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Heidi Montag Brings The LOLs!

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Mrs. Spencer Pratt sent us this birthday video greeting over the weekend - and it's actually really funnny!

Check it out (above).

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172 comments to “Heidi Montag Brings The LOLs!”

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  1. 101

    she looks like a effing mutant tranny now WTF!!!!! POOR THING!!!!

  2. GiaB says – reply to this


    Spencer haters unite! We have had the last laugh. Look what he's stuck looking at now. hahahahahahahahahaha

  3. 103

    She looks soo fake. Girl plastic surgery isn't everything! It kinda makes you ugly if you do to much!

  4. 6one9 says – reply to this


    She looked better before all the procedures!! and those B( , )( , )Bs ““““ MAN!!

  5. levin says – reply to this


    OK, right know im drunk but what de fuck? how she is looking??? omg chuckie! for real what did youdo heidi, why?

  6. 106

    Can you imagine at night when she looks at herself in the mirror and cries? Then Spencedog has to lie to her and say "Babe, they're all just a buch of haters, they're all jealous of us" and inside he's really thinking "SHIT, MAYBE SHE CAN GET MORE PRODECURES LATER ON TO FIX THIS"

  7. 107

    Yea Thank him for all that shit he talks about you and making your horrible plastic surgery known. And did that bitch say "sexy perez"? OH NO SHE DIDN'T!

  8. 108

    How is this funny? and have you ever been nice about her? think not

  9. 109

    my eyes & ears

  10. 110

    Oh my God. Her boobs look disgusting.

  11. bcm says – reply to this


    she is so dumb!!! I can't stand her!

  12. LA22 says – reply to this


    uhhh her face does not move

  13. 113


  14. 114

    LOL it looks like she's gonna tip over forward from the weight of those sand bags attached to her chest.

  15. 115

    that's hilarious! she's great!

  16. 116

    wow she looks like shit… she's starting to look like the cat lady….

  17. 117


  18. 118

    That's her thing? Showing off those big fake tits? Well guess what, sweetie: They're lopsided!!!! Ha ha ha you draw as much attention to your lopsided tits as you possibly can, and they look horrible! And you're a stupid idiot. But your tits are truly awful. And I'm a tit-lover….

  19. 119

    What a fucking sight lol

  20. 120

    Her voice is almost as fake as her body

  21. 121

    OMG, she looks like a caricature of her former self. She used to be pretty. Now she looks like she is in her middle 3os. stupid girl. Who in the world would take you seriously let alone an A list star. You had a chance before. Now, you are nothing but a joke. Ha, Ha

  22. 122

    oh my goodness heidi! what have you done to yourself??!! you were so beautiful and sweet before you mutilated yourself!. Your just fake and not a true beauty like before, your not the real heidi anymore, thats so sad…..

  23. 123

    You look like a FREAK. You were so pretty before. Natural beauty. Total Package. NOW you scare me…and your boobs look terrible. You look in the mirror and think that looks good?? BARF

  24. 124

    ahhahahhahah she called herself a celebrity more like reality star.

  25. 125

    the 'girls' look so bad i can't believe she paid for that. i didn't read the comments but i am sure others have mentioned it.
    she also gets lots of attention on the skinny website, wonder if she reads that too.

  26. 126

    Good God. She can't even move her damn face. poor poor girl. Haha "thank you for what you do for me". Hahaha yeah call you a freak. Love ya perez!

  27. 127

    "A-list".. I'm assuming she means the reality TV-star A-list?

    She looks like a cartoon. I'm looking at her and I can't find a single thing that looks good on her… hmm, she has nice teeth? It's fascinating that she likes how she looks.

  28. 128

    I like her much better without that inside and out fugly man she married.

  29. 129

    Wow she looks so gross, seriously! So sad that she is so desperate for fame that she would mess her face and chest up so much! If she had'nt distorted her face up so bad , her tits would'nt look so freaky. GROSS

  30. 130


  31. 131

    Heartfelt greetings from Heidi … I guess so. I thought she was a doll before all this surgery… Her face just isnt moving. Just the head and lips… Sorry just fucking creeped me out. Sad.

  32. 132

    Does she SLEEP in those fake eye lashes? Haven't seen a single photo without them???????
    She added 10 years to her age and lost all credibility with those "girls". All she talks about is her "creator" - she slapped him in the face by rejecting what he gave her. She'll lose Spencer and end up doing soft porn to keep herself off the streets. The poor man's Pam Anderson.

  33. 133

    Holy Crap!
    she looks nothing like her old self anymore, she just looks like an alien!
    and how old is she? 23?

  34. 134

    She's a freak- sorry, first thought ;)

  35. 135

    Her face doesn't move. Especially the upper lip. Should be in a circus!

  36. 136

    omg hahahaha! HER FACE. what the fuck.

  37. 137

    Those boobs do not work for her. They look ridiculous on her frame.

  38. 138

    just when i thought she couldn't get any worse….. my god she's scary.

  39. 139

    OMG her face didn't even move!

  40. wndL says – reply to this


    She looks so messed up now =S she looks 10 years older and her face looks all gross and pulled back ew.

  41. 141

    I don't see the appeal for those of you that would get with her…

  42. 142

    she looks so disgusting, distorted and obviously..delusional. YUCK.

  43. 143

    Im sorry but she TOW UP HER FACE!!! LOL She needs to create a nice paper bag to cover her face then maybe…just maybe…she can look ok.
    I just dont understand why she would do THIS to her face?!? I mean she wasnt beautiful before but at least it was better than THIS.

  44. 144

    To everyone saying she has BDD:
    you obviously don't know shit about the disorder. It's a goddamn problem I deal with every day of my life and the media is so obsessed with labeling everyone who has plastic surgery to suffer from BDD. IT'S NOT TRUE! People with BDD do try to fix the problem they have BUT THEY DON'T GO FLAUNTING IT AROUND LIKE THEY ARE HOT STUFF AFTER ITS 'FIXED'
    plastic surgery could never fix BDD, anyone with BDD knows that

  45. 145

    what the hell was that? Frankenboob

  46. 146

    WOW..she looks..SCARY!!!!

  47. 147

    She looks like she is about to pass out.

    I will be honest. After the first nose job, she looked prettier. I understood that decision. However, the second set of procedures have made her hideous. He face looks paralyzed. Awful.

    Where did she get it into her tiny brain that being a pop star meant having a frozen face and far too huge breasts for her frame? Did she get that from the uber successful Gaga? What about the icon, Madonna? Oh, it must have been the extremely talented and EXPRESSIVE Gwen Stefani, right? Seriously, I refuse to watch anymore of her videos. This wasn't funny and was NOT the least bit entertaining.

    Shes nada more than a low budget Angelyne of L.A. fame. Ick.

  48. 148

    Seriously can't stand her, but hate Spenser even more. I threw up in my mouth watching this.

  49. 149

    Just tragic. She got plastic surgery to make herself more attractive, and now all people talk about is how bad she looks. I wonder if she ever wishes she had her original face. Very sad that she constantly makes fun of herself. Maybe if she laid off the botox, her face would relax and not look like wax. There's no where to go from here. She's stuck with it.

  50. 150

    How is that funny at all, the only thing that's even slightly funny about that is her face- but that's more disturbing than anything.

  51. 151

    whats funny about it or is it funny because she's kissing your ass?

  52. 152

    omg. i feel sorry for her. she really lost it.

  53. 153

    Re: pinksugar – Hey off topic, who is that guy in pic?

  54. 154

    she should've stopped with the first set of surgeries, her nose was well done and boobs not too big, but fine for her thin frame. now her jaw looks ridiculous, as the boobs and eayebrows 2…

  55. 155

    What was funny about that, she was being serious. She looks fuckin terrible x

  56. 156

    Re: princessalison – Wow, so glad to read someone who sees what I see. And, Perez honey, what exactly is FUNNY about the video? Do tell… for me it's horrific and would be tragic if it weren't so stubbornly self-inflicted. Translation: she looks like shit, robotic, and it's her own fault. So what if she's go t big boobs - wait a decade or so when they start to harden and the silicone gets chunky… THAT'LL be sexy (barf).

  57. 157

    wow i'm in shock. she seriously looks like a younger cat lady. i actually thought she was pretty before and now she's just scary. it's really sad

  58. 158

    She looks terrible and if she continues down this road, god only knows what will happen to her!

  59. 159

    woww. she can barely move her mouth. and it looks crooked.

  60. 160

    this is NOT funny and it pains me to look at this once beautiful fresh faced young woman….she has aged 20 years!

  61. 161

    … She wants to hook up wiv u perez ;D

  62. 162

    she is so disgusting

  63. 163

    She looks so bad now… MY EYES MY EYES!

  64. 164

    those boobs look stupid girl….too big………is a turn-off

  65. 165


  66. 166

    OMG this is just so effed up on so many levels!!!!! i guess we all know for sure now that perez in on the pratts payroll. A-List?? she is completely delusional!!! Z-list at best!! super star??? only in her mind!! and her girls…….are lopsided!!!LOLOL its hilarious!!! yeah frankenheidi, show your girls to a gay man………hes the only one that wants to see them!!!

  67. 167

    her face doesn't even move!!! GROSS

  68. 168

    ewwa! sorry perez, but what a fake! looks like someone is trying to kiss up to your ass to actually get a good review for once in her life…

  69. 169

    that wasnt funny and she looks frightening!! poor girl.

  70. 170

    her face is simply terrifying

  71. 171

    jaja i get it! shes supposed to be lip-syncing it!!!! :)

  72. 172

    It's worse than i thought!

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