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Michael Lohan Holds A Press Conference, Claims Lindsay Is Abusing!

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Well - he gave us the okay to slam him, so…


Michael Lohan held a press conference this afternoon claiming he had enough of Lindsanity and was going to force his troubled daughter into treatment for her addiction to prescription pills, and as one could expect, it was a complete circus of desperate finger-pointing and shameless publicity whoring!

In between self-indulgant rants blaming everyone but himself for his daughter's antics and how all the bullshiz he pulls is all lies perpetuated by the press, one brilliant journalist managed to ask a relevant question: "If you're still communicating with Lindsay and so concerned about her health, why haven't you made the move to LA to be closer to her?"

Of course, the Dad of the Century could not muster up any adequate response other than the "huge deal" he is in the middle of closing and supporting his family, and went back to claiming that the conference wasn't about him inbetween jabs at his ex-wife, Dina, and incessant rambling that his lawyer desperately tried to keep at bay.

Michael also falsely claimed that he had arranged to meet with Lindsay's lawyer, Shawn Chapman Holley, to stage an intervention. Holley quickly denied this, and alleges she answers to no one but Lindsay.

Congratulations, Michael - you once again proved how your relentless need for media attention makes you a delusional, despicable piece of shit willing to exploit your daughter's horrific problems just so you can jack your ego off!

But don't worry! Orange Oprah and her blatant enabling aren't far behind you in the race for the title as ultimate scumbag of the universe!

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28 comments to “Michael Lohan Holds A Press Conference, Claims Lindsay Is Abusing!”

  1. 1

    I say let her go. See is recalcitrant. The media should not care. Its only a matter of time before she gone.

  2. 2

    micheal lohan is a minister only he can save Lindsay.we all owe him a debt of graditude.

  3. 3

    Great Perez, people see that she needs help and what do you do? Exploit her! Inviting her to ypur b'day bash so she can get more fucked up. You are an asshole! I think you would rather see her die than get help because it's a bigger story.

  4. 4

    this girl needs serious HELP!! who cares who gives it to her.. she looks really bad lately!! what is everyone's problem? it's not about who sends her to rehab first its who helps her before she dies!

  5. 5

    She's going to die just like everyone else in HollyHell has died in the past year…

  6. 6

    …there are two reasons why lohan is screwed — dina and michael — mom doesn't want to derail the gravy-train, and dad is an egomaniacal pseudo-guru who won't shut-up long enough to recognize he's an ass-clown: a laughing-stock — i'd be slamming back the vodka too, lindsay never stood a chance…

  7. 7

    This is so stupid. I can't believe anyone's father would go to the press to talk about his child's personal problems. Why tell the press what you're gonna do? If he really believes that she has these problems, just GO to HER and tell her that if she doesn't voluntarily go into treatment you'll try and get a court order. This man has ruined the relationship he had with his child, and will never be able to repair it. And besides, other than a few speculations or talking about how she was seen drinking at a club here and there, I don't think she seems nearly as bad and strung out as she has in the past…she's a grown assed woman, who can make her own decisions in life, and if she chooses to make poor choices, the people that love her should step up to her directly and offer their help. Not go to the fucking press and tell the world about what you're going to do. What a terrible family, if she does have the problems he's referring to, both Papa Lohan and Orange Oprah can look in the mirror to find the answers as to why.

  8. 8


  9. 9

    This guy is such a bloody wanker! Seriously, I feel so sorry for Lindsay and all of her brothers and her sister. He's a horribke excuse for a human, he's not a father, he's a gold digger! He's sick in the head and he needs to leave Lindsay alone. Lindsay is a wonderful, talented and beautiful your star, he needs to back off and shut his trap. I honestly think he's the one with the drug problems.

  10. 10

    Can't these freaks of nature keep family matters private? All of them are nuts! Must we be subjected to disfunctional families who cannot shut up?

  11. 11

    …Even if all the rumors are true, Michael and Dina talking publicly about them only makes things worse. It seems like Lindsay strived extremely hard throughout her childhood to be perfect, adorable, successful, etc, etc, etc, thinking that everyone around her could be happy if she jumped through these hoops, only to emerge with a triumphant career and the realization that everyone is more miserable than they ever were. Maybe she blamed it on herself or maybe she just felt screwed out of a childhood. Either way, feeling like this misery was unavoidable despite her best efforts, she stopped trying in a public way, kind of like saying "fuck you" to the "cute/perfect/successful=happy" ideal she had as a child. And then everyone started attacking her for not being cute/perfect/successful anymore. So then, feeling like she couldn't make anyone happy no matter how what she tried, she began retreating into herself and away from reality. And the more public backlash she got, the more she retreated. And the more that people say she needs to change, that she is a monster, that she must let total strangers mold her identity to something resembling cute/perfect/successful…, the more she is going to want to retreat and escape, by going out at night and drinking herself to a point where her bullying doesn't seem real or of any consequence…(more)

  12. 12

    … To overcome anything, you need to believe you are a good person. You need to feel like you can make mistakes if you challenge yourself and fail. You need to believe there is something in yourself or your life that's worth fighting for. You need to believe that you're not a monster that must be killed, but rather a person whose beauty can be more fully realized if certain steps are taken. You need to understand that the strength to do all these things must come from yourself. You need to find and appreciate the peace that comes from simply being. You need to accept that certain things in your past aren't ever coming back, that life isn't fair, that life will throw shit at you constantly, but that you are strong, self-aware and appreciative of life enough to trudge through it anyway. It seems like her father is exacerbating the public hysteria/family misery at the root of several of her problems, and that her mother consistently denies her potential and independence as a human being that is required for any meaningful personal development. Again, I don't know her and it's easy to play armchair psychiatrist. But from what I've seen of her, she's very talented and seems like a good person who got a rough deal but fights to keep her spirit alive despite finding the fight impossibly difficult more often than not. Let’s hope the fight becomes easier soon, and that she wins it.

  13. 13

    So, either he's lying, or he isn't, Mario…but don't you think her own father would know a LITTLE more about her than YOU do?! Besides, you spent years slamming her, and now all of a sudden, you're kissing her ass… It makes no sense… In a few weeks, after you get whatever out of her you want, or if she posts a Tweet about you, you'll be right back on her, bitching…

  14. 14

    Perez, I love you but I think you are way off base here. The girl needs help and the people closest to her have the same problem. People don't call someone an alcoholic if they are sharing their beer with them. Michael Lohan is far from a perfect,or even decent father but if he is able to get her help I'm all for it. My parents enabled my brother for years and we buried him in August.

  15. 15

    The funny thing is, he's probably loaded while he's preaching this crap. I think her parent made her this way & shouldn't be allowed near her

  16. 16

    HE IS LARGELY TO blame for most all of her problems. He is an embarrassing famewhore to her and was UNdoubtedly a terrible father in her younger years. But when CAMERAS are around he plays "concerned father." He is revolting. And Perez is more or less the only site that FELLATES him on a weekly basis. He has a weird "thing" for him.

  17. 17

    This fucking guy just wont shut the hell up. Yet he wonders why his whole family hates him. .SHUT UP you fucking tool box…

  18. 18

    go do the goddamn intervention but holding a press conference isn't the way to do it. put her on 5150

  19. 19

    Doesn't Michael know you have to wait until Lindsay is DEAD and then tell the world you tried everything to help her out; no one cares until then!

  20. 20

    Michael Lohan may be a asshole.
    At least he's a asshole that's trying to save Lindsay.
    What did you do Perez ?
    You invite her to your B-day party and lett her get wasted.
    Even when you know she's a deadgirl walking.
    You only cared about the publicity, and now you blame him for doing the same.

  21. 21

    Will you just SHUT UP about Michael Lohan - it's bad enough getting your daily doses of Lindsay but why do we need to
    see and read about Michael Lohan who is one huge loser?
    Enough already, please.

  22. 22

    Whether or not Lindsay's father is in the wrong is NOT the issue here…The issue is whether or not Lindsay will receive the help she so obviously needs.

    I am not a big fan of Lindsay's movies, but I care enough about her as a fellow human being to NOT want to see her die. I pray she gets help and can put her life back together and just be HAPPY again.

  23. @v@ says – reply to this


    Boy, he really gets antsy if he's not quoted in the press mouthing off about his own daughter every couple of weeks or so. Fame by association addiction?

  24. 24

    So, it was okay for them to haul Britney away like Frances Farmer, and then the SECOND she got her hair glued back on, PUT HER BACK OUT ON THE CORNER TO GET $$$ FOR HER JAILERS? That was one thing, but if this failed piece of trash is in actual DANGER, then I don't see what's so wrong about her dad blabbing. He can't get anywhere NEAR her for a conversation, her pimp/mother/enabler certainly doesn't want her to change, whether his motives are financial (meh, good luck with that), or he actually wants to save her life, I would think people would err on the side of caution and maybe, er, LISTEN to him on this one? She's obviously not fine. Estranged or not, if I saw my kid deteriorating through the press, I would be compelled to alert any media I could, if it meant getting the word out about how serious it was, regardless of how embarrassing it was to my kid! Why aren't we stoning Dina Lohan, who IS there, every step of the way, for NOT doing ANYTHING to help this young woman? I'll tell you why I'm not. BECAUSE I DON'T GIVE A FUCK ABOUT SPOILED STUPID WHORES!! Yeah, sad if she dies, maybe they shoulda listened to Dad. Maybe they should just have her put down, at this point! At least get her spayed.

  25. 25

    doesn't he realize by now that everyone is just laughing at him?

  26. 26

    I've had enough of hearing about Micheal Lohan. It's people like Perez Hilton who make them out to be worse than what they are. At least he ATTEMPTS to do something to help his daughter. Counteracting the bad publicity that she is constantly getting. Trying desperately to help her, through the beatings she receives through the rag mags. They are far from being perfect, yet he still is attempting to get through to her. People may not agree with what he did. Putting out a call to her through the media, but in her case, their case. (They've been in the public eye all their lives) This is the only way to go. He's DESPERATE to save his daughter. Let him do what is his responsibility as a parent and stop bashing him. YOur all making it worse. (Not that you care anyways.)

  27. 27

    He is a famewhore - no doubt. HOWEVER - anyone who sees the pictures and videos of her knows she is a HOT MESS. I think her dad is an ass - but her mother is USELESS by saying that Lindsay is fine. She isn't fine at all - at least her dad sees it - even though he's not going about it the right way.

  28. 28

    Dude's a complete sack of shit. I'm going to laugh my ass off when the twist is that Lindsay Lohan is completely clean and sober, and he's just making shit up because he's fucking crazy. I can't believe his ex wife is the only person with a restraining order against him.