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Glenn Beck Keeps The Feud With James Cameron Going!!

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Yesterday we reported that James Cameron flipped his shiz over comments FOX nitwit Glenn Beck allegedly made about the director three years ago, and last night, Beck responded!

Watch the douchebaggery above.


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87 comments to “Glenn Beck Keeps The Feud With James Cameron Going!!”

  1. 1

    James Cameron directed ALIENS…

    get back to me when glenn beck does something remotely interesting or bad-ass as that…

  2. 2

    "douchebaggery". ’nuff said…..

  3. 3

    Who the fuck even watches that batshit crazy jesus-lover Glenn Beck? I assume other batshit crazy jesus-lovers.

  4. 4

    Glenn Beck is an ill informed zealot. Sick.

  5. 5

    I don't see anything wrong with what he said. He proved that James Cameron was overreacting.

  6. 6

    Christ, he really is the most obnoxious man alive. Even if you're extreme enough to agree with what he says, he is sooo smug and irritating!!

  7. 7

    A hundred bucks says that 9 out of the 10 responders to this clip won't even watch it, but will instead spew the typical rhetoric about how Fox and Glenn Beck are douchebags and no one should listen to them. Same with Mario, because he clearly didn't watch the clip. If he had, he would have discovered that Glenn Beck was merely joking about that God-awful, cheesy Titanic movie and theme song, and James Cameron has been holding a grudge against Beck for years about it. To the point of cussing like a deranged lunatic. Much like he did when confronted by a fan who wanted his autograph. What a horrid excuse for a human being. I could do without his cinematic "triumphs"; just retire to someplace quiet already and shut the hell up.

  8. 8

    Hopefully Glenn, along with Rush, overdose soon.

  9. 9

    There is absolutely nothing wrong with loving Jesus……. wow.

  10. 10

    This is what happens when alcohol pickles your brain.

  11. 11

    Re: BubblestheCat

    Howdy Bubbles! A person can love Jesus and not be a lunatic like the moral majority zealots. I'm a liberal Christian myself. Beck is indeed a nut. Cameron has a big ego as well but I would definitely rather spend time talking to him than Beck.

  12. 12

    Ughhh, Glenn Beck. He makes me so sad.

  13. 13

    both of them have egos the size of the sun

  14. 14

    Hitler was a delusional, homophobic racist.
    Teabaggers are delusional, homophobic racists.
    Hmmmm, I see a pattern . . .

  15. 15

    Glenn Beck is a hate mongering addict who uses scare tactics to inflame right wing idiots!

  16. 16


    Thanks - I need a laugh - your comment was great !

  17. 17

    You all are completely blind. Glenn beck didn't even really say anything bad about james cameron. He made a joke three years ago, about how titantic and its song suck. Im a girl and loved that movie- but do you guys know any men who did??? I bet any guy who was dragged to that movie by their girlfriend would say james camerone is the antichrist. i think glenn beck goes a little overboard with most things but thats the point- to rile people up- so people will make a move. You all, including perez, need to stop making a big deal out of stupid little things.

  18. 18

    James Cameron isn't considered an A-Lister?

  19. 19

    While I don't agree with all that is Glenn Beck, I think it is funny that something he said that was obviously a JOKE has been dragged around in Cameron's mind for THREE YEARS! Just reading what the comment actually was, you'd have to be pretty much an idiot to not realize it was a joke. Tell me, who else has not complained about the Titanic song being played over and over or wondered what Cameron was thinking for adding it to the movie?

    I'm wondering if you even watched the clip, Mario….

  20. 20

    This freak is seriously disturbed.

  21. 21

    Before you open your mouth and spew out your nasty rhetoric, ask yourself the following questions: Do I really know all the facts, or am I too embarrassed to say I catch 30 minutes of CNN every other day? Do I have a particular agenda I want to promote so that policy works for me? Do I persist on seeing things a certain way, because I like identifying with "Beautiful" people? Have I ever considered the fact that things are much more complicated than I ever imagined?
    Blessed are those who follow their heart, leave no stone unturned, and admit when they are wrong. Thank you, Perez for showing the clip. I now understand exactly what's going on. Do you?

  22. 22

    Re: Poindexter-X – Sorry - but, anyone who actually believes the earth is only 6000 years old is fair game for ridicule.

  23. 23

    Why do Americans have so many things against Canadians like James Cameron, Celine Dion, Nad Justin Bieber. Jealous much?

  24. 24

    uh… ::throws up in my mouth::

  25. 25

    Glenn Beck is just another right wing addict with a TV show, seems the US media is full of them. Can't be bothered to watch this, his opinions mean nothing to me.

  26. 26

    Maude Bahar, The Jew-riffic Bill Maher and that Communist CNBC Chris Mathews are great comedians if you like America Haters!

  27. 27

    Perez, you're a moron! Don't you realize how many Americans LOVE Glenn Beck? He's an awesome guy and if you think he's a radical or extremist, then you're an idiot. How about you actually watch his show before you make stupid comments about him, JERK!

  28. 28

    Re: dstudio09 – except the fact that as long as there has been a god there has been killing in his name. wars are fought over 3 main things: money/power, land, and RELIGION. without religion, this world would be a better place. get over it.

  29. 29

    Re: JasonDiggy – lol i think you have missed the point completely

  30. 30

    i don't think he is that bad..
    I kinda like him :-)

  31. 31

    ps. i love his quote that 79% of americans dont think human activity is a factor is global warming. where does he get this shit?? a poll of fox viewers does not get you accurate statistics, glenn!

  32. Scrib says – reply to this


    Glenn Beck is crazy and should be placed in a mental institution.

  33. 33

    Re: heatherroses – do you possess eyes and ears that work properly? even glenn beck fans will usually admit he's fanatical. he's not even a journalist, he's like perez in a suit!

  34. 34

    Maybe if he and Rush didn't make it such a point to mock people. Its as though these show biz types really get to them and they have to yell about it to prove a point that it doesn't bother them and on and on. Maybe if they ignore instead of laughing at people the embarassment will not bother them so much. Just a thought.

  35. iStar says – reply to this


    Glen Beck's mouth is nothing but a dirty toilet bowl with a whole lot of crap flowing out of it.

  36. 36

    Re: yayconservative – Well if you listened past the admission he made about calling him the anti-christ as a joke, you'd have heard that he then said, "but now I think he's throwing his hate in the ring." What was the thing he was referring to that he did NOW that would make him a contender? Beck conventiently left that part of the quote out. Wake up and see his sick tactics for what they are. And then none of you supporters are defending his stance that supposedly 79% of Americans don't believe global warming is happening. This is the maniac you support? Youtube his appearance on The View when whoopi and barbara walters call him out of his lying BS. He's insane on a criminal level.

  37. 37

    the list is a lot longer than that you psychotic asshole.

  38. 38

    Re: no comment – Ha, ha, ha, ha! SOOOOOOO TRUE! But I'm inclined to side with Cameron. Beck's just pissed that he's a conservative with no where near the bankroll of this 'lowlife, (in Beck's warped mind) bleeding heart' liberal.

  39. 39

    watched the clip and all i saw was a lunatic. The man sounds and looks disturbed. I worked with and medicated people who were diagnosed with mental retardation and schizophrenia. He has all the classic symptoms of someone with a mental disorder. Would not be surprised if he is on some ort of medication, mood stabilizer..

  40. 40

    Re: schutte – Shutte, he is nnuts plain and simple.. All of you guys who react and act the same way are nutbags, not teabags.. Your fucking out of your minds..

  41. 41

    this guy is a lunatic… Ya James is obviously a dick, every one knows that, but he's no better. And he works for Fox news.. you have to be crazy to work there! They are the ones who are anti health care for Americans lol that's crazy..

  42. 42

    I tried giving this man the benefit of the doubt at some point, but the stuff that comes out of his mouth is pure non sense. I cant believe their is people out their that agree with this LOONEY!

  43. 43

    Beck made a complete jackass of Cameron! I love it! Love the Blue Smurf comment too about one of the worst movies so far this year! Just waiting for the leftard Cameron to start killing those who disagree with his idiotic global warming nonsense.

  44. 44

    glenn beck is a failure of a human

  45. 45

    JAMES CAMERON IS THE DOUCHEBAG. Glenn Beck speaks only the truth. FUCK OFF ASSHOLES.

  46. Mimsi says – reply to this


    I loathe Glenn Beck but he was clearly not serious. I think this just prooves that James Cameron is also a FUCKING ASSHOLE…..I can't believe that I just defended Glenn Beck…..I have to go wash my mouth out with bleach.

  47. 47

    courtney love too…hopefully they'd all lose

  48. 48

    Re: heatherroses – Stupid people take what this idiot says literally!
    He is part of the group fueling the violence in opposition to the President's health care bill. You know, "The Teabag Militia". You condone THAT?
    He's a typical right wing fearmonger and dumb people who hate our President just eat it right up and react!

  49. 49


  50. 50

    Re: yayconservative – He sure is riling up the teabaggers.
    How is 9/11 and Hiroshima "as bad as" Obama's HCB?
    Maybe you aren't that stupid but way too many people are-obviously.
    The Republican party and assholes like this are inciting violence in my country!

  51. 51

    Re: phelen219 – Truth? About what?
    HCB is Armageddon?

  52. 52

    Re: MichLuv – well i hope you are alright with going to hell. Without Jesus you wouldn't be here. get over it.

  53. cdv says – reply to this


    Wait who are fear mongers again- right wingers that warn us about terrorists who want to (AND HAVE ALREADY) KILL US or the left who warn us that Mother Earth will get mad if we arent more carbon friendly and the other hogwash?

    Its completely OK that Glenn Beck is this sooo evil person because he made a joke but James Cameron is OK because he thinks its OK to kill people who dont agree with his beliefs……

  54. 54

    You know, I really like Glenn Beck. He's accurate, funny, and very intelligent. James Cameron mainly took one of Beck's quotes out of context and is twisting it a bit.

  55. 55

    Re: phelen219


  56. 56


  57. 57

    they're both smug fucking assholes!! done & done!! next?

  58. 58

    Most of you can't even comprehend what Glen Beck says!!! He can back-up everything he says unlike the leaders of our country!!!

  59. 59

    Glenn Beck scares the crap out of me - good thing. I love being open minded enough to listen to both sides of a discussion/point of view before making my own conclusion. People need to start acting by using their minds instead of their emotions.

  60. 60

    what ever happened to REAL journalism…y'know, the kind that reports a story and lets it speak for itself, rather than the "reporter" (that term should be used loosely these days) does not INSERT themselves into the story.

    keep this shitt on the editorial page and our of new reports ppl. i am so tired of "reporters" letting their own persoanl prejudices color how they report.

    yes, i know one on a website that does that more than any other media source…but it's celeb gossip and doesn't pretend to be anything other than scatalogical fluff.

    if Glenn Beck was a professional, or even a true journalist, he'd just ignore this and report the fucking stories instead of engaging in some pissing contest with a hollywood figure.

    p.s. Cameron is an egomanical jerk, so who cares what he says. take a grain of salt and move on Glenn.

  61. 61

    That's awesome..I love Glenn Beck and I think he's an amazing intelligent person. He's my favorite political talk show. Don't hate the truth, cause that's all he's saying!

  62. 62

    Re: Kash99
    there are many people who are anti health care other than people who are on fox news. many people that voted for obama don't even agree with the bill. it got passed because of a bunch of bs and bribes.

  63. 63

    He is vile fucking scum. Let him try and find those 79% who don't believe in global warming.

  64. 64

    Either way…


  65. 65


  66. 66

    That Celine Dion song is pretty horrendous. Whenever I hear it, I think of Kate Winslet's character blowing that damn whistle while she is riding the door. Off with my Ears!

  67. 67

    This guy is a cancer on the on the face of humanity….Do we really need him around?

  68. 68

    MOST of the people who comment on this site are complete idiots and obviously a bunch of hippy liberals. I wouldn't be surprised if none of you even have a clue as to what is going on in our country, you're probably too busy flipping burgers are mcdonalds. one day when you grow up and actually earn a decent living, you will realize the destruction that our far left president is doing to this country. When the health care system of this country is in the crapper b/c of the lack of funding and the gov't control, you will regret electing the most inexperienced, incapable, arrogant president ever. Until then, keep riding the train of idiocy.

  69. 69

    Re: Mom2Three98 – couldn't have said it better myself!

  70. 70

    Glenn's an idiot ( and a total shill!) but this was funny lol

  71. 71

    Re: Mom2Three98

  72. 72

    wow that was painful to watch.
    It's people like Glenn Beck that gives American's a bad name.
    you guys should probably get rid of him.

  73. 73

    Re: Mom2Three98 – i agree with u 100% about us electing "the most inexperienced, incapable, arrogant president ever." that would be BUSH!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!! u stupid asshole!!!! freaking really 10% of my pay will now be held because of the astronomical mistakes he make in 8 years of office!!!! 3 different wars!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!! and the total metldown of the financial and housing markets!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!! thats what i regret!!!!!!!!!!!!!! i regret BUSH AND THE REPUBLICAN HORSE HE RODE IN ON!!!!!!!!! so dont give us oh we will regret the health bill reform when my kids grow up when my kids grow up i hope im dead who gives a fuck…do u really think my parents who are long gone now where thinking of me when they where paying into the tax system of this nation no they did it because that is the way its supposed to be done….so stop trying to cry about ur future children because if u are really that stupid hopefully no one will choose to procreate with u so there problem solved u dont ahve to worry about ur future grown children

  74. 74

    Re: Rican31 – totally agree rican…this guy says he used to have a drug and alcohol problem…so he probably takes medication to control the urge to use hard drugs and alcohol….he says he stopped partly because he became a morman…but whatever he knows what is buttering his bread…i used to watch him when he was on cnn he was fine then not sure what was implanted into him once he moved to fox but like i said this guy lives in a mansion and he takes full advantage of hardworking poor uneducated/misinformed mostly white americans that really do have a problem with a black president and thats what it all boils down to….all the teabaggers all the health care naysayers…. all the republicans who just dont want anything to do with what our president wants to do to get our country out of the backwoods and and out of the dark-ages….all the anti abortion people who apparently dont have a problem sending our 18 years sons and daughters to war to be tortured beheaded and killed for oil!!!….all because they are led like a bunch of scarred sheep by the republicans, and the crazies at fox news…sad

  75. 75

    Re: theresapop – ha! well now 10% of my pay that i work every single day for is gonna be going towards helping some bum on the street who made some fucked up decisions in their lives get "free health care". i work with the public every single day and it seriously pisses me off that i work my ass off to afford what i have and i struggle every single day and they are sitting on their lazy asses riding the system. and i agree that bush wasn't the best president this country has ever had, but he sure as hell wasn't the worst.

  76. 76

    He is so annoying and LAME

  77. 77

    i love glenn's snide remark about global warming… typical

  78. 78


  79. 79

    Glenn Beck is the most ridiculous person alive. Its appalling to me that people would waste their time watching this b.s. on a regular basis….

  80. 80

    this is hilarious. beck and cameron both are complete f'ing retards.

  81. 81

    James was over reacting. It is so funny when people like James are confronted with their lies and he has sooo many it not funny. Just like AL gore who won't debate one person about his fake global warming - They both know the true science and facts are not with them - but they make a real good emotional case which is all the have is emotions not facts to sway the people. Sad thing is too many people buy into the emotions thing heck look who is president! Has not done one thing good and walks and talks like he has.

  82. 82

    I love GLENN BECK~ people are always scared of the truth~ and that is why people don't like GLEN!

  83. 83

    Glenn Beck is a waste of space and those who feed off of his ridiculous rants are anti American!

  84. 84

    It's a battle of the douchebags!

    I can't stand Glenn Beck. His whole shtick is fake. He also probably believes that it says in the bible that God/Jesus/the Holy Spirit is against national healthcare.

  85. 85

    James Cameron does not have a sense of humor and is full of hate. Instead of dialogue on the environment, he wants to shoot people. Talk about a redneck. Cameron makes Beck look positively benign.

  86. 86

    Glenn Beck is the most useless person in the world. I just want to slap him in his big fat butter face.

  87. 87

    the only douchbag is you Perez. James Cameron is a blowhard who is too pompous to realise how stupid he sounded telling a reporter what Glen Beck had said without mentioning it was 3 years ago and a joke.