Estranged Wife

    Movie actress SANDRA BULLOCK's new man JESSE JAMES filed a restraining order against his estranged wife JANINE LINDEMULDER last year (03), after she beat him up.


    And last May (03), Jesse claims, Janine attempted to run him over after an argument - and punched him in the eye the day before Valentine's Day (03).

    Jesse is now hoping for a more peaceful romance with his new actress belle, whom he reportedly met in December (03).

  48. 48

    it amazes me that she could say sandra was "blind and gullible" for ever falling for him……wouldn't she have been blind and gullible too?? clearly she fell for him as well if she married him to. just saying. is she the one that lost custody of her child to jesse anyway? or was his other ex-wife?

  49. 49

    Re: VoodooChild

    Question….if Janine has made an attempt to make peace as you state….then why go to the media and bash Sandra? wouldn't it create more hostility? i'm sure this little girl wants peace and some kind of stability in her life, and right now, she's not getting it. kids are a lot smarter than we give credit for. if the focus is on her, then the bad mouthing should be left behind closed doors. My oldest child is my husband's step child. His biological father took a hike and didn't look back. HOWEVER, i refuse to talk bad about him in front of him (if I ever talk about him) because i want my child to grow up without any notions or predetermined ideas of his real dad. i want him to learn on his own how his real dad is, because i told him so. And i know I might catch backlash about it, but in the future, if he should come back in the picture, i don't want to give him the opportunity to say to my son that i brainwashed him into thinking he was a bad guy.

  50. 50

    Re: heres2u526 – She was not bashing Sandra. She was setting the record straight. She clearly knows Jesse a lot better than Sandra does. She knows that they're trying to work things out considering that Sandra has not consulted with divorce attorneys yet. She is simply giving her a wake-up call! TAKE A LONG LOOK AT THE KIND OF MAN YOU MARRIED!

  51. 51

    Janine has never bashed Sandra; she's actually been very complimentary and diplomatic throughout this entire ordeal. Watch the Good Morning America clips again; all she asks is that Sandra finally meet with her face to face; she even invited her over for dinner!

  52. 52

    And yes, Voo does know Janine; I'm vouching for that 100 percent.

  53. 53

    Re: joyluck – Well said…i thought the same thing when the story first came out. Pretty nice scheme….

  54. 54

    Re: heres2u526 – I totally understand why you think what you do but Janine did put the olive branch out. She has never gotten to talk or meet Sandra. She has never bashed Sandra either and if you go to the first page on here the proof is written in black and white. Janine wants Sandra to stay a part in Sunny's life no matter what happens. Janine is so so grateful that Sandra was and is good to her little girl. Now the words that go on between Janine and Jesse well that is just 2 people that feel scorned by one another. Trust me when I tell you Janine has put the olive branch out to him before and never heard anything back. When it comes down to it they are ex husband and wife and the break up was messy and so words will be exchanged. It's only natural. Those are emotions and I know Janine is a very passionate person when it comes to stuff like this. I think that if anything every one involved in that circle surrounding Sunny will make peace soon. I know Janine has asked.

  55. 55

    Re: anttnoni – I love it! That's a good one!