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New 'Music' From Lindsay Lohan!

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Maybe it's because we're gay, but we're kinda loving this!

Whether she's doing it just for fun or seriously pursuing more music, Lindsay Lohan is working on more songs and we really like this one.

The tune is called Stuck and it's a great pop song. We heart pop! Unabashedly. Nothing guilty about this, just pleasure!

And, if you read into the song on different levels, it has a lot of meaning/parallels for La Lohan's life.

Check it out (below).


[Image via WENN.]

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196 comments to “New 'Music' From Lindsay Lohan!”

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  1. 101

    like the song, can't get enough of the lohan hot mess

  2. 102

    Love it.

  3. 103

    Ok.. She is one hot mess. So much talent being cooked away with booze and drugs. Sad. Everything in moderation girl. We sure hate to lose you so early

  4. 104

    Lindsay sounds OK, her voice is workable for this type of music. She's been working on this album for about 3 years, so hopefully she'll remaster/complete it soon. Her sister Ali is also working on an album. She sings a lot better than Lindsay and can potentially sing very well if she works hard.

  5. 105

    Re: CatAttack – You are amazing.

  6. 106

    Gotta admit it..I like it too.

  7. 107

    girl looks older than my mom and it says something

  8. 108

    I like her voice. The song is pretty good too, good dance music also. I really think she should pursue her music career seriously. Oh…and to all the haters…what have YOU done lately?

  9. 109

    Just the beginning is ok, but the rest of it is sooooooooo boring….. i almost fall asleep..

  10. 110

    Just saw some pics of Perez and her on a red carpet together. So basically, they talked, she let him be photographed with her, and now all of a sudden he stops calling her "Lindsanity" and loves her music? Don't be such a frigging shill Perez.

  11. 111

    her music is always good. too bad she is a dumbass and can't control herself cause she would have an amazing career if she wasn't a drunken whore half the day.

  12. 112

    Re: pinkbarbie

    Exactly, well said!

  13. 113


  14. 114

    Wow! I didn't expect to like it, but I do. Not too bad!

  15. 115

    Quite good =)

  16. 116

    Well, the song is pretty unoriginal but its a step in the right direction for her so YAY!

  17. 117

    This is a completely new sound for LaLohan! but you know what it works! Bossy is also a great record for club/dance beat! I hope her new CD will be more like bossy and this song! I love both of her other albums but I cannot wait for her third CD! ive been waiting since Bossy was released!

  18. 118

    I really wanted to hate it but it was good in an over-produced kind of way. Does she have legal rights to this song because she surely didn't write it.

  19. 119

    lindsay lohan new song sucks. just like her hair. she prolly colored it so she wouldn't be classified as fire crotch anymore.

  20. 120

    i was expecting worse…..
    I wanna say that i hate it but I dont
    If she keeps this up then she might possibly be able to
    get somewhat of her career back….somewhat not all

  21. 121

    My 10 month old daughter loves it!
    If that's the audience she was aiming for…

  22. 122


  23. 123

    she honestly looks like she is 35 in this picture

  24. 124


  25. 125

    ITS GREAT! why is everyone hating so much?

  26. Mikta says – reply to this


    not bad … not bad at all kinda good…

  27. 127

    not as bad as i expected. i might actually….like it. but she cant sing for shit

  28. 128

    I think it's pretty good. Despite her being crazy in the past, she really is talented. She is a good actress and she has made some interesting music.

  29. 129

    I love this tune. I can't stop listening to it. I hope that she keeps making music. I am truly hoping that she makes a come back.

    Lindsay I am in your corner and will always support you. Love ya

  30. 130

    It's a pity she can't get her shit together.
    I like it, though I generally prefer more light-hearted pop, personally.

  31. 131

    I thought it sounded pretty good, I would def listen to it again. I liked some of her songs from her album. I agree with some other people, she should stay away from acting for a while and do some music, put out an album or two until she gets back in everybodys good graces.

  32. 132

    On the bright side, it will never get over played.

  33. 133

    LOVE IT!!!!!!! I can't wait to get the hole cd! Lindsay you rock! I love you!!!

  34. 134

    It's good. Very catchy and not as bad as I thought it was going to be. Sounds way better than that chick from gossip girl.

  35. 135

    I kind of like it.

  36. 136

    Wow. I'm surprised. I actually really like it. Good call, Perez!

  37. 137

    oh my god, this is terrible! She can't sing, and the song is awful. It's making my ears bleed. Stick to what you do best honey, coke.

  38. 138

    I might give this song more of a chance if I didn't feel like Lindsay was just trying the next thing to keep herself in the spotlight. I don't get the impression that she has a passion for music so much as a desperation for fame. It's like she's thinking, "Well, my acting career is kind of tanking at the moment, what else can I do to stay rich and famous?" Lindsay's attempt at a music career is akin to celebrities starting "fashion" lines, not because they have a real talent or flare for the business, but because they can; because being famous means they can branch out to these other fields without necessarily having to be good at them. If Lindsay wasn't the famous hot mess that she is, I doubt this would get any airplay.

  39. 139

    I really like it! Speak was a great album, "Over" remains a constant on my playlists:)

  40. 140

    Re: CatAttack – I agree!!!! ;)

  41. 141

    omg i think its good!

  42. JCPR says – reply to this


    not bad! i like it!

  43. 143

    its not bad, kind of britney

  44. 144

    It's alright. The music is catchy, but the repeated words is so overdone these days.

  45. 145

    wow lindsay looks about 50 here :|

  46. 146

    I love it!! Go Lindsay!

  47. 147

    I LOVE IT! it feels so good to know she is doing something again. Waiting for a new film with her in and this song. great. Hope she only gets better with time.

  48. 148

    i like lindsay a lot & i like that the lyrics do respond to her life,
    but i don't really like these repeats …

    & i like that you support her now, because i like both of you!

  49. 149

    I think with the RIGHT producer, this could be something. The tempo is not quite right. If it were sped up a little and she added some interesting production, radio programmers might entertain it. It sounds a little too looped. The tempo as it is does not make for an interesting song. I can hear a revamped version in my head that would totally make sense… sped up, changes in instrumental sound, differently dispersed backing vocals… unfortunately, my brain doesn't make noise.

  50. 150

    Hate her! I don't care if the song is poppy, she didn't write the music and to me that's just fail.

    She is nothing more than an uneducated twit that is famous for being a train wreck slut.

  51. 151

    I FUCKING **LOVE** THIS!!! Way to go, Lyndsay!!! make more!!!

  52. Eve29 says – reply to this


    wow its really good!

  53. 153

    it's decent. I like the music a lot, and it's catchy. I didn't push stop, so there ya go.

  54. 154

    i like this song but her voice doeesn't sound that great in it.. listen to her older songs. they have more range to them.

  55. 155

    It's not awful.

  56. 156

    I decided to join due to this post, I absolutely love this new song, and I look forward to seeing more on her from you Perez. Her voice is sexy raspy and she can be the next big pop star

  57. 157

    love this!!

  58. 158

    I really really love the music on this track, it could be major if someone gave it a boost with a remix.

  59. 159

    It would be sad if something happened to her next week ala Michael Jackson/Ledger/Anna Nicole and this would be the last word people heard directly from her. I think it has a lot to do with issues she's going through which people like to downplay because she's a larger than life star, but she's really struggling and probably doesn't know what to do.

  60. 160

    I couldnt get through half of it. I dont think you like it cause you're "gay" I think you like it cause you have bad taste in music - I mean Gaga, seriously?

  61. 161

    Re: tasha – youre delusional bitch! shut yo hating ass up.
    I LOVE THIS SONG. and i love lindsay so much.

  62. 162

    The song is alright. I'm not liking Lindsay, but I could give this song a chance. The song is pretty catchy. Just needs some revisions.

  63. 163

    not bad for pop

  64. 164

    i like it too!!

  65. 165

    not good

  66. 166


  67. 167

    I like her music… bout time she did something useful with her time…

  68. 168

    So you constantly post pictures of her to keep her relevant, then when she releases a REALLY BAD song, you say you like it. Your promoting is so blatant.

  69. 169

    Love this shit.

  70. 170

    me luv it

  71. 171


  72. 172

    I actually really like it, good for her because that could have been a big disaster. I think she should give the music biz another try bc we all know how her acting career is going. or not. But if she did and failed, it would probably get even uglier poor girl.

  73. 173

    I like it. And I'm glad she's making more music. I bought her Speak album when it came out just for one song –"Rumors" and ended up loving every single song on that cd.

  74. 174

    oh she's stuck alright. stuck in a place where she can't pull out, where she looks like a cokehead all the time and where she'll go to your party when you've pretty much been nothing but unkind to her. i would feel bad for her, if she wasn't so fuckin obnoxious.

  75. 175

    Love it!!!

  76. 176

    Re: Kelbie – you realize people have different opinions right?
    yours is just shit though that no-one cares about.

  77. 177

    I think she has talent, if it be acting, modeling or singing. I just hope this is a step in the right direction for her

  78. 178

    Sounds like a cross rip-off of Lincoln Park's Crawling and Ladytron's Seventeen…just saying

  79. 179

    This girl can not sing. What is with all the crappy pop music coming out of these celebrities?? Yuck.

  80. 180

    Love it!!! GO Lindsay!!!!

  81. 181

    Sounds like a song about drug addiction

  82. amyjo says – reply to this


    She's stuck all right. Stuck in mental illness… she can't be alone, she doesn't care if she's with a man or a woman as long as someone 'loves her'. She is beyond bipolar at this point… she's borderline personality disorder, she is addicted to drugs and alcohol… she let's people abuse her because it's better than being alone. She has shit for family and shit for friends. It will take a miracle for her to ever get well. First she has to want to get well. Then she has to take only the drugs her shrink gives her, get away from hollywood and new york… I don't know, she is really beautiful, I'm liking the black hair… hated the blonde. She used to be so talented… isn't there anyone out there that can help her?

  83. 183

    thats not talent… the background music is ok but her voice? not even close

  84. 184

    She really need to concentrate on this, so that she will be taken more seriously in the public eye. I mean, in singing, she's not as bad as Paris Hilton. I hope she gains her life back with this song, just like Britney with her comeback song "Womanizer"

  85. 185

    I like her vocals.

  86. 186

    What the F**K,F**K,F**K,? This song DOES suck, suck, suck

  87. 187

    its got a good club beat.
    the beginning sounds like something linkin park esque

  88. 188

    she's into alot of shit she shouldnt be, but i will always love this girl.
    she needs to get her shit together.

  89. 189

    She has super-highs and superlows, but she also has a degree of FIGHT in her that many childstars of her time didn't. Imagine publicly coming-out-of-the-closet, dealing with her father dragging her coattails for constant publicity for himself, getting her heart broken all while trying to transition from child/teen/tween star. We all know her downsides, I'm just sayin' she has the drive and talent that people can appreciate and keep them hoping for her to make a comeback. Plenty of stars have done it…Robert Downey Jr. and John Travolta come to mind. Since I don't see that it's been mentioned, check out the song "First" she did from the Herbie soundtrack (she looks gooooood in the video for it) and the song/video for "Teenage Drama Queen." Both are on Youtube. She was doing music without even having to tour. And that was before the Disney music empire had begun full-tilt. She was brilliantly doing songs with movies, and that was part of her niche. Even the single she released last year, "Bossy", stood on it's own without barely any promotion. I'm one of those pulling for her to find her moxy and bring it back! Maybe she should call up Robert Downey for some tips. In the meantime, this song isn't the best she's done, but it still has that something that almost all of Lilo's stuff has that nobody can explain, is always there pulling you in.

  90. 190

    "That child was a wild child dreamer but she'll find herself
    cause she believes in nothing else
    one day You'll look back and you won't believe
    that girl was me." -lyrics from Lindsay's Teenage Drama Queen

    Oh Lilo, how often what we say can come back to bite us! You could still use this as your mantra to turn things around, though.

  91. 191

    Awesome Song

    Lindsay we need more, because your Music is our Drug.
    I love it

  92. 192

    Awesome Song

    Lindsay we need more, because your Music is our Drug…………..

  93. 193

    omg!!! i loooooooove itt!! Lindsay Lohan is my hero! shes F-ing amazing! i hope she makes a new record! id buy like, 10 of them :]

  94. 194

    Perez - you really like it? Really? I would say this song was 'Almost Good'. Lindsay lost me at 'o - KKK'. That is the stupidest and most rediculous lyric ever, and that unintended acronym is sure to raise some eyebrows. Good luck to her, after all, what does she have to lose.

  95. 195


  96. 196

    that's a really good song. i love lilo, even if she is a druggie she's still awesome

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