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Kendra Puts On A Stripper Show For Her Baby!

| Filed under: Baby BlabberKendra Wilkinson


Some parents use puppets, some parents make funny faces…

Kendra Wilkinson uses a stripper pole to entertain her baby boy!

The former Girl Next Door confessed that she doesn't see anything wrong with her little man watching his mommy do what she does best, now or even when his older! She explains:

"I think he's gonna love it! There's nothing like seeing your mom sexy and happy. Your babies will grow up happy if you're happy!"

Uh-huh, okay. Now, does that same theory apply to social behavior. For example, will your babies grow up without a sense of boundaries if you don't have any?

This is a little much, girl! Can't you just stick with peek-a-boo?!

[Image via WENN.]


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73 comments to “Kendra Puts On A Stripper Show For Her Baby!”

  1. 1

    Hope the baby doesn't end up with an Oedipus Complex.

  2. 6one9 says – reply to this


    He's a few months old “““““ She'll change her tune when he hits 5. So do your thang Kendra!! :)

  3. 3

    Hope the baby doesn't end up with an Oedipus Complex

  4. 4

    As long as she's wearing clothes, who cares? It's good exercise.

  5. 5

    I can understand now cause he's just a baby and won't remember it but when he get older.. That's just SICK!!!

  6. 6

    Classy….one more reason to dislike this famewhore..

  7. 7

    She is a real fucktard

  8. SeeMe says – reply to this


    It's a baby…treat it like a baby and not a client. This child (Kendra) needs help with her parenting skills and learn being a mommy and happy doesn't mean hanging on a pole!

  9. 9

    I'm disappointed in her behavior feeling sex doesn't have to involve a pole. How about setting up your son with a good example of a classy woman should act like. Kendra… your really being stupid

  10. 10

    she better tone that shit down when the baby gets older…

  11. 11

    If I saw my mom on a stripper pole when I was a kid, I woulda killed myself. This bitch is nuts.

  12. 12

    …soooo, you know nothing about child developmental behavior? just a few months? i hope the fuck none of you babysit for anyone else…why the need to pole-dance in front of your baby, anyway? just, no….

  13. 13

    WOW, her poor son is gonna be so embarrassed of his mom doing that type of shit in front of him! NOT TO MENTION ALL HIS FRIENDS LUSTING FOR HER! What an ignorant TART, Kendra you really need a lesson in MORALS and PARENTING!! ASAP!

  14. KR0D says – reply to this


    oh what a great mom..

  15. 15

    D list celebs talk way too much.

  16. 16

    Let's just hope she means the actual dancing and NOT the stripping… For real… If not, that's totally sick!!

  17. 17

    kendra,don,t make me change my mind about how proud i am of you…no pole dancing around any children..hank and your inlaws will also not think your a good mom either.get a little more class please and a little more smart too..

  18. 18

    Re: SammiDe – HEY! SammiDe! :)

  19. 19

    Okay, Kendra? Kids (as children and adults) NEVER see their parents as "sexy". Most little kids think their moms are pretty, yeah, but sexy? No. The moms that try to be sexy usually just end up as one big embarrassment for their kids. I'm sure Pam Andersons' sons are REALLY "proud" of their "sexy" mom…*gag*

  20. lje says – reply to this


    She can try to justify it anyway she likes. It's completely inappropriate and vile.

  21. 21

    Same sick relationship as Shia LeBeouf has with his mother… what did he say about her? Oh ya - that he thinks his own mother is the sexiest woman alive and that she would walk around naked in front of him all through his teen years… sick sick sick.

  22. 22

    see me…hear me…love me…need me…sad :-(

  23. 23

    Attention, attention, I need attention….

  24. 24

    "now or even when his older!" did you mean when HE'S older??? God, who's writing this shit lately.. Grammer and spell check yo shit !

  25. 25

    Why are people so shocked about this? She's always been trash and will never be anything but trash !!!

  26. 26

    Am I the only one who doesn't find anything wrong with this? In all honesty its a good way to teach your son to respect women. He can see that mom does it and then feel different towards it as a man and wont treat women like they are just objects to be stared at. Seriously, it works, I have a friend whose mom was a stripper and he had to come to watch her every day because she couldn't afford a baby sitter. He's got more respect towards women and people in general then you will find in anybody.

  27. 27

    She is a GOOD MOTHER . But this is wrong .Hope she stops .

  28. 28

    I hope she teaches him honesty.

  29. 29

    OUT OF CONTEXT to put her in bad light……..open your eyes people. I'm positive she's not that stupid. Pretty sure majority of you guys are though considering you buy half the shit Mario's sister "writes"/misconstrues. ANYTHING for a story. LOL @ tards manipulated by the media.

    There is no clarity on what she was initially asked…….so until then Team Kendra.

  30. 30

    lyle & erik menendez think it's a fantastic idea…

  31. 31

    Um…I don't know…even know, it's still…a bit inappropriate? But then, I hate having to get dressed in front of mine, and he's not even 1 1/2 - I always bring my undies into the bathroom and put them on before I go out…just in case.

  32. 32

    I really have no standards when it comes to doin women, but even I wouldn’t do this dumb bitch. Well… maybe if I was really drunk.

  33. 33

    Narcissistic whore! He'll be HUMILIATED and TEASED!! This kind of shit is what's know as 'passive sexual abuse', you retarded BITCH! Okay. Who's reporting this SEXUAL ABUSER to the authorities? If she were a MAN what she said would SO not be charming! Kendra is a PUKE!

  34. 34

    Re: tallchick – Yeah, cuz he saw so many women, including his MOTHER, being degraded and objectified for MONEY! That's not respect, that's PITY. He evidently rose above it. Would you like to see your mother prostituting herself? Of course not. But would it be okay to watch your mom ACT like she's prostituting herself? It would hurt. Knowing she had to do it to feed you would be even worse! Kendra is an ignorant slut.

  35. 35

    Re: supersongbirdHEY SONGBIRD, how are you, Ive been , ehh, okay! :) CJs wow I HAVEN'T SEEN HIM ON MS OR FB WEIRD, I was actually gonna write him now! :) So how is life? AND WHERE THE HELL HAS AUSSIE BEEN, I haven't seen him around IN A MINUTE! :( , O' also did you ever get a chance to send me a message , so I CAN KNOW HOW TO CONTACT YOU? Other then here and there on perez , WHEN I SEE YOU and then HOPE YOU SEE IT, HAHA TO DICEY!! So come on woman HOOK IT UP !! LOLOLOLOL

  36. 36

    I used to like Kendra, but since she's had little Hank, I've lost respect. She cares waaay too much about her body and "being sexy." Now is NOT the time, Kendra!!!! Concentrate on your new baby and stop being so self-centered!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!

  37. 37

    Re: SammiDe – I HAVE BEEN LOOKING FOR YOU! Dammit!
    I was on YT today~22 right?! AND I emailed Cej today!-he didn't forward to you- WTF?

  38. 38

    hmmmm…let's teach all kids real early on that women are just sex objects…tv and the media isn't doing a good enough job at it already so get a stripper pole to be sure. Because kids need to see their moms as sexy??!!

  39. 39

    WHY are her eyebrows RED?

  40. 40

    He's your son sweetheart, not Hef… You should raise him and prepare him for life; not entertain him like you did to dudes back in the day! Damn Hank, set her straight!

  41. 41

    She looks like a man to me and she just seems sooooo dumb. I have ZERO respect for this Qwack..Hank won't stay with her long..mark my words..he seems to be a lot more intelligent than this horse face looking thing…he will grow tired of her and find someone who challenges him..not someone who makes him look like a complete idiot for marrying someone so stupid! She jumped all over Kate Gosslin saying that SHE could never leave her baby because she just could NEVER do that….RIGHTTTTTT She's such a dumbass she doesn't even realize that there is NO COMPARISION to her and Kate because Kate doesn't have a NEWBORN..Kate has 2 adolescents and her other children are like 7 or 8 yrs old…KATE is not in the "can't leave my infant" stage like Kendra still is in…Let's see how much Kendra has that kid around when it's 7 or 8 and then she can have the runs of the mouth like she's some expert…BUT AS NOW STFU Kendra because NO MOM wants to leave their newborn infant…but come 7 and 8 yrs old it's Ok for a damn break!

  42. 42

    OMG!! Freud would have a fucking field day with this shit!

  43. 43

    I really hope this she didn't actually say that. That's a form of sexual abuse. A child is not supposed to see mommy or daddy doing nasty dancing and be encouraged to see their parent as "sexy." It's not right to do that to a child.

  44. 44

    No Kendra just no! Try reading a book or soft music. But whatever it's your child.

  45. 45

    I hope she doesn't start wondering why he's jacking off to a pic of her when he's 12. Sicko…

  46. 46

    I don't think it matters when the baby is young just because babies like activity and they don't know the difference but it would be a little creepy when the little guy is like 13 and she's still doing it in front of anyone walking by…well maybe she can be the zany mom or something lol

  47. 47

    omg ok i used to feel sorry for her but i am so over this titty jigglin tart… take the baby away for its own protection and leave these baskets to their whoremongering

  48. 48

    I dont think anything is wrong with this unless she is taking off her clothes I have a pole in my house and have never stripped a day in my life, but my daughter and I have played on the pole for 3 years now so she started at 4.. She has no clue what a stripper is or that a job like that even exsist.. do what you do Kendra it's your baby..

  49. 49

    Alex, I'll take "Lighting-Fast Ways to Lose Your Children to the State" for $600.

  50. 50

    Sorry but she's nothing but trash. She's lucky she's had the opportunities she's had or she'd be in a trailer park.

  51. 51


  52. 52


  53. 53

    I think its a great way to get in shape and got one when my baby was five months old, it really toned me up fast.. there is a difference between trying to do some of the moves and stripping or dancing sexy. my baby thinks its funny to watch me spin around it. plus, it was a way to have fun when I needed a break ..whats the big deal puhlease…. lighten the hell up peeps

  54. 54

    re: Me plus 1 & tallchick, and a couple of other under educated, knuckle dragging, mouth breathing simpletons: first of all, babies are not "its", second, grow a brain, please. If not for your own selves, then for the little humans in your lives. Kendra, Queen of Knuckle Dragging: it's not about YOU anymore. You, as you formerly "knew" yourself, no longer exist as number one, you are now number two. Yes, oh for Hollywood's sake, you won't disappear, but your child really needs a righteous guide. You signed up for it, 'tard. Do some research. Take a class, read a book.

  55. 55

    i mean there is a difference between working the pole to get in shape and "working" the pole. its really hard to even do one spin or inversion…builds alot of tight muscles.. you go kendra, get your body back!

  56. 56

    your baby came out of your vagina..why would you feel weird being naked around them at such a young age..thats weird… why do people have to make everything sexual,are we that repressed as americans?

  57. 57

    Her head is huge and it doesn't even store a brain.

  58. 58

    im going to assume that you think I called a baby "its" in reference to its fun…der ummm maybe you need to take a few more breaths through your mouth because you obviously have a lack of oxygen going to your brain. it is fun to spin around a pole. well it is! how is that sexual,bad or morally perverse ? it is a metal object, you spin around it, or climb it. it isn't like she is giving the baby a lap dance and she has breast fed him so her tittays ain't anything special to him anyway…lol

  59. 59

    Re: avadarling – They really need to revoke your breeding license!

  60. 60

    I hope Child Protective Services steps in here if she honestly said this.

  61. 61

    Ew, that's just grose!

  62. 62

    she is too young for crisis mode!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!

  63. 63

    Wow, this kinda reminds me of Demi Moore when she filmed Striptease. I know Rumer wasn't allowed to watch the rehearsals, and she only saw Demi in that one scene, but that was still f*cked up, and this is, too.
    Right now, he's a baby. He won't remember it now, he probably wouldn't even remember it if he was 1,2, 0r 3, (most kids can't actually remember things before the age of 4) but any older than that, and that is disturbing. Hell, I'm disturbed NOW!

  64. 64

    Perez, then does that mean your parents were rude obnoxious fame whores who passed it along?

  65. 65

    Well, my mom's pretty hot for her age, but watching her on a stripper pole would simply make my eyes bleed regardless.

  66. lobri says – reply to this


    This poor woman is an idiot.

  67. 67

    Once a whore, always a whore!

  68. 68

    shes almost as smart as a hoe-handle. shes got about as much brains as a bucket of paint

  69. Jai says – reply to this


    The child's therapy bills will be enormous.

  70. 70

    Re: anttnoni
    actually my 14 month old can read … so guess im a horrilbe mom bc i let my kid see me try to have fun on a pole..actually if you look at the history of pole art, it is not sexual and men do it, someone doesn't have to be like a stripper to have fun trying to flip or spin ,,fucwad. but i guess youd be too uneducated to know anything beyond your redneck " uh stripper pole bad, me good" mentality.

  71. 71

    I wanna titty fuck those fat nips an pop a fat creamy load all over her pretty face !!

  72. 72

    If this is true i think that is just wrong and a bit pervey i would never ever do that infront of my son and ok yea its good workout but just don't do it infront of your kids i just hope it aint true.

  73. 73

    Well, he's a few months old, I don't think its that big of a deal. Plus, as long as she's got clothes on, it's good excersice and appropriate.