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29 comments to “Feminem Hints That His Next Album Is On The Way”

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    Don't worry, just plug your nose and nasally rap about your trailer trash family. Then you'll have your eminem fix.

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    k perez why do u feel the need to put him down. what the fuck are u doing with your life? sitting on a couch talking bout others lives?

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    shit he's getting old, he better get that album out soon before hes old enough to be the father of the teenage girls that follow him!!

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    tik tok PEREZ…YOUR 15 minutes are up!!! Trust me, Em has plenty of fans. I think it's you that has only a handful of devoted "fans". So you should stop bashing one of the most talented artist of our lifetime and go crawling back to your lady kaka. You wouldn't know what real music is if it bit you in the nuts. Stop with this bullshit and get your fatass off the couch and do something REAL with your life.

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    Re: NothingBetter2do – HAHAHAHAHAHAHAHA

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    who still cares about him?!

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    Yeah there may be other rappers out there but no one is even lyrically close to Eminem.

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    fem is so whatever, what's he going to do? rap about killing his mom or his ex or how much he loves his daughter or how much drugs fucked him in the ass? please, we've heard it all before. Oh im so cool im a gangster i have no moral values blah blah blah!

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    please stop talking hip hop - cause clearly you know nothing.
    - NO ONE is surpassing him. not Lil Wayne, not Drake - NO ONE.
    - He said last year, that too many songs leaked, and the alubm wasnt where he wanted it - which is why relapse 2 was pushed back.

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    "Besides, there is a line of other rappers rapidly surpassing you in popularity and relevance so you better get this album out fast! "

    … Are you fucking serious?

    You're a pop music lover. Your opinion is completely irrelevant.

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    He's so over. I have seen artist come and go since I started getting into TRL and all that stuff in the late 90's. i think Eminem is very talented but I think he's done. He's not fresh and everything he writes now is whiny and depressing.

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    You are such a fucking loser, Perez. You think shitty pop music is good. And you think Lady Gaga is so impressive. Clearly, you have no idea the fan following Eminem has. He's super talented and will be spitting his lyrics out till death

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    Re: riotgrrrrl1288 – um, he has a 14 year old and a 16/17 year old. Everybody ages.

    Perez, you focus on immature gossip and self-absorbed POP music and leave the hip hop critique to people who actually know what they're talking about. Eminem will far surpass you in life and death. He is the number 1 artist of the decade for a reason.

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    lets hope its better than his last album and actually has some thought put into it instead of an old shite he can cough up at the last minute!

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    Eminem will and continue to be one of the BEST rapper out there. He can actually rap unlike people like lil. Wayne. I am so excited and can't wait for it to come out. I will definitely buy this album

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    Perez is not someone to be spewing out opinions on music. Lets see Lady Gaga is way to overrated I bought her album and the majority of it is crap, that Slimy guy you keep trying to push on people has no talent at all.

    All I know is that Eminem's perfomance with Drake at the Grammy's was amazing and the song Beautiful from Relapse was one of that best he has written in my opinion. Whether you like him or not at least he is honest with what he writes and says which is a hell of alot more that Perez who for some reason feels it his divine right to slam everyone. But of course we all know that evidenced by his Birthday party pictures with Lindsey Lohan he will talk shit about someone on his blog but suck up to them in person. And if some one happens to call him out in person (ie Will I Am) he whines like a little bitch because he can dish it out but not take it.

    Not sure why I even bother to comment though I am pretty sure any comments that are written aren't even read by Perez becasue he only cares about his own opinions.

  18. Pisky says – reply to this


    Re: juleslady – Someone logical on the internet? damn that's surprising!, the first Relapse was horrible, from deep lyrical thoughts that Marshall Mathers LP and Eminem Show, to the absolute trash that both encore and Relapse had to offer, i hope Relapse 2 is a bounce back album.

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    I just really hope he doesn't use a stupid accent. Relapse would have been better if he didn't sound the way he did on it. His normal rapping voice is just fine.

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    'Member when he "dissed" Moby for being , like , 36?
    lol what is Eminem , 42 now?
    I find it so, so funny that he was such a "hardcore 8 mile thug" and then became some fat, pill-popping recluse in a big mansion behind some gates.
    way to keep it real , homeboy

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  22. kland says – reply to this


    EMINEM WILL BE RELAVENT A LOT LONGER THAN YOU WILL BE MARIO!!!! just someone else that u ALWAYS hate on cuz his music is actually good, and he's a lyric genius, as opposed to your pop idiot lady gaga, she'll be covered in dust loooong before eminem even thinks about retiring from the biz… you may think other rappers are "passing him" but they have no where near the intelligence in their music and eminem actually does… he says it like it is, always has, and obviously u cant handle that since ur such a DOUCHE

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    Lol do you REALLY believe the business will leave Em? He was on a 4 year hiatus. He came back with Relapse 1 and sold a platinum record. (1million Records for those that don't know what Plat. means) So I doubt people will stop checking for his music if they have to wait a few extra months. Also check your facts, the producer and D12 have already confirmed that Relapse 2 is a pinch of salt away from being complete. So before you start saying he needs to hurry up before the record business leaves him. You might want to do a little research to see if what you are saying holds any water.

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    Perez…please don't hate on Eminem. First of all he is one of the most respected rappers in the game…any song he touches turns to gold or reaches top 3 in the charts. Not to mention the fact that he would verbally and physically destroy you…better watch out or you're gonna have another WILL.I.AM situation on your hands…and he's also one sexy motherfucker

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    Re: CrazyGirlFaith – thank you so much for saying that…it's so true…he trashes anyone who's not kissing his ass

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    well when he starts talking shit about mariah carey again we know he is promoting his album, improves his sales see

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    i love eminem! can't wait for relapse 2!

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    Perez Hilton is such a loser. Can't anyone see that he's desperately trying to get Eminem to diss him on a song? It's really the only explanation. Nothing he ever disses Eminem about makes any sense whatsoever. And Perez knows that being mentioned in an Eminem song will immortalize you in pop culture, which is what he wants. Too bad Eminem is too smart to take the bait.

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    u suck eminem rocks get over it