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Miley And Liam Make Red Carpet Debut Together!!

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They match! How sweet!

Miley Cyrus and Liam Hemsworth made their official red-carpet debut as a couple at the premiere of their movie, The Last Song, last night in El Lay!

Look at girlfriend's grip on that Aussie!! She is NOT messing around!!

How long do you think it will take before Liam makes a break for it??

Bwa ha ha.

[Image via WENN.]

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74 comments to “Miley And Liam Make Red Carpet Debut Together!!”

  1. 1

    Good for him! Ride her like the gravy train that she is…

  2. 2

    i love how hes using the ugly b*tch
    take her for all shes got !!

  3. 3

    she actually look pretty right there

  4. 4

    She got a gallon of make up on to look that good. In the other hand he is just stunning !

  5. 5

    Remember when she was running around with a purity ring talking about how she was going to be a virgin until she was married. Funny. No more purity ring or talk of that. Im guessing she pulled a Britney Spears.

  6. 6

    I Don't Like Miley At All!
    But In This Picture She Looks So Cute
    And They Make A Cute Couple!

  7. 7

    Actually, it looks like he is the one squeezing the shit out of her hand so she can't get away.

  8. 8

    Does she fuck EVERYONE she works with?!

  9. 9

    God, he has to, HAS TO be using her. I feel kind of guilty writing that… But a) she's proven to be pretty vapid & annoying & b) He's so much prettier than her….

  10. 10

    I don't like Miley at all, but with that being said, she looks better than she ever has here. I have never thought she was even pretty, but this photo she looks GORGEOUS!

  11. 11

    Re: #Cejers – Check your YAHOO! :)

  12. 12

    How long till he makes a break for it? just until the movie flops… then it's later beaver face…

  13. 13

    hes totally feeding off of her…soo lame.

  14. 14

    Hey Perez didn't you make a deal with Tyra that if she let you appear on Top Model, you would leave the children of celebrities alone for 6 months? This girl is only 17 - back off!

  15. 15

    she is nothing more than trailer trash skank, him, a nobody.

  16. 16

    He's kind of odd looking, but then again so is she

  17. 17

    and futher more, her parents are PIMPS. she probably does pole dance for them. they suck as well as her

  18. 18

    She looks very pretty in this picture!

  19. 19

    is it just me, or is she trying to be Angelina Jolie in this outfit and hair?

  20. 20

    Well considering they've already been together for about 11 months I'd say they actually might last a while. They're cute together.

  21. 21

    I loathe her speaking voice, I hate her singing voice… I even fast forwarded past her when she was "mentoring" the American Idol contestants. How this guy can even stand being around her long enough to use her for ANYTHING is beyond me. Someone should award him a badge of Courage.

  22. 22

    as much as i hate her….she looks good there…and they look kinda cute together.

  23. 23

    She's looking good. I like Miley.

    And holy crap, that guy is giant. Look at his hands. Seeing him and her in interviews, he's honestly a giant person, he's really weird.

  24. 24

    I think she's cute. She's just a young girl enjoying a new boyfriend in her life. He is quite the stud though…they look cute together.

  25. 25

    Re: fashionitgirl – why should she have to mention her purity ring all the time she has recently said she does not need to wear the ring all the time to prove she made a promise. She's knows what beliefs she has and does not have to probe to people like you what her faith is.with that being said I have barely ever seen Selena wear apiritu ring or mention she's a virgin….hmm

  26. 26

    I cant wait for the movie.
    The book was excellent.
    They both look great right here. =]

  27. 27

    her hair looks nice but her dress looks like a bin bag wrapped around her

  28. 28

    Is the little Tramp trying to channel her inner- Dominatrix ? Nice to know she is ready for a little pre-come…Just say'n !

  29. 29

    She is trying to move away from her 'Hannah' image, and transition to 'adult' stardom. It ain't gonna work. She has no talent…. AND, ALL THE LITTLE GIRLS WHO ADORED HER BECOME SULLEN TEENS, AND THINK: WTF WAS I THINKING WORSHIPPING THIS HORSEFACE ? ! Just say'n.

  30. 30

    Pretty Girls DO NOT need makeup Period…

  31. 31

    mylie catches on fast … she is learning at a very young age the importance of faking a relationship to sell movie tickets

  32. 32

    This one sleeps with anything and anyone - the ultimate teen skank ! Team Lovato !

  33. 33

    Re: fashionitgirl – THATS RIGHT.. what the heck ever happened to that ring? She probably used it to get her whooha pierced. She has really taken the Brittney path and it does NOT look good one her. She is so white trash. ICK

  34. 34

    Her people should take him shopping for a jacket that fits

  35. 35

    they both look at least 24yrs of age..so sad

  36. 36

    by looking at her i can tell it must of been windy….

  37. 37

    Re: ladynTO – You mean to say that Mylie's P.R. people catch on fast. Left to her own devices, this little prosti-tot would just hang out, making out with her cousins ….Just say'n !

  38. 38

    Must be killing Perez the movie is getting good reviews.

    So she talked about a purity ring when she was younger before she even knew what she was talking about. Wonder how many of you judgmental idiots did the same when you were old enough to know better.

  39. 39

    Is that spray-on tan from the Lindsay Hohan line ?

  40. 40

    you know what, i am not her biggest fan, i feel she was completely drained of her youth by her money grubging parents, BUT, she does look good here, and i think they make a cute couple! I am also embarrassed to say that there is a home video of me doing kareokee (sp) to achy breaky heart lol

  41. 41

    Re: xoxo_anonymous – agreed! she looks stunning .. as does he.

  42. 42

    Miley is amazing do not hate the only good girl in music around right now.

  43. 43

    i dont get it.. didnt you used to love miley? your a fucking douche perez. i hope someone else kicks your pathetic ass soon

  44. 44

    Re: K-Stu05
    Her look is more like Shakira's - but with more make up.

  45. 45

    Cute. Im happy for her.

  46. 46

    Re: Be-Atch – considering miss lovato has dated guys in their mid 20s and mileys older brother trace shes the furthest one from a virgin out of the whole disney family. Plus Demi never ever said she wore a purity ring because she does not believe in that stuff not that thats bad. People share different beliefs

  47. 47

    Re: TheRockChick – your just a fucking idiot its pathetic

  48. 48

    their a cute couple, cuter than the creepy hayden vladmir couple

  49. 49

    Aww, they look cute. She obviously genuinely likes him, unlike other Disney romances *cough* T2 *cough*

  50. 50

    Re: MICHIEZ – you and the pole dancer deserves each other

  51. 51

    "How long do you think it will take before Liam makes a break for it" After he gets his paycheck and lots of fame.

    Seriously, if you THAT famous, you need to date someone as famous as you. Obviously Justin and Liam have both used her for her fame.

  52. 52

    they are a lovely couple. and all u pathetic people hating her here are just jealous u are never going to have a boyfriend as HOT as him, or be as rich as her. so suck it, she looked gorgeous last night. can't wait for the movie, the book is amazing!

  53. 53

    he's better lookin than her….run fast….

  54. 54

    Geez Miley's lay off the fake lashes, they look huge!

  55. 55

    Re: NancyOttawa – She's a celeb in her own right so she's opened herself up for criticizm.

  56. 56

    Re: supersongbird – Alrighty, will do now.

  57. 57

    she looks hot!!! n.n

  58. 58

    My gosh he's gorgeous. Miley is always, of course, absolutely stunning! Step away Brangelina, MILAM is gonna start taking over the red carpets in this town!

  59. 59

    Oh, and nice captions on the pic, Perez! LOL

  60. 60

    OMG! He´s a babe! I´m sorry to ask but does he do? Never saw him before!

  61. 61

    Well, he's stuck with her this long, so I guess that makes him more of a 'tard than she is, if that's possible.

  62. 62

    everytime i see a pic of them i can't help but think how crazy obsessed she is with him and how fucking annoyed this guy must be of her but just really wants the fame.

  63. 63

    If i were him i'd fuck Miley day and night. then leave her with a baby

  64. 64

    Aussi men are soo attractive. This guy, Hugh Jackmen, Keith Urban.

  65. 65

    It makes me feel better to see that even skinny little bitches have slight love handles too

  66. 66

    Re: VegasSchmegas – You can't Judge celebs– people in general. How do you know she fucking everyone, let alone fuckking at all? Honestly, your the type of people that make this world cruel. She's 17; your disgusting really

  67. 67

    Re: fashionitgirl – I don't really think it is any of our business to decide whether or not she is a virgin. I mean I don't wear a purity ring, but I still want to save sex for marriage. I don't have to parade around a ring to prove something. You can't judge someone you don't even know. && I don't see these other role models wearing purity rings and talking about saving sex for marriage. Do you see Selena and Demi doing that?

  68. 68

    He is horrible he looks like an old man, and MILEY looks and IS B E A U T I F U L! You dont need to put bullsh*t like that on the pic it just ruins it!

  69. 69

    you have to admit, ange did rock that leather dress. miley isn't so bad either.

  70. 70

    I hate the fact that she is only 17 and acts like she is in her 30's! YOU ARE 17 NOT 30, YOU DO NOT KNOW IT ALL!!!!!! Brit acted the same way when she was her age and look how she turned out!

  71. 71

    They are a sweet couple….. Dont hate….

  72. 72

    isnt it interesting how many real life couples come out of nicholas spark movies? and miley is probably the sweetest and most level headed girl in hollywood. she could do alot worse for being seventeen.

  73. 73

    six months top

  74. 74

    SHE'S 17…..

    enough said.

    this girl needs to be taken down and held responsible for all of her stupidity. ifshe goes the bspears route, well, thats punishment enough.