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Katherine Heigl Is Back To Black!

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Sneaky, sneaky Katherine Heigl!!

Girlfriend, who finally was freed from her Grey's Anatomy contract after YEARS of whining, has been spotted around town with a drastically different, much darker hair color over the past week!

And just as we were starting to get used to it, she was photographed on the set of her movie, Killers, all blonde AGAIN yesterday!!

Thankfully for her scalp, it was just an extremely good wig, because Heigl was back to black as she left Katsuya in El Lay last night with husband Josh Kelly!!

That being said, she's noticeably missing ONE thing in both these pics - her EFFING daughter!!

WTF Katherine??

You blamed your departure from Grey's on your desire to raise the adorable little Naleigh full-time!! We hope those were just re-shoots for Killers!

Otherwise, you're no longer just obnoxious, you're an obnoxious LIAR. Tisk, tisk.

[Image via Pacific Coast News Online.]

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31 comments to “Katherine Heigl Is Back To Black!”

  1. 1

    that's smoke and nicotine in her hair

  2. 2

    Ok so one time I met Josh Kelly and I was like hey, I see you and Kathren on Perez all the time. He was like I hate Perez. I was like I love perez!

  3. 3

    LOL Nope! Tricked you sluts!

  4. 4

    I love her, but I hate her black hair.

  5. 5

    Well shame on her for not bringing a baby to work or to a bar/resturant.

  6. 6

    Obnoxious liar? That is WAY harsh. She can work and go out for dinner while hanging out with her daughter. Give me a break. Do you follow her around all freaking day? Did you ever think that she can work 8 hours, and then hang out with her daughter during breaks and then after for many hours, and then go out to dinner? Maybe with Grey's she wasn't able to hang out nearly as much with her daughter, so she quit. WHAT'S SO HARD TO UNDERSTAND ABOUT THAT??

  7. 7

    lol She looks a lot better blonde. :P

  8. 8

    So she can't have dates with her husband?

  9. 9


  10. 10

    So much better blonde.

  11. 11

    So, Perez, her daughter, to you, is her fucking daughter? Nice to see how you speak of an innocent child.
    And now she should go everywhere with her child? You really don't know ANYTHING about parenthood. (But you know everything about woman-hating.)

  12. 12

    Celebs not taking care of their kids???? such a shocker ::::rolles eyes::::

  13. 13

    gorgeous as a brunnette! You only need piss yellow hair when you are basically a fugly person like Brittany or Perez.

  14. 14

    This chick is so grinch-like. She seems so fake and unfriendly, I only ever see her bringing on the charm at red carpets. Reality check darling, you're NOT all that!!! I hope her 15 minutes are up soon, cuz all her movies are fucking lame.

  15. 15

    She needs to stay blonde!! so much prettier!

  16. 16

    I thought Killers had wrapped already…the full trailer is out and everything so these must be reshoots. She dyed her hair dark for a new role.

  17. 17

    OMG!! She is on the set of a movie and out to dinner with her husband without her daughter!! someone call Child Services!! Perez you are SO fucking stupid!!

  18. 18

    Now that is just PLAIN RUDE and really unacceptable : her "effing daughter"? Whatever anyone might think about Katherine Heigl, why on earth insulting a child? What exactly could a less than one year old baby have done to deserve being insulted by you Mr. Perez Hilton?

  19. 19

    I am not really a fan of hers, but don't hate her, either. She looks good as a blond or brunette…and seriously, did you really have to say EFFING daughter????? That's just plain rotten!!! Even full time stay at home mom's get out by themselves once in a while!!!!

  20. 20

    Everybody knows it's easier to raise kids doing movies, having large gaps in between movies. Get off her back she's not that bad.

  21. 21

    Katherine is meant to be a blond. She is prettiest this way.

  22. 22

    shockingly, she doesn't actually have to answer to you. nor does anyone else you scrutinize. you'd be a terrible parent, sheesh!

  23. 23

    Perez stuff a can down your mouth…please. This is hardly news, you are just talking shit. Its none of your business why she left and she has a child u fat lard tittied oversized leprechaun.

  24. 24

    Obnoxious liar? People who live in glass houses shouldn't throw stones, Mario.

  25. 25

    If you bothered to check the paparazzi pics a little closer you would have seen she had her daughter on set with her. She also said she wanted to spend more time with her daughter and that films would allow her to do that. She can do a movie then take the entire year off if she wants. Geez.

  26. 26

    She went dark for her new role as Stephanie Plum from the Janet Evanovich series.

  27. 27

    She's been trying to get off the show for almost two years. long before the daughter was in the picture. She definitely used the daughter as a convenient excuse.

  28. 28

    WTF Perez, if she had her baby with her at night coming from dinner you'd be like "get that child to bed!". Make up your mind. No one but you can do anything correctly, right? Maybe she doesn't take her kid out while the paps are around - ever think of that? That maybe she's PROTECTING her child from that kind of life? Not everyone wants to be on the cover of magazines. Can you understand that??? Maybe when a reporter finally busts you on some stupid shit you do, you'll finally understand. First you'd need to get a life and actually do something interesting enough for the paps to actually take an interest in you. lol, good luck with that!!!

  29. 29

    I know Grey's is an overcasted mess but they got her recognized and I'm still pissed that she'd leave when they OBVIOUSLY need her. As for the black hair, I think she's hotter as a blonde but black is just the better color I just hope she learns to rock the do and not barbie it up some how!

  30. 30

    since when does she have to be with her daughter 24/7??? no one is!
    youre such a moron!

  31. 31

    Grey's Anatomy is just not the same without her…