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Another Oscar Caliber Director Approached For Breaking Dawn!

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We don't know how any filmmaker would want to TOUCH this one, let alone one who has been nominated for Academy Awards!!

Steven Daldry, who is the inspired director behind Billy Elliot, The Hours, and most recently, The Reader, is the latest contender approached to take on the fourth Twilight movie, Breaking Dawn!

Other directors allegedly being considered include Gus Van Sant, Sofia Coppola, and Bill Condon!

We don't know what any of those people are thinking - we know EXACTLY what happens in that mess of a book, and there's virtually no way the adaptation is going to be anything other than a disaster unless they make DRASTIC plot changes!

And you know the Twi-Hards won't stand for that!!

No official offers to directors will be made until that poor screenwriter, Melissa Rosenberg, hands in an outline for the script. Girlfriend must be ripping her hair out while she attempts to pull something remotely watchable out of that garbage!

What do U think?? Who do U want to see direct the Breaking Dawn movie??

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143 comments to “Another Oscar Caliber Director Approached For Breaking Dawn!”

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  1. 101

    Ha! I completely agree with you Perez! That last book was a MESS. It turned me off the franchise. I personally think that they should stop after three movies because of how HORRIBLE Breaking Dawn is.

    Screw getting a big name director. Make Eclipse end with them married, and her a vamp. End of story.

    I could go on but I won't ruin that shit book for anyone. Read at your own risk.

    F**k Breaking Dawn.

  2. 102

    that movie is going to effing suck!! the book was a disaster

  3. 103

    Second. Tarentino wouldn't touch this series with a ten foot pole. He has vision and a gift for dialogue and an eye for detail that is not common in Hollywood. No fucking way would he ever get into this franchise. Twilight is not in his league. Not even in the same galaxy as his league. And someone else mentioned Tim Burton? Fuck no. Helllll no. He is also out of Twilight's reach. *shakes head*

    Third. What self-respecting director that is honest and true to their craft would do a movie just to collect a big paycheck? Do they want to be remembered for this shit? Fuck no. Imagine, 40 years down the line, at the Oscars, they flash a screen with the director's lifetime of achievements and a scene from the hot mess that will be "Breaking Dawn" appears on the screen. Said director will hear giggles and die of embarrassment. A director is only as good as his body of work. "Breaking Dawn" will be a disaster. Why else has no one voluntarily taken the reigns?

    Long winded as this was, it feels good to get that off my chest. I use to love the books. Then I read "Breaking Dawn".

    I watched "Twilight". I kinda liked it. Then I watched "New Moon". I found myself bored during the first 45 minutes until the werewolves came on screen. Amused until Italy. Then disappointed with the Volturi scene. What are they going to do with "Eclipse"??

    Well, Twihards? I won't apologize for my words here. Go on. Tear it up. Let's hear what else you devoted sheep have to say.

  4. 104

    Even the best director isn't going to be enough if the main actress (hint… hint…. KSTEW) CANNOT ACT. She is the worst actress in the entire cast of actors and actresses and she's been in the acting business longer than most of the them.

    I get it that Bella in the book is an awkward teenager. Kristen's acting in the movies is not an act to portray an awkward character….. it's just horrible and terrible acting. Whoever had the brightest idea to cast her?

    The only reason the franchise make $$$$ is because of RPatz, Taylor and the other casts. IMHO, it will thrive without KStew.

  5. 105

    Re: hcoboy
    excuse me. please read my post before you talk nonsense about what i said.
    im pretty sure that i said that its not something thats going to win an oscar. but it sure is huge at the box office. i understand that ur a guy and dont understand why girls think its a good story. and i am 20 years old so ur claims against the "young girl" thing doesnt really apply to me. also- i think your posts are really vulgar and inappropriate. i am not a young girl who "masturbates to the books" nor am i a "horny fat virgin" maybe instead of criticizing people you dont know you should get the facts. yea- twilight has a really specific fan base. younger girls. sorry its a love story and there isnt enough action for you.
    stephenie meyer came up with a good story- do you even comprehend how many vampire twilight ripoffs there are??? do i think these are the best books ever written- no. do i think they are the best movies ever- no. do i enjoy them- hell yes. but for someone who so strongly hates the series u sure are making a lot of posts. do you have nothing better to do than argue about something you dont even like and make fun of people for liking it? im not asking you to like it. you can have your opinion- i gave you mine. like i said obviously they did something right because the books and the movies are HUGE SUCCESSES!

  6. 106

    the books are really good, but the movies are kinda sucking besides bella can't act

  7. 107

    Re: love_life7 – yes u did say that but the way you said it comparing it to other "good movies who dont win oscars" u were almost saying its worth being up there with the rest….sorry if i have offended u with my vulgarity but point blank i was trying to offend some people, cuz its true most of the twilight fan girls i have met are im sorry to say overweight girls who have not had any sex yet…as to saying its masturbation material it is and u cant deny that parts of the story line are very romance novel erotic to the core….as to you saying that as a guy i have no clue, im a bisexual guy and as that i see the appeal you guys find to it, if bella were to be a guy then no shit it be swooning over fucken edward but i wouldnt be unrealistic enough to make myself believe its a good story plot.

  8. 108

    Re: love_life7 – …as for you saying there are many twilight ripoffs out there…some of them yes, others check the copyright dates and ull find they are older than twilight..what pisses me off about most twilight fans is exactly that that u believe steffenie meyer has created the vampires and the vampire craze…sorry to tell u but she didnt she just made it so girls liked it…….as for beliving her story lines are original they are not..while the romance part to it may be part original, you can get any harlequin novel of a shelf(romance novel) and ull find the words and everything are striking similar…as for the supernatural parts you can go read other vampire novels like hers taht came out before and way before and youll realize her elements are right there…

  9. 109

    I wouldn't call Breaking Dawn garbage…it was actually pretty good, and I'd like to see how it would turn out on the screen.

  10. 110

    Re: hcoboy
    im pretty sure that i kno that there were vampire books and movies before twilight. im just sayin that a lot of tv shows, books, ect. came out trying to ride along on stephenie meyers coat tails. but it is a good love story- every girl wants a guy like edward. every girl thinks they are going to find that one person that is perfect for them and only them. the reason girls like it is bcuz it gives us hope that not all guys as jackasses as a lot seem to be. am i saying its original- no. there a millions of love stories. im just saying its good. this is going to be my last post- im done arguing about it. i think its good- u dont. end of story. there are people that support both sides. i respect ur opinion and can understand where u are coming from. i dont think stephenie meyer is a literary genius. i dont think that the movies are oscar worthy at all. i never did nor will i ever. but when i was reading the books- i did get lost in the story- i want to go see all the movies. so i think stephenie meyer and all the people behind the twilight saga are very smart. they have marketed themselves very well

  11. 111

    I think Eclipse was the best book. Breaking Dawn is rather anti-climactic and the connection between Bella & Edward dies out after she gets pregnant , or at least it did for me as a reader. Let's face it, none of the books are well written. They create a very entertaining story and Ms Meyers is a very talented storyteller, but she's not what I would call a good writer. And even that ability as a storyteller waivers slightly with breaking dawn. It's just too much, too much of nothing substantial. I wouldn't be opposed to a director changing up the story to make a better movie, not that they have to though. Regardless of whether it's a good or bad film based on a good or bad book, it will be a success just like the other movies.

  12. 112

    I think you guys are all stupid.. the first two movie were too bad they had all the ting you need in them to understand the book. it not like in harry potter which i love that they have to cut so much stuff out that it make it hard to follow sometimes. I think who ever They Get to do will have to step it up since the last movies were so big.. but I think Tim Burton would be amazing,. just because with the whole crazy pregnant thing. it what he does. this book it the more grown up one of all of them. the first book was a romance the second heart break third action. now breaking dawn they have sex like teenager do get pregnant and have a halfbreed.. they just need someone amazing to pull it off. no matter what people will go to see it.

  13. 113

    no matter what they do or who directs it the twilight series is a waste of paper

  14. 114

    Re: Ms.G
    Exactly what i thought :D

  15. 115

    Renesme, WTF kind of name is that? Shit that alone is a challenge to over come!

  16. 116

    i don't think it's a bad book, it's just not complete. it has an end that doesn't make any sense, so i don't really care who directs the movie, as long they stick to the book, make a good movie and make taylor go shirtless i'm happy :)

  17. 117

    Brett Ratner or Chris Columbus!

  18. 118

    Re: bineybine – If he would allow it I think that the actor Jason Bateman's daughter Francesca Bateman would be perfect

  19. 119

    to me Breaking Dawn doesn't exist. It ended for me with the best book in the series… Eclipse which I am hoping isn't ruined on film. BUT whoever posted Tim Burton for BD pure genius!!! LOL

  20. 120

    As if u can talk!!!

  21. 121

    I don't care. i Just hope that movie is rated R. lol

  22. 122

    ur such a jerk perez , like i come here often for gossip and stuff but u sometimes go overboard for absolutely no reason. BREAKING DAWN was a great book , just cause everyone wanted a fight scene to break out and have everyone get killed doesnt mean its bad for not ending like how boys or other ppl wanted . ALSO , ur always talking about stars in such a mean way . like let ppl live their damn livess if they want to fCk it up & drink & party & act crazy let them do it , cause whether they were famous or not thats how they would be living their lives but not having jerks critizing them. LAY THE FCK OFF KRISTEN STEWART ! YOU dont know her so YOU cant judge , cause whether shes dating RPattz or not u cant hate on her just cause she gets to hang with him all the time && you dont . UR .. such an asshole sometimess ..

  23. 123

    Loved the book. Did you really read it?

  24. 124

    One of the reasons that the Twilight movies get ragged on is because they are movies that appeal more to females and we live in a sexist society that disparages things that appeal to females and calls such movies "chick flicks". How come there isn't a disparaging name for movies that appeal to males??!! Are big action films with silly special effects (and little plot) where people just killl each other any more intelligent? No, they are not. But in our sexist society no one disparages movies that appeal to boys the way they do the movies that appeal to girls.

  25. 125

    The first Twilight movie was better received by the critics than New Moon because the vampire story, with Edward and the Cullens was way better than the werewolves which took over New Moon. Hopefully, Eclipse will focus more on the vampires and the same for BD. And the director will understand the love story better between Edward and Bella when he/she films BD. Besides, Robert is gorgeous and needs to be seen more!

  26. 126

    the only good movie and book was twilight, all the others sucked

  27. 127

    Saralysette Ballard. then again I might be a little bias…

  28. 128

    no matter who directs this movie, it is gonna be some fucked up shit, just like the book. and i don't know how the 11 year twitards will handle it..

  29. 129

    It doesn't really matter what you or anyone else thinks. The Twilight Saga is a money machine. People will pay for the movies if only for the fact that they've seen the first one/two/three.

    That being said, I love all the Twilight books. I don't get engrossed in reading like I used to; it takes more to attract my attention, and I finished all four books in a week (New Moon was the hardest to finish for me, not as good as the others). I look forward to seeing Eclipse and Breaking Dawn. I do think Twilight was far better than New Moon, so I would like to see the first director used to make the rest of the movies.

  30. 130

    Re: Sniffles358 – fuck rated r, if ima go see that shit it better be at least nc 17 if not MA

  31. 131

    What do you mean garbage? Are you nuts? I love that book! Wow…just goes to show you there's no accounting for taste. Take a look at the box office when it comes out and we'll see who's right. I wouldn't bet alot on your opinion though.

  32. 132

    Re: swtrgrl – Thank you!! Breaking Dawn will suck mainly because that atrocious screenwriter Rosenberg is attached to it yet again. I don't why they can't just replace her ass!

  33. 133

    Re: twilight-addict2009 – Oh god. Twilight sucked. It was written for 13 year olds, and it shows (unlike Harry Potter, which is written simply yet stylishly and has enough nuances for all ages). The first three books weren't horrible, just juvenile. The fourth was both. It ruined everything that was built, and it seemed as if this is the part that wasn't in Meyer's "dream" and she had to write this part with her conscious creativity. Which, apparently, is lacking.

  34. 134

    Re: love_life7 – I can tell why you liked the books- your grammar is horrible.

  35. 135

    I would love LoVe LOVE for Sofia Coppola to do Breaking Dawn, but I would want her to do it in her own style… which would mean starting the movie series over. Not to mention the tweaking that would have to be done with the story. I admit to loving the Twilight series, but it was way better as a story in my head; the movies ruined it. And, looking back, it's clear to see that the books were written with the newspaper ideal in mind - writing near a sixth grade level so they can reach a broader audience. I maintain that Steven Straight should have played Edward. His character from The Covenant (tacky. but nice visuals) was who I was imagining for the role while I was reading the books…

  36. 136

    Re: mad04h – hahahahaha lol i love u for that…. you forgot to say how harry potter had an intricate story line that inter connected all books…

  37. 137

    how dare you call it garbage perez? whats wrong with you? I definately want it to be directly translated from bd. nothing changed i dont care if they have to make it rated r just GET THE FUCKING MOVIE OUT THERE!!

  38. 138

    I say lose the screenwriter Melissa whatshername…hire someone to completly strip back the story to basics, and without lame-ass dialogue.

    also, tell KStew to lose the facial ticks, tell TayLau to go to acting school and tell him to get his teeth less white…and tell RPatz to stop walking in slo-mo.

    I think I should direct it…I'd make it much better.

  39. 139

    wow perez u change ure mind quick one day ure all on it for the twilight craze and now your hating on it. PICK a fucking opinion and stick to it dickwad

  40. 140

    It doesn't matter at this point. I would have preferred Hardwicke to do all four(not five) movies. Coppola makes the most sense to me, but i'd be shocked if any of these directors signed on.

  41. 141

    yeah. breaking dawn is definitely going to be tricky. bu i do think the saga deserves an awesome director. its already a gold mine.

  42. 142

    who do i want to see.? i want to see one of the other directors of the first 3 films direct it.

  43. 143

    so true. i mean i LOVE nearly everything about twilight. and i love watching robert pattinson. but its going to be soo painful to watch breaking dawn. it is just not meant to be a movie. I am a major fan of the books, but i wouldn't blame the screenwriter and director if they changed some plot events. good luck tho!

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