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Miley Does Not Suffer From Bieber Fever

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She has other delusions that keep her crazy!

Last night was the premiere of Miley Cyrus' new movie, The Last Song. While on the red carpet, she was asked about meeting Justin Bieber on The View this week. Miley had little to say about the Biebs but confessed there is a member of the fam who is OBSESSED with him:

Billy Ray Noah Cyrus!

Miley explained: "Bieber fever … I'm not necessarily a fan. I don't listen to that kind of music … But my little sister was obsessed with him, and he actually gave her a shout-out on Twitter and I thought that was really sweet. So I was like, 'Thank you so much. That meant a lot too.' … He called her a cutie, and I haven't stopped hearing about it."

Finally! Noah Cyrus acts her age! Someone has gotten through to her!

Since she isn't a Bieber Babe, who would Miley say is her musical crush?

"I like Kurt Cobain. [He] is like my dream boyfriend."

Uh-huh. Well, we'll just file that under your "trying WAY too hard to be cool" file. Buf if you are serious, maybe you should give Courtney Love a ring and you guys could chat.

No, really, you should! That would be HIGHlarious!!!!

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92 comments to “Miley Does Not Suffer From Bieber Fever”

  1. 1

    she doesnt listen to that type of music? ummmm that is her type of music, so i guess she hates herself too

  2. 2

    Miley is the best. I am so glad this smart little girl exists. Haters are jealous coz shes beautiful! shes so much better than gaga.

  3. 3

    Kanye wants to know if Miley Cyrus hatez black people too…

  4. 4


  5. 5

    She is amazing! the best female pop artist since madonna and britney. She is so smart and sweet and GORGEOUS. Shes just a child too! Shes so much smarter than whores like rihanna and gagme EVEN though I do like the old lady gaga before she sold out. Miley talks truth and is a positive person! Shes not a fake jesus follower like beyonce.

  6. 6

    haha she does not listen to crappy kids music coz she has REAL taste!

  7. 7

    Perez u are a pos person who gives gays bad name. real gay ppl do not put on the gay act like u and gaga pretty soon God is going to show yall who the boss is. Nothing wrong with being gay but u ppl that work for the media work for the devil. Think what u want haters but I am right.

  8. 8

    I love Kurt as much as the next Nirvana fan but the words "dream boyfriend" is not a title I would ever give him…

    It just pleases me to think he would have probably spit on her if they were to ever meet.

  9. 9

    What a tool!

  10. 10

    hahaha you right perez file under ” trying WAY too hard to be cool ” she should shut her mouth ’cause if she doesn't like justin bieber well, she doesn't like her own music !

    + Liam isn't even close to be like Kurt Cobain so ..don't try so hard hone

  11. 11

    Do not be jealous of ppl who are successful and better in life than u there is a reason they get ahead. Get the hate and jealously out of ur hearts or u will never survive. This world is made for love and to appreciate everyone. We are all so full of it. Even my negative remarks about gaga is an example of what we have become as ppl. MILEY IS A CHILD and if ya stopped to actually learn about her u would see HOW INSPIRING SHE IS. Its funny how all the GOOD popular artist get mocked just like MJ and madonna. Yall ppl were the same ones who called MJ a molester and then he dies and u fuckers realize U WERE WRONG HE WAS A GOOD PERSON ! same with elvis! Those ppl were all the right ppl all the right morals. And all ppl like u fucks and perez do is mock them. YALL ARE GOING TO PAY !!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!! Change ur self before u wreck urself

  12. Laury says – reply to this


    Is she not allowed to enjoy Nirvana's music?? A lot of people still listen to Nirvana, and not because they think it makes them look cool.

    That said, having a crush on a dead guy is seriously creepy….

  13. 13

    Oh for crying out loud Perez. Leave the damn girl alone and move on. Being a hater is so ugly! You pick on every thing she says! Get over it!

  14. 14

    I've noticed lately that Miley has been trying really hard to distance herself from teeny bopper mainstream stuff like Twilight and Bieber. What is she trying to prove exactly? It must suck being famous at her age. She has no idea who she is, and it doesn't help that all the stupid shit she does and says will be on record forever. She's going through this awkward hipster wannabe stage right now. Next she'll move to Williamsburg. And she needs some serious boy help if her dream man is a dead heroin-addicted manic depressive. Oh and Perez/Ghost Writer: TYPO #450 of the Day: "Buf if you are serious" Buf? Buf? LOL!

  15. 15

    Lol how does she try too hard to be cool?
    Is it hard to believe she has better taste than most girls her age?
    I think shes pretty damn cool.
    Justin bieber sucks ass!!
    Go miley!

  16. 16

    Skankkkkk. Poser bitch.
    Does she know that Kurt has a daughter her age?
    I bet she's just jealous of Bieber now he's becoming popular.
    And no, I'm not a Bieber fangirl. I could care less about him.

  17. 17

    "Dream boyfriend" and Kurt Cobain don't go together. What is she thinking, or is she trying so hard to impress people that she is just talking nonsense? Um, yeah.

  18. 18

    Shh…anyone else hear that? Sounds like Kurt Cobain rolling in his grave.

  19. 19

    Kurt Cobain…lol…nothing wrong with liking Nirvana…but saying Kurt Cobain is a dream boyfriend is Miley trying to be hardcore rocker.

  20. 20

    Honestly miley just shut up and go away

  21. 21

    Re: MileyCyrusIsAnAngel

    Stop posting you 14 year old little bitch. You are probably over weight and covered in acne or acne scars. You disgust me.

  22. 22

    miley makes me want to kill myself. she is so gay. why is she trying to act all like a bad ass. she weighs 200 pounds and THAT ANNOYING ACCENT.. SHUT THE FUCK UP AND GO BACK TO YOUR GAY NASHVILLE TOWN BECAUSE HOLLYWOOD ISNT A PLACE FOR YOU YOU DISNEY SLUT.

  23. 23

    Ugh trying wayyyyyy too hard to be cool. She's just pissed because The Biebz said he doesn't have a crush on her. OUCH!

  24. 24

    Ummmmm…Kurt Cobain is dead unfortunately…that being said, he is laughing somewhere in rock and roll heaven….I don't have anything against Miley though…

  25. 25

    Re: MileyCyrusIsAnAngel – Shut up. If you listen to Miley Cyrus and honestly think that her music is good and that she has real taste you have no worthy opinion.

    She'll be forgotten within the next 3-4 years. It's a little bit funny that she thinks that her career will go beyond the teeny bopper stuff.

    And who knew that Miley Cyrus was a necropheliac?

  26. 26

    Re: TheRussianOne – I bet dat "14 year old little bitch" hatez black people. I know George Bush duz. Kanye tode meh…

  27. 27

    Kurt Cobain would hate you, you little superficial bitch.

  28. 28

    Kind of sad a teenage girl thinks a suicidal heroin-addict is boyfriend material. Sheesh! Get some self-esteem.

  29. 29

    Re: MileyCyrusIsAnAngel – hahaha you are such a loser! how many posts are you going to post to defend someone so dumb. I'm pretty sure she lost her virginity at 14 and worships the devil. She is sold out. Who sings pop music and goes around saying you don't like that kind of music? seriously. She is fake and her whole family are fakes

  30. lolli says – reply to this



  31. 31

    I heard the movie sucks…..

  32. 32

    oh gawwwd this bitch really should keep her horse mouth closed. she's fucking retarded.

  33. Phaze says – reply to this


    I hate her music, but I think i've been starting to like her more and more lately.

    Hates Twilight, doesn't like Country music, and doesn't listen to that prepubescent little girl, Justin Bieber :D

  34. 34

    at least she has grown to like decent music. But I agree, saying Curt Cobain is your dream man is trying desperately too hard to be cool. Look at the guys she does date. Are ANY of them like Cobain? fuck no.

  35. 35

    and thats coming from a girl who only dates teeny bop pretty boys…

  36. Kenz says – reply to this


    Was she even born during Kurt's lifetime? I agree with Perez on that being a "I'm trying to be cool" answer.

  37. 37

    the life of a modern day hater. sitting at home talking shit on a computer all day. that sounds like the life. jealousy is a bitch. get paid -Trace Cyrus

  38. 38

    I bet she doesn't even realize he's dead.

  39. 39

    She is such a fraud. First she hates pop music and doesn't listen to hip-hop, then she says she wants to burn her Hannah Montana wig, after that she says she hates country music… and finally her dream guy is Kurt Cobain? Please… she keeps dissing things that got her where she is and is talking like she is badass. FRAUD!

  40. 40

    HAHHAHA KURT COBAIN IS YOUR DREAM BOYFRIEND? So that's why you were dating a model and now this blond zac efron wannabe..hmm
    She's so fucking stupid I HATE her..she doesn't deserve all that fame and money

  41. 41

    Re: TheRussianOne – ajajajajjaja I agree with u
    Re: jo5672 – lol

    shes trying too hard to sound hard core and mature…give us a break you little chipmunk!! you date a jonas brother!!!! ajjajaj "i dont like that type of music" she also said that she doesnt like country music so fuck her
    shes so fake

  42. 42

    ok now i like her

  43. 43

    Take Note, Mario. It is appropriate for someone of Noah's age to have Bieber fever. NOT appropriate for someone of yours.

  44. 44

    Re: TheGenYgirl – agreed

  45. 45

    She's everything Kurt despised. She's just saying shit to get attention. She probably doesn't even know one Nirvana song.

  46. 46

    she doesn't listen to her own type of music? lolol. hmm… something isn't adding up here… either she's ashamed about the kindof music she actually does like/sing or she's just singing that type of music to get the $$$$$$!!

  47. 47

    Re: MileyCyrusIsAnAngel

    First of all, Lady Gaga is way better than Miley Cyrus. Second of all, stop commenting like crazy. Also, stay on one topic. damn.

  48. 48

    Miley is so cool! Love her!

  49. 49

    Re: TheRussianOne – Im 22 and very skinny. :(

  50. 50

    Re: MileyCyrusIsAnAngel – Dont listen to the haters, I have met miley and u are right about her. shes down to earth BEAUTIFUL and REAL. Shes not a fake like gaggag and ri ri

  51. 51

    def trying to hard

  52. 52


  53. 53

    Is she for real?
    Okay, first Justin Beiber is pop, Miley IS pop, as well.
    And she has a crush on a dead guy, leave him alone, Miley. Have some respect.

  54. 54

    I think she just hears his music and see's his pictures and thinks "OH how dreamy" I love Nirvana and Kurt Cobain and have since I was around her age and he died shortly after that but I don't beleive she really knows much about him other then how he looks and what his music sounds like. Dream Boyfriend are no where near what catagory I would classify him under unless you were a depressed person who loves to party and do drugs!

  55. 55

    Re: MileyCyrusIsAnAngel – Why the hell are you commenting so much? We get it, you love Miley Cyrus. I simply just don't agree, but that's just me.
    By the way, Miley is nothing compared to Gaga.

  56. 56


  57. 57

    you're right perez. I don't believe for a second that she listens to that kind of music. It's just 1 of her multiple attempts to actually be "cool".Please,Miley,stop trying so hard to be cool.Just be who you are!

  58. 58

    PS: I think she's just going through that period in her life where she's trying to find herself,her identity and trying different things. That's why she's trying so hard to be cool. We've all been there. We've all tried to "fit in". But hopefully she'll grow up someday and she'll realize that there's more to life than what other people say it's cool,trendy,correct or acceptable.

  59. 59

    dream boyfrriend huh? someone has to tell Miley that Curt Cobain is not one of the jonas brothers… I don't think she has ever listen to one of Nirvana's songs…

  60. 6one9 says – reply to this


    Bieber is SOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOO over`rated!!

  61. 61

    WTF she is such a dumbass. there is nothing wrong with liking Nirvana but Kurt Cobain? is she serious

  62. 62

    Go Miley!! she is so real!!!

  63. 63

    the only people who like bieber are little girls and gay guys like perez, so this doesn't surprise me.

  64. 64

    I would kill to be witness to a conversation between Miley Cyrus and Courtney Love. Seriously, I would take a life to make that dream become a reality.

  65. 65

    god, can't she just say anything without being critized?

  66. 66


  67. 67

    the fug thinks shes a rock star and 'mileycyrusisanangel' is a loser
    get a life girl

    best female popstar? f***** no way!!!

  68. 68

    Miley's a famewhore. She can't act and is only a decent singer. Thanks a lot Disney. Now produce some new stars so we can forget this girl.

  69. 69

    Re: MileyCyrusIsAnAngel – your stupid! lol. you make me laugh. go suck up to your queen slutty ray cyrus!

  70. 70

    if she doesn't listen to 'that kind of music'… why does she make that kind of music?

  71. 71

    like she'd last 60 secs in a convo with kurt cobain…or 60 secs in a room with courtney love
    typical teen
    but whatever

  72. 72

    Re: MileyCyrusIsAnAngel – wanna get ur head out of mileys ass anytime soon?

  73. 73

    Re: PurplemeetsBlue – "It just pleases me to think he would have probably spit on her if they were to ever meet" LOOOOL. SNM

  74. 74

    Im sure Frances Bean who is the same age as her would love to read that her "dream bf" is her dad.

  75. 75

    Is this Miley entering her "rebellious phase?
    God, I hope so. How entertaining!
    "No, I don't like manufactured pop music-even thought that's what I've been doing for years now. Oh no, my dream boyfriend is a suicidal heroin addict. TAKE THAT, DAD! I'M A WOMAN NOW!!!"
    I wish she met a Sid Vicious -type instead; she really needs to get stabbed

  76. 76

    Re: MileyCyrusIsAnAngel – please get help.

  77. 77

    and agreed. Trying WAYYYY too hard.get a grip, honey.

  78. 78

    Her future career is going to go straight down the tubes.Biting the hands that feed you isn't going to do any good. And movie star you will not become

  79. 79

    I ain't going to crazy and defend her like I love her - but crictising the girl for everything that she does, really? She is a teenager, and it's a time when you don't know who are, or who your going to be. She is entitled to try out different things and comment just as much as everyone else is. But talking meaningless mean rubbish like everyone is to her should not be necessary.

  80. 80

    Why couldn't she have been Kanye'd instead of TSwift.
    This girl needs to be shot.

  81. 81

    Re: PurplemeetsBlue – Yes, absolutely!

  82. 82

    Re: TheRussianOne – more like 10-12 year old little bitch, the little twerp tweenie girl is probably 10 @ best. I love how all these young idiot girls have no taste and we are all "haters" because we recognize this ugly buck toothed hick has NO TALENT WHATSOEVER and was just very damn lucky the suits at Disney picked her and her haaaaaaas been dad's hick asses for a show marketed to little kids on the Disney Channel who don't know any better and thus has made her rich and famous. Miley, listen up; you will NEVER win an Oscar, and as soon as your tween girl fans grow up and grow a brain, you movie star dreams/career will be over. Mark my word, it will happen.

  83. 83

    She wasn't old enough to listen to Nirvana during their prime. She probably doesn't even know who that is.

  84. 84

    So her dream boyfriend is a dead depressed herion-addict? wtf

  85. 85

    I like Kurt Kobain. But this chick is an idiot if Kurt Kobain is her dream boyfriend. The man was hot and talented, but he had serious mental problems.

    Actually, never mind. It explains everything.

  86. 86

    But she makes the same kind of music that little shit sings? That's an insult to Kurt Cobain if someone like her likes his/him music.. Fuck off mainstreamer!!

  87. 87

    Re: MileyCyrusIsAnAngel – Oh yeah, we hate her for her beauty and not her brains.. You moron..

  88. 88

    lolol lovely, her dream boyfriend is a heroin addict that killed himself. awesome.

  89. 89

    My daughter was about Miley's age when she started to get into Cobain and Nirvana. So to hear Miley is growing into that kind of music isn't at all surprising. Can't be into that Bieber shit forever.

  90. 90

    Miley seems to be a hater of her entertainment colleagues. She also stated that she didn't the whole "Twilight" thing and never watched a movie. She seems to not support anyone in her generation. I guess the B*** doesn't like the competition.

  91. 91

    LOL!!! Kurt Cobain is her "dream boyfriend"? Does she even know that he was a suicidal drug addict? Come on, Miley.

  92. 92

    her dream man is kurt cobaine…did anyone tell this disney ho that he was a junkie and is dead…so she likes her men dead…they would have to be dead to be with this hillbillie skank!